June 18th, 2017 update

My name is Ginger Comission and I am a member of the Board of TUC.

Today I have a number of updates for you.

1)     As you may or may not know, last Sunday's update contained the news that Rev. Tiina Cote tendered her resignation from her role as the Minister of Trinity United Church, Kitchener, effective Friday, September 8, 2017.  A copy of her resignation letter is in the eblast sent out Friday June 16/17.

We thank Rev. Tiina for her ministry with us, the gifts she has brought and shared, and will begin to make plans for a farewell service for her on Sunday September 10/17. There will be more news about this forthcoming.

2)     The Board held a special meeting with the Re-development committee this past Thursday June 15/17 and further discussion and planning about the shared information will continue at the next Board meeting this Tuesday June 20/17.

3)     Paul Miller, from Presbytery, attended the meeting June 15/17 and provided process information and support for TUC Board about the process for obtaining an Interim Minister which will be acted upon promptly.


We will be posting the TUC staff vacation schedule and coverage plan in the next eblast and bulletin. 

Rev. Tiina is away          June 16 to July 29/17

Robert is away from      July 3 to 21/17

Dorothy is away from    July 28 to Aug. 8

Katharine Edmonstone – Pastoral Care Ministry - will help provide pastoral coverage during Rev. Tiina's holidays.  Rev. Chris Fickling from St. James’ - Rosemount UC is also available if needed by Katherine during Rev. Tiina's absence.

Katharine Edmonstone (c)  519-571-8471

Rev. Chris Fickling        (w) 519-742-1002 

Also there is newsletter coming out later this month.