February 19, 2017 update

This week an idea knocked on our door

Here are a few facts:

The media has reported the closing of the HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre due to lack of funding.

Since this announcement the community has responded with the funds to sustain them to the end of March.

A campaign has now been organized to raise the $ 400,000 required to meet their annual budget and they are planning for sustainability in the future

So a few facts about Trinity:

·         Trinity is blessed with assets!

·         Our Legacy fund has been used to balance our operating budget for many years.

·         Despite this, it has continued to grow

·         As of January 2017 the Legacy fund is worth $2.35 Million

·         Five years ago our building was valued at 1.2 million; today it’s listed at 2.35 million

·         Many Trinity families have used the services of HopeSpring

With a recommendation from the Social Action Team and with appropriate due diligence with the agency, we hope to extend a significant gift to HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre in the next few days.

There is a joint leadership meeting on Tuesday evening when we plan to confirm Trinity’s support of up to $50,000.

A media release will be done at that time and this will be sent to members as well.

In closing….   Trinity leadership is interested in supporting your Social Action Team in considering support of other community initiatives in this way, while remaining fiscally responsible in handling the assets of the church.


Dear Trinity Members;

The news of HopeSpring has been in the news in recent weeks. This long standing cancer support group is finically threatened and may be forced to close. The Trinity Social Action committee, the Ministry Team and the Trinity Board have supported a sizeable pledge to the HopeSpring funding campaign but our $50,000 pledge may not be enough.

The campaign and decision about the future has a deadline of February 27th. If this is personally important to you, we urge you to join in this cause by calling the HopeSpring office (519 742 4673) and making your pledge.