April 16, 2017 update

Good morning! My name is Katherine Bitzer, and I am Chair of the Board here at Trinity.  A brief update as our journey continues with Betty Pries of the L3 Group. 

In broad terms, during this time of congregational renewal, Betty's work is helping us to discern and take concrete action steps with regard to the direction in which Trinity is being called at this time.  Following the last congregational conversation with Betty, the joint leadership of Trinity:  the Board, the Ministry Team and the Steering Committee, met with Betty on April 3, and will meet again on April 18.  These working sessions continue to build upon Trinity's conversation about developing a clear and shared sense of PURPOSE and IDENTITY.  Central to this conversation is the WHY question: Why are we redeveloping?  And what is our purpose in the downtown core of Kitchener?  We are also examining the governance structure at Trinity to ensure that it will help to animate our developing PURPOSE and IDENTITY during this time of transition.  This discernment is challenging, but also exciting. 

The work of the joint leadership team will be brought forward to the congregation once again next Sunday - April 23 - when Betty facilitates another conversation following the service.  I do hope you can join us.