June 24, 2018

Reported by Lynn Oliver, Board Member

Good morning for those of you who I have not had the privilege of getting to know my name is Lynn Oliver and I am a member of your current church board.

1.  New Board Structure:  On Sunday June 10, the Congregation approved an exciting new governance model – the core structure of which is a 12 person “Vision and Coordination” Board.  People were invited (at the Congregational Meeting, and through Friday e-blasts) to put their names forward to form a Nominating Committee for this new Board.  As no names came forward to take on this role, the Board is now working to gather names and expressions of interest for the various positions.  So, this is a direct ask for you to let any current Board member know if you are interested in any of the positions.  Particularly the Mission Coordinator positions, which are:

1.    Faith Formation Coordinator

2.    Fellowship & Caring Coordinator

3.    Finance & Facilities Coordinator

4.    Social Justice Coordinator

5.    Worship & Music Coordinator.

Are you passionate to continue the great history that Trinity has?

Do any of these areas of ministry speak to you?

We are looking for people to help hold and advance our overall vision around a common Board table.  If this tickles your fancy you may speak to a board member or email the church office to let us know your interest.

2.  DOORS OPEN:  DOORS OPEN is happening on Saturday Sept 15th this year.  As many of you know, this is an even that invites the public in to tour privately-owned historic and culturally significant sites throughout Waterloo Region.  74 Frederick was as proud host site in 2016 as we celebrated our 175th Anniversary.  This year, St. Matthews is inviting us to participate with them as they open up the doors of this building on Sept. 15th.  Trinity will be hosting the chapel and courtyard spaces.  What we need at this point is someone to take on the co-ordinator role.  Essentially,

1.    to be the contact person*, and attend planning meetings as needed, as we co-ordinate with St. Matthews

2.    to ensure the spaces and volunteers are ready for Sat. Sept 15.

3.  Bill’s Year End Report: has been circulated via e-mail to the leadership groups and is available for anyone who would like to read it.  Copies available through the church office or from the table at the front.

**Update note:  - Lori-Ann L. has kindly volunteered to be the Doors Open Coordinator.


June 10, 2018

Reported by Katherine Bitzer - Board Chair 

A number of motions were passed at Trinity's June 10 Congregational Meeting and now await  Presbytery approval.  In brief, Trinity has officially submitted requests that:  

1.    Trinity’s time of Transition Ministry continue another year to June 30, 2019, with the current Transition Team coordinating review of our mission and ministry personnel needs.  And that Presbytery reappoint current Transition Minister to June 30, 2019, to staff the continuing review and discernment, pending declaration of any succeeding vacancy for ministry personnel.

2.    Presbytery acknowledge the investment policy for Trinity’s Legacy 1 fund (prior local endowment), and approve the investment and disbursement plan for Trinity’s Legacy 2 fund (proceeds of sale of 74 Frederick St)

3.    Presbytery approve the updated governance model for Trinity, with a 12 member vision and coordinating Board, with corresponding members from congregational Trustees (and investment committee) and M&P.

In anticipation of the approval of Trinity's updated governance structure, an ad-hoc nominating committee is being formed.  To fill the available positions, the goal is to work with the leadership talent that we already have, while also opening up opportunities for congregants who might now see themselves in this new model.  Persons interested in sitting on this ad-hoc nominating committee were invited to put their name forward on June 10, and may also speak to any Board member prior to June 20. 

At the March AGM, I spoke about Chronos time (chronological time) vs. Kairos time (opportune time).  Let us take the change that the summer months bring to help shift us into Kairos time:  a time full of purpose that is measured in moments, not seconds. Rest, reflect and pray either here at Trinity on Church or elsewhere.  Listen for God's voice.  Write a "What If..." story thinking about new and exciting ways that we can continue to live out our faith together, sharing our God-given gifts, and engaging with our neighbours in downtown Kitchener.  

In the fall, when we meet for our next congregational meeting, it will be a time to not only dream, but to start laying down concrete ideas about our future, as we continue to move forward in our work of discerning who and what God is calling us to be in this time and in this place.

May 27, 2018

Reported by Ginger Comission - Board Member

It is such a beautiful summerlike day. 

I am here to announce the upcoming Congregational Meeting on Sunday  June 10/18. The meeting will be incorporated into the Church Service.

You will find copies of 2 important handouts in the Chapel today for you to take and read prior to the meeting. They are also available on the Church website. 

One of the documents is called - Report to the TUC Board from the Trustees of Trinity outlining the Legacy Fund and the new Fund from the proceeds of the sale of 74 Frederick St. 

The Board asked the Trustees to review the purpose and disbursement policy of the Legacy Fund (known now as Legacy 1) and make recommendations to ensure the fund documentation was consistent with promises made to donors. In addition, the Board asked the Trustees to propose a statement of purpose and disbursement policy for the fund created by the proceeds of the sale of 74 Frederick ( known now as Legacy 2).  The plan is that no disbursement from the Legacy 2 fund may be made until the 2020 budget year. 

 Also available is the new proposed governance model called - Board, a Vision and Congregational Model

The Board Model was developed to provide a more efficient working model for the Board than we presently have in light of the congregations size with the goal to define a basic structure of governance that fits our current situation.

Why are we changing the governance model:

-To streamline the Board and Ministry Team functions to effectively advance the vision and mission for the revitalization of TUC.

-To define a smaller, more efficient structure reflective of the size and demographics of the current congregation

-To avoid overlap in functions and enhance communication 

Please come Sunday June 10/18 to the congregational meeting for further discussion, review and voting on these very important documents. 


March 11th update

Reported by Katherine Bitzer - Board Chair

Good morning.  March is quite a busy month and so I wanted to highlight a few items:

  •  Trustees met March 8, and Board will meet March 14
  • March 18 - Bus Tour of sites in Toronto and Brampton as we explore possibilities and spark our imaginations.  There are still some seats available - please contact Dorothy in the office asap.  The bus will leave at 9am and be back by 6pm.  Whether you were able to attend the workshop on March 4 or not, we hope that you can be a part of the observations and conversations that will happen on March 18.  Who knows - it might even be fun!
  • For those who cannot join the bus tour, Bill will lead a worship service on March 18 at Trinity on Church. 
  • March 25 - AGM - Celebrating 2017 and Looking Ahead to 2018.  Please plan to attend.For pick-up today, your copy of:  the 2017 Annual Report, Trinity News, and an updated phone directory.


February 25th update

Reported by Katherine Bitzer - Board Chair.

I'm excited and I hope you are too!  We have come so far on our journey in the past 8-9 months, and we're now living into the experience of being Trinity on Church.  But, we all know that this is just where we are pitching our tent for a while - it's a part of our journey, but it's certainly not our end point.  So - what's next?  Well, it's time to spark our imaginations with the help and support of the Toronto United Church Council (TUCC).

In brief, the TUCC works with church communities to connect resources to ministry.  In our case, our facilitators, Ron, Janet and Katja will be bringing ideas, resources, concrete examples, and processes that have been shown to be effective in helping churches respond to the changing contexts for their ministry.  Our facilitators have 25 years experience in consulting and leadership training, and the organization itself has been around for over 100 years.  They have a great website - learn more at tucc.ca

On Sunday March 4, and again on Sunday March 18, we will explore exciting new ways that churches in the GTA have stretched to make life-giving connections with changing neighbours and neighbourhoods.    

Following the 10am worship service on March 4, plan stay for lunch and then a workshop which will introduce examples of ministries that have reconnected churches with the communities they're called to love and serve.  We should be wrapped up by 2pm.

Then - mark your calendars - because on March 18 we're going on an all day facilitated bus tour taking us into Toronto & Brampton to see the actual locations, and to talk with church leaders.  $25 bus, includes lunch.  Please sign-up through the church office, and/or let us know if you require further information.

So please come, participate and encourage others to do so.  Every person sitting here today, and everyone who calls Trinity 'home' has a role to play in this.  These events give us an opportunity for shared experience which will help to drive us forward.  This is our journey and our story, and it can't be written without you.