December 11th update

Reported December 11, 2017 by Jane Maass..

The Board of Trustees oversaw the plans for the physical move from 74 Frederick to 4 Church  and most items needed arrived here  a couple of weeks ago. As soon as space is ready the remainder of boxes will be moved.

However, there are still lots of items that need to find a new home.  This will happen in the next few months, likely after Jan 1 and you may be called upon to help us with this job.  I have always found that one gets to know the people one works with especially around the church.

Our partnering organizations, Alanon  and Social Development Committee will be vacating 74 Frederick during December.  Our Social Action Team recommended to our Board that the remaining monies from the homelessness fund be given to the SDC to help mitigate their increased costs due to their having to leave our building.

A reminder to all that Lynn Oliver is still the go to person for questions re “the move”.