Minutes: November 21st Meeting

Board Meeting Minutes November 21, 2017

Trinity United Church, Kitchener

Time: 7:00-9:00 PM Meeting location: Hearth Room

Meeting Chair:    Katherine Bitzer Recording Secretary:  Lynn Oliver

NOTE:  JOINT Leadership Meeting and meal  held 6:00 - 7:00 pm; MT facilitating (Board updates on: "Trinity on Church" site and moving preparations)


Ministry Team: Barbara Bitzer, Marg Collard, Tina Coutts, Peter Oliver, Pauline Underwood, Dennis Watson

Board: Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Commission, John Fraser, Lynne Greene, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver

Regrets:  Barbara Hill, Pat Tummon


Meeting called to order at 7:20……     Opening Prayer provided by…Peter Oliver

MOTION to Approve Minutes of October 17, 2017

Moved By: Ginger C

Seconded By: Peter O

Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve Agenda for November 21, 2017

Moved By: Jane M

Seconded By: Lynne G

Motion Carried

Steering Committee Update

MOTION to approve the Option to Extend:  Trinity United Church will exercise its right, under the Lease-Back Arrangement with the Buyer, to extend the term of the Lease to August 31, 2018 on the same terms and conditions as set out in the Lease and Trinity may terminate the lease earlier as they see fit.

Discussion - none

Moved By: John F

Seconded By: Jane M

Motion Carried

MOTION to approve: Trinity United Church did approve the recent actions by the Steering Committee and by Gowlings LLP to make changes to the Agreement of Purchase and Sale with the Buyer in order to implement the Buyer's request for the closing date to be changed to Friday January 19th, 2018.

Discussion – the request came as we learned that the buyer is in negotiations with the owner of the corner lot for purchase.

Moved by: John

Seconded: Lynne G

Motion Carried

Treasurer's Report  John Fraser

Finances – cash on hand

Investment Policy – Legacy Fund I and II

2018 Budget Prep

  1. Cash in the bank as of 5 PM today is approximately $54,300. Requested transfer $50,000 from the Legacy Fund for a total transfer of $250,000  this year. Deficit YTD is $195,000.  

  2. Deficit will be less than  (at the AGM), in part because Ministry Team allocated funds to some initiatives that have not been done.

  3. Legacy Fund – value  October month end was $2,383,660, up 9 % this year. If the markets stay healthy for another five weeks and the loonie doesn’t move up, the fund should be up 10 – 11 %.

  4. With the delay in closing of the sale until the middle of January no money will be received for  Legacy Fund 2 until 2018. Work on the Investment Policy statements is on the back burner for now.

  5. The cost to get the boiler up and running was less than $300. Last year we installed high tech equipment with considerable resale value so  may be an opportunity to sell it back to Wloo Mfg.

  6. Redevelopment

    1. The Trustees met with our insurance agent who recommended  we hire a professional property manager to care for the property as defined in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. Concern with using someone on a casual basis (like Robert) is liability if  squatters or vandals   get hurt, even during the commission of a crime, the legal issues can be murky.  It is less risky to hire someone with adequate insurance to cover any claims against us..

ACTION Graham is looking into Property Manager;  Peter was lining up someone to do the snow removal,  until we hire a building manager

    1. Cost of the renovations at StM  incurred so far is approximately $13,600 and includes Keith Summers,   new hardware (big screen TV, tablet to control it, laptops, desktop, moving the piano, deposit for the main move and painting). Still identifying the rest of the moving costs, the electrician and our IT consultant. Best guess is a total between $20 and $25,000.

    2. We signed a three year lease on a new photocopier and printer which will save us hundreds every month on the lease costs. New copier will be delivered to StM on 23Nov and be operational 29Nov. We will be without printing capability for a couple of days (part of Mon, all of Tuesday and part of Wed next week). Leanne at StM could print for us, I’m sure, if we had content on a thumb drive.

    3. Deposit now $500,000 – if the deal doesn’t close and it is the sole fault of the developer, we get to keep this money.

    4. Purchaser has confirmed purchase of the corner property from Mr Oh and that deal will close at the same time. We setup a NFP organization a year ago to purchase the property and although that transaction did not happen we need to conduct an AGM for the NFP.  This will happen at the December meeting of the Board. We will also be passing a resolution to reduce the number of directors to 3 or 4. Despite no transactions in the NFP a filing to Ottawa (CRA) is required that the NFP has fulfilled its regulatory obligations. We will keep the NFP alive at a cost of $20 since we may need it in the future to buy a site and it will be more expensive to set up another NFP.

  1. Free will offerings – we have had three free will offerings in the past month.
    Retreat at Paradise Lake – we recovered all but $50 of the cost of the food
    Remembrance Day – sale of warm drinks – we had a profit of $120

Feast of Memories – we covered about 50 % of the cost of the catered meal and incurred an expense of about $550

  1. Staffing – time to renew contracts and recommend 2018 compensation.

ACTION: Ginger and Barb will drive this process for renewing contracts in consultation from Bill.

ACTION: John and Barb to investigate salary increases and recommend 2018 compensation.

  1. Budget 2018 - No process defined yet.

ACTION: Request that the MTeam provide a draft   budget for review at the Board meeting in January, February at the latest.

Treasurer will estimate Board expenses next year.

Budget will be approved at Feb or Mar meeting of the Board for presentation at the AGM – still hoping for Palm Sunday?

General Discussion points:

Church Key discussion – a decision was made that only the three paid staff will hold keys to the church at this time.  As Dorothy gets requests she will record the person’s name and reason for the key.  She will work with Lynn O and Lynn will bring back to the board for further discussion.

Jane has received a few requests to purchase items from the church – i.e.  stacking chairs and dishes.  Jane is going to test a process where she posts notices within Presbytery and offers two weeks notice to express interest and then will sell to the highest bidder.

Trustee's Report Jane Maass

MOTION:  That the Trustees request that the Board set aside a budget of up to $30,000 to have the 34 stained glass windows professionally removed and crated for storage by Sunrise Stained Glass (97 Wharencliffe Rd S. London, ON) and that the Trustees research and report back in time for the Feb Board meeting regarding arrangements for appropriate storage space to keep the windows safe until either their removal for sale to others or re-use in a future building and/or fixtures.

Discussion – it was felt that the Trustees need to come back with storage costs by Feb so we can include in our budget for the next year.

Moved By: Jane M

Seconded By: Ginger C

Motion Carried

Minister's Report Bill Bruce; Staff Report pre-distributed

Received for information, no further questions

Ministry Team Report:  Peter Oliver

MOTION: The Ministry Team recommends to the Board that Trinity gives the one time payment of $17,000 within the Homeless Initiatives Fund to the Social Development Centre before year end 2017 for the purpose of relocation which is a result of Trinity vacating 74 Frederick St.

Discussion – The board would like to receive some sort of report from SDC as to how they spent the funds.  Peter will inform the Ministry Team of this decision.  The decision was also made that we would allow both SDC and AL ANON to use the facilities at 74 Frederick St until Dec 22 2017.

Moved By: Ginger

Seconded By: Peter

Motion Carried.


Discussion around time off for staff.


    1. Congregational Lynn Oliver

    2. Press Release / Media Katherine Bitzer

Meeting Adjourned at: 10:05 pm


Board Meeting Dec 21 at 6:00 pm at Jane’s house

The Joint Ministry and Board meetings will resume in 2018


MInutes: October 17th Meeting

Time:                           7:00-9:00 PM             Meeting Chair:            Katherine Bitzer

Meeting location:      Hearth Room             Recording Secretary: Barbara Hill


Board:   Katherine Bitzer,Bill Bruce, Ginger Comission, John Fraser, Lynne Green, Barbara Hill, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver

Min. Team Barbara Bitzer, Gord Algeier, Dennis Watson, Pat Tummon, Pauline Underwood

Regrets: Tina Coutts, Marg Collard

JOINT Leadership Meeting held  6:00 – 7:00pm; Board Chair facilitated Updates; a light supper was shared.

Meeting Notes: 

Trinity Retreat:          Ginger distributed draft agenda for Oct 28th and confirmed arrangements at Paradise Lake Camp K-Wa-Y; we will be in the Solarium in the Outdoor Centre.

Approximately 30 attendees and wrap-up expected to by 3:00- 3:30 pm.


November Services:  Barbara Bitzer reported… Nov 5 Remembrance Sunday.  

  • Nov 11 Open church for coffee during Remembrance Day at Cenotaph. Building remains open noon-4:00PM that day.

Then Trinity memories of the building at 4pm followed by a catered FEAST (meal). There will be an open invitation to all with relations to the church to come and share their memories. The memories will be gathered, posted and published.  This will require a media invite, promotion and social media.

  • Nov 19 service of mourning and grief and expressing loss; Gord will be doing an evening organ recital.
  • Nov 26 is MOVING DAY with congregational procession up Benton Street to St. Matthews.

Lease Agreement with ST. M still a work in progress. Additional room being requested for storage to alleviate pressures on where to put everyday things (music,  gowns, liturgical supplies, seasonal décor etc. etc.)

St. Matthews Signage: Proposed solution for signage was presented which includes an illuminated box (Trinity United Church) integrated in the existing St. Matthews ground sign. A mid section of this sign will be converted to a digital display. A Trinity On Church banner will be posted on the wall of our Church Street entrance. No concerns noted. Est. cost is $2k; two quotes will be requested.

Future Forward:         Bill Bruce led us in a brief reflective exercise on ‘who are we’ through our connection or resonance with the gospels and the theological leaders depicted on our Choir loft arch.

The Ministry Team adjourned at 7:05 pm.


Katherine opened the Board Meeting with a prayer at 7:15 PM.

MOTION to Approve Minutes of August 29, 2017

Moved By:             Lynn O

Seconded By:        Peter O

Motion Carried    


MOTION to Approve Minutes September 19, 2017

Moved By:             Peter O

Seconded By:        Ginger C

Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve Agenda for October 17, 2017

Moved By:             Jane M

Seconded By:        Lynne G

Motion Carried

Agenda will include in-camera at end.

Treasurer's Report     John Fraser provide brief updates on Trinity finances and property matters.

  • Legacy balance is at $2,232,000.
  • Performance in 2017 is a 5.3% increase.
  • Currently we have a 50:50 split on Cdn/US investments.
  • Proceeds of building sale ($3.5 MIL) will be invested as a separate fund (Legacy 2).
  • Legacy Investment Committee met with RBC,  paper work signed for them to receive and invest the funds.   The investment team favours a conservative approach for these funds.
  • A corresponding Investment Policy Statement will come to the Board in November for approval. The policy statement for Legacy Fund 1 needs to be updated; this will follow.
  • Current cash bal. $66,500; deficit at $193k year to date. Unsure if we’re on track to stay within budgeted deficit of $300k as St. Matthews space-preparation, storage and moving costs still unknown.

John noted that the single IT proposal received is out of scope (beyond our needs). Given level of expense our Purchasing Policy require a second quote for the work. Barb & Graham are meeting the vendor on Wednesday (tomorrow).

MOTION: In compliance with Trinity’s purchasing policy the Board requires a second quote for the Information Technology work to be done to support the move to St. Matthews.

Moved By:             John

Seconded By:        Jane

Motion Carried


ACTION: Barb will inform Graham on motion requiring a second quote.

John noted the Fire inspection won’t be done and an elevator hose won’t be replaced, we will defer this work unless absolutely necessary.  Question raised about the boiler start-up, does it require an inspection or flushing?

Tenant (Social Development Ctr) will remain in the building until we hand the keys to IN8. (Its Trinity’s obligation to provide heat etc.)

ACTION: John will email Robert about the boiler requirements.

ACTION: Katherine and John will review and confirm rental agreement with SDC on their exit strategy. 

Trustees are meeting  Oct 25; Ken Summers has developed a report for removal and storage of memorial windows; Jane will report at next Board meeting.

Lynn Oliver spoke to Health Inspector and inspections no longer required for the (decommissioned) Trinity kitchen.

Storage is the biggest unsolved concern…. (Where to put everyday things like music and gowns? Where do we store the things we might want in the future, like furniture?)  How do we scope our requirements in order to implement solutions?  We need a single point person (Lead) for the storage issues.

 ACTION: Barb will take forward Qs to the Project Lead and report back

·         Are there Moving Services on the project list?

·         Other timeline updates for painting and electrical?

·         Is STORAGE on the project list? Thoughts on how to assign this work?

Other Updates / Check-ins / Vision forward

General discussion on visioning forward. Bill has been busy meeting and dialoging with Trinity members and groups. We all need to listen deeply to each other and check in as Bill walks with us.  Katherine set the context for respectful debriefs of process as we move forwards.               

Bill plans to send a summary report to the Board in advance of meetings.

ACTION:  Barb will send Bill’s docs to the full board (inclusive of resume, CV and 3 pg. “Trinity doc’) so everyone has the same reference material. (Done 17-10-17)

Transition Team (Lynne)

Lynne G reported that with  Rev. Bill now  on board, new work is underway. Leveraging Face time is very helpful and necessary to convene meetings and engage the full team. Lynne is very pleased with the opportunity to work together with this group.

ACTION:  Katherine will extend an invite to the transition team in1Q2018 to attend a joint meeting.

Other Discussion items:

Storage – Jane contacted a mover (Baird’s) but to quote they need to quantify the volume to be stored. We have no idea yet!

Storage locker pricing is available on line (e.g. 3x5; 8x10 lockers)  but there is no process yet for assessing various groups needs and perspectives on what to keep, purge, store.

 M&P Committee - still no progress on developing a committee. We will continue to leverage Board  expertise and Presbytery resources.

Noted that Dorothy is  taking some leave time in December (12-13; Dec 18th -to January).

ACTION: Ginger and Barb will follow up with Dorothy; and options for interim admin assistance  to  ensure appropriate support of the Christmas worship preparations.   

ACTION:  Bill will send his time reporting to Ginger each month.

Nominations Committee; Katherine reminded us, in the absence of a committee the recruitment process still needs to be initiated.   There was brief discussion and consensus for a recruitment process after we move so people can buy in to a new way of being Trinity.  General agreement on March 25, 2018 for the AGM;  check in  with St. Matthews required to confirm space  available.     (March 25 is Palm Sunday and March Break begins Mar 12).

ACTION:  Katherine will confirm space with St. Matthews for AGM on Mar 25, 2018

Ministry Team exploration: There was brief discussion about MTeam exploring ‘other’ space in the city core for ‘missional’ work and storage for program materials. Although purpose  remains unclear there was consensus that   information gathering only can be done “on behalf of Trinity”.

ACTION:   Peter will report back to the Ministry Team.


Lynne has received great feedback about Katherine’s congregational communication that went out in September.

Discussion on implementing new name tags with "Trinity on Church" logo for November 1. Suggested that we supply 100 lanyards; three sets of inserts (with names preprinted);     if you accidently take yours home and forget it you can still outfit yourself with a tag the following week.

Important to provide blank inserts with a pen for new comers or visitors.

ACTION: Katherine  will speak to Dorothy about new name tags using "Trinity on Church" logo.

Keith will be asked to create a virtual tour of St. Matthews when the painting etc. is done.

Request from D-J to use TUC for their annual poinsettia distribution on Nov 29. We embraced Bill’s suggestion to use the corridor inside our new Church Street entrance at St. Matthews... gets folks in the door!

ACTION: Katherine will speak to DJ about new idea for her poinsettia pickup. 

 ACTION:  Board Bits Roster to be circulated; Barb will do this with the minutes

In Camera   

            Adjourned at 9:40 pm.


            Saturday October 28,  9:30 - 3:30pm - Congregational Retreat:

                                                            "Courageous Conversations" with Betty Pries

            Tuesday November 21, 6pm - Joint Leadership

                                                    7pm - Regular Board Meeting

Minutes: Sept 19th Meeting

Meeting Chair:       Katherine Bitzer
Recording Secretary:     Lynn Oliver 

NOTE:  JOINT Leadership Meeting held 6:00 – 7:30; MT facilitating ('storefront' proposal & updates: Transition Team, St. Matthews, process for moving etc.)

Attendees:   Katherine Bitzer,Ginger Comission, Katharine Edmonstone,  John Fraser, Lynne Green, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver
Regrets: Barb Hill

Opening Prayer provided by Katherine E; 

MOTION to Approve Minutes of Aug 29, 2017 - unable to approve since we never received the revised minutes; tabled for next meeting

MOTION to Approve Agenda for September 19, 2017

Moved By:        Jane M
Seconded By:    Peter O
Motion Carried

Treasurer's Report             John Fraser                     (20 min)

a)    Finances and Inspections

  1. Balance in the bank at the end of August - $76,000

    In the first eight months of the year, we deposited $317,000 including $200,000 from the Legacy Fund and issued cheques for $300,000. This means we have a deficit to the end of August of $183,000 or about $23,000 per month. 

    Put another way, to the end of August we were taking in $13,000 per month and spending $36,000. At that rate, we will come close to our projected deficit of $300,000 for the year. Much depends on the date of the move and the cost of the renovations at St Matthews. Deficit could easily be more than projection. 
  2. Givings for the first eight months are about $13,000 per month on average so we still might hit our target of $150,000 for the full year. However, we have some headwinds
    1. no bequests this year
    2. no donations from family trusts that have supported us in the past
    3. our largest donor has not contributed yet
    4. steady deterioration in our PAR contributions. January $9,900 and September will be $9,100. October PAR will be about $8,600. Difference is close to $1,300 per month or $16,000 on an annualized basis.

All of this info is just support for keeping the focus on the move to St Matthews.

3. Legacy Fund – I don’t have the most recent numbers with me but the fund is having a tough year. Rate of return to the end of July was about 2.5 % and the recent run up in the value of the Canadian $ relative to the US greenback will hurt performance. 

Another reason for the low performance is a large amount of money held in cash since we knew we would need it to keep paying our bills.

4.Legacy Fund 2 (John’s creative name for it)– the vehicle we will use to manage the proceeds from the sale. John has kicked off a process with RBCDS to get the new legacy fund set up. We should get our money no later than the middle of November and I would like everything set up well before that deadline.

5. Redevelopment (see Graham’s note)

  1. Gord will bring in his own experts re the cost of fixing the organ
  2. Trudy and the Social Development Center will stay at Trinity as long as we do

6. Outstanding maintenance work

a) fire inspection
b) boiler inspection
c) elevator fix 

What to do? If we are going to be out of the building this year, John wouldn’t do any of the maintenance. 

7.  Snow removal – it’s typically very expensive to have the snow removed. People want a six month contract Nov – April and they want to be paid whether it snows or not. I’m reluctant to do anything on snow removal if we are going to be leaving the Church this year. Does anyone know who would be willing to shovel snow on an as needed basis? Peter knows a few removal companies and will investigate.

8. CRA feedback on our major filing with the regulator. No issues raised although they reserve the right to ask questions in the future. 

Question from John “Who is managing the benevolent fund now that Tiina is gone?” – Katharine E will reach out to Rev Tiina.

Updates                                         (20 min)

  1. Anticipated upgrade/relocation expenses

    Cloud based IT upgrade required.  Signage is required – St Matthews is going to a digital sign and they will flash our name every once in a while.  We will add a sign on Church Street entrance – this project is not assigned to anyone yet. 

    Letter of Intent presented to Katherine B today to sign and return

    Graham Brown has been appointed Project Manager for the move.  Looking at painting (non-toxic), electrical and power needs.  We are asking for an air conditioner in the office location.  Jim Wilgar is managing the AV requirements.

    Storage at St Matthews is an issue and someone needs to be assigned to this.   Katharine E suggested that perhaps each congregational member could write down top three items that are required to go.  We also might rent a storage locker for 6 months for the items that we think we might want and after 6 months assess if they are still required.

    Ken Summers is looking after the care of the stained and tinted glass windows. Carl is investigation (with Doddingtons) whether any part of the organ could be sold.  They previously told us that the organ could not be moved.
  2. Insurance (Jane)

    St. Matthews has the insurance certificate to cover us as we work in their space before we officially move in.  All the stuff that St Matthews wanted Don Wales has sent them.
  3. Environmental testing (Katherine) – no news has been received yet.
  4. Interim Ministry next steps – Transition team asked for permission to request reference checks and second interviews with Supply Minister candidate.  Does the Transition team understand what to focus on with TUC future priorities?  Lynne Green feels the team just needs 4 or 5 questions to guide us into discussions for the future.  “Is he planning on moving into the community?”  Questions will be written and posed to candidate ahead of interview.  Katharine E feels this church needs a ‘doer of philosophy rather than a teacher’. Need to create 5-6 goals for future in order for the Supply Minister can carry the congregation into the future.   The board has already created three goals (July 12 2017). – Implementation of L3, transition to new location and congregational renewal.  Board gave permission to continue the transition process.  Show of hands to give permission for carry on – all in hands up.

Staffing                                        (40 min)

Current and Needs
Ginger and Katherine B met with Gord re 6 month review – went very well.  All choir members are planning on moving to St Matthews.

Messy Church has hired Roy Holton for three months (Oct, Nov, Dec Sundays) to support though until Dec – paying him out of Ministry budget.   

Communications                                    (20 min)

  1. Strategy for the fall (Board Bits, mail-outs, bulletin boards, tours, Trinity News)

    Jim Wilgar has suggested tours of St Matthews once we are a little farther along in our renovations

    Peter asked if Keith can do a video walk thru at St Matthews with music to post on website.
  2. Survey Results? – will hold off for next meeting    


    Tuesday October 17,    6pm - Joint Leadership
                7pm - Regular Board Meeting

    Saturday October 28,    9:30 - 3:30pm - Congregational Retreat:
    Katherine B and Ginger are working on locations
    Request free will offering suggestion
    "Courageous Conversations" with Betty Pries

Minutes: August 29th Meeting

Board Meeting:    6:30 – 8:30 PM
Meeting Chair:    Katherine Bitzer
Recording Secretary:     Barb Hill         

Board: Katherine Bitzer,Ginger Comission, Rev Tiina,  John Fraser, Lynne Green, Barb Hill, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver
Guest: Graham Brown, Chair, Steering Committee
Opening Prayer provided by Katherine; Graham Brown was welcomed to the meeting.

MOTION to Approve Minutes of Aug 1, 2017
Moved By:        Peter Oliver
Seconded By:    Jane Maass
Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve Agenda for August 28, 2017
Moved By:        Ginger Comission
Seconded By:    Lynne Green
Motion Carried
Steering Committee Presentation    Graham Brown brought forward two resolutions for Board approval.  The first motion indicates we have completed our due diligence process, and approve the Lease and fixture list to authorize Trustees to waive conditions.

The second Motion deals with the use of proceeds of sale indicates we will be compliant with Presbytery requirements and a separate fund would be established by the Trustees. The management of these funds will be done by the Legacy & Investment Committee.

Graham stepped us through the basic tenets of the Lease Agreement (up to Aug 31, 2018 at $1 per month). Schedule A also identifies insurance responsibilities between the Lessor and Lessee which requires consultation with our Insurance provider.  We reviewed the Fixtures as per Schedule B; two minor amendments were noted:  ‘Time capsules (pluralized) as there is uncertainty about a second time capsule; and to the “Sanctuary wood” item add “and cross”.

Resolution #1

(1) Resolution of the Board of Trinity United Church, Kitchener, Ontario at the meeting of August 29, 2017.

Whereas the Board, after receiving strong majority support from the Congregation of Trinity United Church, Kitchener, Ontario and approval of the Waterloo Presbytery to sell the Church Property, instructed the Trustees of Trinity United Church, Kitchener, Ontario (“the Trustees”) to offer the Church Property for sale to IN8 Developments Inc. of Toronto (“IN8”), and the offer of sale with minor amendments was accepted by IN8, and

Whereas the offer of sale was subject to the following conditions to be met by the Board, namely, (1) Congregational approval, (2) Presbytery approval, (3) negotiation of a satisfactory lease of the Church Property from IN8, and (4) submission of a list of fixtures to be retained or otherwise disposed of by the Board, and

Whereas the Board has met the conditions (1) and (2) and has reviewed the proposed lease with IN8 and the proposed list of fixtures to be submitted to IN8, it is hereby resolved that,

  1. The proposed lease is approved;
  2. The proposed list of fixtures to be retained or otherwise disposed is approved;
  3. Any two members of the Steering Committee of Graham Brown, John Fraser and Dave Rutherford may negotiate and approve on behalf of the Board minor amendments to the lease in the event that IN8 proposes same and amendments to the list of fixtures;
  4. The Trustees are directed to execute the lease as is or as may be amended by the Steering Committee unless such amendment is reasonably deemed by the Trustees to be materially different from the lease approved by the Board;
  5. The Board’s conditions of sale (1) through (4) have been met;
  6. The Trustees are directed upon executing the list to direct our legal counsel, Gowlings WLG, to inform IN8 that the Board’s conditions of sale have been met;

Moved by Lynn O
Seconded by Ginger C
Motion Carried

Resolution #2

(2) Resolution with respect to the proceeds of the sale of the Church Property

Whereas the Church Property is subject to an Agreement of Purchase and Sale with IN8 Developments Inc. of Toronto for $3.5 million, and;

Whereas the Board has been informed by the Waterloo Presbytery that the funds may be held by the Trustees of Trinity United Church, Kitchener, Ontario for the benefit of the Congregation as long as the Congregation continues to exist as a congregation of the United Church of Canada, and

Whereas the policy of the Waterloo Presbytery regarding the proceeds from a sale of Church Property require 80% to be invested by the Trustees in a prudent manner and that investment income may be allocated for congregational operating use unless otherwise agreed by the Waterloo Presbytery, it is hereby resolved that

  1. In keeping with the terms of the Waterloo Presbytery Property Legacy Policy, the proceeds from the sale of the Church property shall be placed in a trust to be managed by the Trustees of Trinity United Church, with up to 20% being available for United Church-related ministry at the discretion of the congregation and 80% being invested with the income available for United-Church-related ministry;
  2. Approval of the Presbytery will be required to use the principal; and
  3. Trinity United Church is to work in collaboration with Waterloo Presbytery to create a plan for the long-term use of financial resources from the sale of the Church property.

Moved by Jane M
Seconded by Pete O
Motion Carried

ACTION: Conversation with Insurance broker on insurance for tenant coverage at St. Matthews and shifting some of the 74 Frederick St coverage to the purchaser.  Jane Maass will speak to Don Wales. (This has been done).

ACTION: Graham will notify the purchaser that the resolutions passed; Barb will notify Presbytery (Paul Miller). 

Treasurer's Report John Fraser reported:

  • We have $95k in the bank and continue to experience a steady decline in PAR continues (life changes, transfers etc..). It is unlikely we will meet our revenue target.
  • We deferred two inspections: Fire Inspection (Richardsons) $700; Boiler $2k
  • When are we prepared to make these two decisions? The Board deferred until there is more clarity on timeline for relocation.  
  • Apparently IN8 Environmental soil work is still in progress; the engineers told the office they were going to close the parking lot and dig again next week.

ACTION: Dorothy to scan and share reports; Dorothy & Robert need to be sure they communicate with Graham, Katherine when information is delivered to the office. 

Interim Ministry

Lynne Green reported on the first meeting of the Transition Team Mon Aug 28, members include:  Janet Howitt, Jennifer Spaulding, Ian Rutherford.  Barbara Bitzer is Ministry Team Liaison and Lynne Green is the Board Liaison.

Church Assets/Memorial Gifts

Jane Maass reported that Trustees have been assigned to specific tasks such as stained glass windows, the organ and memorial gifts. The steps for memorials, and all chattels are:

  •  “do we want it/need it? Do we need to store it.
  •  If not, “does the family want it”? If yes, then who pays de-installation costs etc.?

Trustees are designating interest groups to deal with the decisions and movement of their ‘own stuff’ and what may need to be packed to move or packed to store.

The Board needs to decide on “disposal” i.e. Lottery, SALE, etc.

St. Matthews

  • Katherine reported on a meeting earlier today about the lease agreement at St. Matthews with Paul Kalbfliesch and Jim Wilgar attended. Jim has agreed to support the process of defining the memorandum of understanding (MOU).
  • The MOU needs a Start Date; a key question is whether contractors can start work without an agreement in place? What are the Insurance considerations?
  • An RFP process is in progress for the phone, electrical and technical work done; three quotes are required.  The RFP should be released Tuesday (Sept 5) and target submission date of Sept 15th with a decision on vendors by month end. Decisions based on both cost and ability to meet our timelines.
  • In the meantime there are many other things than can be and should be done:
    • Get Painting Quotes
    • Assess and solve storage, filing, cabinet requirements – identify needs and solutions.
    • Replace and fully resource chapel light bulbs in existing antique fixtures before making decisions on extra lighting? (has St. Matthews officially committed to do this?).
    • Final decision from St. Matthews on the existing chapel organ; is it being removed? (It inhibits usability of the limited space available)
  • Brief discussion on being compassionate and sensitive to the congregational change process at St. Matthews as they prepare to accept a new tenant in their space.
  • What capacity does Trinity lay staff have to support some of the planning process?

Action: Barb to follow up with Dorothy on her capacity to assist with some quotes.  Barb will send RFP to Peter as an FYI to assist with dialogue at Ministry Team. < Secretary’s Note:  New Relocation Project Leader chose an alternative approach to the RFP process>

Congregational Retreat (Sept 23) Courageous Conversations workshop with Betty Pries.

Katherine is looking for planning support for this day… Invitation to congregation, hospitality etc.

ACTION: Ginger will work on a venue and organizing the day.
<Secretary’s Note: Date been moved to October 28, 2017> 


Worship Team schedule & Fall Bookings summarized and Nov 19th is the new target move date, pending readiness of the space.

  • Nov 12 Remembrance Day Service will be at Trinity; 
  • Nov 19 starts a 3- part series of transition services. On that day the service is physically split with a walk to St. Matthews.
  • The following service Nov 26 is the first full service in St. Matthews chapel.  Dec 3 is start of Advent so full advent season would be new space.

There was agreement on ending outside rentals at Trinity at end of November.
The board was generally in agreement with Nov 19th, pending contractors meeting deadlines. 

Minister's Report:  Rev. Tiina Côté reported on Ministry team Initiatives. 

  • No one was prepared to lead church school; in consultation with parents there has been active planning for Trinity kids to join with St. Matthews church school and we need chaperones / shepherds required to escort kids back to Trinity.
  • Part Time Family ministry role still a work in progress; not likely anything in place until January. St. Matthews is still trying to staff 1.5 ministry positions; they are hoping to have a F/T minister in October.
  • Sharing youth / family activities with St. Matthews - something is being offered every other week with movie nights, youth group and messy church.
  • St. Matthews is hosting a Community BQ on Sept 17; all are welcome.
  • Rev. Tiina has been organizing her reference binders and notes for her departure from Trinity.

The board asked Rev. Tiina about a "transition list" of conversations that are in process and any items that we need to be aware of to minimize the risk of items falling between the cracks when she departs.

ACTION:  Rev Tiina to distribute her transition notes to Chair Katherine.
Noted that Gord’s 6 month review has been completed. 


  • Noted that specific Board-led conversation and communication required concerning choir needs being met at St. Matthews. 
  • Media–brief discussion on answering the media; The Record has been waiting for a story on the sale 
  • Board Bits has been drafted for this Friday’s eBlast.
  • E blasts will start to include more congregational communication. 
  • Other important messages:
    • Repeat article on “How we Decided On St. Matthews”
    • Trustees process for memorial gifts and chattels
    • HopeSprings Move to a new site (tbd); (letter received, waiting for invitation)

ACTION: Lynn O will help identify right approach for communication around choir concerns

The meeting adjourned at 9:50PM
    September 19th    6pm - Joint Leadership
                7pm - Regular Board Meeting
    Lynn Oliver agreed to be the recording Secretary in Barb’s absence.

Minutes: August 1 Meeting

JOINT Meeting: 6:00-6:55 PM
Board Meeting: 7:00-9:00 PM
Meeting Chair: Katherine Bitzer
Recording Secretary: Barb Hill 

Attendees - Ministry Team:  Rev Tiina, Barbara Bitzer, Marg Collard, Tiina Coutts, Peter Oliver,
Pat Tummon, Pauline Underwood.
Regrets: Dennis Watson
Attendees – Board:  Katherine Bitzer, Ginger Comission, Rev Tiina, John Fraser, Lynne Green,
Barb Hill, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver. 
Regrets - none


Joint Leadership Meeting commenced at 6:00 with a meal provided by the MTeam.  Katherine facilitated the dialogue from 6:20.  Pauline Underwood took notes.  Katherine did a check-in on response to the July 16th meeting.

Jane provided an update on the Trustees meeting to list the fixtures as per the Purchase Agreement.

Fixtures List will be sent to the Board.  We won’t remove specific fixtures such as built in cabinets, lights, boiler and elevator.

ACTION: Courageous Conversations workshop;  Barb will generate a Doodle Poll to secure the date for the workshop with Betty Pries; this will be opened to the congregation.

Katherine requested permission to extend the Joint meeting until 7:20pm; it adjourned at 7:45.

Relationship Based Approach RBA to discerning the way forward

Katherine stepped through Tasks Worksheet; how to assign ownership to primary projects.

We need focus and funnel negotiations so many individuals aren’t having separate conversations and getting different information and answers.

There was lengthy discussion on Letters received concerned with the decision to move to St. Matthews.

We need to explain HOW the decision was made to move to St. Matthews versus other locations.

  • How did we arrive at this decision?  
  • Are there fundamental issues with going to ST. Matthews (are we hearing concerns and push back from that side about ecumenical differences, choir storage and choir practice space? 
  • Does St. Matthews congregational time as well to accept and embrace?  
  • Concerns expressed about how to plan ministry (worship) in this uncertainty about location)

The Time Line for moving might be completely dictated by contractor selection and availability process; they would like to collaborate on infrastructure upgrades.


Opening Prayer provided by Rev. Tiina

MOTION to Approve Minutes of July 12, 2017
Moved By: Ginger C
Seconded By: Lynn O
Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve Agenda for August 1, 2017
Moved By: Lynne G
Seconded By: Jane M
Motion Carried

Trustee's Report    

Jane Maass had updated Joint Leadership on Trustees process for Church Assets and List of Fixtures/Chattels and memorial gifts.

Key Questions:

  • What we take (where do we store?)
  • Memorial gifts - Notify families / disperse memorial gifts
  • What and how to distribute everything else that’s left over…. Garage sale? or auction?

ACTION: Rev. Tiina will forward the list to the board (Jane has done this 8-2-17)

MOTION to authorize Board of Trustees to establish the process and oversee the distribution of the physical assets including all memorials of Trinity United Church, Kitchener;  

Moved By: Jane M
Seconded By: Peter O
Motion Carried

ACTION: Jane will engage Trustees as necessary to execute this project.
Treasurer's Report     John Fraser

  • Cash in the bank today $94k; $75k transferred from Legacy in July (8%)
  • Colliers is holding the $100k deposit for the sale of the building
  • Discussion has begun with ST. Matthews on lease; very reasonable
  • Boiler inspection is due; expect a min. $1000 this fall; we can defer
  • Richardson’s Fire Inspection due; expect $500. Can we defer short term? Not as critical now that the gas stove is decommissioned.

ACTION: Ginger will inform Robert that Jane will start making requests of him to assist with moving/ consolidating ‘stuff’ that needs to be moved (miscellaneous furniture)

Post Congregational Meeting; next steps

Katherine shared a spreadsheet with DRAFT Action Plan of immediate considerations such as St. Matthews, Insurance, Communications, etc. 

  • Question about INSURANCE; Trinity Insurance Policy renewal is December 2017.  When we vacate they will credit any excess premiums once contents are removed?
  • What about tenants? If we move out then the burden of miscellaneous maintenance costs is with them?


Trinity News target date is end of August.

  • Key messages are required to address two concerns ‘timing for a move’ and ‘why St. Matthews’ 
  • Timing concerns…
  • Some feel we need to move ASAP; others want to delay until after Christmas.
  • Dates are helpful and significant in bringing people along. 
  • Contractor engagement and project dates is important. 

ACTION: Framework of a plan need to also be published.

Current Work In Progress includes:

  • Trustees working on a plan for fixed assets and memorial gifts;
  • RFP is in progress for infrastructure (IT & electrical) upgrades to facilitate selecting contractors;
  • Integrity of our building at 74 Frederick St – boiler, plumbing, leaking roof;
  • Vacation schedules are a huge impact; more volunteers required.

ACTION: Lynn O will draft a response to congregant concerns about timing (use in best way; eblast, newsletter)

Why was St. Matthews selected? Barb reviewed the events and Board process in 2015-2016 and how we built our relationship with St. Matthews.

PROS of St. Matthews as a site:

  • In the core; equal distance from King St. ;
  • We have our own space;
  • Free parking on Sundays;
  • Renovations are relatively minor;
  • Kitchen space is adequate with 2 stoves; right now we have no stove. They have the same dishwasher

ACTION: Lynne Green offered to draft a piece for Trinity News on how this decision was made 

Minister's Report    Rev. Tiina Côté

As her final message to the Board Rev. Tiina used an analogy with the story of Moses and Joshua; Tiina was our Moses and Katherine is our Joshua.

Way Forward        
We reviewed the goals we had identified for Intentional Interim Ministry (that the Board would propose to the TT) were: 

MOTION to approve goals for Intentional Interim Ministry process:

  • Implement Recommendations of L3 Report;
  • Support Pastoral Transition to and Interim Site;
  • Congregational Renewal with focus on purpose and identity

Moved By: Peter
Seconded By: Ginger
Motion Carried

Barb and Lynne are still trying to complete the transition team membership; it has been a struggle with TIME being the biggest barrier to participation.

ACTION: facilitate a first meeting

Family Ministry    

It was reported that there was extensive discussion about this with the Min. Team.

There is an urgent and immediate requirement for Sunday School and Messy Church
Ideal scenario: F/T family ministry positions.

The Treasurer indicated that the funds are identified to cover church school/ Messy Church role; this is core to our ministry.

One question being considered is ‘we move our Sunday School kids to St. Matthews in September? and ‘escort’ back to Trinity?’

Fulltime family ministry position is required; it is very difficult to build a ministry in 4-6 months contracts; This needs to be Full Time positions shared by more than one congregation.

A job description for family ministry needs to be co-developed with St. Mathews; a shared family ministry with St. Matthews is a long ways out as they need to settle in with their new Minister this fall.


    August 29, 2017 @ 6:30pm at Trinity - Board Update Meeting.
Reminder that Sept 10 is de-covenanting Service for Rev. Tiina

Minutes: July 12 Meeting

Time: 6:30PM - 8:30PM

Meeting Chair: Katherine Bitzer
Recording Secretary: Barb Hill 

Attendees: Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Ginger Comission, John Fraser, Lynne Green, Barbara Hill, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver, Rev. Katharine Edmonstone

Regrets/ Absences: Jane Maass

Opening Prayer and call to order:  Katharine Edmonstone provided an opening prayer; the meeting convened at 6:40pm.

MOTION to Approve Minutes of June 20, 2017; 

Moved by: Peter O
Seconded By: Lynn O

Brief discussion on sensitivity of real estate offer (as per legal counsel) and these discussions were considered In Camera on both June 20th and 25th.

Motion Carried: to approve minutes as amended concerning In Camera dialogue and corrections (typos)

MOTION to Approve Minutes of June 25, 2017

Moved by: Lynne G
Seconded By: Ginger C
Motion Carried: as amended

ACTION: Office will be asked to setup an In Camera Meeting file.

Business forward from the minutes; John reported that the purchaser of 74 Frederick will address the matter of the roof with the City of Kitchener.

MOTION to Approve the Agenda for July 12, 2017;

Moved by: Lynn O
Seconded By: Peter O
Motion Carried:


Intentional Interim Ministry and Transition Team Committee
A briefing paper was provided with proposed team members for consideration.

MOTION to approve the Intentional Interim Ministry process and proposed Transition Team Members as suggested with Board permission to complete the team selection and board liaison based on time and availability

Moved by:    Barb H
Seconded By:     Lynn O
Motion Carried:    

There was brief discussion on initial goals for the Intentional Interim Ministry process that the board will put forward for consideration when the transition process is underway with Presbytery.

ACTION: Katherine will bring forward goal setting to the next Board Meeting on August 1.
ACTION: Contact proposed Transition Team members, Barb H & Lynne G will share this task.

Trinity Membership List requires two additions to the roll due to our admin oversights and one former clergy that has chosen membership between Presbytery and a congregation;

1. MOTION to add Gord Heard and Marjorie McKinnon to the membership roll of Trinity United Church to correct an administrative oversight;

Moved by: Lynne
Seconded By: Ginger
Motion Carried:

2. MOTION to approve Margaret Collard’s request to be added membership to the roll of Trinity United Church assuming that she can retain her membership in Waterloo Presbytery;

Moved by: Barb H
Seconded By: Peter O
Motion Carried:

Steering Committee Update     John Fraser

John stepped us through the Board Resolution and the Offer to Purchase. We had received previous draft so the focus was on minor changes, the period of due diligence and closing dates.

MOTION to accept the Resolution of the Board of Trinity United Church as attached;

Moved by: John F
Seconded By: Peter O
Motion Carried:    

ACTION: John to speak to Gowlings concerning the 8th Board signature (in absentia, Jane Maass)
ACTION: Barb/ John to confirm that Graham is guiding the process with Trustees and Presbytery; does the Board need to do anything to support this process.
ACTION: Katherine will ensure Paul Miller is invited (expected) to attend Sunday’s Congregational Meeting. 
ACTION: Board to list key milestone dates and next steps in due diligence and fixtures to be removed; to be done asap

Congregational Meeting
The DRAFT Agenda, agenda flow and assignments were discussed extensively, inclusive of how to manage Q&A to ensure all voices are heard.

Briefing paper was pre distributed on Implications of the Vote; YAY or NAY Vote need to be clear for the members if you vote YES this is what it means; if you vote NO, it means something quite different.

Brief review of logistics including room set-up, Ballots already printed, Scrutineers identified, refreshments assigned. Adherents will sign in on separate list and not receive a ballot.

Discussion on AGENDA flow and presentations on Sunday:

  1. Report of the Redevelopment Steering Committee (RSC); Graham
  2. Report of the Board; Katherine
  3. The Offer to Purchase, key elements; John
  4. Q&A Congregation Comments; Graham, Chair will facilitate

An Invitation was extended, for those that cannot attend, to submit comments in advance.  Any and all letters received will be consolidated and summarized.  Letters brought to the meeting will not be read.

Lynne Oliver will present the summary of comments.

Guidelines for respectful and equitable dialogue:

  • A Copy of UCC Holy Manners is on each table.
  • Everyone will have an opportunity to speak
  • To ensure everyone is heard your comments must be no more than 2 minutes; 
  • To speak a second time,  everyone has had a chance to speak a first time.
  • The Secretary will cue you when you reach your 2 minutes.

ACTION: Dorothy to print Holy Manners for each of the table (Lynn)
ACTION: Consolidate comments, (Lynn O & Barb)

Graham will present the outcome of the vote.

Next Steps    Katherine will very briefly inform members of current work in progress:

  • MOU with St. Matthews in progress;
  • Intentional Interim Ministry process approved by the Board;
  • Trustees are assigned the task of inventorying fixed assets and process to determine what goes with us.


ACTION: Press Release Monday with YAY Vote; Barb to ask Keith to assist with draft a Press Release;
ACTION: Do we need to communicate with IN8? John to follow up

Survey Results Way Forward      Deferred

Adjourned at 9:45 PM


Sunday July 16        3:30pm - Congregational Meeting

Tuesday August 1        6pm - Joint Leadership
7pm - Regular Board Meeting

Minutes: June 25 Meeting

Time: 11:45AM - 1:00 PM Meeting location: Library

Meeting Chair: Katherine Bitzer Recording Secretary: Barb Hill

Attendeed- Board: Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Ginger Comission, John Fraser, Lynne Green, Barbara Hill, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver, Rev. Katharine Edmonstone

Emergency Board meeting was called by Chair Katherine who briefly summarized events of the past ten days:

June 15 Steering committee presented four options and we were encouraged to separate property decisions from working to develop our mission and purpose. Building development need to be driven by mission. Carla from EDGE was invited to attend June 15 mtg. but did not. The Steering committee set expectations that we could take a week or two to agree on one of four (4) options presented.

At the June 20th Board meeting there was rigorous discussion about what was right for the future of the congregation and consensus that we needed to focus wholly on renewal, purpose and mission.

The Board went In-Camera for discussion on the Offer to Purchase.

In-Camera discussion concluded at 12:45pm

There was consensus that we need to stay focused on congregational renewal EDGE can play a role in this process. We would still like to meet with them in early July for this purpose


  • Barb to email motion to Graham and copy Board
  • Katherine will contact EDGE (Rob Dalgliesh) to inform him of the outcome of today’s meeting

Once Colliers accepts the final offer:

  • Board Chair Katherine will inform Trinity staff that a vote is going to the congregation on July 9 (subsequently deferred to July 16)
  • Jane will communicate with The Board of Trustees
  • Katherine B (Chair) will inform Presbytery (Paul Miller and Catherine Savage)
  • Lynn O will draft a script for communication with congregants and will connect with Dorothy to confirm accuracy of our membership list(s) to be used for phone calls to members. (Adherents cannot vote and proxys are not permitted)
  • Ginger will contact Rev Fickling at St James Rosemount: a Congregational Meeting will be posted in the Bulletin and announced from the pulpit. In the absence of Rev. Tiina, Rev Chris Fickling at SJR will be asked to attend and also host the meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 1:00 PM

Minutes: June 20 Meeting

Time: 7:00-9:00 PM
Meeting Chair: Katherine Bitzer
Recording Secretary: Barb Hill

Meal Provided by the Board

 Attendees- Ministry Team: Barbara Bitzer, Marg Collard, Tina Coutts, Gord Allgeier Pat Tummon, Dennis Watson, Pauline Underwood

Attendees- Board: Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Rev. Tiina Cote, Ginger Comission, John Fraser, Lynne Green, Barbara Hill, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver

 Jane offered an Opening Prayer prior to supper.

 JOINT Leadership discussion 6:35-7:10 PM; refer to NOTES document.


Motion to Approve Minutes of June 5, 2017 as corrected;

Moved by Lynn O
Seconded by Peter O
Motion Carried

 Motion to Approve Agenda for June 20, 2017 with revised sequence;

Moved by John F
Seconded by Ginger C
Motion Carried


Board Bits: Lynne Green is on Board Bit duty for Sunday June 25 and requires context and content.

Information from Friday meeting with St. Matthews will be shared (e.g. chapel now empty and painting can begin.) We need people ready to roll up sleeves and get involved. (Contact Lynn O (Communications person).

We need to be prepared with the communication about a ‘soft target date’ Oct 22 move date and the uncertainty of the developer negotiations.

ACTION: Barb or Katherine to connect after Friday’s meeting.

Redevelopment: Discussion stemming from June 15 Steering Committee presentation.

The Board went in-camera for this discussion        

The board concluded in-camera discussion

Relocation to St. Matthews                                                                                              

Katherine B and Barb H are meeting with Paul Kalbfleisch at St. Matthews on Friday to review space and action plan requirements, and possibly start to frame the Memorandum of Understanding.

ACTION: Distribute an update to the Board following Friday’s meeting

Staffing Updates                                                                                     

M&P:  Katherine has been unsuccessful in recruiting volunteers for M&P committee; Paul Miller said he can be available to support any staff issues on request on an as needed basis.

ACTION: Katherine will confirm this arrangement with Paul.

Family Ministry:  There has been preliminary discussion with St. Matthews on sharing ½ time Youth/ Family Minister as we mesh our Messy Church and Sunday School programs. There is strong support for this idea and St. Matthews is just waiting until their new minister is selected later this summer.  A proposal for a shared resource is under discussion.

ACTION: The TUC Board should develop a job description and costing proposal.

Intentional Interim Minister (IIM):  Intentional Interim Minister deals with specific goals that are to be accomplished before a congregation can call a F/T minister. There is full board agreement with process of working with an Intentional Interim Minister (IMM).

Engaging with an IIM requires a Transition Committee, overseen by Presbytery (1-2 representatives); we need to identify 5-7 Trinity members to participate.

Following the selection of an IIM, the Transition Committee then becomes the Transition Team that walks with the IIM, defines the goals for the interim ministry period and continues to meet for the full duration (the next year or two). 

There was brief discussion on how to fill the Transition team and strike a balance knowledge, interest and perspective and ensure we continue with the goals defined through the L3 Group work.

ACTION: Barb will send out proposed groupings and collect/ consolidate names from the board.

ACTION: Katherine will extend the invitations to participate.

Treasurer's Report     John Fraser     

Follow-up question on inquiry for Car Share to lease a space in our lot; this led to discussion about how to monitor the parking lot and guarantee a reserved a space

ACTION:  Katherine will follow up on Car Share Inquiry

Follow-up question on Chapel Roof repairs and City of Kitchener deadline for completion.

ACTION: Ask Dave Rutherford to follow-up with Cory Bluhm at City Hall.

Follow-up question about Cheque to Messy Church; thes were expenses related to a planning meeting

Follow-up question who is leading the planning for relocation to St. Matthews?

ACTION: Identify a Project Lead.

ACTION: Barb to prepare an RFP (request for proposals for the technology and AV requirements; Keith will be asked to be participate in the Audio Video requirements.

Minister’s Report       Rev. Tiina                                                                                          

Motion –(refer to handout)  In accordance with Section B 3.6.2 of the 2016 Manual of the United Church of Canada, we will remove 115 Non-Regional Members from our Historic Role as identified and confirmed to be no longer engaged with Trinity United Church, Kitchener.

Moved by Jane M
Seconded by Lynne G
Motion Carried

ACTION: Dorothy will be asked to proceed with letters to members, as drafted.


Proposed:        Week of July 10 (July 11 or 12?)
Aug 1? Joint meeting     (Katherine away Aug 4-25)
Question asked about conference call, SKYPE or ‘facetime’ alternatives.
Meeting adjourned at 9:55PM

Minutes: June 5th Meeting

JOINT Meeting    6:00-6:55 PM
Board Meeting     7:00-9:00 PM
Meeting Chair:       Katherine Bitzer
Recording Secretary:     Barb Hill         

Board:  (Chair) Katherine Bitzer, Rev. Tiina Cote, Ginger Comission, John Fraser, Lynne Green, Barbara Hill, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver

Ministry Team: Barbara Bitzer, Marg Collard, Tina Coutts, Pat Tummon, Dennis Watson, Pauline Underwood

Katherine opened the JOINT Leadership Meeting at 6:00pm with Rev. Tiina’s letter of resignation effective Sept 8. This was respectfully followed by silence, prayer, reflections and a short break.

Katherine initiated a debrief of the L3 Group Closing Report and distributed personal reference cards on our four decision-filters.

Comments on the L3 Report were invited, and include: positive, good governance review, pathway, report was fair, balanced, process was helpful but seemed to lag in last few sessions. The report reflected our process and outcomes. Not sure all congregational conversations were meaningful to everyone.  Key message is respectful interaction and kindness amongst us… (‘soft on the people and hard on the problem’). Being hard on the people is our tougher challenge.
 ‘Next steps’ is most interesting part… there is work to be done, need to hold each other accountable to action items; important that we implement.  Continue to communicate with congregation in a strong way; compassionate care, momentum (tough to keep ‘energy going’), can’t believe the narrative of Trinity as a cathedral church is still ‘out there’,  not everyone has let go of the past

NEXT STEPS:    Consensus that we need to communicate a key point or two (pearls) that highlight or illustrate the impact of the investment in the process of the last 10 months.  One example is the coming together of the Board and Ministry Team each month as a more collaborative leadership body.  We will bring back the conversation on “next steps” on June 20.   
The Joint Meeting adjourned at 7:10 PM.

BOARD MEETING commenced at 7:12 PM; Tiina provided an opening prayer.

Motion to Approve Minutes of April 18, 2017 (+ recording of e-votes)
Moved by Ginger C
Seconded by Peter O
Motion approved with noted correction to meeting attendees.
Barb noted that she keeps an e-record of the e-votes

Motion to Approve Board Agenda for June 5, 2017    
Moved by Lynne
Seconded by Jane M
Motion approved with noted addition under ‘staffing’.
Governance     Marg Collard stayed for Remits review and discussion; there were two opportunities for congregation discussion and consideration; 7 people were involved. Each remit was reviewed by the Board.

Remit #1
MOTION that Trinity United Church agrees that:

(a) the United Church of Canada be re-organized into the three-council model approved by the 42nd General Council 2015; and   (b) that the Basis of Union be amended to reflect this change;
Moved by Peter Oliver
Seconded by Jane Maass
Motion approved

Remit #2
MOTION that Trinity United Church agrees that:

(a)    the processes of transfer and settlement for members of the order of ministry within the United Church of Canada be eliminated, including the elimination of the General Council Transfer Committee; and  
(b) that the Basis of Union be amended to reflect this change;

-Moved by Lynn Oliver
Seconded by Ginger Comission
Motion approved

Remit #3
MOTION that Trinity United Church agrees that:

(a) a denominational office of vocation be established in the structure of the United Church of Canada, with responsibilities and structure as approved by the 42nd General Council 2015; and that
(b) the Basis of Union be amended to reflect this change; 

Moved by John Fraser
Seconded by Lynne Green
Motion approved

Remit #4 generated question and discussion about principle #5, “encourage’ sharing of all resources across the church including property and investments.” 
MOTION that:

Trinity United Church agrees to a new funding model for the United Church of Canada with the budgeting process guided by the following five principles:

(1) use Mission and Service to fund ministry and mission activities;
(2) fund governance and support services of other courts/councils by assessing communities of faith/pastoral charges;
(3) share assessments equitably across the whole church;
(4) permit Conferences/presbyteries/regional councils to use additional resources for regional purposes; 
(5) encourage sharing of all resources across the church – including property and investments.

Moved by Peter O
Seconded by Lynn O
Motion approved

Marg Collard left the meeting at 7:55PM.

Treasurer's Report     John Fraser updated the board on the financial and property status of Trinity's Finances:

  • Cash balance Dec 31 was $59k and down to $ 55k end of May. 
  • We forecast a draw of $300k from legacy; $125K has been drawn over past 5 mos.
  • PAR has 71 contributors at end of May, cancellations and increases have resulted in a slight monthly increase. 
  • Legacy Fund at the end of May was $2,433,000 Cdn; up $55,000 from year end


The Steering Committee presentation on June 15 will provide four options for consideration.

  • Due diligence on the developers construction proposals is being done by contacting independent third parties in the development business to vet “the numbers” 
  • Condo cautions – it is an expensive option without control (condo fees on 8,000 sq ft could be $40k/yr
  • Rob Dalgleisch from EDGE (UCC), A Network for Ministry Development” has met with Trinity and are early in their process of being consultants on property redevelopment. John shared that it is becoming clear that redevelopment will not solve the issue of our operating fund challenges.


Dave and John attended the recent meeting of the Waterloo Presbytery Extension Council (WPEC).  They have $2.2Mil invested in securities but use of funds is restricted. They have property they can’t sell because of the Grand River moraine (conservation issues). They are seeking board members; most have been there for many years (even decades) when the initial charter was acquiring land for new United Church projects.


  • The extension (deadline) from the City of Kitchener for repairing the Chapel roof is approaching at end of September.
  • The gas stove is officially decommissioned in the kitchen and fire inspection is cleared.
  • The Access Repairs were approved by e-vote and in progress (quote was $1,200)
  • Photocopier is at end of lease and now on a month-to-month plan until future requirements are clear.
  • The $10,000 to be held in trust for the Rishan family refugee sponsorship now being paid out over 10 months.

Minister’s Report

  • Rev. Tiina noted the impact of the recent loss of Cash Vanderberg has been most profound with families with youth/ teenagers.
  • Tiina highlighted conversations with study group, HopeSpring. 
  • The vacancy in church school leadership is concerning and needs priority. Tiina shared the imagery of the banyon tree and multiple roots.
    • Conference: Some comments from Conference Meeting she attended with Jane at the UNIFOR Education Centre in Port Elgin. Jane commented on how beautiful the worship and music was, led by Etienne.  Hamilton Conference approved motion to be an Affirming Conference.
    • Five Oaks has new business plan with multicultural, inter faith dimensions. 
  • Tiina reflected on impact of clergy coaching (with Betty Pries) as very helpful to her discernment of her ministry calling and, understand what her ministry has been about.
  • Membership LISTS Review process for non-regional members, about 62 in total, is in progress and waiting for feedback.


  • Katherine B visited St. Matthews with Dennis Watson last week and the Worship committee met there May 30th; Paul Kalbfleisch facilitated another tour of the building.
  • Rev Tiina and Ministry team are assessing space requirements for the ministries we currently offer and potential renovations required to meet those needs; Oct 22 is the target move date.
  • Barb noted that IT infrastructure is a significant project (both financial and time line) that needs to be factored into the relocation plan.


  • Keith's Communications Report was distributed for information purposes; this will be included in the next Trinity News… “Did you know?”
  • Communication to congregation for the next three Sundays is of concern leading up into the July hiatus
  • Communication will be identified following the Steering Committee presentation on June 15
  • The quick Survey Idea generated some discussion and noted that the context in the covering communication (simply trying to get the pulse of the congregation) was important.

Staffing Updates

a. Contract Positions - Barb and John will do these contract renewals by the end of June
b. All Other Staff - deferred to June 20
c. M&P -Katherine gave an update on process for re-establishing M&P (finding a core nucleus of 3 people to work with Paul Miller from Presbytery).  So far seven people have been asked to consider this role - six have declined for various reasons, she is waiting to hear back from one. 


  • The process for Interim Ministry is being initiated. 
  • The Board also supported the idea of hiring a P/T Family and Youth Minister, potentially shared with ST. Matthews (or another congregation) to make it a F/T position.
  • Katherine and Barb will follow-up on mechanics of filling these roles. 

Board Bits -Schedule:   Lynn Oliver June 11th; June 18th Graham??; June 25th ; Lynne Green

  • Thurs June 15, 6:30 pm    Special Board meeting (Steering Committee presentation)
  • Tues June 20, 6:00pm    Joint Leadership (Board facilitates and provides meal)
  • Tues June 20, 7:00pm    Regular Board meeting
  • Sun June 25   Celebration Sunday LUNCH

Minutes: April 18th Meeting

Following a short break after the meeting with consultant Betty Pries, the Board reconvened at 9:15 for a brief meeting.

Present Ministry Team: Gord Allgeier, Barbara Bitzer, Rev. Tiina Côté, Tina Coutts, Pat Tummon, Pauline Underwood, Dennis Watson, 

Present Board:  Ginger Comission, Graham Brown, Lynne Green, Barbara Hill-Rutherford, Jane Maass,  Lynn Oliver,  Peter Oliver,  David Rutherford, Steering Committee Chair:  Graham Brown 

Regrets:   John Fraser

Motion to approve Minutes of Board meeting held March 21, 2017;
Moved By: Ginger Comission    
Seconded : Jane Maass
Motion Carried

Motion to approve the Ministry Team members for 2017
Barbara Bitzer; Marg Collard; Tina Coutts; Pat Tummon; Pauline Underwood; Dennis Watson 

Moved By:    Lynne Green
Seconded:    Lynn Oliver
Motion Carried

Follow up to the earlier presentation by the Steering Committee Chair to Joint Leadership (at 6:30 PM) a motion is required enabling them to proceed as follows:

That the Board authorizes the Steering Committee, and such consultants and advisors as the Committee deems necessary, to identify the developer best suited to support the Congregation’s development goals as presented in the Committee’s Report to the Board this evening, and to negotiate specific terms of sale with a view to achieving those goals with manageable risk.

Moved By:    Peter Oliver
Seconded:    Jane Maass
Motion Carried

There was some discussion on potential timing of ‘a deal’. This is unknown as some work is required on the part of the developers regarding site plans and concept drawings, etc. Both developers have expressed interest in acquiring the corner property.

It was stated and is understood that a negotiated deal, when achieved, will need approval from Board, Presbytery and the Congregation.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30

Minutes: March 21st Meeting

Meeting Chair:    John Fraser
Recording Secretary:     Barbara Hill 

Attendees:   Ginger Comission, Rev. Tiina Cote, John Fraser, Lynne Green, D-J Heard, Barbara Hill, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver, Dave Rutherford, 
Guests:         Katherine Bitzer
NOTE: JOINT Leadership Meal & Meeting  held 6:00-7:30 PM; Ministry Team facilitated and Barbara Bitzer Chaired.   The space requirements as presented by Steering Committee Chair, Graham Brown, was reviewed and no concerns were raised. The Steering Committee will use this information for discussions with prospective developers  

Chair John called the BOARD Meeting to order at 7:40 pm and opened with the Prayer for the Budget.
Motion to Approve Minutes of Feb 21, 2017
Moved by:        Peter
Seconded:         Lynne G
Motion Carried  

Motion to Approve   Board Agenda; two items were added and agenda approved as amended:
Moved by:        Ginger
Second:        Dave
Motion Carried 

Finance   Treasurer, John Fraser reported that the Financial. Statements were published in the annual report and the year ended with $35k deficit. John also noted:

  • $107,000 was withdrawn from the Legacy Fund in 2016. 
  • On average, each month, Church expenses are $12,000 more than offerings
  • Unbudgeted Elevator repairs ($1,000) as noted last month are in progress.
  • Legacy Fund as of Mar 20th @ $ 2,457,000 up about 3.5 % since January 1
  • The sanctuary roof lost shingles during heavy wind storms; quotes and unbudgeted emergency repairs in progress.
  • HopeSprings have committed to the next year of operations and are now cashing donation cheques. 

There was brief discussion on a ‘cheque presentation’ to HopeSpring; can we do this on Sunday morning Apr 30th at start of service?

ACTION: Peter will draft/craft a presentation Cheque board; 
ACTION: Dave will invite a Hope Spring rep to the presentation at Trinity. The Social Action Team rep will be involved.

DRAFT Budget for 2017 was distributed for review and discussion; there is an extraordinary requirement for Legacy funds as ‘givings’ continue to decline; annual ‘givings’ now at $150,000.

There was agreement that all costs associated with property sale (e.g. commission) should come from proceeds of sale rather than in the budget. There was robust discussion on trimming costs to reduce deficit and withdrawal of Legacy funds. The following reductions were made:  technology budget $5k, MTeam budget related to signage $20 k. One time relocation and renovation costs will be bundled.  These adjustments decrease the draw from Legacy from $427,000 to $297,000.

MOTION to Approve budget as amended to take forward to the congregational meeting for approval on March 26th, 2017
Moved by:         Lynn O
Seconded by:        Ginger C
Motion Carried 

Minister’s Update     Rev. Tiina    

Ministry Team Annual Plan                 Presented at JOINT mtg. 
     Staff / Volunteer Capacity (brief discussion)         Deferred
The Trinity list of members to be removed from the official church roll was a lengthy exercise to ensure all proposed removals are thoughtful and appropriate. 

MOTION: In accordance with Section B. 3.6.2 of the 2016 Manual of The United Church of Canada, we will proceed to remove 82 members from the role as identified   and confirmed to be no longer engaged with Trinity.

Moved by:        Lynn O
Seconded by:        Donna-Jean H
Motion Carried 

ACTION:    The Church Office (Dorothy) will proceed to send letters to the 82 members about the removal process. 

Rev. Tiina reported that Waterloo Presbytery Chair suggested a board motion would be appropriate to reflect agreement by Trinity to work with Presbytery Pastoral Relations Committee for M&P support.

MOTION:  To accept the support of  Pastoral Relations Committee of Waterloo Presbytery for  M&P assistance at  Trinity United Church, Kitchener and terms of reference and timelines to be mutually defined.

Moved by:        Peter O
Second:        Lynne G
Motion Carried 

New Agenda Item:  Staff Performance Appraisal process… It has been two years since any appraisals were done as we deferred due to anticipated disruption of relocation. There was discussion about employer obligation to ensure appraisals are done to support staff development and agreement that we initiate the process while we work towards support from Waterloo Presbytery.

ACTION:  Tiina will report back to Waterloo Presbytery. Board Secretary will review the process outlined by previous committee and refresh the appraisal templates.

Rev Tiina provided a quick update on the REMITS review, education and approval process.  Jane Maass, Marg Collard, Katharine Edmonstone and John Lochead will develop a process to educate the congregation. They are targeting June 4th for a congregational meeting to complete the necessary votes.

REMINDERS: Need to reassign leads for space design at St. Matthews.  
As D-J leaves the board we also need to reassign a lead for packing to move and a Communication Liaison.
Rev. Tiina will send the Halo report electronically to the BOARD. (Received 3/22/17)

Governance -  Katherine Bitzer spoke to her interest, commitment and past experience that she believes has prepared her to assume the role of Board Chair during this interesting time in the life of Trinity.

AGM Agenda – Draft 2 of the agenda was distributed which included proposed role assignments and the Slate of Nominees for election to the Church Board and Board of Trustees.   

Stewardship   (placeholder)    

Communication:  Board Bits schedule was circulated for signup.

Adjournment called at 9:20PM; Rev. Tiina provided a Closing Prayer. 

In Camera    deferred

Sun March 26        Annual Congregational Meeting             

Mon Apr 3    (Extra Meeting) Betty Pries  with Joint Leadership. Meet at 6:30, Betty at 7PM  

Tues April 18          Betty Pries  with Joint Leadership. Meet at 6:30, Betty at 7PM  

DRAFT minutes from AGM: March 25, 2017

Trinity United Church, Kitchener Ontario 175th Annual General Congregational Meeting Sunday March 26, 2017 11:00 AM – Fellowship Hall AGENDA

The congregation gathered after the worship services and sang the last 2 verses of Arise Your Light Has come; Gord Allgeier accompanied on the electric keyboard. An Opening Prayer was provided by Rev. Tiina Cote.
Presbytery Representative Jane Maass called the meeting to order at 11:20am and then called for the first two motions:

Motion to Appoint the Meeting Chair
Jane moved to Appoint Graham Brown as the Meeting Chair of the 175th Annual General Meeting of the Congregation of Trinity United Church, Kitchener Seconded by Elaine Struthers Motion Carried

Motion to appoint the Recording Secretary Jane moved to Appoint Barbara Hill as recording Secretary of the 175th Annual General Meeting of the Congregation of Trinity United Church, Kitchener Seconded Eric Johnston Motion Carried

Graham Brown commenced as Meeting Chair and reviewed Who Can Vote in accordance with the United Church Manual.
Pursuant to Section B.3.7 of the 2016 United Church Manual, only full members present may vote at Congregational Meetings, however with consent of members, adherents may vote on temporal matters (i.e. financial matters, but not on matters concerning the pastoral relationship or dealing with property).

Graham called for the following 5 MOTIONS:

Motion to permit Adherents to vote on Temporal Matters;
Moved by Jane Maass Seconded by Lohn Lochead Motion Carried

Motion to Approve the Agenda for 175th Annual Congregational Meeting on March 26, 2017; Moved by Marion Johnston Seconded by Lynn Oliver Motion Carried

Motion to approve the Minutes of the 174th Annual Congregational Meeting held Feb. 28, 2016 (printed in the Annual Report); Moved by Dave Rutherford Seconded by Pat Tummon Motion Carried

Motion to approve the Minutes of the Congregational Meeting held May 29, 2016 (distributed to the congregation June 2016; one copy is on every table); Moved by Peter Oliver Seconded by Jane Maass Motion Carried

Motion to accept the 2016 Annual Report as printed and distributed;
Moved by John Lochead Seconded ken Summers Motion Carried

Presentation of the 2016 Year End Financial Report (Treasurer, John Fraser) John highlighted the receipts and disbursements, noting that staffing costs were down $30k with the departure of Alison Clark and Teresa Carse and the retirement of Ken Summers. The interim music and choir services of Ken Seiling and the volunteer bookkeeper resulted in this savings. John noted some of the value added benefits of Keith Summers role in communication (enhanced website, weekly e-newsletter, compliance with regulations for music royalties etc.). Unanticipated property & maintenance costs continue along with our investment in L3 Group consulting. Each month $12,000 is disbursed in excess of cash received. This is not a sustainable business model. Trinity maintained its strong commitment to outreach including the Syrian Refugee fund with the help of organizations like Knox United in Ayr.

The Legacy Fund was down a year ago at this time but overall in 2016 it rose 12.5%. Thus far in 2017 it is up 3%. John reminded us that we live in an unpredictable future. Donations to the legacy are relatively modest, world markets are vulnerable and volatile. However, we do have control of our destiny, we’ve engaged L3 Consulting to help us manage change and our Legacy fund is in good hands.

Motion to Accept 2016 Year End Financial Statements The Chair called for the motion; Moved by Ken Summers Seconded by Eric Johnston Motion Carried

Presentation of the 2017 Budget Treasurer, John Fraser John laid out the assumptions of the budget and presented budget accountability between the Ministry Team ($143,000) and The Board ($367,000), as presented (attached).

$300k is required from the Legacy fund to meet the budget requirements; after paying 10 % of our offerings to the Mission and Service fund, there is a cash shortfall of approximately $90,000 just to pay our staff and contractors.

The following questions were presented: · What about ST. Matthews rent costs? (yet unknown, but anticipate reasonable) · Concerning HIGH banking fees; have we considered a credit union? (This can certainly be considered. We have a good relationship with RBC and many of the Legacy investments are with them.) · What is the projected membership decline for 2017… Currently at 166 members; (John indicated he has not done this analysis on membership) · Cost to maintain empty building? (We know there will be costs that include security monitoring and minimum requirement for lights and heat; costs have not been tabulated yet.) · HST is shown as cost recovery, is it recorded as an expense? (Yes) · Clarification of the CRA requirement that 3% of the endowment proceeds are to be spent each year. (It was acknowledged that the rate of $300k is unsustainable. The Treasurer acknowledged there are no real opportunities to cut more costs. Our goal is to get some growth momentum going and dig deep from a stewardship perspective. ) · Concern was expressed about scent sensitivities to incense and mould at St. Matthews; could we consider an alternative as a much better solution? (This was not answered directly; however, there will be a full cleaning and painting of our space at St. Matthews and an inquiry into mould will be done.)

Motion to accept 2017 BUDGET John Fraser presented the motion to accept the 2017 Budget as presented; Seconded by Jen Spaulding Motion Carried

Nominating Report & Election Lynne Oliver

Lynn thanked Dave Rutherford and D-J Heard for their many years of service in leadership at Trinity. She acknowledged new recruits to the slates for the Church Board and the Board of Trustees.

Motion to Accept slate for the Church Board was presented by Lynne Oliver Seconded by Ben Oliver Chair Graham called for any nominations from the floor to fill the vacant Vice-Chair role. Being none the vote was called. Motion Carried

Motion to Accept slate for the Board of Trustees was presented by Lynne Oliver Seconded by Kathy Eagles Chair Graham called for any nominations from the floor to fill vacancies on Board of Trustees. Being none the vote was called. Motion Carried

Looking ahead - Remarks from the New Chair Katherine Bitzer

Katherine reflected on what’s ahead for the church and building decisions. She provided personal reflections on why she is here, ready to lead. She drew from a children’s movie Inside Out about primary emotions (fear, anger, joy, sadness and disgust)- the most important message is that ALL emotions are important and this reminds us of our common humanity and that we are not alone. Katherine quoted from Ian Macdonald’s book Living Waters: Daily Reflections for Lent ('Third Sunday in Lent' If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes) How can we be proactive in this sea of change? Katherine expressed hope for the future and “let us find faith together”.

Chair Graham answered a final question about the current status of the property listing. A couple of local developers are very interested and there are no givens on what an offer might look like. An offer will come to the congregation for a decision.

The Meeting Chair adjourned the meeting at 12:50 pm.

Closing Prayer was offered by Rev. Tiina Cote.

Sending Hymn “Draw the Circle Wide” was led by Gord Allgeier at the keyboard.

Minutes: February 21st Meeting

Meeting Chair:  Lynne Green            Recording Secretary: Barbara Hill 

Attendees - Board:   Rev. Tiina Cote, John Fraser, Lynne Green, D-J Heard, Barbara Hill, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver, Dave Rutherford, 
Regrets:    Ginger Comission
Guests:    Katherine Bitzer, Ken Summers

Chair Lynne called the board to order.

Motion to Approve Minutes of Jan 17, 2017
Moved by:    Jane Maass
Seconded:    D-J heard
Motion Carried  

Motion to Approve Board Agenda for Feb 21, 2017    
Moved by:    Jane Maass
Second:    Lynn Oliver
Motion Carried 

Final check-in on discussion and motion to support Hope Spring Cancer Support Centre.

  •     Trinity will match up to $50k for the HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre campaign.
  •     Money is conditional on evidence of a sustainability plan and achieving their goal to raise
  •     $400k to meet their 2017 Operational Budget. They will return all cheques if they cannot
  •     reach their goal of $400k by February 27th .

:  Barb Hill will complete further due diligence with HopeSprings’ acting Executive Director and Board Chair concerning strategic planning and direction for the future. The Press Release will be sent once the conversation satisfies key questions about agency leadership and capacity to move forwards.  (Note: meeting held 3pm Feb 22)

Steering Committee Update – John provided a brief update on the property listing; Colliers provide weekly report on activities.

Q. is there a public listing price; initially Colliers suggested we not published but it is on the Colliers website as $2.6Mil.

John reported that 2 developers touring the site on Thursday; one local and one from TO

This message will be included in the Sunday Board Bit.

Finance/Budget Process - Treasurer, John Fraser

a)    2016 Tax receipts, done and delivered! (excellent!)

b)    Office Copier Lease (April end date) –   

ACTION:  Barb will follow up with Dorothy and Xerox to see if we can go month to month; 
NOTE, Dorothy has confirmed the lease runs to June 1, 2017

c)    Building Repairs- The elevator safety and repair contractor recommends new hoses be installed for $1000.  There was agreement to proceed with this work to mitigate safety risks or lack of accessibility.  (Trinity pays $180/ every 3 months ($800/yr) for regulatory inspections.) 

d)    Legacy Committee meeting - provided solid support and favourable response to HopeSpring Cancer Centre proposal. It was acknowledged again that we need process in place however, to support other community initiatives.

e)    Financial statements for 2016 – John stepped us through the statements and looked for Board support for not paying auditor fees this year.  Audited Financial statements are very expensive; in the past Trinity members David Martin and Gary Parker provided this service. It was noted that many small charities do not have audited financial statements due to the expense. (The Trinity Bylaws indicate this is a requirement however the bylaw can be amended at any time in the future.)

f)    Preliminary budget for 2017 - John distributed the 2017 budget process and assumptions. At first draft the planned deficit is $270k; our receipts (congregational giving) is projected to be $150k. There will be one-time costs incurred to relocate.

ACTION: John will draft the operational budget for March meeting; Board will informally approve it in order to go to the annual meeting

Stewardship - Peter reflected on timing and opportunities, suggesting it’s a hard time to ask for money when there is so much uncertainty. He has ideas for a special spring service to engage members in reflections and gratitude about Trinity as a kickoff to a stewardship message. Jane reminded us that she has not been asked to increase her givings in five years and urges us to do a simple ‘ask’. This prompted some discussion on membership and information sharing. Of the 150 that receive the weekly eBlast there are 70 emails that never get opened or read.  (Q. Should we add these 70 members to the monthly mailing of board bits like those not on online with technology?).  Katharine Edmonstone has been trying to gather information when she does pastoral visits about how people would like to receive information.

ACTION:  Communication discussion on number of unopened email and alternatives.

Communications -  D-J reported that a videographer asked to make a Hidden Spaces video at Trinity (no charge) as part of an artistic exhibit. Hopefully it will provide an interesting story to be shared.

Minister’s Update - Rev. Tiina

  • Ministry Team Annual Plan - Tiina noted the Ministry Team Plan (narrative) was previously distributed (this was outlined at December meeting).
  • Membership - The big review of membership lists is still in progress but ready to send out letters to those meeting criteria for removal from the roll.
  • Nominations - Tiina has been having active conversations to encourage engagement and a candidate or two identified for board roles.
  • M&P - Tiina has reported her concern for lack of M&P committee; Presbytery has confirmed to her that they are prepared to act as the M&P for Trinity.

REMITS    Remits 1, 2, 3, and 4: vote received by 30 June 2017
(Remit 6 by 28 February 2018; Presbytery Remits 5, 7, 8: votes were approved February 2017)
ACTION:    Rev.Tiina will distribute with some suggestions about process and dates.

L3 Consulting    Draft Agenda for Congregational Conversation March 5 was distributed for information.

ACTION:    Barb will follow up with Betty on meeting setup and logistics; and also with Board & Ministry Team on luncheon requirements

Planning for AGM DEFFERED   Draft Agenda was distributed for consideration

ACTION: Meeting Notice must be posted by Sunday March 5th; Barb will submit a notice to the Church Office for Sunday Bulletin (Mar 5, 12, 19) and eBlasts (Friday Mar 3, 10, 17)  
St. Matthews    DEFFERED
In Camera     DEFFERED 

Closing: Prayer and adjournment         9:45 PM


Sun March 5, 2017    Congregational Conversation with Betty Pries

Wed March 8        L3 & Joint Leadership (with Steering Committee)

Tues March 21        Monthly Leadership Meetings; 
Ministry Team 4pm; Shared supper 6pm; 
Joint Mtg. 6:30; Board Mtg. 7:30

Sun March 26        Annual Congregational Meeting

Minutes: January 17th Meeting

Meeting Chair:  Lynn Oliver

Attendees - Board:   Rev. Tiina Cote, John Fraser, Lynne Green, D-J Heard, Barbara Hill, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver, Dave Rutherford,  

Guest: Katherine Bitzer, 

Lynn called the meeting to order promptly at 6:30pm and opened with a prayer. 

Approval of Minutes of December 13, 2016
Moved by:  Jane M
Seconded by:  Ginger C
Motion carried 

Approval of Agenda for Jan 17, 2017   
Moved by: Lynne G
Seconded by:  Jane M
Motion carried 

Steering Committee Update

As reported Sunday the property listing is done and ‘out there’.  We’ve received initial inquiry from Tim Welch the development consultant. Will connect with the Record to ensure accurate information should a story be written. This is not a multiple listing and confidentiality is recommended so the offer comes in without the purchaser knowing the desired amount. 

The offer first goes to the Steering committee to weigh against criteria and then to the Board to call a congregational meeting. 

Strategic Initiatives for 2017     

L3 Consulting Project     

Post it Questions and DRAFT Action items (response to questions) were typed and pre-circulated by the secretary; this document framed the discussion on ‘next steps’. There was consensus to roll out the information and action items starting with Friday’s eBlast. 

Email from K Bitzer to Rev. Tiina was shared, reflecting on the meeting and the continuum of decisions over the past 5 years. 

Rev Tiina indicated that Katharine Edmonstone regularly takes weekly eBlast to all her pastoral visits to share what’s happening. There is an action item to collect, print and mail these updates once a month to shut-ins. 

Action items from Jan 15 L3 Meeting discussion

K Bitzer’s suggestion for chronological timeline/ history will be considered further; Barb will acknowledge receipt and thank her for her input and thoughtful considerations. 

Interim Site - St. Matthews        

General discussion on next steps from Joint Meeting December 6th; space planning was the priority item. 

Space Planning team has not been identified yet.  Paul Kalbfleisch (St. Matthews) has requested a high level space assessment meeting in next 2-3 weeks. This is conceptual and not detailed. 

ACTION:Barb, Dave and Tiina will attend the site visit/ walk around; Barb will schedule with Paul.    

Barb will invite Matt Carse (IT/Tech) in the same visit to assess network implementation requirements. 

Community conversations

Barb (regional/municipal conversations re: role of the faith community in the core) 

Brief update on the conversations with Region, Dir or child care and Sr, and Mayor Vrbanovic 

Well received and leading to more conversations 

Stewardship  Dave is meeting with Peter Oliver. 

Minister’s Update Rev. Tiina
     Ministry Team Annual Plan - deferred to February
     Staff / Volunteer Capacity - deferred

In response to Rev. Tiina’s request to explore a joint Lenten service with St. Matthews this resulted in an invitation from St. Matthews to join in their Lenten series. Further dialogue is required. 

Rev. Tiina reported the Worship Committee has decided to scale down the sanctuary by removing banks of (side) pews to force a more intimate seating arrangement on Sundays. 

This will replicate a smaller space, (as we will experience it at St. Matthews). This received mixed response; more discussion would be helpful and nothing can happen without a carefully crafted communication strategy.   

Membership review process

The UCC Church Roll is the historic record, still a vintage, hand written process and the ledger includes all baptisms, deaths, births, marriages. 

It was noted that an accurate membership list is important when voting on property redevelopment decisions.   

The protocol   developed for this review, and the review done by Laurie Gilmore, Lynda Donohue, Ken Summers and Kathy Lees, is certainly appreciated. There was approval in principal of the process (for identifying removals) from the roll and board members review of the lists is to be done asap.  The recommendations for ‘removal’ from the roll will come to the February Board meeting for a Board Motion. 

Spirituality in the Arts

A college student (Rene) working with Rev Tiina will help roll out activities (drumming circles, painting, juggling etc.) as another new program. Rev. Tiina holds the action items and is exploring resources to facilitate these sessions.  

REMITS – Definition: Someone's remit is the area of activity which they are expected to deal with, or which they have authority to deal with. 

All churches are required to vote on remits and the congregation needs to be introduced to them and educated in advance.  

Eight remits were identified at General Conference 2016 which affect the structure of the United Church and how it is funded. Five require a congregation vote, four of these are to be submitted by end of June 2017. (Three remits are for Presbyteries only.) 

*** Additional NOTE : 

  • Remits 1, 2, 3, and 4: votes must be received by 30 June 2017 
  • Presbytery Remits 5, 7, 8: votes must be received by 17 February 2017 
  • Remit 6: votes must be received by 28 February 2018 

ACTION:  We need to plan remit learning session(s) this spring to meet the June 2017 deadline.   

Rev Tiina will send out remits (details) to the board as a first step.  

However, this link takes you to the 8 remits, the study guides are included.  http://www.gc42.ca/remits  

MINISTER/BOARD dialogue - regular Minister-Board meetings (dialogue with a subset of the Board) have been requested for some time. John is looking for another board member to join him in these conversations.  NOTE: Lynne Oliver has agreed to do this. 

Finance/Budget Process    

John reported our annual 2016 receipts   dropped another $25%K ($75K in the past three- four years) 

City of Kitchener wrote to say our gas billing was under charged by $1000, and this is now due. 

The Feb 21 Board meeting John will review statements and preliminary budget; Budget will be not fully developed until the Annual meeting in March. 

ACTION:   Board Report – The board secretary will go through 2016 minutes for highlights to draft the framework of the report. The Board will be asked to provide input; D-J will assist with crafting the report. 

Governance   (20-30min) 

M&P rebuild – (as per L3 report)Discussion - deferred 

Nominations - vacancies identified    NOTE:  AGM March 26, 2017 

ACTION: Barb will submit the list of vacancies and opportunities to Dorothy for the Sunday bulletin.     



BOARD BITS Jan 22nd, Ginger will provide an update on the Jan 15 Congregational meeting and action items  

Ask Min. Team to consider doing Board bits on Jan 29th 

ACTION:need to be assignedSun Feb 6;   Sun Feb 12 (Barb did this one); Sun Feb 19


L3 Meeting with Board & Ministry Team  Mon Feb 6th  

Regular Board Meeting Tues Feb 21st  

*** Additional NOTE: 

Following our JOINT meeting with Betty Pries on Feb 6, the Board and Ministry Team agreed to meet on the same night and have a shared cross over meeting with a meal. 

The Ministry Team will convene at 4:00; Supper at 6:00; joint meeting 6:30-7:30 

The Board will continue its meeting 7:30 -8:30 

Closing Prayer provided by Rev. Tiina 

Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm  

In Camera - none held 

Meeting Chair – Lynn Green

Board Secretary – Barb Hill


Minutes: Dec 13th Meeting


Trinity United Church, Kitchener

Meeting Of Dec 13, 2016 held at home of Jane Maass, Waterloo ON

Meeting Chair: Lynne Green

Attendees: Ginger Comission, Rev. Tiina Coté, John Fraser, Lynne Green, D-J Heard, Barbara Hill, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Dave Rutherford

  • 5:00 PM (Sharp) L3Group Betty Pries stepped through the L3 report on Interviews and survey results.
  • 6:30 PM Jane provided a lovely supper,
  • 7:15 PM Chair Lynne called to order.


Approval of Minutes ofNovember 15, 2016

  • Moved by Jane Maass
  • Seconded by Ginger Comissoin

Motion carried 

Approval of the Agenda for Dec 13, 2016  

  • Moved by D-J
  • Seconded by Lynn Oliver

Motion carried 

Steering Committee –

John provided a brief recap of current state. Final resolutions were signed Tues Dec 6 to confirm Trinity NFP to handle any property transactions. Signatures from Ginger Comission and Lynne Green were handled electronically and returned directly to Jodey Theriault at Gowlings.

 Strategic Initiatives for 2017

a) St. Matthews

There was consensus that it had been a good meeting with St. Matthews on  December 6th and a space planning team should start in January. First priority is to nail down requirements and start to identify the leasehold improvements required to make the space suit our purpose.

ACTION: Distribute previous skills and interest document and connect with those who declared an interest in space planning.  D-J is prepared to follow up in January; Lynn O agreed to assist.

ACTION: The TUC Steering Committee will meet with their Vision Committee to explore property potential.

b) Community and Partnership conversations

Barb provided a brief summary of the community based conversations in progress, inclusive of Commissioner of Social Services, Kitchener Mayor, Dir of Children’s Services and Dir of Seniors Services.

Emerging themes: child care in the core is insufficient, need for seniors services is growing, and social interactions for those that are marginalized (isolated in poverty, isolated seniors in their homes).

ACTION: D-J suggested a blog be written to engage interest in this scan of community needs.

c) Communication Plan

Highlights and discussion on effectiveness of current efforts to enhance communication; appreciation was expressed for the skills Keith is bringing to the task and the data available to assess effectiveness (e.g. Google analytics, website hits, how many people actually read the weekly e-blast).

Dorothy Hibbard will be asked to include the Ministry Team and Board members in the church bulletin with invitation to address any questions folks might have.

Music audios can now be posted on YouTube with a still photo. Teen Instagram account has been created along with a teen blog … (“ what moves them spirituality?”)

FYI, Barb is meeting with Matt Carse and Keith Summers on Friday for  IT upgrade planning.

d) Stewardship: No information at this time


e) L3 Consulting: Follow-up from L3 Report?

Betty will finesse the report for the Board and prepare an Executive Summary for the congregation. Betty is scheduled to meet with the Board on Jan 10 2017 to review the summary for presentation and she will join the congregation after service on Sunday Jan 15.

There is an extensive lineup of meetings for the work of Betty and the L3 Group; the consensus was to defer the Annual General Meeting of the Congregation (AGM) a month, to March 26.

ACTION: Luncheon planning required for Sun Jan 15.

  1. Minister’s Update: Rev. Tiina
    1. Ministry Team budget was shared, inclusive of the proposed communications budget.  The budget highlights the building maintenance costs as a significant drain on resources.
    2. Discussion included confirming potential commitment to TCOW for 2017;
    3. there was consensus to tag residual OOTC funds as a seed fund for a new initiative;
    4. Pauline Underwood is recording secretary for Ministry Team;
    5. The church building will be open: Dec 28, 29 and the church office is closed: Dec 26, 27, 28, 29, 30.
    6. Tiina commented on the workload in the office, and many deadlines imposed on Dorothy.

2. Finance/Budget highlights Treasurer: John Fraser    

  1. Good News! Legacy is up $40k since end of Sept
  2. $40k was approved for transfer from Legacy today to stay onside with policy for disbursement
  3. An unexpected $7k is required to fix the boiler this week
  4. Shamrose will receive $4k from TUC  for legal support in two instalments $2k 2016, $2k 2017)

3. Governance:                                                                                  

Nominations was briefly discussed; jointly the Board and Ministry team is approximately15 people which (combined) is a reasonable size leadership group. However recruitment for specific tasks and work teams is still critical.

NOTE: Anyone contemplating stepping down from the Board needs to declare this in early January.

ACTION: Collectively we own the process of recruitment and need to consider recruitment with purpose and skills in mind.          

4. Congregational Communication:

  1. Board Bits schedule – Dec 18, 2016 – Lynne Green;
  2. Lynne will provide an update on the L3 report and upcoming meeting with the congregation on Sun Jan 15th .

ACTION: Barb will send a signup sheet for 2017.

5. Closing Prayer and adjournment at 9:20 PM          

No in camera meeting took place.                                                                                       

NEXT MEETINGS: January 10th, January 17th, 2017

NOTE: AGM moved to March 26th

Meetings – DRAFT , to be confirmed

  • L3 Report at Board Meeting  - Dec 13, 2016
  • L3 Meeting with Board - Tues Jan 10, 2017
  • L3 Meeting with Congregation - Sun Jan 15, 2017
  • Regular Board Meeting - Tues Jan 17
  • L3, Board & MT - Tues Feb 21
  • L3 Meeting with Congregation - Sun Mar 5
  • L3, Board, MT & Steering Comm. - Tues Mar 21
  • AGM with congregation - Sun Mar 26
  • L3, Board, MT Meeting - Tues Apr 18
  • L3 Meeting with Congregation - Sun Apr 23
  • L3, Board, MT Meeting - Tues May 16
  • Regular Board Meeting - Tues June 20

Board Follow-Up to L3 - Congregational Meeting #1 Jan 15, 2017

Betty Pries and the L3 Group of consultants was hired to support and manage the magnitude of change for the congregation as we make significant decisions on the sale of our building at 74 Frederick Street and plan to relocate as a tenant at St. Matthews Lutheran Church on Benton Street. 

Betty's first facilitated congregational conversation was on Sunday January 15, 2017 and the following action items are a response to the questions posed by those present at this meeting. A key focus of the discussion was communication between the Board, Redevelopment Steering Committee and the congregation to ensure there are multiple strategies and medium for sharing information, comments and concerns and to maximize the transparency about Board actions and trust in their decisions. 


The following action items are to enhance communication and engagement in Trinity and respond to some very specific questions. (Questions specific to the redevelopment process have also been inserted into the Redevelopment FAQ document.)

  1. Weekly Board Bits will be copied/ consolidated into one contiguous WORD document on a monthly basis. Minimal formatting will be required; the sole purpose is a monthly mailing to those who are not ‘on line’ or attending church. This document will also be available for any pastoral visitors.
    Pastoral Visitor(s) can also inquire on preferences for receiving information.
  2. A Board Bit extension can be added to the auto-attendant on the phone system. e.g.. "for the weekly Board Bit Dial '7'. 
  3. The photo directory project unfortunately ‘died’ in the office during staff transition however Dorothy has successfully picked this up and we hope to receive copies by end of February. A regular paper directory listing for the Trinity community is available through the church office and can be sent electronically if preferred.
  4. Board Agendas and Approved Board Minutes will be posted on the Trinity website as of January 27 and a link will be included in an e-blast. (Board Minutes are Approved at the following meeting).
  5. Reporting the ‘good news and the challenges’ will be included in future board bits and board minutes.  "We need to know what is not going well."
  6. A strategy for asking questions, raising concerns: There is ubiquitous access to church leadership (Board, Ministry Team, Steering Committee Chair). Any church member may call any board member at any time with a complaint, concern or compliment. The next congregational conversation facilitated by L3 is March 5th.
  7. A Suggestion Box has been used in the past and has been reinstated in the front access. A second one will be installed in the side foyer beside the office. They will be emptied once a week for Board review.
  8. There is an OPEN INVITATION to any and all church members to be involved, get involved. Be the change you wish to see at Trinity. All Trinity ‘groups’ are reported in every annual report and in the church directory and appear on the website.
  9. As noted in eBlasts, Nominations are open for your church leadership to be voted in at the Annual General Meeting of the Congregation. Contact any board member if you are interested in:  
  • Ministry Team (lay members) 
  • Board Chair/ Co-Chair / Vice Chair 
  • Board Secretary 
  • Board – Ministry Liaison  (attends Ministry Team meetings) 
  • Presbytery Reps 
  • Finance 
  • Stewardship 
  • Redevelopment Steering Committee 

Other (non-voted opportunities) include: 

  • Ministry & Personnel (M&P) – contact Past Chair Dave Rutherford 
  • Worship Committee – contact Barbara Bitzer 
  • Communion Preparation  - contact Lynn Oliver
  • Choir – Contact Jennifer Spaulding
  • Social Action Team (SAT) – contact Dennis Watson
  • Fellowship Club – Contact Annette Rouse
  • Book Club -  contact Eleanor Brent
  • Book Study Group – Contact Rev. Tiina Coté
  • Church School / Godly Play – contact Marg Collard
  • Messy Church – contact Tina Coutts
  • Pastoral Care & Visiting – contact Laurie Gilmore 
  • Flowers – contact Laurie Gilmore
  • Legacy Fund Committee – contact Ron Gadbois

Other Volunteer Opportunities – contact Board Secretary 

  • Board Bit Story Teller   - record weekly board bits  
  • Friends of the Building  - help support maintenance and cleaning 
  • Movers & Shakers  - help plan for a physical move 

10. The Decision Process requires that a negotiated offer to purchase be brought to the congregation for final acceptance or approval. The expiry date on the offer will accommodate this requirement. In accord with the United Church manual we require 15 days Notice to hold a Congregational Meeting.

11. When will we move to St. Matthews?  We will move when there is a 74 Frederick building decision;  St. Matthews will be available by end of the summer of 2017.

12. In the absence of M&P, specific Board members have assumed roles of staff liaison to support the three Trinity staff roles (note that contractors are not typically subject to internal personnel support). Building an M&P committee is still under consideration.

13. A referral to Presbytery personnel for support of a concern may be directed through a Trinity Presbytery representative.  (Jane Maass and Eric Johnston)

14. A chronological timeline of the key events and decisions in the recent and not so recent redevelopment journey at Trinity has been suggested. This is a work in progress and we are seeking volunteers to assist with development and implementation.