February 26, 2017 update

 I am pleased to share with you a few highlights from the last week of leadership meetings;

First - Redevelopment News!

·        This past week our realtor together with Graham Brown and Robert gave tours of the building to two interested developers

·        That is certainly progress and we’ll let you know ofany further action regarding our listing

Second – In consultation with Betty Pries and in an effort to build more collaboration and relationship, your Board and Ministry Team have agreed to meet on the same night with a shared meal and one hour Joint Leadership meeting in between.

·        Tuesday was the first meeting night and we had a wonderful gathering of the teams over a potluck dinner

·        Our shared agenda included a review of the Worship Team meeting concerning their proposal to remove a few pews at the side to create a Lenten garden.

·        Both the Board and Ministry Team agreed to support the Worship team’s decision

 We also discussed the proposal to support HopeSpring

·        There was a consensus to proceed with a Matching Funds pledge of $50K following further due diligence

·        The Social Action Team, Ministry Team, Legacy & Investment committee were all consulted and on side and our governance framework supported the decision

·        On Wednesday  a meeting was held with 2 of the leaders of HopeSpring which  confirmed that planning and strategies for sustainability were appropriately underway if they meet their goal

·        After that meeting, there was a comfort in making our pledge official through a press release

·        The CBC has done an interview with Dave Rutherford on our pledge

·        They still have a long way to go to meet their goal of $400K by Feb 27th , but Trinity can feel proud to have heard the community call for help and taken action

The congregation has asked us to talk about the challenges that face us, not just the good news;

In this meeting, while it wasn’t an easy discussion;

·        We talked about process, decision making, different worship styles, outreach possibilities, about grief and how to deal with conflict.

·        We talked about how to support one another and help each other especially when we disagree

·        We talked about how compromise isn’t good enough sometimes, that we need collaboration to find that “Third Way”

·        It is indeed these discussions which make us human and vulnerable, make us grow, make us need each other and community to make us whole

·        It is indeed these discussions that we need to keep having both in leadership and with the congregation.  Not with a goal that one day there will be no grief, or no conflict or no difference of perspectives.  There will always be those; but as a community of faith, we must learn how to move through them respectfully, graciously and with trust in our Guide