Meeting With St. Matt's

Twelve of Trinity’s leadership team met with at least that many from St. Matthews on Tues Dec 6 to learn more about each other, our spiritual practices, our passions and our challenges.  It was a fantastic evening of food and refreshment, sharing and caring hosted by exceptionally welcoming and friendly members of St. Matthews. 

After introductions, and a brief historical synopsis given by each church, we broke off into smaller discussion groups to tackle in more depth topics such as Worship, Outreach, Children and Youth Education,  Hospitality, and Finances. 

At the end, we gathered together to share as a collective where some synergies already exist, how we can begin to work together for the benefit of our community even before we share space, and what next steps are required to get us closer to our temporary residence. 

As opportunities arise over the next few months, we invite you to engage in exploring connections with St. Matthews and our downtown community neighbours.  You’ll be amazed at how much we have in common and how much we could do together! 

D-J Heard