Minutes: April 17

Meeting Chair: Peter Oliver Recording Secretary: Barbara Hill


Board: Barbara Bitzer, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Comission, John Fraser, Barbara Hill, Lori-Ann Livingston, Jane Maass, Vi Peters, Peter Oliver;

Corresponding Member: Lynne Green, Transition Chair;

Regrets: Katherine Bitzer, Graham Brown, Lynn Oliver, Pauline Underwood;

Guest/Observer: Eleanor Brent

Call to order 6:30 pm

Welcome and Opening Prayer was provided by Peter Oliver and meeting called to order at 6:35pm.

MOTION to Approve Minutes of Mar 20, 2019 (Distributed)

Moved By: Jane Maass

Seconded By: Lori-Ann Livingston

Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve Agenda for April 17, 2019 (Distributed)

Moved By: Ginger Comission

Seconded By: Jane

Motion Carried

Transition Team Update (Lynne G.)

  • A verbal update was provided by Lynne and their TT work has been focused on Fresh Expressions.

  • Lynne was asked to briefly recap of the scan done in March by Credence, UCC (Edge) and the Fresh Expressions model.

  • John asked for an example of Fresh Expressions to help us understand the concept. A couple of examples include a community music through a link to Laurier Music’s Program, Messy Church, Pub church. A number of ‘fresh expressions’ were submitted through our “What If” stories last summer.

  • Lori-Ann suggested we explore www.freshexpressions.ca

  • Lynne said TT doesn’t want to select ONE thing (mission) as this is about nurturing and engaging a variety of expressions. TT will be reporting to the board with recommendations in May and a presentation to the congregation June 2nd.

  • Jane said she’d had an invitation from House of Friendship to join in conversation about their organizational vision in the core.

ACTION: follow up with House of Friendship was not assigned.

Staffing & Search Committee Update (Peter, Graham)

  • Staffing - The Search Committee met with Rev. Gary Clarke on two occasions for training and defining next steps. Committee members approved the following roles: Pauline Underwood as Secretary, Lynne Green as Communications Officer, and Graham Brown as Chair.

  • The Committee began drafting qualifications of the right candidate and ways to recruit candidates. The UCC has a database of candidates and postings which candidates can access and the Trinity vacancy has been posted.

  • A small number of inquiries have been received and applicants will be assessed on May 31st. It was noted that there are more vacancies than there are ministers (ordained and diaconal).

  • The Search Committee anticipates informing the congregation and Board of the key qualifications required to support the Transition Team’s congregational profile and needs. The Search Committee meets on April 23rd.

  • Concerning current staffing Peter remains in contact with Dorothy and she is currently flexing time for family matters. She has accepted a revised position with a significant reduction in hours.

ACTION: Salary adjustment for Office Admin to be discussed in the next few weeks.

  • John asked about progress on forming an M&P Committee; it was suggested that a couple of churches share an M&P (HR) resource.

ACTION: Jane will take that question to a cluster meeting May 7 in Guelph

Membership List Update (Vi, Ginger)

  • A register enrolment was missed when Réne Marie Belcourt was baptized; this requires a motion to correct.

MOTION to Add Réne Marie Belcourt to the Trinity Roll

Moved By: John F

Seconded By: Jane

Motion Carried

ACTION: Dorothy will be asked to enter this into the Roll

  • The TUC Membership List was reviewed for 2016 when we voted to sell the building; members were categorized as Active and Inactive. No action was taken with the Inactive list at that time.

  • The TUC Membership lists has been reviewed (spring 2019) and a motion is required to remove Inactive members.

  • It was stated that a Notation on ‘reason for removal’ should be included: e.g. Removed by death, by action of the board, moved, transfer etc. (Remittance to UCC should reflect ACTIVE membership only.)

ACTION: Ginger will ask Dorothy to distribute the INACTIVE list to the board for review; feedback and decision will be moved to the next board agenda (May meeting).

Monthly REPORTS (Distributed) Coordinators:

Faith Development;

  • No questions. Vi added that 14 of 16 seats are filled for the IGR breakfast.

Fellowship & Caring; No questions

Finance & Facilities;

  • Peter briefly spoke to the Space Request form which is now LIVE; signatures were added to final copy. Dorothy (Office Admin) will administer the process. Our insurance covers Trinity sanctioned events; third party events requires their insurance. Discussion about Trinity clubs using the space is ongoing.

Social Justice;

  • Lori-Ann spoke to the iftar meal on May 28 during Ramadan (May 3-June 4), a church tour and timing of security checks were discussed. The program starts at 8 pm, segregated prayers will be close to 9 pm and the meal is served at sundown. There are four other churches hosting iftar meals on four different nights throughout Ramadan. Refer to report for other updates.

Worship & Music;

  • Barbara was looking for guidance on how to recognize choral scholars (gift versus gift card).

  • Hayden’s final service as choir director is April 28th.

ACTION: Barbara B

Trustees Report (Refer to report provided by Graham);

  • John spoke to the Trustees report, acknowledging the resignation of Carl Weldon (April 2019), preceded by Ron Gadbois (Dec 2018). This leaves a gap in skills and vacancies on the committee. John referenced the option of using a third-party fund manager. This option was recommended by Proteus consultants to appropriately manage risk and align with the investment policy statements. John provided an excellent diagram to illustrate the following motion he presented.

MOTION: That the Board ask the Trustees to instruct the Investment Committee to sell investments from Legacy 1 to draw $250,000 to fund operating deficits until December 31, 2020.

Moved By: John F

Seconded By: Barbara B

Motion Carried

  • A question was raised about ‘new’ Trustees engagement in the Investment Committee. Bill reminded us that at the Congregational Meeting of June 2018 we communicated and confirmed that Trustees are accountable to the congregation for the Investments. John reiterated that past risk and performance was high. However, expert recommendations were that we reel in on risk for the 3-5 year time horizon.

Treasurer’s Report (John);

  • A clarification question was raised on Cash IN; is this donations? Yes it is from offerings and this is similar to 2018; no increases in givings have been realized.

Minister's Staffing Report (Bill); No questions.

Miscellaneous Communications

  • Garret’s confirmation will be May 26th at St. Matthews; he has attended their confirmation classes for the past 2 years.

  • Peter reported that the lectern audio system required adjustment; a number of members have reported that they ‘can’t hear’.

ACTION: Peter O will ask Keith to adjust the volume balance.

  • A few members are still confused about the new search process and how long it seems to take to move forward. The process has been reported to the congregation already (Board Bit) but the search committee agrees there was initial confusion around ‘training’ and process.

ACTION: another Board Bit on the Search process would be helpful. Graham will report on April 28. (Ginger will defer to May 5.)


Meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm


Maundy Thursday dinner - 6pm

Good Friday service - 11am

Easter morning sunrise service & breakfast - 8am

Congregational Meeting (Leadership Matters & TT Fresh Expressions Plan) June 2, 2019

Board Meetings 3rd Wednesdays at 6:30 PM May 15; Jun 19.

Appendix A – Coordinator Monthly update April 2019, pages 67 – 68

Appendix B – TM Staff Accountability Report April 2019, pages 69 – 70

Appendix C – Search Committee April 2019, page 71

Appendix D – Trustee report April 2019, page 73

Appendix E – TUC space use request form April 2019, pages 75 – 76

Appendix F – Treasurers Report of March 2019, page 77

Appendix G – TUC – LF1 components March 2019, pages 79 - 80