October 15th update

Good morning, my name is Katherine Bitzer and I'm Chair of the Board here at Trinity.  A couple of brief updates to share this morning:

As you know, at the end of November, we will begin worshiping and operating out of St. Matthews Lutheran Church for an interim period.   St. Matthews is just 3 blocks south from here.  Things are moving along well as we prepare the dedicated worship, administration and gathering spaces for our arrival.  Necessary painting and electrical work should be completed by the end of October, and AV and IT upgrades are underway as well.  Trinity staff and the Ministry Team are very much involved in this process, with support from Jim Wilgar, and under the co-ordination of Graham Brown.     

Looking ahead to this time, on Sunday mornings, there is ample parking available in the parking garage at Benton and Charles Streets, just across the street from St. Matthews.  This is free parking, in a covered, well-lit, and fairly new facility with easy street access.  For people with mobility challenges, we are looking into opportunities and possibilities for closer drop-off.  It would be helpful to hear directly from people who would require this support.  Please speak to Jim Wilgar or myself.

Also, a reminder of the Congregational Retreat on Sat. Oct 28.  The RSVP date is today, so if you haven't already, please sign up after church in the Narthex or the Hearth Room.  Betty Pries will be facilitating this full-day workshop on the topic of Courageous Conversations.  How we communicate and the relationships we have with one another will profoundly shape our journey ahead.  This is critical work during this time of change and transition.  We hope to see you there!

And last, but certainly not least, on behalf of the congregation I would like to extend a warm welcome to (Rev) Bill Bruce, our new minister!  Bill - welcome amongst us.