Minutes: June 20 Meeting

Time: 7:00-9:00 PM
Meeting Chair: Katherine Bitzer
Recording Secretary: Barb Hill

Meal Provided by the Board

 Attendees- Ministry Team: Barbara Bitzer, Marg Collard, Tina Coutts, Gord Allgeier Pat Tummon, Dennis Watson, Pauline Underwood

Attendees- Board: Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Rev. Tiina Cote, Ginger Comission, John Fraser, Lynne Green, Barbara Hill, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver

 Jane offered an Opening Prayer prior to supper.

 JOINT Leadership discussion 6:35-7:10 PM; refer to NOTES document.


Motion to Approve Minutes of June 5, 2017 as corrected;

Moved by Lynn O
Seconded by Peter O
Motion Carried

 Motion to Approve Agenda for June 20, 2017 with revised sequence;

Moved by John F
Seconded by Ginger C
Motion Carried


Board Bits: Lynne Green is on Board Bit duty for Sunday June 25 and requires context and content.

Information from Friday meeting with St. Matthews will be shared (e.g. chapel now empty and painting can begin.) We need people ready to roll up sleeves and get involved. (Contact Lynn O (Communications person).

We need to be prepared with the communication about a ‘soft target date’ Oct 22 move date and the uncertainty of the developer negotiations.

ACTION: Barb or Katherine to connect after Friday’s meeting.

Redevelopment: Discussion stemming from June 15 Steering Committee presentation.

The Board went in-camera for this discussion        

The board concluded in-camera discussion

Relocation to St. Matthews                                                                                              

Katherine B and Barb H are meeting with Paul Kalbfleisch at St. Matthews on Friday to review space and action plan requirements, and possibly start to frame the Memorandum of Understanding.

ACTION: Distribute an update to the Board following Friday’s meeting

Staffing Updates                                                                                     

M&P:  Katherine has been unsuccessful in recruiting volunteers for M&P committee; Paul Miller said he can be available to support any staff issues on request on an as needed basis.

ACTION: Katherine will confirm this arrangement with Paul.

Family Ministry:  There has been preliminary discussion with St. Matthews on sharing ½ time Youth/ Family Minister as we mesh our Messy Church and Sunday School programs. There is strong support for this idea and St. Matthews is just waiting until their new minister is selected later this summer.  A proposal for a shared resource is under discussion.

ACTION: The TUC Board should develop a job description and costing proposal.

Intentional Interim Minister (IIM):  Intentional Interim Minister deals with specific goals that are to be accomplished before a congregation can call a F/T minister. There is full board agreement with process of working with an Intentional Interim Minister (IMM).

Engaging with an IIM requires a Transition Committee, overseen by Presbytery (1-2 representatives); we need to identify 5-7 Trinity members to participate.

Following the selection of an IIM, the Transition Committee then becomes the Transition Team that walks with the IIM, defines the goals for the interim ministry period and continues to meet for the full duration (the next year or two). 

There was brief discussion on how to fill the Transition team and strike a balance knowledge, interest and perspective and ensure we continue with the goals defined through the L3 Group work.

ACTION: Barb will send out proposed groupings and collect/ consolidate names from the board.

ACTION: Katherine will extend the invitations to participate.

Treasurer's Report     John Fraser     

Follow-up question on inquiry for Car Share to lease a space in our lot; this led to discussion about how to monitor the parking lot and guarantee a reserved a space

ACTION:  Katherine will follow up on Car Share Inquiry

Follow-up question on Chapel Roof repairs and City of Kitchener deadline for completion.

ACTION: Ask Dave Rutherford to follow-up with Cory Bluhm at City Hall.

Follow-up question about Cheque to Messy Church; thes were expenses related to a planning meeting

Follow-up question who is leading the planning for relocation to St. Matthews?

ACTION: Identify a Project Lead.

ACTION: Barb to prepare an RFP (request for proposals for the technology and AV requirements; Keith will be asked to be participate in the Audio Video requirements.

Minister’s Report       Rev. Tiina                                                                                          

Motion –(refer to handout)  In accordance with Section B 3.6.2 of the 2016 Manual of the United Church of Canada, we will remove 115 Non-Regional Members from our Historic Role as identified and confirmed to be no longer engaged with Trinity United Church, Kitchener.

Moved by Jane M
Seconded by Lynne G
Motion Carried

ACTION: Dorothy will be asked to proceed with letters to members, as drafted.


Proposed:        Week of July 10 (July 11 or 12?)
Aug 1? Joint meeting     (Katherine away Aug 4-25)
Question asked about conference call, SKYPE or ‘facetime’ alternatives.
Meeting adjourned at 9:55PM