Board Follow-Up to L3 - Congregational Meeting #1 Jan 15, 2017

Betty Pries and the L3 Group of consultants was hired to support and manage the magnitude of change for the congregation as we make significant decisions on the sale of our building at 74 Frederick Street and plan to relocate as a tenant at St. Matthews Lutheran Church on Benton Street. 

Betty's first facilitated congregational conversation was on Sunday January 15, 2017 and the following action items are a response to the questions posed by those present at this meeting. A key focus of the discussion was communication between the Board, Redevelopment Steering Committee and the congregation to ensure there are multiple strategies and medium for sharing information, comments and concerns and to maximize the transparency about Board actions and trust in their decisions. 


The following action items are to enhance communication and engagement in Trinity and respond to some very specific questions. (Questions specific to the redevelopment process have also been inserted into the Redevelopment FAQ document.)

  1. Weekly Board Bits will be copied/ consolidated into one contiguous WORD document on a monthly basis. Minimal formatting will be required; the sole purpose is a monthly mailing to those who are not ‘on line’ or attending church. This document will also be available for any pastoral visitors.
    Pastoral Visitor(s) can also inquire on preferences for receiving information.
  2. A Board Bit extension can be added to the auto-attendant on the phone system. e.g.. "for the weekly Board Bit Dial '7'. 
  3. The photo directory project unfortunately ‘died’ in the office during staff transition however Dorothy has successfully picked this up and we hope to receive copies by end of February. A regular paper directory listing for the Trinity community is available through the church office and can be sent electronically if preferred.
  4. Board Agendas and Approved Board Minutes will be posted on the Trinity website as of January 27 and a link will be included in an e-blast. (Board Minutes are Approved at the following meeting).
  5. Reporting the ‘good news and the challenges’ will be included in future board bits and board minutes.  "We need to know what is not going well."
  6. A strategy for asking questions, raising concerns: There is ubiquitous access to church leadership (Board, Ministry Team, Steering Committee Chair). Any church member may call any board member at any time with a complaint, concern or compliment. The next congregational conversation facilitated by L3 is March 5th.
  7. A Suggestion Box has been used in the past and has been reinstated in the front access. A second one will be installed in the side foyer beside the office. They will be emptied once a week for Board review.
  8. There is an OPEN INVITATION to any and all church members to be involved, get involved. Be the change you wish to see at Trinity. All Trinity ‘groups’ are reported in every annual report and in the church directory and appear on the website.
  9. As noted in eBlasts, Nominations are open for your church leadership to be voted in at the Annual General Meeting of the Congregation. Contact any board member if you are interested in:  
  • Ministry Team (lay members) 
  • Board Chair/ Co-Chair / Vice Chair 
  • Board Secretary 
  • Board – Ministry Liaison  (attends Ministry Team meetings) 
  • Presbytery Reps 
  • Finance 
  • Stewardship 
  • Redevelopment Steering Committee 

Other (non-voted opportunities) include: 

  • Ministry & Personnel (M&P) – contact Past Chair Dave Rutherford 
  • Worship Committee – contact Barbara Bitzer 
  • Communion Preparation  - contact Lynn Oliver
  • Choir – Contact Jennifer Spaulding
  • Social Action Team (SAT) – contact Dennis Watson
  • Fellowship Club – Contact Annette Rouse
  • Book Club -  contact Eleanor Brent
  • Book Study Group – Contact Rev. Tiina Coté
  • Church School / Godly Play – contact Marg Collard
  • Messy Church – contact Tina Coutts
  • Pastoral Care & Visiting – contact Laurie Gilmore 
  • Flowers – contact Laurie Gilmore
  • Legacy Fund Committee – contact Ron Gadbois

Other Volunteer Opportunities – contact Board Secretary 

  • Board Bit Story Teller   - record weekly board bits  
  • Friends of the Building  - help support maintenance and cleaning 
  • Movers & Shakers  - help plan for a physical move 

10. The Decision Process requires that a negotiated offer to purchase be brought to the congregation for final acceptance or approval. The expiry date on the offer will accommodate this requirement. In accord with the United Church manual we require 15 days Notice to hold a Congregational Meeting.

11. When will we move to St. Matthews?  We will move when there is a 74 Frederick building decision;  St. Matthews will be available by end of the summer of 2017.

12. In the absence of M&P, specific Board members have assumed roles of staff liaison to support the three Trinity staff roles (note that contractors are not typically subject to internal personnel support). Building an M&P committee is still under consideration.

13. A referral to Presbytery personnel for support of a concern may be directed through a Trinity Presbytery representative.  (Jane Maass and Eric Johnston)

14. A chronological timeline of the key events and decisions in the recent and not so recent redevelopment journey at Trinity has been suggested. This is a work in progress and we are seeking volunteers to assist with development and implementation.