December 23, 2018

Reported to the Congregation on December 23, by Barbara Bitzer, Coordinator of Worship and Music

Good morning. My name is Barbara Bitzer and I am the worship and music coordinator under our new governance structure. In that role the Board tasked me with finding a replacement for our Director of music, Gord Allgeier.  The position was advertised as a temporary contract position from January to June next year.

I enlisted the help of Jen Spaulding and together we interviewed several applicants, but felt that none of them were a good fit for Trinity. And then we had a brilliant idea – would any of the choral scholars be interested.  We approached two of them and I am delighted that they have said yes.  So, I am very pleased to announce that Hayden Kerry and Chris Clarke will split the responsibilities – Hayden will be the choir director and Chris the pianist beginning on January 6th.  I think you will all agree that they have shown us their skill and leadership over the past two months – especially last week. They are enthusiastic and excited to be taking on these roles and I know you will make them welcome.