December 18, 2016 update

It has been somewhat chillier in the Church lately! After the discovery that the boiler stopped working, a $7000.00 repair was made, and the interior temperature of the building warmed up again.

Last week, the Board met with consultant Betty Pries, who presented a draft report based on the interviews that she and her team recently conducted, and the surveys that many of you completed. Thank you for your high level and engaged participation. All feedback is valued!

In the new year, about mid-January, a summary report will be presented to the congregation after which we will engage in reflections and discussion.  We anticipate that we will need ample time to consider this report, so we are planning to postpone the AGM until March 26th.

The Board meets on January 10th. No Board bits will be presented again until January. We will advertise the date of Betty’s presentation of the report once it is confirmed.