Minutes: Dec 13th Meeting


Trinity United Church, Kitchener

Meeting Of Dec 13, 2016 held at home of Jane Maass, Waterloo ON

Meeting Chair: Lynne Green

Attendees: Ginger Comission, Rev. Tiina Coté, John Fraser, Lynne Green, D-J Heard, Barbara Hill, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Dave Rutherford

  • 5:00 PM (Sharp) L3Group Betty Pries stepped through the L3 report on Interviews and survey results.
  • 6:30 PM Jane provided a lovely supper,
  • 7:15 PM Chair Lynne called to order.


Approval of Minutes ofNovember 15, 2016

  • Moved by Jane Maass
  • Seconded by Ginger Comissoin

Motion carried 

Approval of the Agenda for Dec 13, 2016  

  • Moved by D-J
  • Seconded by Lynn Oliver

Motion carried 

Steering Committee –

John provided a brief recap of current state. Final resolutions were signed Tues Dec 6 to confirm Trinity NFP to handle any property transactions. Signatures from Ginger Comission and Lynne Green were handled electronically and returned directly to Jodey Theriault at Gowlings.

 Strategic Initiatives for 2017

a) St. Matthews

There was consensus that it had been a good meeting with St. Matthews on  December 6th and a space planning team should start in January. First priority is to nail down requirements and start to identify the leasehold improvements required to make the space suit our purpose.

ACTION: Distribute previous skills and interest document and connect with those who declared an interest in space planning.  D-J is prepared to follow up in January; Lynn O agreed to assist.

ACTION: The TUC Steering Committee will meet with their Vision Committee to explore property potential.

b) Community and Partnership conversations

Barb provided a brief summary of the community based conversations in progress, inclusive of Commissioner of Social Services, Kitchener Mayor, Dir of Children’s Services and Dir of Seniors Services.

Emerging themes: child care in the core is insufficient, need for seniors services is growing, and social interactions for those that are marginalized (isolated in poverty, isolated seniors in their homes).

ACTION: D-J suggested a blog be written to engage interest in this scan of community needs.

c) Communication Plan

Highlights and discussion on effectiveness of current efforts to enhance communication; appreciation was expressed for the skills Keith is bringing to the task and the data available to assess effectiveness (e.g. Google analytics, website hits, how many people actually read the weekly e-blast).

Dorothy Hibbard will be asked to include the Ministry Team and Board members in the church bulletin with invitation to address any questions folks might have.

Music audios can now be posted on YouTube with a still photo. Teen Instagram account has been created along with a teen blog … (“ what moves them spirituality?”)

FYI, Barb is meeting with Matt Carse and Keith Summers on Friday for  IT upgrade planning.

d) Stewardship: No information at this time


e) L3 Consulting: Follow-up from L3 Report?

Betty will finesse the report for the Board and prepare an Executive Summary for the congregation. Betty is scheduled to meet with the Board on Jan 10 2017 to review the summary for presentation and she will join the congregation after service on Sunday Jan 15.

There is an extensive lineup of meetings for the work of Betty and the L3 Group; the consensus was to defer the Annual General Meeting of the Congregation (AGM) a month, to March 26.

ACTION: Luncheon planning required for Sun Jan 15.

  1. Minister’s Update: Rev. Tiina
    1. Ministry Team budget was shared, inclusive of the proposed communications budget.  The budget highlights the building maintenance costs as a significant drain on resources.
    2. Discussion included confirming potential commitment to TCOW for 2017;
    3. there was consensus to tag residual OOTC funds as a seed fund for a new initiative;
    4. Pauline Underwood is recording secretary for Ministry Team;
    5. The church building will be open: Dec 28, 29 and the church office is closed: Dec 26, 27, 28, 29, 30.
    6. Tiina commented on the workload in the office, and many deadlines imposed on Dorothy.

2. Finance/Budget highlights Treasurer: John Fraser    

  1. Good News! Legacy is up $40k since end of Sept
  2. $40k was approved for transfer from Legacy today to stay onside with policy for disbursement
  3. An unexpected $7k is required to fix the boiler this week
  4. Shamrose will receive $4k from TUC  for legal support in two instalments $2k 2016, $2k 2017)

3. Governance:                                                                                  

Nominations was briefly discussed; jointly the Board and Ministry team is approximately15 people which (combined) is a reasonable size leadership group. However recruitment for specific tasks and work teams is still critical.

NOTE: Anyone contemplating stepping down from the Board needs to declare this in early January.

ACTION: Collectively we own the process of recruitment and need to consider recruitment with purpose and skills in mind.          

4. Congregational Communication:

  1. Board Bits schedule – Dec 18, 2016 – Lynne Green;
  2. Lynne will provide an update on the L3 report and upcoming meeting with the congregation on Sun Jan 15th .

ACTION: Barb will send a signup sheet for 2017.

5. Closing Prayer and adjournment at 9:20 PM          

No in camera meeting took place.                                                                                       

NEXT MEETINGS: January 10th, January 17th, 2017

NOTE: AGM moved to March 26th

Meetings – DRAFT , to be confirmed

  • L3 Report at Board Meeting  - Dec 13, 2016
  • L3 Meeting with Board - Tues Jan 10, 2017
  • L3 Meeting with Congregation - Sun Jan 15, 2017
  • Regular Board Meeting - Tues Jan 17
  • L3, Board & MT - Tues Feb 21
  • L3 Meeting with Congregation - Sun Mar 5
  • L3, Board, MT & Steering Comm. - Tues Mar 21
  • AGM with congregation - Sun Mar 26
  • L3, Board, MT Meeting - Tues Apr 18
  • L3 Meeting with Congregation - Sun Apr 23
  • L3, Board, MT Meeting - Tues May 16
  • Regular Board Meeting - Tues June 20