April 28, 2019

Reported to the congregation April 28, by Graham Brown,

Chair of the Search Committee

The committee has met 4 times to obtain necessary UCC orientation and training, to fine tune the congregational profile and position description that were originally drafted by the Transition Team and to identify the key qualifications we believe are needed for the job. We have access to the UCC's database of all ministers looking for a position and each person looking provides a personal profile of experience and qualifications in the database. The central church also posts our profile and job description on its hub so that ministers (all orders of ministry eligible to accept a 'call') who are looking can see and review it. Finally, we are looking actively for suitable candidates who others have drawn to our attention. We have received 3 candidate inquiries to date. We are informing all those interested that we will begin to review applications on May 31st with interviews to follow in June. If you have questions, you may contact Graham Brown, Chair of the Search Committee.