September 24th update

CONGREGATIONAL RETREAT - Saturday Oct 28, 2017

Location:  YMCA Outdoor Centre, Paradise Lake


8:45- Gathering & Welcome

9:15- Part I


1:00 - Part II

3:00 - Wrap-up

Cost:  Free-will offering

Lunch and snacks will be provided.  Sign-up after church, or RSVP to the church office by October 15.

You're invited - please come!  How we communicate, and the relationships we have with one another, and with God, will profoundly shape our journey ahead.  To this end, Betty Pries will be continuing her good work with us on the topic of "Courageous Conversations".  This full-day workshop will explore the possibilities (and pitfalls) of courageously engaging in conversations that matter during this time of change and transition.    

Also, as we start to prepare to say goodbye to the building, many ideas are being generated about what could or should be done to help us remember this beloved space.  Perhaps you have been holding an idea in your head, or you've shared an idea with a few people, or you've even started to work on an idea.  We are creating a Wall of Ideas to capture, share and further these thoughts - at its core, this wall is to help us journey together towards closure.  No idea is too big, or too small, and if you suggest it, it doesn't mean that you have to do it!  But, you might inspire someone else to take action, or several ideas might end up weaving together into one amazing outcome.  This is a new initiative, and to start puzzle piece templates have been created for you to fill out.  You can find them in the access and just outside the fellowship hall today.  Have an idea? - write it down on one of the puzzle pieces, and just put it in the basket...stay tuned as this Wall takes shape.