March 11th update

Reported by Katherine Bitzer - Board Chair

Good morning.  March is quite a busy month and so I wanted to highlight a few items:

  •  Trustees met March 8, and Board will meet March 14
  • March 18 - Bus Tour of sites in Toronto and Brampton as we explore possibilities and spark our imaginations.  There are still some seats available - please contact Dorothy in the office asap.  The bus will leave at 9am and be back by 6pm.  Whether you were able to attend the workshop on March 4 or not, we hope that you can be a part of the observations and conversations that will happen on March 18.  Who knows - it might even be fun!
  • For those who cannot join the bus tour, Bill will lead a worship service on March 18 at Trinity on Church. 
  • March 25 - AGM - Celebrating 2017 and Looking Ahead to 2018.  Please plan to attend.For pick-up today, your copy of:  the 2017 Annual Report, Trinity News, and an updated phone directory.


February 25th update

Reported by Katherine Bitzer - Board Chair.

I'm excited and I hope you are too!  We have come so far on our journey in the past 8-9 months, and we're now living into the experience of being Trinity on Church.  But, we all know that this is just where we are pitching our tent for a while - it's a part of our journey, but it's certainly not our end point.  So - what's next?  Well, it's time to spark our imaginations with the help and support of the Toronto United Church Council (TUCC).

In brief, the TUCC works with church communities to connect resources to ministry.  In our case, our facilitators, Ron, Janet and Katja will be bringing ideas, resources, concrete examples, and processes that have been shown to be effective in helping churches respond to the changing contexts for their ministry.  Our facilitators have 25 years experience in consulting and leadership training, and the organization itself has been around for over 100 years.  They have a great website - learn more at

On Sunday March 4, and again on Sunday March 18, we will explore exciting new ways that churches in the GTA have stretched to make life-giving connections with changing neighbours and neighbourhoods.    

Following the 10am worship service on March 4, plan stay for lunch and then a workshop which will introduce examples of ministries that have reconnected churches with the communities they're called to love and serve.  We should be wrapped up by 2pm.

Then - mark your calendars - because on March 18 we're going on an all day facilitated bus tour taking us into Toronto & Brampton to see the actual locations, and to talk with church leaders.  $25 bus, includes lunch.  Please sign-up through the church office, and/or let us know if you require further information.

So please come, participate and encourage others to do so.  Every person sitting here today, and everyone who calls Trinity 'home' has a role to play in this.  These events give us an opportunity for shared experience which will help to drive us forward.  This is our journey and our story, and it can't be written without you.   





February 4th update

Reported February 4th by Lynne Green

On behalf of the Transition Team, I want to share a short update on our activities. We have met monthly since the end of August when our committee was formed. In December and January, after our move to this new site, we began to do some thinking about how we can and should move forward.

This week we will be gathering some reflections and feedback from Presbytery representatives. We will also be having a conversation with Betty Pries, the consultant with whom we have been working. From there, we will be focussing on future thinking about our Church building, our Minister and our mission.

The Transition Team is charged with making some recommendations to the Board. We will keep you updated as we continue our work.

December 11th update

Reported December 11, 2017 by Jane Maass..

The Board of Trustees oversaw the plans for the physical move from 74 Frederick to 4 Church  and most items needed arrived here  a couple of weeks ago. As soon as space is ready the remainder of boxes will be moved.

However, there are still lots of items that need to find a new home.  This will happen in the next few months, likely after Jan 1 and you may be called upon to help us with this job.  I have always found that one gets to know the people one works with especially around the church.

Our partnering organizations, Alanon  and Social Development Committee will be vacating 74 Frederick during December.  Our Social Action Team recommended to our Board that the remaining monies from the homelessness fund be given to the SDC to help mitigate their increased costs due to their having to leave our building.

A reminder to all that Lynn Oliver is still the go to person for questions re “the move”.

November 12th update

Delivered by Lynn Oliver

I have 2 Board announcements this morning

·         Staffing update

·         Information on our new location

1)  With our move to the Chapel at St. Matthews the board has been assessing our needs going forward.  We have learned that St. Matthews has a third party cleaning company that they use and that has lead us to make the very difficult decision that we will no longer require the services of our hardworking Robert after Dec 31, 2017.  Robert has been made aware of this. Robert is not a big fan of being the center of attention and has asked that we refrain from a large Sunday recognition but we will find a way to thank him for all he has done for us for the last 10 years.

2)  I want to share highlight of good news on the transformation of St. Matthews Chapel to Trinity on Church.

o    An IT consultant has been hired and has begun working on the necessary technical upgrades for the office area

o    All painting will be completed by this coming Wednesday November 15th

o    All electrical upgrades are now complete

o    Lighting in the choir/chancel area of the chapel is being upgraded and repositioned to illuminate the area more effectively

o    Av needs for the chapel have been assessed and plans for the necessary installations are in place

o    The piano and all furniture/furnishings for our new worship space will be moving

o    Moving Day is Nov 23.

More information will be provided next week but please, please, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding logistics of the move so we can address them in an appropriate manner.