May 5, 2019

Reported to the congregation May 5, by Lori-Ann Livingston,

Coordinator Social Justice

Where do I start? I feel like we’ve packed a lot in since my last report at the end of February!

Climate change film series during Lent

Several of you attended the film series about climate change that we hosted during Lent. Out of that series came an idea for a book study to learn more about our role in addressing climate change. On Tuesday nights – June 11, 18 and 25 – we’ll be discussing the book Climate Church, Climate World: How People of Faith Must Work for Change by Jim Antal. The author has accepted an invitation from Divest Waterloo to come to the region in the fall, so the book study will set us up for that event.

Community iftar meal

Ramadan has just begun, and while that means a month of fasting for our Muslim friends, it also means food and community. Iftar is the meal that Muslims eat at sundown, after a day of fasting.

We were invited to host an iftar meal by Floradale Mennonite Church, in partnership with Intercultural Dialogue Institute KW (IDI). Floradale Mennonite offered extra funding to IDI to offer these meals throughout the community.

We are at full registration for the meal we are co-hosting with St. Matthews on May 28.

I’m looking for a few volunteers to join St. Matthews’ volunteers to help set up and clean up after the meal, so if you can help out, see me after the service.

Cooking day with Hamida

We had an awesome cooking day with Hamida Hanoura! She is a force to be reckoned with, and we all had great fun doing as we were told. We had a few enquiries from outside the congregation about joining this class, and if we were offering others like it. Stay tuned.

Our next cooking day is June 1, so if you’re interested in taking part, let me know. You bring a recipe that you like, and you leave with the food we’ve prepared during the day, usually for less than $50.

Over the past three months, I’ve put in close to 45 hours developing partnerships, organizing and executing events and meeting people. Several others have also put in many hours to make these events happen. I am thankful for the core of committed people who offer help, who show up to the events and who do what they say they will. The work of social justice cannot happen without them.

April 28, 2019

Reported to the congregation April 28, by Graham Brown,

Chair of the Search Committee

The committee has met 4 times to obtain necessary UCC orientation and training, to fine tune the congregational profile and position description that were originally drafted by the Transition Team and to identify the key qualifications we believe are needed for the job. We have access to the UCC's database of all ministers looking for a position and each person looking provides a personal profile of experience and qualifications in the database. The central church also posts our profile and job description on its hub so that ministers (all orders of ministry eligible to accept a 'call') who are looking can see and review it. Finally, we are looking actively for suitable candidates who others have drawn to our attention. We have received 3 candidate inquiries to date. We are informing all those interested that we will begin to review applications on May 31st with interviews to follow in June. If you have questions, you may contact Graham Brown, Chair of the Search Committee.

April 14, 2019

Reported to the congregation April 14th by Barbara Bitzer,

Coordinator of Worship and Music

Good morning, my name is Barbara Bitzer and I am a member of the Board as the worship and music coordinator. I want to share some items relating to our worship plans.

First as we enter Holy Week, I want to invite you to share the journey to the cross.  On Wednesday at 1 pm we are joining St. Matthews here in the chapel to conclude reading the Gospel of John. Bill would welcome anyone who can join him in this reading. 

On Thursday – known as Maundy Thursday – there will be a simple meal at 6 pm and liturgy remembering the last hours of Jesus before his trial and death. Please let Eleanor Brent know if you can attend. 

Good Friday worship will begin at 10:45 as the wooden cross is carried round the block. You are invited to join the procession or remain in the chapel.  

On Easter Sunday there will be an 8 am service in the courtyard (weather permitting) followed by breakfast and then our regular worship at 10am. I am sure it will be a glorious day of celebration.

The week after Easter, April 28, is often called Low Sunday but it will be far from that this year as the choir leads us in a celebration of music and readings to recognise Hayden’s leadership as choral director. This will be her last day as she leaves town for summer employment. I know you will not want to miss it!

But how do we move forward you may be asking. I am so pleased that Chris has agreed to continue in both roles, choir director and pianist until the choir breaks for the summer and then continue as pianist for most of the summer.  Meanwhile we will be seeking a permanent part-time Director of Music but need the present search committee to complete their work first.

Finally, a twist on the idea of Guess Who is coming to dinner.   At a recent worship cluster meeting of the local United churches it was agreed to hold Guess Who is Coming to Church on June 9th.  More details later but I am hoping that several of you would be willing to join me in attending an as yet unnamed church while Trinity may or may not receive some extra visitors! If this intrigues you please contact me.


April 7, 2019

Reported to the congregation April 7 th by Lynne Green, Transition team

The Transition Team - Mark, Jennifer,Barbara B., Bill, Lynne and Cathie Stewart Savage (our Western Ontario Waterways (WOW) Region support) met at the end of March. At that meeting we focussed on the responses we received from TUCC, Edge and Credence and Co. related to ‘Fresh Expressions’ of ministry and mission. We meet again next week, Monday, April 15th at 5:30 p.m. when we will focus on defining more specifically what we mean by fresh expressions and when we will continue to develop a plan for how to move in this direction.

Tomorrow night, Monday, April 8th, the Search Team will meet for the second time. Pauline, Graham, Kenda, Mark, Megan, Eleanor, Lynne and Gary Clark (Minister at Forest HIll UC and our WOW Region support) will continue to work through mandatory training in areas like bias and the new, online Church Hub. We will also define our rolls and responsibilities as a team. We are just getting started - more to come!

March 17, 2019

Reported to the congregation March 17 th by Lynn Oliver, board member

As Promised last week I am able to provide you the names of our search committee who will work with Rev. Gary Clark to find our new minister.  Katherine and I want to thank the following Trinity members who have accepted the call to form this committee on your behalf.

 They are:

Mark Breathwaite

Lynne Green

Pauline Underwood

Graham Brown

Kenda Allan

Meagan Heard

Eleanor Brent

 The search committee will provide updates on their progress.