September 9, 2018

Reported by Katherine Bitzer, Board Chair -

I am here this morning to announce, with a heavy heart, that the Board has received and accepted a letter of resignation from our Director of Music Gord A.  Gord's final Sunday with us will be October 28. 

Deciding to resign from his position at Trinity was not an easy decision for Gord, but it was one that he came to after much prayerful consideration.  Board representatives also met with Gord for conversation about various options, but moving forward in this way is what is best for Gord and his family at this time. 

I am sure there will be a line-up of people after the service wanting to speak with you Gord, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to share with all members of the congregation some sentiments that you've expressed to the Board in writing:

"It has been a great privilege and honour to be at Trinity and to work with such a talented choir, dedicated volunteers, and staff.  I have been honoured to be here, especially during these difficult times of change and transition for the congregation, as you seek to determine your future and way forward.  In some small way, I feel that I was able to help the choir and congregation through this time. My only regret is that my time at Trinity was so short."

"The next two months will be sad and exciting at the same time!  The choir and I are looking forward to working hard to create the most beautiful and worshipful music we can over the next two months.  I hope you enjoy the fruits of our love and labours.  I wish Trinity United continued blessings and prosperity for the future." 

Gord - you have also said that you feel blessed to have been a part of the Trinity family.  We too have been blessed to have had you in our midst.   

There will of course be a formal opportunity to thank Gord for all of the gifts that he has shared with us during his time with Trinity, and to wish him well.  But for now, for these next two months, let us continue to share in the joy of music and laughter together.  Thanks be to God.