Minutes: February 21st Meeting

Meeting Chair:  Lynne Green            Recording Secretary: Barbara Hill 

Attendees - Board:   Rev. Tiina Cote, John Fraser, Lynne Green, D-J Heard, Barbara Hill, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver, Dave Rutherford, 
Regrets:    Ginger Comission
Guests:    Katherine Bitzer, Ken Summers

Chair Lynne called the board to order.

Motion to Approve Minutes of Jan 17, 2017
Moved by:    Jane Maass
Seconded:    D-J heard
Motion Carried  

Motion to Approve Board Agenda for Feb 21, 2017    
Moved by:    Jane Maass
Second:    Lynn Oliver
Motion Carried 

Final check-in on discussion and motion to support Hope Spring Cancer Support Centre.

  •     Trinity will match up to $50k for the HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre campaign.
  •     Money is conditional on evidence of a sustainability plan and achieving their goal to raise
  •     $400k to meet their 2017 Operational Budget. They will return all cheques if they cannot
  •     reach their goal of $400k by February 27th .

:  Barb Hill will complete further due diligence with HopeSprings’ acting Executive Director and Board Chair concerning strategic planning and direction for the future. The Press Release will be sent once the conversation satisfies key questions about agency leadership and capacity to move forwards.  (Note: meeting held 3pm Feb 22)

Steering Committee Update – John provided a brief update on the property listing; Colliers provide weekly report on activities.

Q. is there a public listing price; initially Colliers suggested we not published but it is on the Colliers website as $2.6Mil.

John reported that 2 developers touring the site on Thursday; one local and one from TO

This message will be included in the Sunday Board Bit.

Finance/Budget Process - Treasurer, John Fraser

a)    2016 Tax receipts, done and delivered! (excellent!)

b)    Office Copier Lease (April end date) –   

ACTION:  Barb will follow up with Dorothy and Xerox to see if we can go month to month; 
NOTE, Dorothy has confirmed the lease runs to June 1, 2017

c)    Building Repairs- The elevator safety and repair contractor recommends new hoses be installed for $1000.  There was agreement to proceed with this work to mitigate safety risks or lack of accessibility.  (Trinity pays $180/ every 3 months ($800/yr) for regulatory inspections.) 

d)    Legacy Committee meeting - provided solid support and favourable response to HopeSpring Cancer Centre proposal. It was acknowledged again that we need process in place however, to support other community initiatives.

e)    Financial statements for 2016 – John stepped us through the statements and looked for Board support for not paying auditor fees this year.  Audited Financial statements are very expensive; in the past Trinity members David Martin and Gary Parker provided this service. It was noted that many small charities do not have audited financial statements due to the expense. (The Trinity Bylaws indicate this is a requirement however the bylaw can be amended at any time in the future.)

f)    Preliminary budget for 2017 - John distributed the 2017 budget process and assumptions. At first draft the planned deficit is $270k; our receipts (congregational giving) is projected to be $150k. There will be one-time costs incurred to relocate.

ACTION: John will draft the operational budget for March meeting; Board will informally approve it in order to go to the annual meeting

Stewardship - Peter reflected on timing and opportunities, suggesting it’s a hard time to ask for money when there is so much uncertainty. He has ideas for a special spring service to engage members in reflections and gratitude about Trinity as a kickoff to a stewardship message. Jane reminded us that she has not been asked to increase her givings in five years and urges us to do a simple ‘ask’. This prompted some discussion on membership and information sharing. Of the 150 that receive the weekly eBlast there are 70 emails that never get opened or read.  (Q. Should we add these 70 members to the monthly mailing of board bits like those not on online with technology?).  Katharine Edmonstone has been trying to gather information when she does pastoral visits about how people would like to receive information.

ACTION:  Communication discussion on number of unopened email and alternatives.

Communications -  D-J reported that a videographer asked to make a Hidden Spaces video at Trinity (no charge) as part of an artistic exhibit. Hopefully it will provide an interesting story to be shared.

Minister’s Update - Rev. Tiina

  • Ministry Team Annual Plan - Tiina noted the Ministry Team Plan (narrative) was previously distributed (this was outlined at December meeting).
  • Membership - The big review of membership lists is still in progress but ready to send out letters to those meeting criteria for removal from the roll.
  • Nominations - Tiina has been having active conversations to encourage engagement and a candidate or two identified for board roles.
  • M&P - Tiina has reported her concern for lack of M&P committee; Presbytery has confirmed to her that they are prepared to act as the M&P for Trinity.

REMITS    Remits 1, 2, 3, and 4: vote received by 30 June 2017
(Remit 6 by 28 February 2018; Presbytery Remits 5, 7, 8: votes were approved February 2017)
ACTION:    Rev.Tiina will distribute with some suggestions about process and dates.

L3 Consulting    Draft Agenda for Congregational Conversation March 5 was distributed for information.

ACTION:    Barb will follow up with Betty on meeting setup and logistics; and also with Board & Ministry Team on luncheon requirements

Planning for AGM DEFFERED   Draft Agenda was distributed for consideration

ACTION: Meeting Notice must be posted by Sunday March 5th; Barb will submit a notice to the Church Office for Sunday Bulletin (Mar 5, 12, 19) and eBlasts (Friday Mar 3, 10, 17)  
St. Matthews    DEFFERED
In Camera     DEFFERED 

Closing: Prayer and adjournment         9:45 PM


Sun March 5, 2017    Congregational Conversation with Betty Pries

Wed March 8        L3 & Joint Leadership (with Steering Committee)

Tues March 21        Monthly Leadership Meetings; 
Ministry Team 4pm; Shared supper 6pm; 
Joint Mtg. 6:30; Board Mtg. 7:30

Sun March 26        Annual Congregational Meeting