September 17, 2017

Starting now we are sharing Sunday School with St. Matthews.  It was decided that it made more sense to bring the children together at St. Matthews since both Sunday Schools struggle with attendance and teachers.  Rather than trying to introduce the Trinity children in December it was felt that starting the year off together made more sense.  St. Matthews' service begins at 9:30 with their children in church; so ours will be dropped off at St. Matthews between 9:30 and 9:45 at the latest at the Church St. door near Benton St. There will always be at least 2 people from Trinity there to greet them, stay with them, and then escort them back to Trinity.  This will continue even after we have made our move.   Our children’s ministry team and the St. Matthews team have been, and continue to be, in conversation about this shared ministry and we are all excited about the possibilities it presents for a shared Sunday School, as well as Messy Church.

It will take us a couple of weeks to determine if our children can be back here to participate in our service.  Timing is such that it is unlikely, but we will be gauging that over the next couple of weeks.  They will have a snack and drink waiting for them downstairs when they do get back. 

We will continue to offer nursery services at Trinity for the littlest ones.   Should your child not be comfortable being at St. Matthews , there will be activity bags available at Trinity to help keep kids busy through services whether they choose to stay upstairs or go sit in the nursery room.  If your child arrives here and wishes to go to St. Matthews we have escorts available to take them there.  This is a limited resource so please, if possible, ensure your children are taken directly to St. Matthews. 

 Finally, if anyone is willing to volunteer to be one of the “stay at St. Matthews” team, please contact Barb Bitzer, Marg Collard, or Tina Coutts

September 15, 2017

Preparing to move

Trinity’s Trustees have been assigned the task of overseeing the dispersal of the physical assets (e.g. furniture, stained glass etc.) of our building.

They shall try and contact those members of families who have in the past placed memorials at Trinity and who might wish to have that item as a remembrance of Trinity.  If you know of any of those families or their descendants we would like to hear from you. However, there will be some memorial items that we wish to continue using so not all items will be returned.

Each committee (e.g. choir, messy church etc..) is being asked to decide what items they need for our interim site, what they would like to store, or what is superfluous material.

At present, items needed at our interim site are going into the chapel.

We have not yet designated a holding area for items to be stored but hope to soon as we get other spaces  cleaned out.  Items for storage will need to be carefully packed and labelled.  

September 1, 2017

The Board is pleased to inform you that a Transition Team has been formed to support an interim ministry process. The team members include:

Janet Howitt

Jennifer Spaulding

Ian Rutherford

Barbara Bitzer – Ministry Team Liaison

Lynne Green – Board Liaison

We are pleased that Janet, Jennifer and Ian have agreed to directly support the interim ministry process. Lynne Green facilitated the first meeting on Aug 29, 2017 with Paul Miller, the Resource Minister from Waterloo Presbytery.  The mandate for interim ministry will be to meet two key objectives:

1) the transition out of the building with care for those who are grieving;

2) to help us continue our work to define a new identity and vision inclusive of how we outreach to our local downtown community.

There is flexibility in how we structure resources to achieve our goals in the next year or two! We are pleased that Janet, Jennifer and Ian bring a great perspective on families, music, refugees and social action, and community mental health. The Board thanks you for stepping up to help lead us into the future!


June 25, 2017

I have good news to share today! The Board met three times in June, along with the Ministry team and Steering Committee for some of that time. We are working jointly on our relocation plans and can confirm a move to St. Matthew's Lutheran Church from our Trinity United Church building mid Fall. We've set a soft target for scheduling our move to St. Matthews on October 22, 2017. It is a soft target in that we want to give ourselves time, if needed, to complete our move in a high quality way. 

Barb Hill and Katherine Bitzer met with the contact person at St. Matthews this past week, and have begun to discuss high level details regarding our move. We look forward to a positive and productive relationship with the folks at St. Matthews and they are excited about our impending partnership! We will be looking for people here at Trinity to continue with or to join work teams to assist with our transition. Stay tuned and watch for the call for your assistance!

Efforts are being made to secure an interim minister for the Fall as well.

Trinity News is hot off the press and ready for distribution! Please pick up your copy today. Any copies left after today will be mailed out.

Though summer is upon us, we have some meeting dates set and will continue to move us forward. We are trusting in God to guide our way.

Lynne Green


June 18th, 2017 update

My name is Ginger Comission and I am a member of the Board of TUC.

Today I have a number of updates for you.

1)     As you may or may not know, last Sunday's update contained the news that Rev. Tiina Cote tendered her resignation from her role as the Minister of Trinity United Church, Kitchener, effective Friday, September 8, 2017.  A copy of her resignation letter is in the eblast sent out Friday June 16/17.

We thank Rev. Tiina for her ministry with us, the gifts she has brought and shared, and will begin to make plans for a farewell service for her on Sunday September 10/17. There will be more news about this forthcoming.

2)     The Board held a special meeting with the Re-development committee this past Thursday June 15/17 and further discussion and planning about the shared information will continue at the next Board meeting this Tuesday June 20/17.

3)     Paul Miller, from Presbytery, attended the meeting June 15/17 and provided process information and support for TUC Board about the process for obtaining an Interim Minister which will be acted upon promptly.


We will be posting the TUC staff vacation schedule and coverage plan in the next eblast and bulletin. 

Rev. Tiina is away          June 16 to July 29/17

Robert is away from      July 3 to 21/17

Dorothy is away from    July 28 to Aug. 8

Katharine Edmonstone – Pastoral Care Ministry - will help provide pastoral coverage during Rev. Tiina's holidays.  Rev. Chris Fickling from St. James’ - Rosemount UC is also available if needed by Katherine during Rev. Tiina's absence.

Katharine Edmonstone (c)  519-571-8471

Rev. Chris Fickling        (w) 519-742-1002 

Also there is newsletter coming out later this month.