December 16, 2018

Reported to the Congregation on December 16, by Lynne Green, Chair of the Transition Team

Good morning! I’m Lynne Green, Chair of the Transition Team here at Trinity. Every few weeks a Transition Team member endeavors to let you know where our work is at. We last met at the end of November. Our conversations are always rooted in Trinity’s ongoing collective voices and actions, including that which have been expressed through the feedback we gathered from the congregation last spring, the “What if” stories, the “four corners” data. The commonalities that are emerging in our words and actions are showing the Transition Team some direction in who we are, what we want to do and who we want to be:

 Currently, we are-

  • a United Church presence of open dialogue, interfaith connection and spiritual nurturing through hospitality and music

  • a central place in Kitchener where God is calling us to Ministry; a place to gather, to reset, to feel and experience God’s love and joy, discern God’s plan and then scatter into the community to live out our faith

  • a place of worship and prayer for all faiths, of pastoral care, learning and sharing

  • a place where spiritual and religious questions can be explored through music, art and dialogue

    a Church of about 200 members who have a lot of energy, varied skills and a willingness to adapt in order to offer a relevant ministry

  • mostly older

  • mostly longstanding members

  • busy! 

  • welcoming and accepting of others 

  • we value community partnerships and mission in the community, music, shared meals and hospitality

  • going to continue to meet as a worshiping community

We are not, right now-

  • going to amalgamate with another congregation nor will we disband

  • going to spend all our money right now nor are we going to give it all away

  • going to take on a big mission project; rather we will continue our smaller good works and will work towards a project or projects that inspire work in the future

Hopefully, some of this speaks to you. Do we all agree on everything? No! We are a group of rich and varied voices and ideas, so we don’t and won’t agree on all points. As always, we invite your responses. As the Transition Team meets in this latter half of our second year of transition as a Church and faith community, we will continue to hold up a metaphorical mirror in order to catch the rich and varied energies and sparks that emanate as members of our congregation gather for worship and in committees and teams.

So what are our next steps? Our Board Chairperson, Katherine, on behalf of the TT, has submitted a request to Cathy Stewart-Savage, one of our Presbytery representatives, to initiate a JNAC process. We have to do so in order to be able to post for Ministerial staff in the upcoming months. We meet next as a Transition Team on  Monday, December 17th. At that time, we will receive the report from Cathy from Credence which will summarize the data and feedback gathered from recent staff interviews that were conducted. 

We will be discussing this new data, along with all the information that we have gathered, at our first meeting of 2019, scheduled for January 12th. At that time we plan to meet for a longer block of time in order to focus on JNAC details and staff needs, leading to a draft of a posting for a new Minister.

The focus of our work from January to June, 2019, will be on staffing needs, recruitment and hiring. We will continue to work on refining and defining who we are and what we are about at Trinity United Church, including mission and service that is continuing to mold and shape. Thank you for your ongoing presence, voices, involvement and energy.