December 11th update

Reported December 11, 2017 by Jane Maass..

The Board of Trustees oversaw the plans for the physical move from 74 Frederick to 4 Church  and most items needed arrived here  a couple of weeks ago. As soon as space is ready the remainder of boxes will be moved.

However, there are still lots of items that need to find a new home.  This will happen in the next few months, likely after Jan 1 and you may be called upon to help us with this job.  I have always found that one gets to know the people one works with especially around the church.

Our partnering organizations, Alanon  and Social Development Committee will be vacating 74 Frederick during December.  Our Social Action Team recommended to our Board that the remaining monies from the homelessness fund be given to the SDC to help mitigate their increased costs due to their having to leave our building.

A reminder to all that Lynn Oliver is still the go to person for questions re “the move”.

November 12th update

Delivered by Lynn Oliver

I have 2 Board announcements this morning

·         Staffing update

·         Information on our new location

1)  With our move to the Chapel at St. Matthews the board has been assessing our needs going forward.  We have learned that St. Matthews has a third party cleaning company that they use and that has lead us to make the very difficult decision that we will no longer require the services of our hardworking Robert after Dec 31, 2017.  Robert has been made aware of this. Robert is not a big fan of being the center of attention and has asked that we refrain from a large Sunday recognition but we will find a way to thank him for all he has done for us for the last 10 years.

2)  I want to share highlight of good news on the transformation of St. Matthews Chapel to Trinity on Church.

o    An IT consultant has been hired and has begun working on the necessary technical upgrades for the office area

o    All painting will be completed by this coming Wednesday November 15th

o    All electrical upgrades are now complete

o    Lighting in the choir/chancel area of the chapel is being upgraded and repositioned to illuminate the area more effectively

o    Av needs for the chapel have been assessed and plans for the necessary installations are in place

o    The piano and all furniture/furnishings for our new worship space will be moving

o    Moving Day is Nov 23.

More information will be provided next week but please, please, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding logistics of the move so we can address them in an appropriate manner.

October 29th update

Good morning my name is Lynn Oliver.

I am a member of your church board & the congregation liaison.

Have you ever had a “courageous conversation” with your partner, children, colleague, or friend?  Well 29 members of this congregation did just that yesterday at the YMCA outdoor center.

We learnt…

1)  what it meant to have a courageous conversation.

2)  the importance of acknowledging varying levels of conflict.

3)  how to deal with emotional triangles.

4)  understanding our role as the “c” person in the triangle.

5)  we can’t judge if we want to be change agents and we all need to be change agents.

6)  the value of action, intent & effect.

7)  we spent some time on an iceberg and learned how to guide others down their iceberg before we travelled down ours.

We promise to share more about this insightfully inspiring day in the coming weeks but don’t be surprised if you are chatting with one of us and we say “tell me more” or “what are you looking for from me”!!

It was indeed a wonderfully enlightening day.  It started off very dull, damp and dreary and ended with the warm sun shining down in us….. God indeed graced our presence.

If you are interested in reading the material we have a few extra hand outs and can always print more if needed.

On another note,

I also want to remind you of the wall of ideas and the puzzle pieces.  If an idea pops into your head, no matter how big or small, write it on one of these puzzle piece so your idea can be shared with the rest of the congregation.

October 22nd update

My name is Barbara Bitzer and I am part of the Ministry team .

We’ve been talking much about moving to St Matthews, and that is true. But from now on we will be calling ourselves Trinity on Church, since our entrance to our worship space in the St Matthews chapel is on Church Street.  This “‘new” name was unanimously agreed to at the joint leadership meeting last Tuesday. This is what it looks like.

November will be an important month as we count down to our actual move. You will find details in the next issue of Trinity news, but in brief, here are some highlights.

November 5 a service for Remembrance Sunday led by the choir.

Saturday, November 11 Trinity will be open to the public, offering warmth and hospitality for those attending the Cenotaph service. And at 4 pm you are all invited to gather for a last meal here and share your memories. This building holds many memories and we want to gather them up and record them.

November 19 will be a service of saying farewell to this building

And the following week, November 26 we will start here at Trinity on Frederick, and parade up to Trinity on Church, our new temporary home, whether walking or by car.

Look for more details of all these events in the next weeks.

October 15th update

Good morning, my name is Katherine Bitzer and I'm Chair of the Board here at Trinity.  A couple of brief updates to share this morning:

As you know, at the end of November, we will begin worshiping and operating out of St. Matthews Lutheran Church for an interim period.   St. Matthews is just 3 blocks south from here.  Things are moving along well as we prepare the dedicated worship, administration and gathering spaces for our arrival.  Necessary painting and electrical work should be completed by the end of October, and AV and IT upgrades are underway as well.  Trinity staff and the Ministry Team are very much involved in this process, with support from Jim Wilgar, and under the co-ordination of Graham Brown.     

Looking ahead to this time, on Sunday mornings, there is ample parking available in the parking garage at Benton and Charles Streets, just across the street from St. Matthews.  This is free parking, in a covered, well-lit, and fairly new facility with easy street access.  For people with mobility challenges, we are looking into opportunities and possibilities for closer drop-off.  It would be helpful to hear directly from people who would require this support.  Please speak to Jim Wilgar or myself.

Also, a reminder of the Congregational Retreat on Sat. Oct 28.  The RSVP date is today, so if you haven't already, please sign up after church in the Narthex or the Hearth Room.  Betty Pries will be facilitating this full-day workshop on the topic of Courageous Conversations.  How we communicate and the relationships we have with one another will profoundly shape our journey ahead.  This is critical work during this time of change and transition.  We hope to see you there!

And last, but certainly not least, on behalf of the congregation I would like to extend a warm welcome to (Rev) Bill Bruce, our new minister!  Bill - welcome amongst us.