June 25, 2017 update

I have good news to share today! The Board met three times in June, along with the Ministry team and Steering Committee for some of that time. We are working jointly on our relocation plans and can confirm a move to St. Matthew's Lutheran Church from our Trinity United Church building mid Fall. We've set a soft target for scheduling our move to St. Matthews on October 22, 2017. It is a soft target in that we want to give ourselves time, if needed, to complete our move in a high quality way. 

Barb Hill and Katherine Bitzer met with the contact person at St. Matthews this past week, and have begun to discuss high level details regarding our move. We look forward to a positive and productive relationship with the folks at St. Matthews and they are excited about our impending partnership! We will be looking for people here at Trinity to continue with or to join work teams to assist with our transition. Stay tuned and watch for the call for your assistance!

Efforts are being made to secure an interim minister for the Fall as well.

Trinity News is hot off the press and ready for distribution! Please pick up your copy today. Any copies left after today will be mailed out.

Though summer is upon us, we have some meeting dates set and will continue to move us forward. We are trusting in God to guide our way.

Lynne Green