Minutes: January 19th Meeting

Board Meeting     6:30-9:00 PM
Meeting Chair:       Katherine Bitzer
Recording Secretary:     Barbara Hill         

Attendees: Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Commission, John Fraser, Lynne Greene, Barbara Hill, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver; Lynne Green excused herself at 7:45pm  
Meeting called to order at 6:30; Opening with a sparkling toast to the closing of the sale of 74 Frederick.  
MOTION to Approve Minutes of December 21, 2017

Moved By:  Peter O
Seconded By: Jane M
Motion Carried  

MOTION to Approve Agenda for January 17, 2017

Moved By:  Lynne G
Seconded By:  Lynn O
Motion Carried

Transition Lynne Green; Report & Recommendations

  • T. Team met Mon Jan 14 
  • Importance of congregational communication 
  • Opportunities to experiment when things are new; play with ideas but need process to collect feedback 
  • Priority is the need to define purpose and direction; shaping our ministry is a priority 
  • TT will check in with Betty and ‘learnings’ from exit interview 
  • Further recommendation from Bill Bruce that TUC request legal opinion from Gowlings on matter of Presbytery policy for authority and accountability for proceeds of sale 
  • Space struggles; balance between comfortable in the space and feeling space is insufficient. 

Lynne Green’s notes filed 

ACTION:  The TT to bring recommendations to the February Board meeting on 1) staffing and 2) strategic thinking
ACTION: Transition Team process for soliciting feedback; but role is really about putting forth recommendations
ACTION: The Trustees meet on Jan 25; the request to Gowlings for legal opinion should come from Trustees.  The disbursement policy requires clarification and guidelines. 
ACTION: Do a Sunday Board Bit reminding the congregation that a Transition Team is walking with Bill. To be assigned. 

Treasurer's Report   John Fraser Finances, Sale, 2018 Budget Process

  • Cash on hand: $ 20k in chequing account
  • Year-End Deficit will likely be close to $300,000
  • Withdrew $28k from Legacy to cover the January bills
  • Legacy at $2,377k. The $250k withdrawn in 2018 was replaced by earnings and great returns on investments.   
  • Contracts have been renewed for Keith and Katherine   
  • 2018 pay changes have been implemented for staff
  • 85% of Robert’s salary continuance will be recovered through insurance
  • Costs to relocate was $40k
  • Cost to keep 74 Fred open is thousands per month (insurance, heat, snow removal, security); no one contracted for property maintenance. Barber-Collins is conducting a weekly walkabout to ensure we stay onside with insurance requirements. We need to ensure that Wasteco is still emptying the large green bin in the parking lot on a regular basis. 
  • Budget process; need to be more agile and efficient than previous years process
  • John will prepare the budget numbers for recurring operational costs. This will allow the Ministry Team and its committees (SAT, Music Ministry, etc) to focus on budget for their programs. 
  • Contingency funds will be required for our unknown future plans
  • Gord has out of pocket expenses; he requires guidelines and a process to submit expenses. 
  • PAR has continued to fall. Par dropped from $10k to $9100 in December and another decline in January of $200/ month. 

Ginger updated the Board on Sunday morning’s security incident; police were called when an intruder was found in the Sunday school area. He was known to Police and was taken into custody.  St. Matthews building monitors were organized and managed the situation, but it raised questions for Trinity about safety / security. 

What is the issue or parking problem we’re trying to address?  Jim Wilgar identified 10 spaces are available for $1600/yr at the medical Centre across the street. What if a congregant wants reserved parking? Could they pay? (no action). 
Exterior keys are limited. There is consensus that the remaining two (approved) building keys will go to Katherine as Board Chair and John as Treasurer. 
ACTION: John will ask Dorothy to call WasteCo. 
ACTION: John will follow-up with Gord on out of pocket expenses for tuning and supplies
ACTION: Katherine will follow-up with St. Mathews on protocols for Sunday morning security and work with others to determine how Trinity can tie into St. Matthew's security protocols   
ACTION: Katherine will request the two exterior keys from St. Matthews office.  

Trustee's Report Jane Maass     

  • On Line auction being planned for early April after Easter. 
  • Auction contactor will likely be selected by end of January. 
  • Inventory List can be shared with TUC congregants first but everyone will wait until the auction opens to bid and purchase.  

Minister's Updates    Bill Bruce; Staff Accountability Report previously distributed. 

  • Toronto United Church Council (TUCC) consulting firm involved in redevelopment projects. 
  • They provide full day workshop, the art of the possible, churches in the city in the 21st Century. 
  • Proposed date   Mar 4 on site at Trinity on Church 
  • Proposing a tour of Toronto and Bramalea projects, and along waterfront.  
  • Proposed Date is Sunday Mar 18. 
  • $3500 for workshop prep and 2 days for 2 people.  

MOTION to retain TUCC to provide two day long educational events, one at TUC on Church and one touring sites in Toronto are, for a fee of $3500 plus program supplies, travel expenses, babysitting and lunches. 

Moved By:  Jane M  
Seconded By: Ginger C
Motion Carried

  • Bill will follow-up with Toronto United Church Council (TUCC) to confirm interest and approval to proceed. 
  • Dorothy will be asked to collect fees. 
  • Ginger will follow child care (determine needs and who) 
  • Barb will support Bill email communications on this project. 

Staffing Updates

Robert has just been home a few days, presumably on the mend. 
ACTION:  Pete will send a note and Ginger will arrange a gift. 

Communications Lynn Oliver  

Congregational feedback to worship and seating; 
ACTION: Bill, Barbara Bitzer and Lynn O will meet with the choir. 


  • 2018 AGM - Sunday March 25 in the chapel. 
  • Annual Reports to be submitted to Dorothy by February 9, 2018. 
  • Finished consolidated report available for pickup Sunday March 11, 2018


ACTION: Barb will submit a general call to go out in the e-blast and bulletin. 
Confirm Trustee vacancies with Jane. 
Meeting Adjourned at 9:05 PM


Board Bits: 
January 21    TUCC    Lynn O
January 28    Transition Team Lynne Green
Wed Feb 21        Joint Leadership 6pm; 7pm Board Meeting
TUCC Service & Workshop at Trinity United on Church, Sun March 4
TUCC Project, bus tour, Sun March 18

Minutes: February 21, 2018 Meeting

Trinity United Church, Kitchener
February 21, 2018 at 7:00 – 9:30 pm
Meeting Location:  Room 102 – Trinity on Church

Meeting Chair:    Katherine Bitzer        Recording Secretary:     Barbara Hill 

Board: Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Commission, John Fraser, Lynne Greene, Barbara Hill, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver;
Ministry Team: Barbara Bitzer, Marg Collard, Tina Coutts, Peter Oliver, Pauline Underwood, Dennis Watson
Regrets: Ginger C., Jane Maass, Pat Tummon

NOTE:  Joint Leadership Meeting was held 6:00-7:15pm; Bill and MTeam provided a lovely caribbean buffet supper. See Joint Leadership Meeting Notes. The Ministry Team was excused at 7:15 pm.

An opening Prayer was offered by Katherine.

MOTION to Approve Minutes of January 17, 2018 as amended

Barb noted one housekeeping change to the document; Lynne Greens Transition notes have been submitted as an attachment to the minutes. 
Moved By:  Lynn Oliver
Seconded By:  Bill Bruce
Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve Agenda for February 21, 2018

Moved By:  Peter
Seconded By:  Lynne
Motion Carried


Remit #6 One Order of Ministry – A backgrounder document was pre-distributed and Chair, Katherine led the discussion and two ‘opinions’ from ministry personnel, Joan Gugeler and Katharine Edmonstone, were provided. Marg Collard was present to comment on the remit to ensure our full understanding of the implications of this change to ordained ministers, diaconal ministers and designated lay leaders. We appreciated the input from Marg and no questions were raised. (Bill noted that the majority of Presbytery voted ‘no’).

MOTION to Approve Remit #6 and agree that there should be one new order of ministry encompassing the present categories of recognized designated lay ministers, diaconal ministers, and ordained ministers, with ordination to the ministry of word, sacrament, education, service and pastoral care as the single rite of entry, and with provision for the continued identity of the diakonia within the ordained ministry;

Moved By:  Peter Oliver
Seconded By:  Lynn Oliver
Motion Carried

ACTION:  Barb to follow up with Dorothy and Bill for completing the UCC form to be completed and submitted. 

Minister's Report, pre-distributed by Bill Bruce

Good news, Bill is willing to continue with us, with ‘skin in the game’.
Under MyProcess (pg. 3),  #3, Discerning Responsibility, Bill comments on leveraging lay leadership for local economic development and municipal relationships so there be relationships that extend beyond his time at Trinity. Secretary Barb asked that there be further opportunity, in the near future, to discuss specific conversations that Bill sees need to happen.

From Joint Task #3: Managing Shifts in Leadership
The ACM Mar 25 should be a 2017 retrospectus and provide an optimistic high-level plan for 2018, that things are stable, realistic and we are not planning on spending the proceeds, or giving them to Presbytery. We are taking time to breath and consider the future.  Further, Bill proposes a subsequent congregational meeting in early June to address proposed governance and investment agreements.

Transition Team Report & Recommendations

Lynne Green spoke to the three recommendations from the Transition Team; 

  • That we renew Bill to continue in his role as transition/interim minister for another year
  • That we renew Betty Pries to continue her work with the congregation
  • That we budget $5000 to be used to support other Transition Team initiatives that may include hiring Betty 

to accept the recommendation of the Transition Team to renew Bill Bruce’s contract from June 2018 to June 2019 with compensation, hours and transition goals to be negotiated by an implementation team to include Treasurer John Fraser and Lynne Green of the Transition Team.

Moved By:  Pete O
Seconded By:  Lynn O
Motion Carried

ACTION: Lynne and John will define terms for the renewal with Bill

The Transition Team recommends that we engage consultant Betty Pries to continue working with TUC congregation for the purpose of redefining a new story, understanding the diversity of our spirituality to support healing relationships. Board discussion also considered that the Transition Team had the latitude to consider alternative consulting services and we should not tie the motion to a specific consulting solution.

MOTION to Approve Transition Team recommendation for a budget of up to $5000 for Transition Team initiatives which may include contracted consulting, such as an agreement with Betty Pries;

Moved By:  Lynn Oliver
Seconded By:  John Fraser
Motion Carried

ACTION: Lynne Green will take this approval back to the Transition Team.

Trustee Report & Recommendations Jane Maass, as per Feb 9, 2018 correspondence

  • Jane was not present, but the Board acknowledged receipt of the Trustees recommendations and the plan is to acknowledge an action plan for these at the ACM on Mar 25. (This might include a MOTION that capital funds be frozen for the next twelve months to settle and calm any concerns or expectations of quick disbursements or investments.)
  • Bill highlighted that Board and congregation lawfully instructs the Legacy Fund Committee and purpose is clear; but maintaining benchmarks for ‘base capital’ versus what’s available can certainly be clarified. 
  • Did the settler(s) or the trustees set the rules for defining ‘the base’ capital investments
  • There was consensus that this requires careful and clear conversation, that the Investment Committee needs to be engaged in the process and the June timeframe is a more realistic target date.  There is lots of skills on the Legacy Committee to support response to the Trustee recommendations.

ACTION: Barb will share minutes with Chair Jane, to share with Trustees.

ACTION: As follow up to the Trustees recommendations Katherine requested a draft of a new investment policy and a proposed governance structure; this was assigned to Bill based on his previous experience.  

ACTION: Barb will request the following updates from the Trustees:
The contracted Auctioneer and inventory process; Bill reported this process will launch after Easter.

  • The plan for removal of stained glass windows (Ken Summers)
  • The sale and de-install of the organ (Carl Weldon)
  • Specific updates on these assets will be provided at the ACM Mar 25.

We noted any remaining (historical/ architectural) icons or signage from inside 74 Frederick, to be removed and stored for the future needs to happen soon. (This is not a personal pillaging but a last chance to retrieve small items for storage.)  

Treasurer's Report  

John stepped us through the 2017 Financial Statements and presented two motions.

MOTION to give permission to the Treasurer to work with Royal Bank and RBCDS to close bank and investment accounts that are no longer required, specifically Benevolent account, T-Bill, Housing and Memorial Funds;

Moved by  John
Seconded by  Lynne G
Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve 2017 Financial Statements as presented;

Moved by  John
Seconded by  Peter
Motion Carried

The $5000 Our Place deposit (2016) for potential partnership is still sitting in a designated fund.

ACTION: Barb will follow-up with Our Place and close the loop with ED Dorothy Snyder, that we have a purpose with our children and youth and ensure they are OK with that direction.

Update on Cash and Draft 2018 Budget John stepped us through the draft.

Cash in the bank and Legacy Funds:
We continue to incur expenses far greater than our offerings. The monthly PAR deposit covers one biweekly payroll and the Sunday offerings are usually $500 - $600.
Bill’s “step it up” campaign to encourage increased giving’s is a work in progress. Bill increased his PAR by 50 % beginning yesterday and there has been one other PAR increase for a nominal amount.
Acknowledged we need to educate members and ASK; let’s make PAR sign-up and change forms more accessible.
Bill suggested a monthly envelope be included with weekly envelopes; good payback for those that miss a few weeks.

Additional Notes submitted by the Treasurer.
Legacy Funds: Total value of the Legacy Funds at close of business Feb 20th was $5,564,000 Cdn.
Legacy Fund 1 is fully invested in the equity markets, so it took a hit with the recent market correction. Value of Legacy Fund 1 at the end of January was $2,366, 600 – virtually the same as the end of December.
Legacy Fund 2 is up and running. After paying fees to Gowlings and Colliers, Trinity issued a cheque for $3,226,700 to RBC Dominion Securities. The objective is to invest approximately $500,000 per month until the money is fully invested. The Investment Committee seized the opportunity to buy some stocks at a bargain price during the correction. Money that isn’t invested in stocks is placed in corporate or provincial securities earning a wee bit of interest.

Annual General Meeting - March 25  

Nominations are everyone’s task. We have one candidate for Trustees and another request for consideration.
Bill suggests the ACM begins in worship service with memorials, singing and celebration of the past year
There was consensus to move the next Board meeting forward 1 week to March 14 to facilitate planning.

ACTION: Barb will prepare AGENDA template, Power Pt template, draft MOTIONS and work with Dorothy on any handouts.
Board will support sweet breads, muffins, cheese and fruit. 


Business coming forward from joint leadership, who best represents Trinity at a meeting with St. Matthews (e.g. staff, transition team, investment committee, board member) to respect and honour their invitation to consider a development partnership on property across Benton Street.  

MOTION:  to authorize the Chair to identify a minimum of three individuals to meet with St. Matthews leaders in response to their invitation to partner on their development project, to explore potential without a mandate to commit Trinity United Church to any further dialogue or action;

Moved by  Lynn
Seconded by  Lynne G
Motion Carried  
Lynn Oliver noted 3 Internal Key requests. Need to consider building access as part of the consideration.

Meeting adjourned at 10:00 pm

Board Bits (Katherine Bitzer)
    Sun. Feb 25 - Report on TUCC (Katherine B)
    Sun. Mar 4
    Sun. Mar 11
    Sun. Mar 18
    Sun. Mar 25

    Sunday March 4        All day, TUCC on site at Trinity on Church
    Sunday March 18        TUCC Toronto Tour    
    Wednesday March 14        Board Meeting; 6:30pm
    Sunday March 25        2018 ACM; immediately following worship

Meeting Chair – Katherine Bitzer

Board Secretary – Barb Hill

Minutes: December 21st Meeting

Time:             7:00-10:00 PM
Meeting Chair:    Katherine Bitzer
Recording Secretary:     Barbara Hill
Attendees: Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Commission, John Fraser, Lynne Greene, Barbara Hill,  Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver    

5:30 - 6:00pm Gathering and Bill's "Party Games", followed by a special Christmas meal prepared by Jane. We debriefed our spiritual profile following dinner.

7:45 pm Trinity NFP Corporation   AGM was chaired by John Fraser. (Minutes distributed to the Board)

An Opening Prayer was offered by Bill

MOTION to Approve Minutes of November 21, 2017

Moved By:        Peter Oliver
Seconded By:    Lynne Green
Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve Agenda for December 21, 2017

Moved By:        Peter Oliver
Seconded By:    Lynn Oliver
Motion Carried

Trinity on Church – Updates    Katherine

Discussion:  Draft Lease Agreement was provided in advance and Katherine stepped through a number of sections and reflected on extensive work defining the agents, terms and resolution of conflicts. The Agreement is retroactive to December 1, 2017.

MOTION to approve annual rent of $37,890 inclusive of cleaning services for space as outlined in the Lease Agreement. 

Moved By:        Katherine Bitzer
Seconded By:    Lynn Oliver
Motion Carried

ACTION: Katherine will continue to work towards a finalized Lease Agreement on behalf of the Board, with the support of Jim Wilgar and Bill Bruce

Lynn O reported that only 3 of 30 keys to 74 Frederick have been returned. However, the building may be rekeyed for security reasons once the building is emptied.

ACTION Lynn O will follow up with Dorothy in January about returned keys and who is requesting Benton Street keys.  Currently St. Matthews has approved 5 external keys; three have been assigned to staff. 

Treasurer's Report  John provided an update on Finances, Legacy, Sale, Investment, 2018 Budget Process:

$65,000 in bank as at today
Legacy Fund is at $2Mil 397k with a 50:50 Cdn- US balance
The fund is up 12% year to date.
Legacy 2 Investment Policy (for proceeds of property sale due January 2018) is under review    

Bill has engaged a variety of stakeholders in the governance and use of the Legacy Fund 2 monies to ensure everyone understands expectations and accountabilities as the United Church updates its organization structure.

ACTION:  When the sale closes it is suggested Trustees request a legal opinion from Gowlings on the terms of trust set by UCC opinion.

  • Current Deficit at $250k, 50k less than forecasted at the AGM.
  • January 19th is property closing date when cheque will be received.
  • Estimated moving expenses as of today are $28k without IT/network expense and the sanctuary Cross installation (estimate an additional $10k)
  • Purchasers parking lot soil testing identified contamination so they will be taking steps to deal with this problem.

Cheque for SDC (Social Development Centre) relocation, which is the balance of OOTC account, will be delivered to them before year end; Peter agreed to deliver the cheque.

St. Matthews billed us $500 to repair the elevator; (on moving day a specific button was accidently pressed which set off the alarm which jammed the system). We agreed this will be paid (asap).

SAT (Social Action Team), received a request through Dennis from KWMC (Multicultural Centre) to help provide temporary/emergency shelter for a victim of human trafficking. There were questions for SAT about due diligence on the request, what emergency services and women’s shelters had already been considered.  There was no board approval at this time.

Lynn applied for the Manulife Helping Hands Program as a volunteer that gives more than 20 hr/yr to an organization and has earned $500 for Trinity!!! (Thank you, Lynn.)

BUDGET process – Ministry Team typically drafts their operational budget and this requires time for creative thinking…perhaps Five Marks in the Church is an interesting exercise.

The 10 Sundays Bill is not at church can be used for more than simple pulpit supply. We could use these Sundays for experimenting in worship styles or special presentations (inspired visions) on community matters such as harm reduction or urban redevelopment. We should use these Sundays to explore specific and strategic topics that might help shape our purpose and vision. (The dialogue on January 10th may help inform and inspire what we do with these Sundays.)

Trustee's Report  from Jane Maass

  • Re: disposal of chattels.  Jane met with an on-line auctioneer on Dec 12 who assessed chattels for auction. This requires a thorough up-front inventory (FULL inventory of all remaining content) and estimated cost was close to $15k.  Jane was directed to ask for an alternative quote on premier items only. The auctioneer has good references however Jane is exploring an alternative service for comparison. Gerber Auctions was approached; they’re known for farm and estate auction.  
  • Lawyers required more signatures to prepare for the transfer of property as the church was still registered as being owned by the Trustees of the Berlin Conference of the Methodist congregation.
  • There have been a few questions about how to handle requests from congregants for specific items (contents) left in the church at 74 Frederick; do they have first right of refusal to purchase? Trustees will provide a recommended process.
  • A London company has been identified to de-install and store stained glass windows; (apparently two windows have some Tiffany glass in them and should be appraised).  Jane will ask Ken Summers if he will submit an antique inquiry to John Sewell (The Record) to appraise the specific windows.
  • There is a church in Guelph Interested in the pipe organ in its entirety; this is under review.
  • Still some work to do to confirm what gets stored, dumped, sold… what has local history and archival value should be discussed with the Waterloo Region Museum (e.g. the two framed quilts).

ACTION:  Katherine will connect her contact in Regional archives to Jane.

The Trustees are considering hiring a property management company for 74 Frederick in order to meet insurance requirements.

MOTION to approve Trustees recommendation that we spend up to $5000 to have partial inventory professionally built for auction and to negotiate commission.

Moved By:    Jane M
Seconded By:    Lynn O
Motion Carried

Minister's Report  Bill Bruce pre-distributed his Staff Accountability Report

There was discussion on rearranging furniture in the sanctuary as an exercise to test configurations; there was support and consensus to test the setup and not assume the original configuration in the chapel is the best.
Discussion focused on managing the frequency of change; timing was considered, and Epiphany Sunday feels like an ideal starting point.


Barb and John are following up on annual contract renewals and salary adjustments.
There was a question about fees or stipends for guest speakers.

ACTION: Lynne Green and Barb will suggest an honorarium plan for guest preachers with consideration of retired clergy, congregants, guest speakers.
ACTION: Ginger will take care of get well gestures for staff (Dorothy & Robert).


  • Congregational, Artbook project was brought forward by Lynn Oliver. Urban Sketchers were at TUC last week; many of their drawings were posted and lots of interest, and would we print a book? Print note cards? What about web based rather than print? Web-based gallery on the Trinity site.
  • This project requires a passionate individual (a ‘driver’) to pick-up the project if they see it as a priority; it is not a board driven project.
  • TUC News – closing date Dec 22    - looking for content asap, it’s scheduled to be released Jan 2 pending resources to publish and mail.

Dec 24-25 no board bits required.


Nominating Committee - deferred

2018 AGM – March 25, space to confirmed by St. Matthew’s – Fellowship Hall not available till after their coffee hour; we could also consider doing ours in the chapel.


January 10: Min. Team Vision Discussion; the focus is to renew or reimagine our purpose in the city core. The invitation is open; a meal will be served.    
January 16: The schedule of Joint Leadership meeting and meals will be reviewed; our current date and time of TUC Board meetings conflicts with St. Matthews.
ACTION: Katherine and Barb will generate a doodle poll to identify the 2018 board meeting schedule.
The meeting adjourned at 10:20 PM

Minutes: November 21st Meeting

Board Meeting Minutes November 21, 2017

Trinity United Church, Kitchener

Time: 7:00-9:00 PM Meeting location: Hearth Room

Meeting Chair:    Katherine Bitzer Recording Secretary:  Lynn Oliver

NOTE:  JOINT Leadership Meeting and meal  held 6:00 - 7:00 pm; MT facilitating (Board updates on: "Trinity on Church" site and moving preparations)


Ministry Team: Barbara Bitzer, Marg Collard, Tina Coutts, Peter Oliver, Pauline Underwood, Dennis Watson

Board: Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Commission, John Fraser, Lynne Greene, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver

Regrets:  Barbara Hill, Pat Tummon


Meeting called to order at 7:20……     Opening Prayer provided by…Peter Oliver

MOTION to Approve Minutes of October 17, 2017

Moved By: Ginger C

Seconded By: Peter O

Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve Agenda for November 21, 2017

Moved By: Jane M

Seconded By: Lynne G

Motion Carried

Steering Committee Update

MOTION to approve the Option to Extend:  Trinity United Church will exercise its right, under the Lease-Back Arrangement with the Buyer, to extend the term of the Lease to August 31, 2018 on the same terms and conditions as set out in the Lease and Trinity may terminate the lease earlier as they see fit.

Discussion - none

Moved By: John F

Seconded By: Jane M

Motion Carried

MOTION to approve: Trinity United Church did approve the recent actions by the Steering Committee and by Gowlings LLP to make changes to the Agreement of Purchase and Sale with the Buyer in order to implement the Buyer's request for the closing date to be changed to Friday January 19th, 2018.

Discussion – the request came as we learned that the buyer is in negotiations with the owner of the corner lot for purchase.

Moved by: John

Seconded: Lynne G

Motion Carried

Treasurer's Report  John Fraser

Finances – cash on hand

Investment Policy – Legacy Fund I and II

2018 Budget Prep

  1. Cash in the bank as of 5 PM today is approximately $54,300. Requested transfer $50,000 from the Legacy Fund for a total transfer of $250,000  this year. Deficit YTD is $195,000.  

  2. Deficit will be less than  (at the AGM), in part because Ministry Team allocated funds to some initiatives that have not been done.

  3. Legacy Fund – value  October month end was $2,383,660, up 9 % this year. If the markets stay healthy for another five weeks and the loonie doesn’t move up, the fund should be up 10 – 11 %.

  4. With the delay in closing of the sale until the middle of January no money will be received for  Legacy Fund 2 until 2018. Work on the Investment Policy statements is on the back burner for now.

  5. The cost to get the boiler up and running was less than $300. Last year we installed high tech equipment with considerable resale value so  may be an opportunity to sell it back to Wloo Mfg.

  6. Redevelopment

    1. The Trustees met with our insurance agent who recommended  we hire a professional property manager to care for the property as defined in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. Concern with using someone on a casual basis (like Robert) is liability if  squatters or vandals   get hurt, even during the commission of a crime, the legal issues can be murky.  It is less risky to hire someone with adequate insurance to cover any claims against us..

ACTION Graham is looking into Property Manager;  Peter was lining up someone to do the snow removal,  until we hire a building manager

    1. Cost of the renovations at StM  incurred so far is approximately $13,600 and includes Keith Summers,   new hardware (big screen TV, tablet to control it, laptops, desktop, moving the piano, deposit for the main move and painting). Still identifying the rest of the moving costs, the electrician and our IT consultant. Best guess is a total between $20 and $25,000.

    2. We signed a three year lease on a new photocopier and printer which will save us hundreds every month on the lease costs. New copier will be delivered to StM on 23Nov and be operational 29Nov. We will be without printing capability for a couple of days (part of Mon, all of Tuesday and part of Wed next week). Leanne at StM could print for us, I’m sure, if we had content on a thumb drive.

    3. Deposit now $500,000 – if the deal doesn’t close and it is the sole fault of the developer, we get to keep this money.

    4. Purchaser has confirmed purchase of the corner property from Mr Oh and that deal will close at the same time. We setup a NFP organization a year ago to purchase the property and although that transaction did not happen we need to conduct an AGM for the NFP.  This will happen at the December meeting of the Board. We will also be passing a resolution to reduce the number of directors to 3 or 4. Despite no transactions in the NFP a filing to Ottawa (CRA) is required that the NFP has fulfilled its regulatory obligations. We will keep the NFP alive at a cost of $20 since we may need it in the future to buy a site and it will be more expensive to set up another NFP.

  1. Free will offerings – we have had three free will offerings in the past month.
    Retreat at Paradise Lake – we recovered all but $50 of the cost of the food
    Remembrance Day – sale of warm drinks – we had a profit of $120

Feast of Memories – we covered about 50 % of the cost of the catered meal and incurred an expense of about $550

  1. Staffing – time to renew contracts and recommend 2018 compensation.

ACTION: Ginger and Barb will drive this process for renewing contracts in consultation from Bill.

ACTION: John and Barb to investigate salary increases and recommend 2018 compensation.

  1. Budget 2018 - No process defined yet.

ACTION: Request that the MTeam provide a draft   budget for review at the Board meeting in January, February at the latest.

Treasurer will estimate Board expenses next year.

Budget will be approved at Feb or Mar meeting of the Board for presentation at the AGM – still hoping for Palm Sunday?

General Discussion points:

Church Key discussion – a decision was made that only the three paid staff will hold keys to the church at this time.  As Dorothy gets requests she will record the person’s name and reason for the key.  She will work with Lynn O and Lynn will bring back to the board for further discussion.

Jane has received a few requests to purchase items from the church – i.e.  stacking chairs and dishes.  Jane is going to test a process where she posts notices within Presbytery and offers two weeks notice to express interest and then will sell to the highest bidder.

Trustee's Report Jane Maass

MOTION:  That the Trustees request that the Board set aside a budget of up to $30,000 to have the 34 stained glass windows professionally removed and crated for storage by Sunrise Stained Glass (97 Wharencliffe Rd S. London, ON) and that the Trustees research and report back in time for the Feb Board meeting regarding arrangements for appropriate storage space to keep the windows safe until either their removal for sale to others or re-use in a future building and/or fixtures.

Discussion – it was felt that the Trustees need to come back with storage costs by Feb so we can include in our budget for the next year.

Moved By: Jane M

Seconded By: Ginger C

Motion Carried

Minister's Report Bill Bruce; Staff Report pre-distributed

Received for information, no further questions

Ministry Team Report:  Peter Oliver

MOTION: The Ministry Team recommends to the Board that Trinity gives the one time payment of $17,000 within the Homeless Initiatives Fund to the Social Development Centre before year end 2017 for the purpose of relocation which is a result of Trinity vacating 74 Frederick St.

Discussion – The board would like to receive some sort of report from SDC as to how they spent the funds.  Peter will inform the Ministry Team of this decision.  The decision was also made that we would allow both SDC and AL ANON to use the facilities at 74 Frederick St until Dec 22 2017.

Moved By: Ginger

Seconded By: Peter

Motion Carried.


Discussion around time off for staff.


    1. Congregational Lynn Oliver

    2. Press Release / Media Katherine Bitzer

Meeting Adjourned at: 10:05 pm


Board Meeting Dec 21 at 6:00 pm at Jane’s house

The Joint Ministry and Board meetings will resume in 2018