May 7, 2017 update

Some unfortunate news about the stove in the main kitchen...    

The Church is required by law to have an inspection each year to review the state of our fire management systems. The results of the inspection are filed with the City of Kitchener before they issue us a license for our facilities. 

The latest inspection uncovered a serious problem with the fire suppression system that supports our gas stove in the main kitchen.  A ballpark figure for the cost of repairing this system is $4,500.

Given the state of our financials and where we are at in our redevelopment process, this is a big expense that doesn't seem prudent at this time.  The rest of the kitchen is still fully functional and of course we continue to have stove facilities in the Kitchen of Joy.

We are in conversation with our insurance broker to learn what specific conditions need to be met to satisfy our insurance policy, as the system currently does not meet compliance.  All of our community partners who use the kitchen have been notified that the stove can no longer be used for reasons of safety and liability.