April 9, 2017 update

At our recent Annual General meeting, it was brought to the attention of the entire group and leadership team that there is a concern about scents and moulds that might inhabit St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church. The concern was heard and the Board raised it in a meeting with leadership at St. Matthew’s this past week. Some reassuring information was discussed.

We can share with you that before we move in to the chapel space at St. Matthew’s, the space, currently occupied by the Ethiopian community, will be cleared of all items-rugs, drapes, cushions – all fibers that hold scent. Further, we anticipate cleaning, painting and freshening the spaces in order to eliminate any and all lingering scents. St. Matthews shared that they have recently installed a new ventilation system in the chapel area to help to deal with the incense rituals of an orthodox faith.

A direct question was asked about mould. The St. Matthew’s team said that mould has never been diagnosed/identified and treated. They will ensure that an appropriate inspection is done in advance of our occupation of the space, and that appropriate follow up is completed.

The leadership team also discussed how to further improve consistency and clarity in our communications during this time of redevelopment and relocation. The Board responded by designating Lynn Oliver as a ‘communications point person.” Any time that a question or concern comes to you, you are encouraged to contact Lynn, who will receive questions and concerns, provide answers where she can and will ensure that what she can’t answer will be communicated to the Board.