March 10, 2019

Reported to the congregation March 10th by Lynn Oliver, board member

My name is Lynn Oliver, a member of your board.  Today I am here to share with you an update on the search committee to find a new minister.  Bill was hired almost two years ago as our Interim Transition minister to help us set our path for the future as we moved from 74 Frederick to 54 Church Street to?

As we are all aware, Bill’s term as Interim Transition minister and our time in transition ministry are both wrapping up in June 2019.  We hope to welcome a new 3/4 time minister sometime soon after that.  The search process began back in December 2018 when chair Katherine submitted a request to Presbytery to initiate the process to identify new ministry leadership.  This request was approved under Presbytery, and Rev Gary Clark from Forest Hill United Church was appointed to assist us in this work.

Under this new Regional structure, the process is run a bit differently than in the past, and so we have been learning along side everyone else.  First, paperwork had to be submitted for approval.  This included a Community of Faith profile – a living document that tells our story – as well as a summary of our financials.  Thanks to the Transition Team and Treasure John Fraser for their diligent and successful work on this documentation.  Our vacancy has now been officially declared!!

At the February Board meeting the board appointed Katherine and myself to find members of the Trinity family to form the Search Committee.

Katherine and I met to start the process and listed off different demographical groups within the church.  We wanted to make sure we had a well rounded representation of who we are today and what we want to be in the future.

Katherine and I had the privilege of calling and chatting with many members in our church family.  The conversations were enlightening and educational.  At this point a list of names representing the Transition Team, The Board and our different facets of the church ranging from the youth to the more experienced of us have been presented to the Board for their approval.  Once we have Board approval, we will introduce the committee to the congregation.   The Search Committee’s first task will be to meet with Rev Gary Clark for a training session and then their work begins.  Stay tuned for further updates!!