September 15, 2017 update

Preparing to move

Trinity’s Trustees have been assigned the task of overseeing the dispersal of the physical assets (e.g. furniture, stained glass etc.) of our building.

They shall try and contact those members of families who have in the past placed memorials at Trinity and who might wish to have that item as a remembrance of Trinity.  If you know of any of those families or their descendants we would like to hear from you. However, there will be some memorial items that we wish to continue using so not all items will be returned.

Each committee (e.g. choir, messy church etc..) is being asked to decide what items they need for our interim site, what they would like to store, or what is superfluous material.

At present, items needed at our interim site are going into the chapel.

We have not yet designated a holding area for items to be stored but hope to soon as we get other spaces  cleaned out.  Items for storage will need to be carefully packed and labelled.