October 29th update

Good morning my name is Lynn Oliver.

I am a member of your church board & the congregation liaison.

Have you ever had a “courageous conversation” with your partner, children, colleague, or friend?  Well 29 members of this congregation did just that yesterday at the YMCA outdoor center.

We learnt…

1)  what it meant to have a courageous conversation.

2)  the importance of acknowledging varying levels of conflict.

3)  how to deal with emotional triangles.

4)  understanding our role as the “c” person in the triangle.

5)  we can’t judge if we want to be change agents and we all need to be change agents.

6)  the value of action, intent & effect.

7)  we spent some time on an iceberg and learned how to guide others down their iceberg before we travelled down ours.

We promise to share more about this insightfully inspiring day in the coming weeks but don’t be surprised if you are chatting with one of us and we say “tell me more” or “what are you looking for from me”!!

It was indeed a wonderfully enlightening day.  It started off very dull, damp and dreary and ended with the warm sun shining down in us….. God indeed graced our presence.

If you are interested in reading the material we have a few extra hand outs and can always print more if needed.

On another note,

I also want to remind you of the wall of ideas and the puzzle pieces.  If an idea pops into your head, no matter how big or small, write it on one of these puzzle piece so your idea can be shared with the rest of the congregation.