Minutes June 19


Trinity United Church, Kitchener

June 19, 2019 6:30 – 9:00 pm

Meeting Location: 54 Benton St., Kitchener

Meeting Chair:Katherine BitzerRecording Secretary: Barbara Hill


Board: Barbara Bitzer, Katherine Bitzer, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Comission, John Fraser, Barbara Hill, Lori-Ann Livingston, Jane Maass, Vi Peters, Lynn Oliver, Pauline Underwood;

Corresponding Member: Lynne Green, Transition Team;

Regrets: Peter Oliver, Graham Brown;

Welcome and Opening Prayer Katherine called the meeting to order at 6:45.

Recognizing the transition work of Bill and the move to his next role, we celebrated with some treats and a small gift was shared with Bill. Katherine called for an opening prayer, this was provided by Jane Maass.

MOTION to Approve Minutes of May 15, 2019 as amended;

Moved By:Lynn Oliver

Seconded By:Ginger Comission

Motion Carried

NOTE Barbara noted a correction to the motion she presented May 15th, the amount for weekly summer supply is $206 plus travel and not $250 as printed.

MOTION to Approve Agenda for June 19, 2019

Moved By:Pauline Underwood

Seconded By:Barbara Bitzer

Motion Carried

Transition Team Report - next steps

Katherine reminded us of two key considerations; purpose and secondly, use of L2 funds.

$25k is allocated in our 2019 budget for jump-starting Fresh Expressions with facilitated exploration.

Katherine requested that we resurrect the motion that was tabled at the May meeting, specifically on engaging Edge as a third party facilitator.

MOTION (Original): That Trinity Board endorse the recommendation of the Transition Team that the Trinity congregation, through its Board, retain the services of EDGE for the balance of 2019, within a budget limit for fees and expenses of $10,000, to “accompany Trinity United Church” in strengthening and building new relationships within their community using the Design Jam/coaching model, clarifying and catalyzing our model of ‘Fresh Expressions of Faith’, and reporting back to the Annual Meeting of Trinity in early 2020.

Moved By:Barbara Bitzer

Seconded By: Pauline Underwood

Barbara B Moved to amend this Motion

MOTION: That Trinity Board retain the services of EDGE within a budget limit of $10,000 for fees and expenses using the Design Jam/coaching model to help clarify our model of ‘Fresh Expressions of Faith’, and reporting back to the Congregational Meeting October 2019.

Moved By:Barbara Bitzer

Seconded By:Lynn O

Motion Carried

Discussion included the work that Edge recently conducted with the community ministry Roundtable at Calvary United which Lori-Ann and Barb H attended on June 13th.

The proposal Trinity received from Edge has expired so needs to be re-issued and requires more definition and clarity on Deliverables.

The process at Calvary did not have sufficient time to collect ‘IDEAS’ generated but there is a commitment by them to provide all the data/information collected at that session. Inquire if we/ Edge can build on the work that has begun at Calvary?

ACTION: Barb & Lori-Ann will follow-up with EDGE (Carla Leon) and the Community ministry team at Calvary. How might this connect or piggy-back or leverage on the work started at Calvary.

Request revised proposal from EDGE and enter into an agreement if possible.

Report to the board as information is gathered and action plan is formed.

Chair, Katherine initiated a second discussion on ‘purpose’ of Legacy funds, the mechanics of distribution from the fund. What are the options available to us for distribution; clearly investment money management is in the hands of Trustees at this time.

Katherine struck a small committee to explore options, and proposed John Fraser (Treasurer), Lynne Green (Transition Team) and Katherine Bitzer (Chair).

ACTION: Committee will report back to the board in September with learnings and options.

Search Committee Update - Update pre-distributed by Graham Brown

Q., If majority of candidates are searching for a Full-Time position, do we need to revisit the question of Part Time (.75fte)? Should the Search Committee be given permission to consider Full Time candidates?

Bill reminded us of the governance process; the Search Committee needs to come back to the board with an explicit request to change the approved staffing model and permission to consider full time candidates.

2019 Staffing Plan, Summer office coverage

Katherine checked-in and confirmed that staffing changes are being implemented as planned.

Ginger is responsible for revised letters of agreement Katharine E. and Keith S. for July 1, these are in progress.

A draft Letter of Employment is ready to go to Dorothy for her newly defined part time role.

Nothing has been planned for summer office supply; requirements need to be determined and supply options identified.

ACTION: Barbara Bitzer & Barb Hill to review admin needs and staff supply for the duration of Dorothy’s absence.

Ginger has volunteered if in-office coverage is needed.

Pauline has agreed to work on bulletin and PowerPoint preparations for worship services.

Membership List (inactive)

Discussion on process and exceptions that have been requested.

[Lynn O shared that her sister was told she is being removed and her brother-in-law (husband to sister) was not removed because their annual donation had come from him.] Cross referencing with donor relations is important.

The Coordinator of Fellowship & Caring will continue to bring forth additions and deletions to the Roll as appropriate to the definitions of membership.

MOTION: to remove Inactive non-regional members from the ROLL of Trinity United Church, Kitchener as per the list circulated and exceptions as noted;

Moved by:Ginger


Motion Carried

MOTION: that the Board agree to transfer Kenda Allen into the membership ROLL of Trinity United Church, Kitchener;

Moved by:Ginger

SecondedLynn O

Motion Carried

ACTION: Ginger will follow-up with Dorothy on the membership changes to ROLL; Kenda’s transfer can be shared with the congregation during Sunday’s Board Bit.
Vi will speak to Garret Breathwaite on his intentions for membership now that he has been confirmed.
Ginger will connect with Joan Taylor concerning her request to transfer out.

Other Updates

Monthly REPORTS – Distributed


Faith Development; no further comments

Fellowship & Caring; no further comments

Finance & Facilities; no further comments

Social Justice;

Lori-Ann spoke to her proposal to Trinity to support SDC (Social Development Centre) with $10,000 to support infrastructure of the Civic Hub model that they are working towards. Lori-Ann identified other faith communities that are aligning with the HUB.

Questions were raised about sustainability, budget, impact. We had to be reminded that Trinity provided a significant donation in 2017 ($17k)

Comments indicated that this was exciting, but is it Fresh Expressions? More information from SDC would be helpful. Lori-Ann emphasized that the funds are required to seed the hub; there is no staff dedicated to the project at this time. However, funds are required to support a staffing model to offer extend hours at SDC.

ACTION: Lori-Ann will review her Social Action budget with the Treasurer and determine what may be possible.

Worship & Music; no further comments

Region 8 report; to follow by email

Trustees Report (Graham);

Treasurer’s Report (John);

John checked in with Bill about submitting keys, passwords, etc. at the end of the month.
John asked who is completing the Places of Worship Inventory for Waterloo Region?
ACTION: Barb will see the inventory is completed for Monday June 24

Minister's Staffing Report (Bill); no questions asked.


Communications/correspondence received (Lynn O)

Peter connected with Robert Ross; day by day, still more ‘tests’ to be done.

Graham B. is writing the notes to outgoing Investment Committee members.

Board Bits

ACTION – Barb to circulate Board Bit Roster with Minutes.
ACTION Barb to collect vacation schedules; board members will submit vacation days to her.
Third Wednesday August - Catherine Savage and Barb Hill not available.



Board Meetings 3rd Wednesdays at 6:30 PM

Summer Schedule

No July Board Meting

Third Wednesday of August - Catherine Savage and Barb Hill not available.

Appendix A – Coordinator Monthly update June 2019, pages 139 - 142

Appendix B – TM Staff Accountability Report June 2019, pages 143 - 144

Appendix C – Report of the Trinity Trustee, pages 145 - 146

Appendix D – TUC- Treasurer’s Report May 2019, pages 147 – 148

Appendix E – Update Report of the Search Committee, pages 149 - 150

Meeting Chair – Katherine Bitzer

Board Secretary – Barb Hill

MInutes: May 15

Meeting Chair: Katherine Bitzer Recording Secretary: Barbara Hill


Board: Barbara Bitzer, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Comission, John Fraser, Barbara Hill, Lori-Ann Livingston, Jane Maass, Vi Peters, Peter Oliver, Lynn Oliver, Katherine Bitzer;

Corresponding Member: Lynne Green, Transition Team Chair;

Guests/Observer: Eleanor Brent (Search Committee), Mark Breathwaite (Transition Team), Dave Rutherford (Bd. of Trustees);

Regrets: Graham Brown, Chair, Bd. Of Trustees; Pauline Underwood

Call to order 6:30 pm

Welcome and Opening Prayer was provided by Chair, Katherine Bitzer and meeting called to order at 6:35pm.

MOTION to Approve Minutes of April 17, 2019 (Distributed)

Moved By: Peter Oliver

Seconded By: Ginger Comission

Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve Agenda for May 15, 2019 (Distributed)

Moved By: Lynn Oliver

Seconded By: Jane Maass

Motion Carried

Transition Team Update (Lynne Green) Recommendations & Discussion

The TT “Mission Plan – Draft Proposal” was circulated in advance for everyone’s consideration.

A key recommendation was to engage with EDGE of the United Church of Canada in a facilitated community design jam process - as "the first step in the 3-5 year mission plan". The EDGE design jam process is a defined, short term contract to facilitate a process with the local community to explore community needs and perhaps opportunities to serve through Fresh Expressions-related ministry. Trinity members involvement in this is personal preference; there is no expectation of how engaged Trinity needs to be which is, in effect, part of the discernment.

There was fulsome discussion and a number of questions raised.

Q. Why recommend Edge? It was noted that previous experience with EDGE for redevelopment was not fruitful. Can the board see the EDGE proposal?

The TT expressed optimistic support for EDGE’s engagement in Fresh Expression projects. The TT had enthusiastic response during a video conference with EDGE and received a timely proposal with good concrete ideas. Mark B reported that EDGE has 60 + active projects which includes Skylight Festival and a road trip exploring ‘how to do church’?

The EDGE proposal document will be shared with the board.

Q. Are there solid references and testimonials available from EDGE? We could request this information to support the decision-making process. Also, information on anticipated outcomes of their work would be helpful. (This type of information is typically included in a proposal process.)

Note was taken about the use of language in the Transition Team report, such as "abuse of power", “bias”, "power imbalance". Strong and passionate advocates can be perceived as biased. Successful partnerships requires many contributions (people power, space, supplies and money). All are important and success requires the development of trust between the parties.

It was noted that neither TUCC or Credence responded with proposals that had a defined action plan.

Katherine polled board members to determine who felt they could support the motion to proceed with the Design Jam process with EDGE requiring a commitment of up to $10,000.

Who is ready to proceed with the motion as it stands? 5

Who requires more information to support decision making? 4

Who cannot support the recommendation? 0

ACTION: Lynne will send the EDGE Proposal to board members.

Lynne will collaborate with Barb H in drafting a request to EDGE to provide: References; testimonials; examples of outcomes

What has changed in the organization in the last 5 years?


Edge will be asked to provide this additional information by Friday May 24; this will be distributed to the board by Saturday May 25. The following motion (tabled) will be facilitated via an e-vote process on May 26 in order to determine what goes forward to the Congregational Meeting on June 2. (Note: information was received and shared May 21st)

MOTION: That Trinity Board endorse the recommendation of the Transition Team that the Trinity congregation, through its Board, retain the services of EDGE for the balance of 2019, within a budget limit for fees and expenses of $10,000, to “accompany Trinity United Church” in strengthening and building new relationships within their community using the Design Jam/coaching model, clarifying and catalyzing our model of ‘Fresh Expressions of Faith’, and reporting back to the Annual Meeting of Trinity in early 2020.

Moved By: Barbara Bitzer

Seconded By: Lori-Ann L

Motion Carried

MOVED to Table this motion until additional information is received by the board by May 25 to support an E-Vote process on May 26

Moved By: Peter O

Seconded By: Jane M

Motion Carried

The first two motions from the Transition Team (TT) report were addressed.

MOTION: That the Trinity board receive the 3 - 5 Year Mission Plan Report of the Transition Team.

Moved By: Lynne O

Seconded By: Peter O

Motion Carried

MOTION: That Trinity Board thank the Transition Team and support the request of the Transition Team to be discharged by the congregation and Region, effective June 30.

Moved By: Ginger C

Seconded By: Lori-Ann

Motion Carried

Concerning the TT recommendation on Legacy II and dialogue with United Church of Canada Foundation (UCCF).

There are several things to consider.

a) Ownership of the Legacy 2 assets.

b) Management of the Legacy 2 assets. Trustees have concluded an external ‘best practice’ third party review of the portfolios to mitigate risk. The Trustees have started a process to find third parties that would manage the assets on our behalf. Concern was raised that the recommendation was not aligned with the Trustees initiative. While the Trustees expect that the UCCF would be on the short list of fund managers asked to respond to an RFP, we shouldn’t assume that UCCF will be the preferred manager.

c) Processes to gather proposals from groups looking for funds and the vetting of those proposals against our criteria to determine best fit.

d) Disbursement and governance processes

Chair, Katherine anticipated concern of the congregation that we move Legacy Fund II (L II) to a Foundation at this time; we were clear that we would not touch funds until 2020.

TT feels strongly that the movement of L II is tied to their recommendation to support disbursements to new Fresh Expression initiatives.

Consensus that TT work is done at end of June and agreement that a way forward could be that the board strike a committee to explore the mechanisms and criteria for accessing L II funds for Fresh Expressions initiatives in the future. This needs to ensure that the funds are directed to the local community.

This committee work can be done in the future after the Trustees complete their RFP process.

The motion was deferred, that Trinity Board "delegate a committee including the chair of the Board, one Trustee, and one other member of Trinity, to initiate discussion with the UCC Foundation staff to clarify the purpose of Legacy 2 to fund ‘Fresh Expressions of Faith’, reporting to the board and trustees in the fall of 2019 and to the congregation at its annual meeting early in 2020. Recommendations of the committee will include options for financial management of the fund by UCC Foundation or other third party, and options for transfer of trusteeship and disbursement of L II fund, including encroachment of capital.”

ACTION: The Transition Team will review this motion at their May 21 meeting and re-circulate to the Board by May 24.

Search Committee Update: (Graham; written submission)

The committee has met 5 times to fine tune our community of faith profile, the position description and to produce a brief letter to candidates seeking a position to invite them to consider our opportunity and alternatively to encourage someone they know who might be suitable or interested, to apply.

On May 14 this letter went to 102 candidates on the UCC Hub.

Approximately 10 to 15 replies have been received, many seeking positions in other parts of the country, many seeking full-time position.

Lynne is responding to the responses received and managing the data on their specific requirements or fit.

The Search Committee meets June 1st to review applications received.

Membership List (inactive) - (Vi, Ginger)

Ginger explained process and brief discussion on handling exceptions on the ‘remove’ list.

We are invited to notify Vi and Ginger with any exceptions.

Board vote deferred to June meeting.

July 2019 Staffing Plan - next steps

ACTION: Peter and John will review staff salary requirements; Peter will meet with Dorothy.

ACTION: Ginger will take the lead on contract renewals with Katherine and Keith by end of June. Keith’s hours will be reduced and could also be engaged in supporting a communication plan for Fresh Expressions.

ACTION: Lori-Ann will work with Keith on a communication plan for Fresh Expressions and the social media strategy.

ACTION: Barbara reported that Hayden is interested in coming back as choir leader; Barbara will take the lead on interim music leadership for the fall.

Other Updates (M&P)

Bill circulated presentation by Susan Murtha “Church Leaders Working Together, inclusive of R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Covenant.

Katherine confirmed that John Neff took on Paul Miller’s role in Region 8.

Nothing has come from the inquiry to Region 8 regarding M&P Training in the KW area yet.

Pegi Ridout is available for training M&P

Katherine indicated that it’s premature to consider a slate for an M&P Committee (for the June 2 meeting); information gathering continues.

Monthly REPORTS – Distributed

Coordinators (Faith Development, Fellowship & Caring, Finance & Facilities; Social Justice, Worship & Music);

Pete provided an update on SMLC's Redevelopment progress, including an assurance that our Lease Agreement is secure until 2021.

Barbara’s Worship report included a request for resources for summer supply.

MOTION: $1050 be added to the Worship budget to provide leadership of 5 summer services at a rate of $250 per Sunday.

Moved By: Barbara B

Seconded By: Lori-Ann

Motion Carried

Trustees Report (Graham); none

Treasurer’s Report (John); No further questions.

Minister's Staffing Report (Bill); No further questions.

Katherine was contacted by MENNO Homes (affordable housing) and a project at Bridgeport and Lancaster. There are lots of synergies with Trinity interests but premature for us to consider participating at this time. The vision is a community HUB.

June 2, 2019 Congregational Meeting

Planning and Preparation

Lynne Green, Bill, Katherine, Ginger, Barb, all play a role in planning, and will meet as required.


Communications/correspondence received (Lynn O)

Board Bits

Trinity News Deadline for submissions May 21


Motion to adjourn Lynn O

Seconded Peter O

Upcoming Meetings

Congregational Meeting (Trustees Report and TT Fresh Expressions Plan) June 2, 2019

Board Meetings 3rd Wednesdays at 6:30 PM

Next: Jun 19; July 17; Aug 21 (Summer meetings to be confirmed)

Appendix A – Coordinator Monthly update May 2019, pages 87 – 90

Appendix B – TM Staff Accountability Report May, 2019, Pages 91 – 92

Appendix C – Treasurers Report of April 2019, page 93 – 94

Appendix D – Draft Agenda for Congregational Meeting in June, page 95-96

Appendix E – Church leadership, pages 97 - 116

Appendix F – Mission Plan, page 117 - 122

Appendix G – Transition Team input Summary, 123 - 126

Appendix H – TT Mission Plan Report May 23, 2019 Revised, pages127 - 132

Minutes: April 17

Meeting Chair: Peter Oliver Recording Secretary: Barbara Hill


Board: Barbara Bitzer, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Comission, John Fraser, Barbara Hill, Lori-Ann Livingston, Jane Maass, Vi Peters, Peter Oliver;

Corresponding Member: Lynne Green, Transition Chair;

Regrets: Katherine Bitzer, Graham Brown, Lynn Oliver, Pauline Underwood;

Guest/Observer: Eleanor Brent

Call to order 6:30 pm

Welcome and Opening Prayer was provided by Peter Oliver and meeting called to order at 6:35pm.

MOTION to Approve Minutes of Mar 20, 2019 (Distributed)

Moved By: Jane Maass

Seconded By: Lori-Ann Livingston

Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve Agenda for April 17, 2019 (Distributed)

Moved By: Ginger Comission

Seconded By: Jane

Motion Carried

Transition Team Update (Lynne G.)

  • A verbal update was provided by Lynne and their TT work has been focused on Fresh Expressions.

  • Lynne was asked to briefly recap of the scan done in March by Credence, UCC (Edge) and the Fresh Expressions model.

  • John asked for an example of Fresh Expressions to help us understand the concept. A couple of examples include a community music through a link to Laurier Music’s Program, Messy Church, Pub church. A number of ‘fresh expressions’ were submitted through our “What If” stories last summer.

  • Lori-Ann suggested we explore www.freshexpressions.ca

  • Lynne said TT doesn’t want to select ONE thing (mission) as this is about nurturing and engaging a variety of expressions. TT will be reporting to the board with recommendations in May and a presentation to the congregation June 2nd.

  • Jane said she’d had an invitation from House of Friendship to join in conversation about their organizational vision in the core.

ACTION: follow up with House of Friendship was not assigned.

Staffing & Search Committee Update (Peter, Graham)

  • Staffing - The Search Committee met with Rev. Gary Clarke on two occasions for training and defining next steps. Committee members approved the following roles: Pauline Underwood as Secretary, Lynne Green as Communications Officer, and Graham Brown as Chair.

  • The Committee began drafting qualifications of the right candidate and ways to recruit candidates. The UCC has a database of candidates and postings which candidates can access and the Trinity vacancy has been posted.

  • A small number of inquiries have been received and applicants will be assessed on May 31st. It was noted that there are more vacancies than there are ministers (ordained and diaconal).

  • The Search Committee anticipates informing the congregation and Board of the key qualifications required to support the Transition Team’s congregational profile and needs. The Search Committee meets on April 23rd.

  • Concerning current staffing Peter remains in contact with Dorothy and she is currently flexing time for family matters. She has accepted a revised position with a significant reduction in hours.

ACTION: Salary adjustment for Office Admin to be discussed in the next few weeks.

  • John asked about progress on forming an M&P Committee; it was suggested that a couple of churches share an M&P (HR) resource.

ACTION: Jane will take that question to a cluster meeting May 7 in Guelph

Membership List Update (Vi, Ginger)

  • A register enrolment was missed when Réne Marie Belcourt was baptized; this requires a motion to correct.

MOTION to Add Réne Marie Belcourt to the Trinity Roll

Moved By: John F

Seconded By: Jane

Motion Carried

ACTION: Dorothy will be asked to enter this into the Roll

  • The TUC Membership List was reviewed for 2016 when we voted to sell the building; members were categorized as Active and Inactive. No action was taken with the Inactive list at that time.

  • The TUC Membership lists has been reviewed (spring 2019) and a motion is required to remove Inactive members.

  • It was stated that a Notation on ‘reason for removal’ should be included: e.g. Removed by death, by action of the board, moved, transfer etc. (Remittance to UCC should reflect ACTIVE membership only.)

ACTION: Ginger will ask Dorothy to distribute the INACTIVE list to the board for review; feedback and decision will be moved to the next board agenda (May meeting).

Monthly REPORTS (Distributed) Coordinators:

Faith Development;

  • No questions. Vi added that 14 of 16 seats are filled for the IGR breakfast.

Fellowship & Caring; No questions

Finance & Facilities;

  • Peter briefly spoke to the Space Request form which is now LIVE; signatures were added to final copy. Dorothy (Office Admin) will administer the process. Our insurance covers Trinity sanctioned events; third party events requires their insurance. Discussion about Trinity clubs using the space is ongoing.

Social Justice;

  • Lori-Ann spoke to the iftar meal on May 28 during Ramadan (May 3-June 4), a church tour and timing of security checks were discussed. The program starts at 8 pm, segregated prayers will be close to 9 pm and the meal is served at sundown. There are four other churches hosting iftar meals on four different nights throughout Ramadan. Refer to report for other updates.

Worship & Music;

  • Barbara was looking for guidance on how to recognize choral scholars (gift versus gift card).

  • Hayden’s final service as choir director is April 28th.

ACTION: Barbara B

Trustees Report (Refer to report provided by Graham);

  • John spoke to the Trustees report, acknowledging the resignation of Carl Weldon (April 2019), preceded by Ron Gadbois (Dec 2018). This leaves a gap in skills and vacancies on the committee. John referenced the option of using a third-party fund manager. This option was recommended by Proteus consultants to appropriately manage risk and align with the investment policy statements. John provided an excellent diagram to illustrate the following motion he presented.

MOTION: That the Board ask the Trustees to instruct the Investment Committee to sell investments from Legacy 1 to draw $250,000 to fund operating deficits until December 31, 2020.

Moved By: John F

Seconded By: Barbara B

Motion Carried

  • A question was raised about ‘new’ Trustees engagement in the Investment Committee. Bill reminded us that at the Congregational Meeting of June 2018 we communicated and confirmed that Trustees are accountable to the congregation for the Investments. John reiterated that past risk and performance was high. However, expert recommendations were that we reel in on risk for the 3-5 year time horizon.

Treasurer’s Report (John);

  • A clarification question was raised on Cash IN; is this donations? Yes it is from offerings and this is similar to 2018; no increases in givings have been realized.

Minister's Staffing Report (Bill); No questions.

Miscellaneous Communications

  • Garret’s confirmation will be May 26th at St. Matthews; he has attended their confirmation classes for the past 2 years.

  • Peter reported that the lectern audio system required adjustment; a number of members have reported that they ‘can’t hear’.

ACTION: Peter O will ask Keith to adjust the volume balance.

  • A few members are still confused about the new search process and how long it seems to take to move forward. The process has been reported to the congregation already (Board Bit) but the search committee agrees there was initial confusion around ‘training’ and process.

ACTION: another Board Bit on the Search process would be helpful. Graham will report on April 28. (Ginger will defer to May 5.)


Meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm


Maundy Thursday dinner - 6pm

Good Friday service - 11am

Easter morning sunrise service & breakfast - 8am

Congregational Meeting (Leadership Matters & TT Fresh Expressions Plan) June 2, 2019

Board Meetings 3rd Wednesdays at 6:30 PM May 15; Jun 19.

Appendix A – Coordinator Monthly update April 2019, pages 67 – 68

Appendix B – TM Staff Accountability Report April 2019, pages 69 – 70

Appendix C – Search Committee April 2019, page 71

Appendix D – Trustee report April 2019, page 73

Appendix E – TUC space use request form April 2019, pages 75 – 76

Appendix F – Treasurers Report of March 2019, page 77

Appendix G – TUC – LF1 components March 2019, pages 79 - 80

Minutes: March 20

Meeting Chair: Katherine Bitzer Recording Secretary: Lynn Oliver


Board: Katherine Bitzer, Barbara Bitzer Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Comission, John Fraser, Lori-Ann Livingston, Jane Maass, Vi Peters, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver;

Corresponding Members: Graham Brown Trustee Chair, Lynne Green, Transition Chair;

Regrets: Barb Hill, Pauline Underwood;

Guest/Observer: none

Call to order 6:33 pm


Welcome and Opening Prayer delivered by Ginger Comission

MOTION to Approve Minutes of February 20, 2019 (Distributed)

Moved By: Peter Oliver

Seconded By: Vi Peters

Motion Carried

Action: Suggestion made for the Treasurer to give an in-depth report on donations % increased and % decreased of those still attending at a future meeting

MOTION to Approve Agenda for March 20, 2019 (Distributed)

Moved By: Jane Maass

Seconded By: Peter Oliver

Motion Carried

Staffing/Leadership updates and plans; Transition Team update (Distributed)

• Transition Team update

o Search Committee meeting March 29

o March 21 Barb B, Bill and Lynne skype calling with Edge re Fresh Expressions ideas

o Heard from Creedence and TUCC – TT will need to dive into this information’

o TT meeting March 25 open to all

o John asked about Honorarium for members who have helps us – Credence, EDGE and TUCC

ACTION: Lynne will connect with John re: these payments

• Staff plan & Search Committee updates

o Dorothy has agreed to stay on in the new role

o Dorothy did have some questions regarding benefits that Peter and John are working on getting her answers

o Dorothy has asked for 3 days with 5 hours per day versus 3 hours for 5 days

o Jane noted that no one is currently in charge of archives and wondered if Dorothy could fit that into her role (under her current hours)

ACTION: Peter will speak to Dorothy regarding archives

ACTION: Peter will also investigate hours that the church need office coverage; do we need a separate Pastoral Care phone line?

o Katharine Edmonstone and Keith Summers also appreciated hearing the news

o Katherine also reminded us that we need Director of Music. Barbara Bitzer felt it important we find the Minister first. This will be discussed at the Transition Team meeting March 25. Barbara has received one resume.

o Graham suggested that the new minster be involved with the search for the Music Director.

o Focus for Director of Music will be the fall after the minster is in place.

o Barbara and her committee is looking after worship and music over the summer months

• M&P

o It was raised at the AGM that this team is missing

o The goal is for the next congregational meeting in June, that the board present a slate.

o Katherine shared that an effort was made in spring 2017 to re-start this committee, with support in place from Paul Miller, but all individuals who were approached declined.

o John wanted to know if outsourcing is an option?

o Graham asked if this sits within the rules?

o Jane wondered if Three Churches could have a M & P cluster

o Barbara B thinks we need to be clear on what we expect the M & P to do.

o Who is going to cluster meetings? Jane went – it was very casual and nothing really resulted in an outcome.

o Bill is attending an over night April 29 to 30 and two hours will be spent on M & P alternatives. When the search committee presents the new minister, they also need to present the M & P committee. Bill will report back at our May meeting.

ACTION: Katherine has volunteered to have a chat with Jeff about M & P training session.

1) Stained Glass Windows - Discussion

Graham last month requested that the board have a discussion around the stained-glass windows. They are being stored at a non-trivial expense. They are not being viewed or enjoyed in storage.

Do we hold on for a period of time or do we let some be enjoyed or all be enjoyed by others?

The trustees wish to ensure they are not forgotten. Currently cost is $3,500K / year to store the windows – three bundles totalling 34 windows. We went around the table to share thoughts on what to do.

Consensus was that we need to leave as is for at least one more year. It was felt too soon to make a decision. A suggestion was made to get a feeler out as to who might like some – perhaps the biblical story lines – given this will take some time. Graham felt it best that we wait until the board is ready to give a direction for the windows perhaps a year or two down the road.

2) Monthly REPORTS (Distributed) Coordinators (Faith Development; Fellowship & Caring; Finance & Facilities; Social Justice; Worship & Music); Trustees, Treasurer, Ministry Staff Report

Faith Development Vi, nothing further

Fellowship & Caring

o Katharine E and Pauline are visiting shut ins and providing communion – they will do this twice a year

o Laurie will do Easter flowers again for shut-ins and bereaved within the year

Finance & Facilities

o Peter went over the Space Use 2019 document that was at each person’s seat tonight

o Peter asks that all coordinators review and provide him feedback; Coordinators will be asked to take an active role in completing the rental form

o This came out of `room booking` discussions at the TUC-SMLC Agent meetings.

o Dorothy will be the keeper for all meeting room requests

o This will help us understand how we use our space as we head towards Fresh Expressions

o This will be a printable pdf form

o The exterior sign of Trinity on Church Street has been fixed

o Peter informed us about the TUC branding on the Benton Street sign is still moving forward– St Matthews is moving to a digital sign. Peter will shop around to look at pricing.

ACTION: Katherine asked Peter to verify that TUC can get on St Matthew’s digital sign, how much time/space allocated to TUC messaging on the sign?

ACTION: Ginger will ask Keith to post a location map that includes parking on our Website

Social Justice

o Film series going well, participants have come from Emmanuel United.

o Janet Howitt wondering if anyone was interested in attending Interfaith breakfast May 1st – tickets must be purchased before April 15 – it is a Bingemans’. Let’s pull a Trinity table together – there will be 6 additional spots to be opened to the congregation. TUC will pay for up to 2 tables. This gives Trinity an opportunity to be part of the wider world.

o Lori-Ann attended 7 Generations potluck. It is every Wednesday at lunch. 7 Generations is a service provider for the Indigenous community

o We received a request from a Canadian citizen looking for an SAH holder to bring his brother and family to Canada. Katherine wonders if Parkminister could help with this request.

ACTION: Lori -Ann will contact the sender and see what additional information she can gleam. Lori – Ann will also connect with Janet for guidance.

ACTION: Graham suggested the Mennonite organization might be able to help and will look for a name for Lori-Ann to contact

Worship and Music Barbara B, nothing further

Katherine informed the Board it is time to look at the membership list, it has been a number of years since it was reviewed. Katherine suggested that the Faith and Fellowship Coordinators work with Laurie and Bill to review the list and bring changes forward to the Board. It makes sense that the Board present the membership list yearly.

ACTION: Ginger and Vi and Bill will review the list. The board will then need to name the criteria for membership and follow it.

Trustees Report Graham, nothing further

Treasurer’s Report John, nothing further

Minister's Staffing Report Bill, nothing further

3) Communications

• Communications/correspondence received (Lynn O); none

• Board Bits

March 24 - none

March 31 - Ginger

April 7 - Lynne G

April 14 - Barbara B

April 21 - none

April 28 - Lori-Ann


Motion – Peter


Lenton Film Series on climate change with A meatless potluck meal and a discussion.

March 26: Do the Math

April 2: Ed Burtynsky: Manufactured Landscapes

April 9: Before the Flood

Congregational Mtg (Leadership Matters & TT Fresh Expressions Plan) June 2, 2019

Board Meetings 3rd Wednesdays at 6:30 PM

Apr 17; May 15; Jun 19.

Appendix A – Coordinator Monthly update Reports Mar 2019, pages 53 – 54

Appendix B – TM Staff Accountability Report Mar 2019, pages 55 – 56

Appendix C – Transition Team Report Chair, Mar 2019, pages 57 – 58

Appendix D – Trustee Report Mar 2019, pages 59 – 60

Appendix E – Treasurers report of Feb 2019 page 61 - 62