Minutes: March 20

Meeting Chair: Katherine Bitzer Recording Secretary: Lynn Oliver


Board: Katherine Bitzer, Barbara Bitzer Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Comission, John Fraser, Lori-Ann Livingston, Jane Maass, Vi Peters, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver;

Corresponding Members: Graham Brown Trustee Chair, Lynne Green, Transition Chair;

Regrets: Barb Hill, Pauline Underwood;

Guest/Observer: none

Call to order 6:33 pm


Welcome and Opening Prayer delivered by Ginger Comission

MOTION to Approve Minutes of February 20, 2019 (Distributed)

Moved By: Peter Oliver

Seconded By: Vi Peters

Motion Carried

Action: Suggestion made for the Treasurer to give an in-depth report on donations % increased and % decreased of those still attending at a future meeting

MOTION to Approve Agenda for March 20, 2019 (Distributed)

Moved By: Jane Maass

Seconded By: Peter Oliver

Motion Carried

Staffing/Leadership updates and plans; Transition Team update (Distributed)

• Transition Team update

o Search Committee meeting March 29

o March 21 Barb B, Bill and Lynne skype calling with Edge re Fresh Expressions ideas

o Heard from Creedence and TUCC – TT will need to dive into this information’

o TT meeting March 25 open to all

o John asked about Honorarium for members who have helps us – Credence, EDGE and TUCC

ACTION: Lynne will connect with John re: these payments

• Staff plan & Search Committee updates

o Dorothy has agreed to stay on in the new role

o Dorothy did have some questions regarding benefits that Peter and John are working on getting her answers

o Dorothy has asked for 3 days with 5 hours per day versus 3 hours for 5 days

o Jane noted that no one is currently in charge of archives and wondered if Dorothy could fit that into her role (under her current hours)

ACTION: Peter will speak to Dorothy regarding archives

ACTION: Peter will also investigate hours that the church need office coverage; do we need a separate Pastoral Care phone line?

o Katharine Edmonstone and Keith Summers also appreciated hearing the news

o Katherine also reminded us that we need Director of Music. Barbara Bitzer felt it important we find the Minister first. This will be discussed at the Transition Team meeting March 25. Barbara has received one resume.

o Graham suggested that the new minster be involved with the search for the Music Director.

o Focus for Director of Music will be the fall after the minster is in place.

o Barbara and her committee is looking after worship and music over the summer months

• M&P

o It was raised at the AGM that this team is missing

o The goal is for the next congregational meeting in June, that the board present a slate.

o Katherine shared that an effort was made in spring 2017 to re-start this committee, with support in place from Paul Miller, but all individuals who were approached declined.

o John wanted to know if outsourcing is an option?

o Graham asked if this sits within the rules?

o Jane wondered if Three Churches could have a M & P cluster

o Barbara B thinks we need to be clear on what we expect the M & P to do.

o Who is going to cluster meetings? Jane went – it was very casual and nothing really resulted in an outcome.

o Bill is attending an over night April 29 to 30 and two hours will be spent on M & P alternatives. When the search committee presents the new minister, they also need to present the M & P committee. Bill will report back at our May meeting.

ACTION: Katherine has volunteered to have a chat with Jeff about M & P training session.

1) Stained Glass Windows - Discussion

Graham last month requested that the board have a discussion around the stained-glass windows. They are being stored at a non-trivial expense. They are not being viewed or enjoyed in storage.

Do we hold on for a period of time or do we let some be enjoyed or all be enjoyed by others?

The trustees wish to ensure they are not forgotten. Currently cost is $3,500K / year to store the windows – three bundles totalling 34 windows. We went around the table to share thoughts on what to do.

Consensus was that we need to leave as is for at least one more year. It was felt too soon to make a decision. A suggestion was made to get a feeler out as to who might like some – perhaps the biblical story lines – given this will take some time. Graham felt it best that we wait until the board is ready to give a direction for the windows perhaps a year or two down the road.

2) Monthly REPORTS (Distributed) Coordinators (Faith Development; Fellowship & Caring; Finance & Facilities; Social Justice; Worship & Music); Trustees, Treasurer, Ministry Staff Report

Faith Development Vi, nothing further

Fellowship & Caring

o Katharine E and Pauline are visiting shut ins and providing communion – they will do this twice a year

o Laurie will do Easter flowers again for shut-ins and bereaved within the year

Finance & Facilities

o Peter went over the Space Use 2019 document that was at each person’s seat tonight

o Peter asks that all coordinators review and provide him feedback; Coordinators will be asked to take an active role in completing the rental form

o This came out of `room booking` discussions at the TUC-SMLC Agent meetings.

o Dorothy will be the keeper for all meeting room requests

o This will help us understand how we use our space as we head towards Fresh Expressions

o This will be a printable pdf form

o The exterior sign of Trinity on Church Street has been fixed

o Peter informed us about the TUC branding on the Benton Street sign is still moving forward– St Matthews is moving to a digital sign. Peter will shop around to look at pricing.

ACTION: Katherine asked Peter to verify that TUC can get on St Matthew’s digital sign, how much time/space allocated to TUC messaging on the sign?

ACTION: Ginger will ask Keith to post a location map that includes parking on our Website

Social Justice

o Film series going well, participants have come from Emmanuel United.

o Janet Howitt wondering if anyone was interested in attending Interfaith breakfast May 1st – tickets must be purchased before April 15 – it is a Bingemans’. Let’s pull a Trinity table together – there will be 6 additional spots to be opened to the congregation. TUC will pay for up to 2 tables. This gives Trinity an opportunity to be part of the wider world.

o Lori-Ann attended 7 Generations potluck. It is every Wednesday at lunch. 7 Generations is a service provider for the Indigenous community

o We received a request from a Canadian citizen looking for an SAH holder to bring his brother and family to Canada. Katherine wonders if Parkminister could help with this request.

ACTION: Lori -Ann will contact the sender and see what additional information she can gleam. Lori – Ann will also connect with Janet for guidance.

ACTION: Graham suggested the Mennonite organization might be able to help and will look for a name for Lori-Ann to contact

Worship and Music Barbara B, nothing further

Katherine informed the Board it is time to look at the membership list, it has been a number of years since it was reviewed. Katherine suggested that the Faith and Fellowship Coordinators work with Laurie and Bill to review the list and bring changes forward to the Board. It makes sense that the Board present the membership list yearly.

ACTION: Ginger and Vi and Bill will review the list. The board will then need to name the criteria for membership and follow it.

Trustees Report Graham, nothing further

Treasurer’s Report John, nothing further

Minister's Staffing Report Bill, nothing further

3) Communications

• Communications/correspondence received (Lynn O); none

• Board Bits

March 24 - none

March 31 - Ginger

April 7 - Lynne G

April 14 - Barbara B

April 21 - none

April 28 - Lori-Ann


Motion – Peter


Lenton Film Series on climate change with A meatless potluck meal and a discussion.

March 26: Do the Math

April 2: Ed Burtynsky: Manufactured Landscapes

April 9: Before the Flood

Congregational Mtg (Leadership Matters & TT Fresh Expressions Plan) June 2, 2019

Board Meetings 3rd Wednesdays at 6:30 PM

Apr 17; May 15; Jun 19.

Appendix A – Coordinator Monthly update Reports Mar 2019, pages 53 – 54

Appendix B – TM Staff Accountability Report Mar 2019, pages 55 – 56

Appendix C – Transition Team Report Chair, Mar 2019, pages 57 – 58

Appendix D – Trustee Report Mar 2019, pages 59 – 60

Appendix E – Treasurers report of Feb 2019 page 61 - 62