MInutes: October 17th Meeting

Time:                           7:00-9:00 PM             Meeting Chair:            Katherine Bitzer

Meeting location:      Hearth Room             Recording Secretary: Barbara Hill


Board:   Katherine Bitzer,Bill Bruce, Ginger Comission, John Fraser, Lynne Green, Barbara Hill, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver

Min. Team Barbara Bitzer, Gord Algeier, Dennis Watson, Pat Tummon, Pauline Underwood

Regrets: Tina Coutts, Marg Collard

JOINT Leadership Meeting held  6:00 – 7:00pm; Board Chair facilitated Updates; a light supper was shared.

Meeting Notes: 

Trinity Retreat:          Ginger distributed draft agenda for Oct 28th and confirmed arrangements at Paradise Lake Camp K-Wa-Y; we will be in the Solarium in the Outdoor Centre.

Approximately 30 attendees and wrap-up expected to by 3:00- 3:30 pm.


November Services:  Barbara Bitzer reported… Nov 5 Remembrance Sunday.  

  • Nov 11 Open church for coffee during Remembrance Day at Cenotaph. Building remains open noon-4:00PM that day.

Then Trinity memories of the building at 4pm followed by a catered FEAST (meal). There will be an open invitation to all with relations to the church to come and share their memories. The memories will be gathered, posted and published.  This will require a media invite, promotion and social media.

  • Nov 19 service of mourning and grief and expressing loss; Gord will be doing an evening organ recital.
  • Nov 26 is MOVING DAY with congregational procession up Benton Street to St. Matthews.

Lease Agreement with ST. M still a work in progress. Additional room being requested for storage to alleviate pressures on where to put everyday things (music,  gowns, liturgical supplies, seasonal décor etc. etc.)

St. Matthews Signage: Proposed solution for signage was presented which includes an illuminated box (Trinity United Church) integrated in the existing St. Matthews ground sign. A mid section of this sign will be converted to a digital display. A Trinity On Church banner will be posted on the wall of our Church Street entrance. No concerns noted. Est. cost is $2k; two quotes will be requested.

Future Forward:         Bill Bruce led us in a brief reflective exercise on ‘who are we’ through our connection or resonance with the gospels and the theological leaders depicted on our Choir loft arch.

The Ministry Team adjourned at 7:05 pm.


Katherine opened the Board Meeting with a prayer at 7:15 PM.

MOTION to Approve Minutes of August 29, 2017

Moved By:             Lynn O

Seconded By:        Peter O

Motion Carried    


MOTION to Approve Minutes September 19, 2017

Moved By:             Peter O

Seconded By:        Ginger C

Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve Agenda for October 17, 2017

Moved By:             Jane M

Seconded By:        Lynne G

Motion Carried

Agenda will include in-camera at end.

Treasurer's Report     John Fraser provide brief updates on Trinity finances and property matters.

  • Legacy balance is at $2,232,000.
  • Performance in 2017 is a 5.3% increase.
  • Currently we have a 50:50 split on Cdn/US investments.
  • Proceeds of building sale ($3.5 MIL) will be invested as a separate fund (Legacy 2).
  • Legacy Investment Committee met with RBC,  paper work signed for them to receive and invest the funds.   The investment team favours a conservative approach for these funds.
  • A corresponding Investment Policy Statement will come to the Board in November for approval. The policy statement for Legacy Fund 1 needs to be updated; this will follow.
  • Current cash bal. $66,500; deficit at $193k year to date. Unsure if we’re on track to stay within budgeted deficit of $300k as St. Matthews space-preparation, storage and moving costs still unknown.

John noted that the single IT proposal received is out of scope (beyond our needs). Given level of expense our Purchasing Policy require a second quote for the work. Barb & Graham are meeting the vendor on Wednesday (tomorrow).

MOTION: In compliance with Trinity’s purchasing policy the Board requires a second quote for the Information Technology work to be done to support the move to St. Matthews.

Moved By:             John

Seconded By:        Jane

Motion Carried


ACTION: Barb will inform Graham on motion requiring a second quote.

John noted the Fire inspection won’t be done and an elevator hose won’t be replaced, we will defer this work unless absolutely necessary.  Question raised about the boiler start-up, does it require an inspection or flushing?

Tenant (Social Development Ctr) will remain in the building until we hand the keys to IN8. (Its Trinity’s obligation to provide heat etc.)

ACTION: John will email Robert about the boiler requirements.

ACTION: Katherine and John will review and confirm rental agreement with SDC on their exit strategy. 

Trustees are meeting  Oct 25; Ken Summers has developed a report for removal and storage of memorial windows; Jane will report at next Board meeting.

Lynn Oliver spoke to Health Inspector and inspections no longer required for the (decommissioned) Trinity kitchen.

Storage is the biggest unsolved concern…. (Where to put everyday things like music and gowns? Where do we store the things we might want in the future, like furniture?)  How do we scope our requirements in order to implement solutions?  We need a single point person (Lead) for the storage issues.

 ACTION: Barb will take forward Qs to the Project Lead and report back

·         Are there Moving Services on the project list?

·         Other timeline updates for painting and electrical?

·         Is STORAGE on the project list? Thoughts on how to assign this work?

Other Updates / Check-ins / Vision forward

General discussion on visioning forward. Bill has been busy meeting and dialoging with Trinity members and groups. We all need to listen deeply to each other and check in as Bill walks with us.  Katherine set the context for respectful debriefs of process as we move forwards.               

Bill plans to send a summary report to the Board in advance of meetings.

ACTION:  Barb will send Bill’s docs to the full board (inclusive of resume, CV and 3 pg. “Trinity doc’) so everyone has the same reference material. (Done 17-10-17)

Transition Team (Lynne)

Lynne G reported that with  Rev. Bill now  on board, new work is underway. Leveraging Face time is very helpful and necessary to convene meetings and engage the full team. Lynne is very pleased with the opportunity to work together with this group.

ACTION:  Katherine will extend an invite to the transition team in1Q2018 to attend a joint meeting.

Other Discussion items:

Storage – Jane contacted a mover (Baird’s) but to quote they need to quantify the volume to be stored. We have no idea yet!

Storage locker pricing is available on line (e.g. 3x5; 8x10 lockers)  but there is no process yet for assessing various groups needs and perspectives on what to keep, purge, store.

 M&P Committee - still no progress on developing a committee. We will continue to leverage Board  expertise and Presbytery resources.

Noted that Dorothy is  taking some leave time in December (12-13; Dec 18th -to January).

ACTION: Ginger and Barb will follow up with Dorothy; and options for interim admin assistance  to  ensure appropriate support of the Christmas worship preparations.   

ACTION:  Bill will send his time reporting to Ginger each month.

Nominations Committee; Katherine reminded us, in the absence of a committee the recruitment process still needs to be initiated.   There was brief discussion and consensus for a recruitment process after we move so people can buy in to a new way of being Trinity.  General agreement on March 25, 2018 for the AGM;  check in  with St. Matthews required to confirm space  available.     (March 25 is Palm Sunday and March Break begins Mar 12).

ACTION:  Katherine will confirm space with St. Matthews for AGM on Mar 25, 2018

Ministry Team exploration: There was brief discussion about MTeam exploring ‘other’ space in the city core for ‘missional’ work and storage for program materials. Although purpose  remains unclear there was consensus that   information gathering only can be done “on behalf of Trinity”.

ACTION:   Peter will report back to the Ministry Team.


Lynne has received great feedback about Katherine’s congregational communication that went out in September.

Discussion on implementing new name tags with "Trinity on Church" logo for November 1. Suggested that we supply 100 lanyards; three sets of inserts (with names preprinted);     if you accidently take yours home and forget it you can still outfit yourself with a tag the following week.

Important to provide blank inserts with a pen for new comers or visitors.

ACTION: Katherine  will speak to Dorothy about new name tags using "Trinity on Church" logo.

Keith will be asked to create a virtual tour of St. Matthews when the painting etc. is done.

Request from D-J to use TUC for their annual poinsettia distribution on Nov 29. We embraced Bill’s suggestion to use the corridor inside our new Church Street entrance at St. Matthews... gets folks in the door!

ACTION: Katherine will speak to DJ about new idea for her poinsettia pickup. 

 ACTION:  Board Bits Roster to be circulated; Barb will do this with the minutes

In Camera   

            Adjourned at 9:40 pm.


            Saturday October 28,  9:30 - 3:30pm - Congregational Retreat:

                                                            "Courageous Conversations" with Betty Pries

            Tuesday November 21, 6pm - Joint Leadership

                                                    7pm - Regular Board Meeting