September 1, 2017 update

The Board is pleased to inform you that a Transition Team has been formed to support an interim ministry process. The team members include:

Janet Howitt

Jennifer Spaulding

Ian Rutherford

Barbara Bitzer – Ministry Team Liaison

Lynne Green – Board Liaison

We are pleased that Janet, Jennifer and Ian have agreed to directly support the interim ministry process. Lynne Green facilitated the first meeting on Aug 29, 2017 with Paul Miller, the Resource Minister from Waterloo Presbytery.  The mandate for interim ministry will be to meet two key objectives:

1) the transition out of the building with care for those who are grieving;

2) to help us continue our work to define a new identity and vision inclusive of how we outreach to our local downtown community.

There is flexibility in how we structure resources to achieve our goals in the next year or two! We are pleased that Janet, Jennifer and Ian bring a great perspective on families, music, refugees and social action, and community mental health. The Board thanks you for stepping up to help lead us into the future!