October 30, 2016

Thank you once again to the Trinity 175 Celebration/Heritage Planning Committee, and guests who contributed their talents to our celebrations. You gifted us with a rich and interesting historical perspective of our Church, organized a wonderful celebration last weekend, and have given us a positive context for our future planning for the next 175 years!

The Planning Committee was: Lynda Donohue, Laurie Gilmore, Bob Greaves, Ivan Hurlbut, Kathy Lees, Jen Spaulding, Dennis Watson.

We are thrilled to welcome Lynn Oliver to the Trinity Board; we are excited to have additional leadership capacity!

The Board, Trustees and Presbytery have now signed and/or approved all resolutions required to complete the listing of the property; this has been facilitated by our lawyer at Gowlings and agent at Colliers Canada.  Updates will be shared as interest in the property is realized.

The Church heating system passed inspection and is ready to go on, which will help us to remain at Trinity for now! Planning is underway with St. Mathews to define our partnership and timelines for our move to their Church.

Consultant Betty Pries of L3 Group of consultants, who the congregation met briefly a couple of weeks ago, will begin information gathering and interviews with a group of Trinity members over the next two weeks. Through her work, Betty will help us manage change as we embrace the future.