August 26, 2018

Reported by Katherine Bitzer, Board Chair:

1.  What If Stories

Since the spring, the invitation has been out to write and submit a What If... story.  These stories - your fellow congregants' vision of Trinity in 2020 - have started to be posted on the hallway bulletin board and are now available via a link in the e-blasts and on the website.  Have you read them?  Have any resonated with you?  Have any shocked or surprised you?  Have any inspired you?  Have you shared your story of what you would like to see Trinity doing and being in 2020? 

This is not an exercise to see if you remember your high school writing styles.  Nor is it a vague, abstract request that will be forgotten about by Christmas.  This is real, concrete work that is laying the foundation for Trinity's direction forward.  The Transition Team will begin to look at these stories Sept 10, and they will inform the core of our next Congregational Meeting on Oct 14 as we focus on Visioning and determining our direction forward.   As Billl says: don't say we didn't ask you, don't say we didn't tell you!  Now is the time.  If you haven't done so yet, write your story.  If you've already written one, but have been inspired with some new ideas, write another one!  And keep's our way forward.

There is a template to follow if that is helpful to you, or you can just start writing!

2.  New Governance Model

Approved by the congregation at our June 10 Congregational Meeting, we are now in the process of finalizing the slate for your new leadership team.  We are hoping to draw from existing leadership to provide continuity during this time of transition, but also to invite new people in.  Two Coordinator positions remain open:

The Faith Formation Coordinator:  responsible for faith development for all ages. Included in this responsibility shall be those of a Christian Development Committee as defined by The Manual. 

The Finance and Facilities Coordinator: support the administration of the financial operation and use of leased space of the congregation, to ensure that material resources entrusted to the church are used to serve its religious and charitable purposes.  Included in the responsibilities are those of a Stewardship Committee as defined by The Manual.  The Coordinator shall also provide supervision and accountability for administrative and facilities staff.

Please speak to any Board member if you are interested in either of these positions, or want to know how you can support any of the mission areas as defined by our new governance model.