October 28, 2018

Reported to the congregation on October 28, by Katherine Bitzer, Chair of the Board at Trinity.

On the occasion of Director of Music, Gord Allgeier's, final Sunday at Trinity:

Gord, thank you very much for all of the gifts you have shared with us during your time at Trinity.  You have been with us during a significant time of change and transition, and we have most deeply appreciated the music, joy and laughter that you have shared with us over the past year and a half.  We know it was not an easy decision for you to make to leave at this time, but we wish you all the best as you go forward.  We have been blessed to have had you in our midst.

On behalf of the congregation, and as a token of our appreciation, a donation will be made in your name to The Salvation Army - one of your preferred charities.  As well, I have something for you to take home to remember us by.  Created by Garry Kvidstad, a Grammy Award winning musician and instrument designer, please accept this musical gift from Trinity.  These windchimes play the famous bells of Westminister, pealing out glorious sounds of celebration and spiritual richness as they act in concert with the wind.  As you have lifted our spirits, we hope these heavenly notes will be a reminder of the joy and fellowship that we shared together.