February 3, 2019

Reported to the Congregation on February 3rd,

by Ginger Comission - Coordinator of Fellowship and Caring

Good morning everyone.

I wanted to update everyone on the status of our youth ministry and to acknowledge all of the volunteers who have assisted in the nursery and with Godly Play and Messy Church. You all deserve our recognition for the wonderful assistance you have provided to TUC congregation.

 Initially on our arrival at St. Mathews Lutheran Church there was an attempt to integrate the 2 church schools but for various reasons such as the different start times and wrap up times this has not been working out as planned.

 TUC weekly nursery volunteers has continued to date but a few volunteers have moved on and presently myself and Pam Fraser are covering the 2nd and 4th Sunday. There also are some folks offering to help sporadically especially when there are 5 Sundays in the month.

 We have been able to share the nursery with St. Mathews Lutheran Church but this year they now have some babies in the nursery and this is not working as well with our older age children. There are other rooms we can use though plus we have even used room 102 during Advent for Xmas activities. St. Mathews Lutheran Church has a full roster for Church School but their coverage in the nursery is also incomplete at this time.

 I am asking if anyone would feel called to assist us with providing some supervision and programming to our youth to please contact myself. I have always enjoyed assisting with the children as it provided a different experience from my career with Home Care and working with adults and seniors and provided a good balance in my life. (I should mention that at this time there are no children in the group in diapers if that would be a barrier to your volunteering).

 So please contact me on your willingness to assist, time you might be available - once a month on a roster or as required and if you have any restrictions on ages you are willing to work with.

I know the children and parents would greatly appreciate a more robust church school presence.

  My contact information is in the Bulletin.

Thank - you