Minutes: January 16

Meeting Chair: Katherine Bitzer

Recording Secretary: Barbara Hill

Attendees: Board Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Barbara Bitzer, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Comission, John Fraser, Barbara Hill, Lori-Ann Livingston, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver, Vi Peters, Pauline Underwood;

Corresponding Member: Lynne Green, Transition Chair; Graham Brown, Trustees Chair


Guests/Observers: Eleanor Brent, John Lochead, Mary-Edith Morgan


MOTION to Approve Minutes of December 19, 2018 as amended

Moved by:Pauline

Seconded by:Lynn

Motion carried

MOTION to Approve Agenda for January 16, 2019 as amended

(Coordinators reports will include motions)

Moved by:Jane

Seconded by:Peter

Motion carried

Transition Team Update - Lynne Green

Half day planning meeting was held Jan 12, 2019 at Lynne’s home. The Staffing Model recommendation was distributed for board discussion and reflects the work done by Credence Consulting. Lynne stepped us through their process and recommended staffing chart, and the stance taken by the committee was to live within our means and grow into our future. The appendices to the report are not yet developed. The staffing model is expected to be effective as of July 2019.

Discussion focussed on criteria of living within means but the capacity to be innovative and forward focused was discussed. The staffing model is defined to conserve and preserve the congregation and lightly support development of fresh expressions. Do we need more capacity to be bold, this is a critical year as membership erodes. Perhaps a multi-year budget plan would help, accepting a deficit in Year 1 but showing sustainability in year 2 or 3.

Clarification was requested around salary and benefit amounts. The likelihood of finding a part time minister (.75fte) was discussed and is the allocation enough. We need to honour the TT process that they are guiding Trinity through.

TT has indicated their Track 2 discussions have been exciting and anticipating innovation in the future but starting with a conserve and preserve philosophy. It was felt that ‘Communication’ staffing needs to be substantive enough to provide meaningful results for Trinity. We’ve told the congregation that we will be providing a revised staffing model at the annual meeting as a JNAC process is required to replace Rev. Bill. It was clearly noted that some plans and capacity for Track 2 need to be identified and presented in the report and staffing model in order to build a shared and inspired vision with the congregation.

ACTION: What is the vision for each of the staff roles? The TT will review the staff plan and consider the impact of proposed reductions in hours. Where practical consider the flexibility in range of hours and compensation costs.

The TT is asked to provide budget considerations for Track 2 plans in the 2019 budget, this might be non-staff roles (e.g. contracts) to help lead us to a bolder future.

There is consensus that the TT does not need to meet with the Board to review a revised plan but the revised plan will be circulated in advance.

2019 Operational Budget - John led the budget discussion and reminded us that “our story is not an expense story but a revenue story” and we cannot shrink ourselves to death. The draft budget is BIG picture and reflects revenue from all sources; questions for clarification were addressed.

Approx. $1000 expense will be added for ad hoc rentals of additional space at St. Matthews. Other additions include TT adjustments, insurance adjustment and consideration for Track 2. There was discussion on the need to meet as a board to review the revised budget prior to Feb 10th, versus approve electronically.

ACTION: The DRAFT budget will be circulated to the board and the board will meet as required based on feedback.

Annual Congregational Meeting – Feb 10, 2019

Katherine outlines a 3-meeting model for congregational meetings (Annual business meeting, Leadership, Visioning).

ACTION: Katherine will work with Bill, Barb and Ginger on the meeting agenda and assignment of tasks.

ACTION: Barb will send out the Agenda outline to the board


Trustees -refer to Brief and Annual report distributed.

Treasurer's - refer to Treasurer’s report.

John commented on the stewardship mailing done in November which yielded a total revenue increase of about $4000. The comments collected should be shared; members comments will go to Ginger as coordinator of Fellowship and Caring.

John commented on the LOW response rate, total of 40 (25%), which included some of our Trinity leadership.

Discussion on Additional Administration of two additional refugee families affiliated with Parkminster United.

ACTION: Peter, as Coordinator of Finance & Facilities will be educated on the process as a backup for John.

MOTION: to accept the Administration of two additional refugee families for other congregations

Moved by:John

Seconded by:Peter

Motion carried

As of Dec 31 there were approximately 2.25% increase in both legacy funds.

Objectives for 2019 –

John still working on house cleaning and possible eliminating dormant funds (e.g. McMillan Flower Fund).

Contract Signing policy need to be defined and administrative oversight implemented.

Work towards an approved budget by Jan 1st each year.

2018 Financial Statements

John provided highlights, and specifically Statement of Receipts and Disbursements. We are ‘cash rich’ with 5.3Mil unencumbered.

MOTION: to receive the 2018 Financial Statements as presented and present to the congregation at the Annual Congregational Meeting on Feb 10, 2019

Moved by:John Fraser

Seconded by:Graham Brown

Motion carried

Coordinators Reports

Faith Development - Vi reported that Almada daughter (Florencia) asked permission to organize a fundraiser to support her TCOW trip to S. America. There was full consent of this request.

It was noted there is a budget allocation of $1000 for a TCOW delegate.

MOTION: to use the $1000 currently in the TCOW fund to support a Trinity delegate in 2019 with agreement that any excess funds raised by the delegate be returned to the TCOW account

Moved by:Vi P

Seconded by:Lynn O

MOTION TABLED until February meeting further discussion on requirements of the delegate.

ACTION: Vi will investigate requirements and recommend how Trinity might support a 2019 TCOW delegate (which may include an agreement concerning excess funds raised OR makeup of any short fall in funding).

Facilities & Finance – Peter negotiated a small hot water heater in Rm 102 with $300 installation fees payable to St. Matthews (SMLC).

MOTION: That we approve an expenditure of $300 for the installation of a hot water heater in Rm. 102 as negotiated with landlord, St. Matthews Lutheran Church (SMLC);

Moved by:Peter Oliver

Seconded by:Pauline U

Motion carried

AlAnon purchased a door bell for Church Street entrance to the chapel; this has been approved by St. Matthews.

Keys have been requested for those involved in music preparation, specifically Hayden, Chris and Linda. Internal keys can be requested from the Trinity office. (External keys would require approval and special requisition to SMLC.)

ACTION: Facilities Coordinator (or Worship) will confirm distribution of keys (?).

Fellowship & Caring - No questions or discussion raised

Social Action - see communication

Worship - No questions or discussion raised

Minister's Staffing Report - No questions or discussion raised

Communications - Lynn Oliver reported on feedback from her Sunday Board Bit about the need for M&P; Lori-Ann revealed Meg Leslie’s print that was framed; Board Bit roster was circulated.

Lori-Ann submitted an article to the Observer which was posted there, and on our site and FB page today.

Newsletter Submissions – deadline is Friday.

Pauline’s work on Leadership Wall will be done for AGM Feb 10.

ACTION: Members of leadership to send Pauline a H&S picture of yourself if you don’t want to use what is already on the Trinity website.

ADJOURNMENT – the meeting adjourned at 9:30


Jan 20 – will be a JOINT service with St. Matthews at 9:30 AM

Jan 18 - deadline for News Letter submissions

Jan 6 - Annual Reports due in Trinity office


Transition Team Planning Day Sat Jan 12 (1/2 day)

Annual Congregational MeetingFeb 10, 2019

Congregational Mtg. June 2, 2019

Board Meetings

3rd Wednesdays at 6:30 PM

Feb 20; Mar 20 (March break, tbd); Apr 17; May 15; Jun 19.

Appendix A – Trinity on Church – Coordinators Monthly update Reports Jan 2019, pages 7 – 8

Appendix B - Memo to Trustees, Investment Committee members Jan 10th re Third party review of the governance and investment Structure of Tinity’s invested Funds, pages 9 – 10

Appendix C – TM Staff Report Jan 2019, pages 11- 12

Appendix D – Transition Team Draft Proposal – Staffing Model for TUC, pages 13 – 16

Appendix E – Report of the Trustees to the Congregation of TUC, pages 17 – 20

Appendix F – Draft Financial Statements for Dec 31, 2018, pages 21 - 28

Minutes: December 19

Meeting Chair: Katherine Bitzer

Recording Secretary: Barbara Hill

Seasonal Dinner preceded the business meeting. Social time commenced at 5:00 PM; dinner at 6:00 PM.

Attendees: Board Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Barbara Bitzer, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Comission, John Fraser, Barbara Hill, Lori-Ann Livingston, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver, Vi Peters, Pauline Underwood;

Corresponding Member: Lynne Green, Transition Chair;

Regrets: Graham Brown, Trustees Chair;

Guests/Observers: none

Trinity Not For Profit AGM chaired by John Fraser.

Refer to separate minutes of December 19, 2018

Katherine opened the meeting with a welcome and an opening prayer.


MOTION to Approve Minutes of November 21, 2018

Moved By: Jane Maass

Seconded By: Vi Peters

Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve Agenda for December 19, 2018

Moved By: Peter O

Seconded By: Lynn O

Motion Carried

Transition Team Update - Report distributed; discussion led by Lynne Green

Half day planning meeting will be held Jan 12, 2019.

Discussion encouraged coordinators to reflect on the What If stories that represent some fresh and courageous ideas for how Trinity might worship as well as leave a legacy.

Reg 8 has assigned a representative to support Trinity JNAC requirements.

Credence Consulting Staffing Recommendations report was received and will guide staffing plans for June 2019.


  • Trustees - refer to report distributed – John recapped that governance work was underway and new Investment Policy statements for Legacy 1 and 2 are in progress.

  • Treasurer's - refer to handout. John stepped us through the highlights noting that ‘the market’ results have influenced the downward trend in our legacy accounts.

    • Discussion on discontinued PAR donations and whether there should be protocols and practice to follow-up with these members.

ACTION: John will send names of cancelled PAR’s to Ginger for consideration and follow-up.

ACTION: Ginger will ask staff to inform her of any requests to transfer membership, for follow-up and to bring to the Board

Coordinators Reports Attached

Social Action – Lori-Ann noted all blankets purchased with remaining 2018 SAT (Social Action Team) dollars were delivered earlier that week. Meg Leslie gave gifts in recognition of her relationship with Trinity which included a small clay ‘relief’ of Trinity’s 74 Frederick façade and a drawing that will be framed for our current chapel space.

Worship – Barbara B reported on the search for a pianist/ music director. With Jen Spaulding’s help two choral scholars are excited to fill the vacancy until June 30th.

MOTION that Hayden Kelly be hired as Trinity's choral director from Jan 1- April 30, and that Chris Clark be hired as Trinity's pianist from Jan 1-June 30. Accountable to Barbara as Worship & Music Coordinator, they will share the role, responsibilities, and compensation of the posted Music Director position.

Moved By: Barbara B

Seconded By:

Motion Carried

Fellowship & Caring - Ginger noted that contract renewal letters were in progress for Katharine Edmonstone and Keith Summers for the following six months to June 30th. The staffing model provided through the work of the transition team will determine future agreements.

Motion: to renew Katharine Edmonstone as Pastoral Care Minister as per UCC grid;

Moved By: Ginger

Seconded By:

Motion Carried

Motion: to renew Keith Summers as Communications Consultant with current terms.

Moved By: Ginger

Seconded By:

Motion Carried

Facilities & Finance – Peter is in process of receiving budget numbers from coordinator; these will be used by John in drafting the 2019 operational budget. It is recognized that a revised staffing model will likely influence the budget from July to December 2019.

Peter is negotiating with St. Matthews (SMLC) for a hot water heater in Rm 102. Safety concerns have been raised about carrying the trays of mugs up and down stairs to use the SMLC dishwasher.

Minister's Staffing Report - no questions raised

Presbytery M&P - Katherine provided an update on the letter from Paul Miller, reiterating the importance of how we respond to congregant concerns. Paul Miller spoke to the Trinity members who contacted him with concerns; no further action is deemed necessary. However, Katherine and/or Lynn will provide a brief follow-up with the congregation via a Board Bit in January and stress the importance of an M&P committee.

Presbytery / Region 8 – Jane reported that Gary Clark has been assigned to the Trinity JNAC, Cathie Savage may also be assigned to this process

The M&P support previously provided by Paul Miller will end as of December 31, 2018.

2019 Operational Budget - Peter

Coordinators budget homework, submit numbers only. Discussion will follow in January.

Communications - Lynn Oliver

Trinity’s new governance structure has now been approved by Presbytery and will be filed with the minutes.

Lynne shared a couple of good news letters from congregants.

ACTION: Leadership wall – Pauline will connect with Dorothy to complete this task

ADJOURNMENT – followed by Discussion/ Planning Items

Board members to coordinate / discuss their respective annual reports drafts with each other


Jan 20 – will be a JOINT service with St. Matthews at 9:30 AM

Jan 18 - deadline for News Letter

Jan 6 - Annual Reports due in Trinity office


Transition Team Planning Day Sat Jan 12 (1/2 day)

Annual Congregational Meeting Feb 10, 2019

Congregational Mtg. June 2, 2019

Board Meetings

3rd Wednesdays at 6:30 PM

Jan 16; Feb 20; Mar 20 (March break, tbd); Apr 17; May 15; Jun 19.

Minutes: November 21

Meeting Chair: Katherine Bitzer Recording Secretary: Barbara Hill

Attendees: Board Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Barbara Bitzer, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Comission, John Fraser, Barbara Hill, Lori-Ann Livingston-Breathwaite, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver, Vi Peters, Pauline Underwood;

Corresponding Member: Lynne Green, Transition Chair; Graham Brown, Trustees Chair;

Guests/Observers: Eleanor Brent;

Katherine opened the meeting by welcoming a full board, corresponding members and one guest. An opening prayer was offered by Pauline Underwood.

MOTION to Approve Minutes of October 17, 2018

Moved By: Peter

Seconded By: Jane

Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve Agenda for November 21, 2018

Moved By: Peter

Seconded By: Lori-Ann

Motion Carried

Transition Team Discussion; Lynne Green

TT - update via Board Bits given Nov 11, 2018 by Mark Breathwaite.

Next Transition Team (TT) meeting is Nov 28th, all are welcome.

All data gathered is being analysed and the TT will start to craft a plan, a time table and anticipate a 3 year plan inclusive of location, staffing, purpose, activities and work.

Lynne answered questions related to the weighting of feedback (e.g. status quo, stay together vs amalgamate) and what options were taken off the table simply because they represented a very minor perspective.

A qualitative feasibility assessment of staying together is still work to be done (i.e. can we afford to stay together simply for the sake of staying together). At this time dissolution is not an option the TT has considered. Currently there is little expressed support or interest in the idea of disbanding (or buying real estate). Graham commented: eliminating these options by default generates a recommendation for staying together, however, the justification of staying together is not clear. The TT analysis is still a work in progress.

Trustees Report Graham Brown; comments from the Trustees

Trustees are drafting a new investment policy (revising 2014 policy) for the Legacy 1 Fund to reflect changes since then in the use of the Fund, changes in the markets, changes in the congregation’s time horizon for decisions about the future, and the fact that the Investment Committee’s current investment approach is not consistent with the 2014 policy. The Investment Committee is assisting in the effort to revise the Legacy 1 Fund investment policy. A key purpose of Legacy 1 is income for the use in the operation of the congregation, i.e., to support the operating budget. The investment policy revision will continue to reflect this purpose.

The committee also has determined that Legacy 2 Fund requires a different and separate investment policy due to the fact that the Presbytery (now Region) has some degree of oversight on the Fund, and, more importantly, that the original asset value should be protected and be fairly liquid since the congregation may wish to expense a large amount of it in the near future (2 – 3 years) on its mission.

An element missing from the 2014 Investment Policy for Legacy 1 is socially responsible investment goals (SIGs), including social impact investing. The United Church’s own corporate investment policy includes SIGs and the Trustees are exploring the possibility of doing the same. It is proposed that the Board and congregation be provided with a good deal of background about SIGs so that they can make an informed decision at some future point about whether or not to include SIGs in the congregation’s investment policies.

Finally, the Trustees are seeking direction on what the Board intends by “living within our means” particularly with respect to the practice of drawing on the income in the Legacy 1 Fund to support operations. The current available surplus income in Legacy 1 is about $300K. At the Board’s recent rate of demand on the Fund, this amount would be run down in 3 or 4 years. Of course, it is likely that investment yield will add to that surplus income figure, but there is no guarantee of that. The Trustees are concerned that the recent historical draw amounts will continue, and we are concerned about the stewardship implications of this.

After discussion, it was acknowledged without a motion, as follows:

• There is support for revising the investment policy for Legacy 1

• There is agreement that Legacy 2 Fund should be invested with reasonable short-term liquidity and protection of capital in mind

• That Brown and Fraser will prepare a backgrounder to assist the Board to decide on who best to define the laudable concept of “living within our means”.

Treasurer's Report John Fraser (Distributed with Agenda)

Are salary increases expected?

Some unspent communications budget for social media; Ginger is actually the Coordinator for communications. Question about whether to invest in a social media marketing strategy to extend invitations for Christmas services.

ACTION: Compensation recommendations for 2019 required for approval at December Board Meeting.

ACTION: Ginger to connect with Lori-Ann and Keith and manage social media for Christmas services.

ACTION: John to include revenue numbers in his next report.

SMLC Lease Renewal Peter Oliver

There has been good in-depth conversations with St. Matthews and Katherine completed a thorough analysis of Trinity’s space utilization in the past year. We use very little of the space we negotiated and paid for in 2018. Any miscellaneous room rentals will now be expensed outside of the lease.

Peter is negotiating on the installation of a hot water in Rm. 102 and potentially a dishwasher to help mitigate risks associated with carrying large trays up and down stairs to the main kitchen.

2019 lease costs $35,290 annualized; $2,940.83/month with cleaning and two parking spots included.

MOTION to accept the lease agreement as presented at a fee of $2,940.83 per month;

Moved By: Peter

Seconded By: Lynn

Motion Carried

ACTION: Coordinators are requested to submit a budget number by December 19th.

Coordinator Reports

The consolidated coordinator report was distributed with agenda; consensus that receiving reports in advance was helpful.

Vi added that a Wednesday morning prayer group has been started by Pauline Underwood and Mary Edith Tondreau and prayers may be placed in the prayer box.

Messy Church is on hold for now, currently it has no leadership.

SMLC has invited Trinity and St. Stephens for a shared reading of LUKE in Advent on Wed Dec 5 at 1pm.

ACTION: Budget numbers to Peter by Dec 19; key consideration is program costs as opposed to staffing numbers.

ACTION: Barb will provide 2019 COL salary increases (cost of living increase) under the United Church

Minister's Report (Distributed with Agenda) No questions!

Region 8 Update (formerly Presbytery) - (Update distributed with Agenda)

Last Presbytery meeting is next Tuesday (Nov 27th).

There is no process yet to determine representatives to attend Region 8 meetings and expect current reps will continue until the spring.

Communications Lynn Oliver

Any “need to know” congregational correspondence/ communication?

• Shirley Diefenbacher thank you for flowers

• Note from Pastor Sebastien, in their prayers as our building is demolished and grateful for their relationship with us.

• Letter from UCC Archives acknowledging full receipt and cataloguing our records submitted last spring.

• Phone call from a member thanking Joan Gugelar for prayers also sought clarity on a comment that “Gord may come back”; Gord has offered to come back to play during the Christmas week.

• IN8 confirmed that as the buyer of 74 Frederick they will honour their commitment to agreed upon affordable housing units in the complex.

ACTION: Jane will inquire at Presbytery on Paul Miller’s role and how his duties will be reassigned?

Specifically support of TUC employment issues (NO M&P) and the transition team.

Board Bits

Roster circulated for board sign up for Board Bit messaging on Sunday mornings.

Other (Additions to the agenda)

Timelines for AGM prep; submissions for Annual Report to Dorothy by January 6, 2019

Discussion on WHO writes reports in retrospect of the past year; Coordinators will need to talk to predecessors and to each other.

ACTION: Coordinators are expected to bring an outline of their annual report to the December 19 meeting and social.

ACTION: Barb / Dorothy send note to Fellowship Club, Investment Committee, Communications Consultant and the Choir for a year end report.

Lori-Ann, Mark, Lynn and Katherine attended David Wells lecture at St Jerome’s in October, “Where are all the young people” when church doesn’t connect with identity and gender issue as social justice. Refer to Lori-Ann’s article for Trinity News Nov 2018; stats were interesting on when youth disconnect. Smaller but highly dedicated churches predicted for the future.

NOTICE: Annual meeting for the Not For Profit Corporation will be held December 19th.

Consensus that we would pay the $20 to renew the corporation for another year as our future is not yet defined.

Eleanor asked for more information on purpose, what we’re supposed to be doing and for whom? More concrete information on purpose would be helpful.


Joint Advent Lessons & Carols Dec 2, 2018 (7PM)

Annual Congregational Meeting Feb 10, 2019

Congregational Mtg. June 2, 2019

ACTION: Coordinator Reports due Dec 12/13 and Board Package should be distributed Dec 14.

Board Meetings 3rd Wednesdays at 6:30 PM

Nov 21; Dec 19 (with supper); Jan 16; Feb 20; Mar 20 (March break, tbd);

Apr 17; May 15; Jun 19.

NOTE: December 19th is at 93 John Street W., Waterloo, 5pm gathering & 6pm dinner

The TT is scheduling a Planning Day, Sat Jan 12 or Sun Jan 13. 

Board BITS


Nov 25 Peter O Lease Renewal

Dec 2 Lori-Ann Social Justice Update

Dec 9 Jane Maass Presbytery Update

Dec 16 Transition Team

Dec 23 Ginger C Nursery

Dec 30

Jan 6 2019 Graham Brown Investment Policy; affordable units at 74 Frederick

Jan 13

Jan 20

Jan 27

Feb 3

Feb 10

Feb 17

Feb 24

Appendix A – Coordinators Monthly Update Report November - 2018 pg 151 – 156

Appendix B – Region 8’s First Gathering Report October- 2018 pg 157

Appendix C – Report: social justice – 2018 pg 159

Appendix D – TM Staff Accountability – Minister – 2018 pg 161 – 162

Appendix E – Transition Report – 2018 pg 163 – 165

Appendix F – Lease Agreement – 2018 pg 166 – 172

Appendix G – Treasurer’s Report for October – 2018 pg 173

Minutes: October 17

CHURCH BOARD MINUTES Trinity United Church, Kitchener
October 17, 2018 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Meeting Location: Chapel

Meeting Chair: Katherine Bitzer Recording Secretary: Barb Hill

Attendees: Board Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Barbara Bitzer, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Comission, John Fraser, Lynne Green, Barbara Hill, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver, Vi Peters.

Regrets: Lori-Ann Livingston-Breathwaite, Pauline Underwood

Guests/Observers: Eleanor Brent, John Lochead

Katherine welcomed the new coordinators and opened the meeting with prayer.

MOTION to Approve Minutes of Sept 19, 2018

Moved By: Peter
Seconded By: Ginger

Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve Agenda for October 17, 2018 as amended with additions under OTHER

Moved By: Lynn O
Seconded By: Jane

Motion Carried

New Governance Model Katherine

Expectations of all board members were reviewed with emphasis on pursuing the Vision of the congregation and coordinating the mission activities to inform the Vision.

Managing the operations to meet the budget, receive reports and recommendations from members and making decisions in response. Duties and responsibilities as set out by the UCC Manual also apply.

Coordinator model (as discussed 10-14-18) requires a monthly summary report submitted to the secretary a week prior to the Board mtg for compilation and distribution with the Agenda.

Katherine emphasized a key message from Paul Miller that good governance is taking care of the whole, communication is paramount to bring the whole along.

Keith has requested a brief profile from each Board member for the Trinity News and pictures will be included.


•Dorothy will be asked to coordinate; we will confirm that she has all ‘head shots’ from the last Directory. These will be posted in church space for visual recognition (simply with a name)
•Update the listing on the last page of the Sunday bulletin with emails.
•A mail slot or desktop file sorter for hard copy resources or correspondence for each specific coordinator.

Priorities - Katherine opened the discussion on priorities and how each coordinator will engage others to accomplish.

Reinforce the message and communicate broadly…what we’re each doing e.g. Transition team, coordinators, board… Bring clarity on direction, where are we going.

United Church of Canada update on new governance model and current presbytery rep is looking to understand ‘what’s next’ for Region 8.

Each coordinator trying to understand a pathway forward; uncertainty on what the Transition Team is working through and how to support/respond

Some frustration expressed with the focus on governance and administrivia and not on partnerships and vision. We need to keep momentum going, clarify a vision while mindful of the budget.

Staffing for the future needs to be in place by June.

Work of the transition team is paramount as well as living within our means.

How to conserve the ministries of Trinity (e.g. faith formation) and get direction (work of the transition team).

Communication of what is being done is paramount; work that has been done is not necessarily visible

(Poses the question of what the congregants expectation for ‘work’ actually is.)

Transition Team debrief provided by Lynne Green, she expressed appreciation for other board members that have been attending TT meetings (Bill, John Fraser).

Discussion on music ministry; no applications received in response to the current posting. Jen S will draft a music plan through Christmas with Choral scholars etc. The vacancy will be reposted in the new year. Lynne trying to consolidate and analyze the data collected on Sunday (Oct 14) and the additional feedback gathered.

The process/ goal will address two key questions: WHO are we….and what’s important to us? Lots of thinking and discussion is required and has been done.

The process is evolving and once the data is analyzed it will be brought forward and informed by the What If stories. Bill expressed confidence with the process.

The TT needs to also identify the tasks to build the plan, and the Staffing model is a priority concern.

The TT is looking for a 3rd party resource to assess current staffing level and define requirements going forward.

Lynne’s concern is succession and a 3-5 year plan…WHO is going to carry the plan forward.

Bill confirmed TT is in relationship with the congregation and not the board.

The coordinators will budget for 2019 informed by the 2019 plan. Next month’s coordinators reports on what IS (as of now) and what is possible ahead. What is the gap?

There was agreement that we need to grasp the future (2019 plan) in order to budget for the next year.

Negative chatter from the congregation should be redirected to a person, either a related coordinator or Lynn Oliver who retains the member communication role.

ACTION: The board needs to help champion the work of the TT and communicate broadly. (When and how to be defined, but never miss an opportunity in casual conversations.

Treasurer's Report John Fraser

1) Cash in bank and legacy funds

Bank balance as of noon today approximately $52,000. I don’t expect to need another cash infusion from Legacy Fund 1 until the new year.

Legacy Fund 1 – market value at end of September $2,326,000 – up 2.6 % this year

Legacy Fund 2 – market value at end of September $3,324,000 – up 3.0 % this year.

It’s been a wild ride in the stock markets over the past ten days. Volatility is now the norm and we should take some comfort with our long term investing horizon for LF1. However, it is gut wrenching to see paper losses of tens of thousands of $ like we experienced last week.

Balance at end of day Monday $5,444,000, down $106,000 since 30Sep. End of day Tuesday $5,501,987 up $57,000 since Monday.

LF2 – CRA frowns on charities that hoard their money – they require charities to disburse 3.5 % of the value of the fund each year. This could be problematic for us with LF2 since we don’t know how we will use the proceeds from the sale of the building.

We can ask CRA for a waiver on that requirement – Bill has reached into his Rolodex and I have the name of a lawyer in Toronto who does a lot of work with charities. We’re hoping that he will write a letter on our behalf and explain the situation so we can hang onto our money until the 2020 budget year.

2) Deficit for the month of September $13,700 and year to date is $119,000.

3) Congregational meeting on Sunday – we received $83.25 from the free will offering. One person put $20 in the basket (and didn’t make change) so everyone else contributed approximately $1 each. Good news is that was all profit because the food was donated.

4) Refugee support – you might remember that Parkminster approached Treasurer John in the spring to provide administrative support for one of their refugee initiatives. That agreement should be in place by month end (Oct 31),

Parkminster also has another refugee opportunity that they would like us to consider and the time commitment is minimal. The first refugee may never get to Canada but if they do, it won’t be for a year or more as the application moves through UCC to the federal government, etc.

The Treasurer suggested we sign an agreement with the sponsoring group that we accept a deposit, invest it in a GIC and eventually pay out the money based on authorized requests. The money is stated on our balance sheet as an asset and a liability.

Motion that “Trinity enter into a second refugee sponsorship agreement to provide back end administrative support for a refugee from Turkey that Parkminster Church has vetted but cannot take on because of limited resources.”

Motion that “Trinity United Church, Kitchener, enter into a second refugee sponsorship agreement to provide back end administrative support for a refugee from Turkey that Parkminster Church has vetted but cannot currently accept due to limited resources.”

Moved by: John F
Seconded by: Lynn O

Motion Carried

John Lochead reported that our refugee family will attend coffee after service on Nov 18th, an example of another family still being supported.

The Treasurer asked if any guidelines been received from UCC or St. Matthews concerning the legalization of marijuana.

Staffing Barbara’s update on hiring Director of Music noted above; Jennifer is defining a plan for November & December when the job will be reposted.

Barbara confirmed that the posted compensation of up to $400/wk can be used in the interim for supply resources.

Presbytery Update Bill attended the last meeting; General Council was good, well attended by youth and now three courts reduced from four. Next meeting is Oct 20 when implementation should be clarified.

Ministers Report distributed by Bill Bruce

Communications Lynn Oliver

Lynn’s received a couple of congregants feedback: “church is like a funeral”, “need to change the Moving Sign at 74 Frederick”; “is the board coming back to congregation with every decision?”; “it’s hard to be optimistic”; “we’re losing out on start-up church movement; need mission, need vision”;

ACTION: we are all reminded to redirect negative talk to Lynn

ACTION: TUC News- reminder to direct any stories and updates to Keith

ACTION: Board Bits - to be assigned for next two months; Katherine and Barb can prepare a roster of topics

Oct 21 Bd Bit – TT to report back on last Sunday’s activity


Planning for Oct 28th. Katherine will confer with Jennifer Spaulding on ‘gift and cake’ for Oct 28th and a budget was identified.

An exit interview should be done with Gord and the TT staffing consultant will be asked to do this.

Jane asked if Dorothy or a volunteer can collect newspaper articles for Trinity?

Outstanding: Who can be assigned to the ARCHIVES role?

Worship Planning – The worship Coordinator and choir will work in seasons and gowns will be worn in alternating seasons. (Gowns will be worn throughout Advent.)

Reception House is speaking on Sunday Nov 18 followed by luncheon and workshop

Joint Advent Lessons & Carols with St. Matthews is on December 2. An ad hoc work group is being formed for Advent planning.

Catering versus volunteer lunches; Jane commented on lunches and the ‘old days’ when a broad roster of congregants took turns making sandwiches and were engaged through this process. Ginger, as the new Fellowship Coordinator can think about ways to leverage this past practice. The board should not own the practice of providing lunches. Some What If stories tells us that some people want to be involved in food.

ACTION: Ginger to put together a plan for phone callers / coordinator for future lunches.

Date/time for future board meeting was confirmed and will remain the third Wednesday, 6:30 pm.

Dates for congregational meetings have been identified.

Sundays: Feb 3, 10, 17, 24 AGM Feb 10, 2019

June: 2, 9, 16, 23 Congregational Mtg June 2

Board Meetings

Nov 21

Dec 19

Sat Jan 12 or Sun Jan 13 TT Plan - tbd

Jan 16

Feb 20

Mar 20 (March break)

Apr 17

May 15

Jun 19


None other noted

Katherine adjourned the meeting at 9:00pm

Moved by Peter
Seconded by Vi

Motion carried

Meeting Chair – Katherine Bitzer Board Secretary – Barb Hill