September 22, 2019

Reported to the congregation September 22, 2019,  

by Lynn Oliver, Board Member

 I have two announcements today
On August 8th the board received a petition, signed by 29 people, supporting the idea of giving an individual priority for the position of music coordinator. 
I am here today to do two things...…….

1) To remind the congregation that there are best practices to follow when it comes to hiring staff, and the Board was clear in laying out our process in the Spring.   Trinity's first priority is for the Search Committee to interview and offer the position of Minister to the right candidate.  Once our minister is called they will participate in the search for the Music Coordinator  position.
2) Remind you that parking lot conversations are not a healthy way forward.  If you have a comment or a concern, please bring them to the Board

Second - to inform you of the Congregational Meeting next Sunday, Sept 20.

Also Reported to the congregation September 22, 2019

by Ginger Comission, Coordinator Fellowship & Caring

TUC shares Sunday School with St. Matthews Lutheran Church by joining in with them downstairs in their craft room after 10 a.m. to do a Christian themed craft.

There are 2 volunteers from TUC to assist with TUC children. Ginger volunteers the 2nd Sunday of the month and Pamela F. volunteers the 4th Sunday of the month to be with the TUC children for an informal time together joining in with St. Matthews and /or using the children's church rooms in the lower level. 

St. Matthews on Sept. 29/19 will be hosting at 10 a.m. a meeting with parents to review the upcoming fall Sunday School calendar. The children will play during this time and juice and cookies will be served. All parents are asked to join as able. 

Eva Breathwaite-Livingston, will be joining confirmation classes hosted by St. Matthews Lutheran Church. Her brother Garrett Breathwaite-Livingston completed the classes last year and was confirmed in the spring.