Minutes: Sept 19th Meeting

Meeting Chair:       Katherine Bitzer
Recording Secretary:     Lynn Oliver 

NOTE:  JOINT Leadership Meeting held 6:00 – 7:30; MT facilitating ('storefront' proposal & updates: Transition Team, St. Matthews, process for moving etc.)

Attendees:   Katherine Bitzer,Ginger Comission, Katharine Edmonstone,  John Fraser, Lynne Green, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver
Regrets: Barb Hill

Opening Prayer provided by Katherine E; 

MOTION to Approve Minutes of Aug 29, 2017 - unable to approve since we never received the revised minutes; tabled for next meeting

MOTION to Approve Agenda for September 19, 2017

Moved By:        Jane M
Seconded By:    Peter O
Motion Carried

Treasurer's Report             John Fraser                     (20 min)

a)    Finances and Inspections

  1. Balance in the bank at the end of August - $76,000

    In the first eight months of the year, we deposited $317,000 including $200,000 from the Legacy Fund and issued cheques for $300,000. This means we have a deficit to the end of August of $183,000 or about $23,000 per month. 

    Put another way, to the end of August we were taking in $13,000 per month and spending $36,000. At that rate, we will come close to our projected deficit of $300,000 for the year. Much depends on the date of the move and the cost of the renovations at St Matthews. Deficit could easily be more than projection. 
  2. Givings for the first eight months are about $13,000 per month on average so we still might hit our target of $150,000 for the full year. However, we have some headwinds
    1. no bequests this year
    2. no donations from family trusts that have supported us in the past
    3. our largest donor has not contributed yet
    4. steady deterioration in our PAR contributions. January $9,900 and September will be $9,100. October PAR will be about $8,600. Difference is close to $1,300 per month or $16,000 on an annualized basis.

All of this info is just support for keeping the focus on the move to St Matthews.

3. Legacy Fund – I don’t have the most recent numbers with me but the fund is having a tough year. Rate of return to the end of July was about 2.5 % and the recent run up in the value of the Canadian $ relative to the US greenback will hurt performance. 

Another reason for the low performance is a large amount of money held in cash since we knew we would need it to keep paying our bills.

4.Legacy Fund 2 (John’s creative name for it)– the vehicle we will use to manage the proceeds from the sale. John has kicked off a process with RBCDS to get the new legacy fund set up. We should get our money no later than the middle of November and I would like everything set up well before that deadline.

5. Redevelopment (see Graham’s note)

  1. Gord will bring in his own experts re the cost of fixing the organ
  2. Trudy and the Social Development Center will stay at Trinity as long as we do

6. Outstanding maintenance work

a) fire inspection
b) boiler inspection
c) elevator fix 

What to do? If we are going to be out of the building this year, John wouldn’t do any of the maintenance. 

7.  Snow removal – it’s typically very expensive to have the snow removed. People want a six month contract Nov – April and they want to be paid whether it snows or not. I’m reluctant to do anything on snow removal if we are going to be leaving the Church this year. Does anyone know who would be willing to shovel snow on an as needed basis? Peter knows a few removal companies and will investigate.

8. CRA feedback on our major filing with the regulator. No issues raised although they reserve the right to ask questions in the future. 

Question from John “Who is managing the benevolent fund now that Tiina is gone?” – Katharine E will reach out to Rev Tiina.

Updates                                         (20 min)

  1. Anticipated upgrade/relocation expenses

    Cloud based IT upgrade required.  Signage is required – St Matthews is going to a digital sign and they will flash our name every once in a while.  We will add a sign on Church Street entrance – this project is not assigned to anyone yet. 

    Letter of Intent presented to Katherine B today to sign and return

    Graham Brown has been appointed Project Manager for the move.  Looking at painting (non-toxic), electrical and power needs.  We are asking for an air conditioner in the office location.  Jim Wilgar is managing the AV requirements.

    Storage at St Matthews is an issue and someone needs to be assigned to this.   Katharine E suggested that perhaps each congregational member could write down top three items that are required to go.  We also might rent a storage locker for 6 months for the items that we think we might want and after 6 months assess if they are still required.

    Ken Summers is looking after the care of the stained and tinted glass windows. Carl is investigation (with Doddingtons) whether any part of the organ could be sold.  They previously told us that the organ could not be moved.
  2. Insurance (Jane)

    St. Matthews has the insurance certificate to cover us as we work in their space before we officially move in.  All the stuff that St Matthews wanted Don Wales has sent them.
  3. Environmental testing (Katherine) – no news has been received yet.
  4. Interim Ministry next steps – Transition team asked for permission to request reference checks and second interviews with Supply Minister candidate.  Does the Transition team understand what to focus on with TUC future priorities?  Lynne Green feels the team just needs 4 or 5 questions to guide us into discussions for the future.  “Is he planning on moving into the community?”  Questions will be written and posed to candidate ahead of interview.  Katharine E feels this church needs a ‘doer of philosophy rather than a teacher’. Need to create 5-6 goals for future in order for the Supply Minister can carry the congregation into the future.   The board has already created three goals (July 12 2017). – Implementation of L3, transition to new location and congregational renewal.  Board gave permission to continue the transition process.  Show of hands to give permission for carry on – all in hands up.

Staffing                                        (40 min)

Current and Needs
Ginger and Katherine B met with Gord re 6 month review – went very well.  All choir members are planning on moving to St Matthews.

Messy Church has hired Roy Holton for three months (Oct, Nov, Dec Sundays) to support though until Dec – paying him out of Ministry budget.   

Communications                                    (20 min)

  1. Strategy for the fall (Board Bits, mail-outs, bulletin boards, tours, Trinity News)

    Jim Wilgar has suggested tours of St Matthews once we are a little farther along in our renovations

    Peter asked if Keith can do a video walk thru at St Matthews with music to post on website.
  2. Survey Results? – will hold off for next meeting    


    Tuesday October 17,    6pm - Joint Leadership
                7pm - Regular Board Meeting

    Saturday October 28,    9:30 - 3:30pm - Congregational Retreat:
    Katherine B and Ginger are working on locations
    Request free will offering suggestion
    "Courageous Conversations" with Betty Pries