Minutes: January 16

Meeting Chair: Katherine Bitzer

Recording Secretary: Barbara Hill

Attendees: Board Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Barbara Bitzer, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Comission, John Fraser, Barbara Hill, Lori-Ann Livingston, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver, Vi Peters, Pauline Underwood;

Corresponding Member: Lynne Green, Transition Chair; Graham Brown, Trustees Chair


Guests/Observers: Eleanor Brent, John Lochead, Mary-Edith Morgan


MOTION to Approve Minutes of December 19, 2018 as amended

Moved by:Pauline

Seconded by:Lynn

Motion carried

MOTION to Approve Agenda for January 16, 2019 as amended

(Coordinators reports will include motions)

Moved by:Jane

Seconded by:Peter

Motion carried

Transition Team Update - Lynne Green

Half day planning meeting was held Jan 12, 2019 at Lynne’s home. The Staffing Model recommendation was distributed for board discussion and reflects the work done by Credence Consulting. Lynne stepped us through their process and recommended staffing chart, and the stance taken by the committee was to live within our means and grow into our future. The appendices to the report are not yet developed. The staffing model is expected to be effective as of July 2019.

Discussion focussed on criteria of living within means but the capacity to be innovative and forward focused was discussed. The staffing model is defined to conserve and preserve the congregation and lightly support development of fresh expressions. Do we need more capacity to be bold, this is a critical year as membership erodes. Perhaps a multi-year budget plan would help, accepting a deficit in Year 1 but showing sustainability in year 2 or 3.

Clarification was requested around salary and benefit amounts. The likelihood of finding a part time minister (.75fte) was discussed and is the allocation enough. We need to honour the TT process that they are guiding Trinity through.

TT has indicated their Track 2 discussions have been exciting and anticipating innovation in the future but starting with a conserve and preserve philosophy. It was felt that ‘Communication’ staffing needs to be substantive enough to provide meaningful results for Trinity. We’ve told the congregation that we will be providing a revised staffing model at the annual meeting as a JNAC process is required to replace Rev. Bill. It was clearly noted that some plans and capacity for Track 2 need to be identified and presented in the report and staffing model in order to build a shared and inspired vision with the congregation.

ACTION: What is the vision for each of the staff roles? The TT will review the staff plan and consider the impact of proposed reductions in hours. Where practical consider the flexibility in range of hours and compensation costs.

The TT is asked to provide budget considerations for Track 2 plans in the 2019 budget, this might be non-staff roles (e.g. contracts) to help lead us to a bolder future.

There is consensus that the TT does not need to meet with the Board to review a revised plan but the revised plan will be circulated in advance.

2019 Operational Budget - John led the budget discussion and reminded us that “our story is not an expense story but a revenue story” and we cannot shrink ourselves to death. The draft budget is BIG picture and reflects revenue from all sources; questions for clarification were addressed.

Approx. $1000 expense will be added for ad hoc rentals of additional space at St. Matthews. Other additions include TT adjustments, insurance adjustment and consideration for Track 2. There was discussion on the need to meet as a board to review the revised budget prior to Feb 10th, versus approve electronically.

ACTION: The DRAFT budget will be circulated to the board and the board will meet as required based on feedback.

Annual Congregational Meeting – Feb 10, 2019

Katherine outlines a 3-meeting model for congregational meetings (Annual business meeting, Leadership, Visioning).

ACTION: Katherine will work with Bill, Barb and Ginger on the meeting agenda and assignment of tasks.

ACTION: Barb will send out the Agenda outline to the board


Trustees -refer to Brief and Annual report distributed.

Treasurer's - refer to Treasurer’s report.

John commented on the stewardship mailing done in November which yielded a total revenue increase of about $4000. The comments collected should be shared; members comments will go to Ginger as coordinator of Fellowship and Caring.

John commented on the LOW response rate, total of 40 (25%), which included some of our Trinity leadership.

Discussion on Additional Administration of two additional refugee families affiliated with Parkminster United.

ACTION: Peter, as Coordinator of Finance & Facilities will be educated on the process as a backup for John.

MOTION: to accept the Administration of two additional refugee families for other congregations

Moved by:John

Seconded by:Peter

Motion carried

As of Dec 31 there were approximately 2.25% increase in both legacy funds.

Objectives for 2019 –

John still working on house cleaning and possible eliminating dormant funds (e.g. McMillan Flower Fund).

Contract Signing policy need to be defined and administrative oversight implemented.

Work towards an approved budget by Jan 1st each year.

2018 Financial Statements

John provided highlights, and specifically Statement of Receipts and Disbursements. We are ‘cash rich’ with 5.3Mil unencumbered.

MOTION: to receive the 2018 Financial Statements as presented and present to the congregation at the Annual Congregational Meeting on Feb 10, 2019

Moved by:John Fraser

Seconded by:Graham Brown

Motion carried

Coordinators Reports

Faith Development - Vi reported that Almada daughter (Florencia) asked permission to organize a fundraiser to support her TCOW trip to S. America. There was full consent of this request.

It was noted there is a budget allocation of $1000 for a TCOW delegate.

MOTION: to use the $1000 currently in the TCOW fund to support a Trinity delegate in 2019 with agreement that any excess funds raised by the delegate be returned to the TCOW account

Moved by:Vi P

Seconded by:Lynn O

MOTION TABLED until February meeting further discussion on requirements of the delegate.

ACTION: Vi will investigate requirements and recommend how Trinity might support a 2019 TCOW delegate (which may include an agreement concerning excess funds raised OR makeup of any short fall in funding).

Facilities & Finance – Peter negotiated a small hot water heater in Rm 102 with $300 installation fees payable to St. Matthews (SMLC).

MOTION: That we approve an expenditure of $300 for the installation of a hot water heater in Rm. 102 as negotiated with landlord, St. Matthews Lutheran Church (SMLC);

Moved by:Peter Oliver

Seconded by:Pauline U

Motion carried

AlAnon purchased a door bell for Church Street entrance to the chapel; this has been approved by St. Matthews.

Keys have been requested for those involved in music preparation, specifically Hayden, Chris and Linda. Internal keys can be requested from the Trinity office. (External keys would require approval and special requisition to SMLC.)

ACTION: Facilities Coordinator (or Worship) will confirm distribution of keys (?).

Fellowship & Caring - No questions or discussion raised

Social Action - see communication

Worship - No questions or discussion raised

Minister's Staffing Report - No questions or discussion raised

Communications - Lynn Oliver reported on feedback from her Sunday Board Bit about the need for M&P; Lori-Ann revealed Meg Leslie’s print that was framed; Board Bit roster was circulated.

Lori-Ann submitted an article to the Observer which was posted there, and on our site and FB page today.

Newsletter Submissions – deadline is Friday.

Pauline’s work on Leadership Wall will be done for AGM Feb 10.

ACTION: Members of leadership to send Pauline a H&S picture of yourself if you don’t want to use what is already on the Trinity website.

ADJOURNMENT – the meeting adjourned at 9:30


Jan 20 – will be a JOINT service with St. Matthews at 9:30 AM

Jan 18 - deadline for News Letter submissions

Jan 6 - Annual Reports due in Trinity office


Transition Team Planning Day Sat Jan 12 (1/2 day)

Annual Congregational MeetingFeb 10, 2019

Congregational Mtg. June 2, 2019

Board Meetings

3rd Wednesdays at 6:30 PM

Feb 20; Mar 20 (March break, tbd); Apr 17; May 15; Jun 19.

Appendix A – Trinity on Church – Coordinators Monthly update Reports Jan 2019, pages 7 – 8

Appendix B - Memo to Trustees, Investment Committee members Jan 10th re Third party review of the governance and investment Structure of Tinity’s invested Funds, pages 9 – 10

Appendix C – TM Staff Report Jan 2019, pages 11- 12

Appendix D – Transition Team Draft Proposal – Staffing Model for TUC, pages 13 – 16

Appendix E – Report of the Trustees to the Congregation of TUC, pages 17 – 20

Appendix F – Draft Financial Statements for Dec 31, 2018, pages 21 - 28