May 27, 2018

Reported by Ginger Comission - Board Member

It is such a beautiful summerlike day. 

I am here to announce the upcoming Congregational Meeting on Sunday  June 10/18. The meeting will be incorporated into the Church Service.

You will find copies of 2 important handouts in the Chapel today for you to take and read prior to the meeting. They are also available on the Church website. 

One of the documents is called - Report to the TUC Board from the Trustees of Trinity outlining the Legacy Fund and the new Fund from the proceeds of the sale of 74 Frederick St. 

The Board asked the Trustees to review the purpose and disbursement policy of the Legacy Fund (known now as Legacy 1) and make recommendations to ensure the fund documentation was consistent with promises made to donors. In addition, the Board asked the Trustees to propose a statement of purpose and disbursement policy for the fund created by the proceeds of the sale of 74 Frederick ( known now as Legacy 2).  The plan is that no disbursement from the Legacy 2 fund may be made until the 2020 budget year. 

 Also available is the new proposed governance model called - Board, a Vision and Congregational Model

The Board Model was developed to provide a more efficient working model for the Board than we presently have in light of the congregations size with the goal to define a basic structure of governance that fits our current situation.

Why are we changing the governance model:

-To streamline the Board and Ministry Team functions to effectively advance the vision and mission for the revitalization of TUC.

-To define a smaller, more efficient structure reflective of the size and demographics of the current congregation

-To avoid overlap in functions and enhance communication 

Please come Sunday June 10/18 to the congregational meeting for further discussion, review and voting on these very important documents.