January 13, 2019

Reported to the Congregation on January 13,

by Lynn Oliver, Board Vice-Chair

Good Morning;

For those of you I have not had the privilege of chatting with my name is Lynn Oliver and I currently hold the position of Vice-Chair on your Board.  My role on the board is to aid in communication between the congregation and the church board.

If you attended a Sunday service late in November you would have heard Rev. Bill speak of an up coming meeting, he was attending with Waterloo Presbytery Support Minister, Paul Miller, regarding complaints from 4 members of Trinity. 

I want to remind you that Trinity has been operating without an M&P committee since 2016, and as such Paul Miller, in his role as Presbytery Support Minister, has been helping the Board deal with M&P concerns as they arise.     The meeting held early in December was attended by Bill, Paul, a support person for Bill and the Chair of Presbytery`s M & P Staff Committee.

The complainants asked that their anonymity be kept intact so concerns were discussed at a general level.  It was acknowledged that the journey from a larger church to a small church is a painful one for many people.  Paul acknowledged the progress our congregation has made over the last year and hopes that this unnecessary conflict not jeopardize our progress. Paul commented that one of our entrenched habits at Trinity is to believe that a change in ministers will resolve the congregation’s problems.  The hope from this meeting is that is not be the desire.  It is a habit we can no longer afford to indulge as we actively and intentionally seek a new way forward.

Bill has always been open to feedback and encourages each and every one of us to continue to provide him this such respect.

In the end all 4 members have received a follow up communication from Paul and no further action by Presbytery was recommended other than an admonition to all parties to treat each other with respect and courtesy during this challenging time.  He also urged the congregation to consider serving on a reconstituted M & P Committee as support from Paul Miller and Presbytery ended Dec 31 2018 with the restructuring of Presbytery to WOW – Western Ontario Waterways.

Helping to support Ministry & Personnel relations is an area of ministry critical to the healthy functioning of our church family.  If you are interested in considering sitting on the M & P committee please let myself or Katherine Bitzer know.   In the meantime, I encourage you from the bottom of my heart to not engage in parking lot conversation but bring your concerns to the person you have issues with or myself.