Minutes: March 21st Meeting

Meeting Chair:    John Fraser
Recording Secretary:     Barbara Hill 

Attendees:   Ginger Comission, Rev. Tiina Cote, John Fraser, Lynne Green, D-J Heard, Barbara Hill, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver, Dave Rutherford, 
Guests:         Katherine Bitzer
NOTE: JOINT Leadership Meal & Meeting  held 6:00-7:30 PM; Ministry Team facilitated and Barbara Bitzer Chaired.   The space requirements as presented by Steering Committee Chair, Graham Brown, was reviewed and no concerns were raised. The Steering Committee will use this information for discussions with prospective developers  

Chair John called the BOARD Meeting to order at 7:40 pm and opened with the Prayer for the Budget.
Motion to Approve Minutes of Feb 21, 2017
Moved by:        Peter
Seconded:         Lynne G
Motion Carried  

Motion to Approve   Board Agenda; two items were added and agenda approved as amended:
Moved by:        Ginger
Second:        Dave
Motion Carried 

Finance   Treasurer, John Fraser reported that the Financial. Statements were published in the annual report and the year ended with $35k deficit. John also noted:

  • $107,000 was withdrawn from the Legacy Fund in 2016. 
  • On average, each month, Church expenses are $12,000 more than offerings
  • Unbudgeted Elevator repairs ($1,000) as noted last month are in progress.
  • Legacy Fund as of Mar 20th @ $ 2,457,000 up about 3.5 % since January 1
  • The sanctuary roof lost shingles during heavy wind storms; quotes and unbudgeted emergency repairs in progress.
  • HopeSprings have committed to the next year of operations and are now cashing donation cheques. 

There was brief discussion on a ‘cheque presentation’ to HopeSpring; can we do this on Sunday morning Apr 30th at start of service?

ACTION: Peter will draft/craft a presentation Cheque board; 
ACTION: Dave will invite a Hope Spring rep to the presentation at Trinity. The Social Action Team rep will be involved.

DRAFT Budget for 2017 was distributed for review and discussion; there is an extraordinary requirement for Legacy funds as ‘givings’ continue to decline; annual ‘givings’ now at $150,000.

There was agreement that all costs associated with property sale (e.g. commission) should come from proceeds of sale rather than in the budget. There was robust discussion on trimming costs to reduce deficit and withdrawal of Legacy funds. The following reductions were made:  technology budget $5k, MTeam budget related to signage $20 k. One time relocation and renovation costs will be bundled.  These adjustments decrease the draw from Legacy from $427,000 to $297,000.

MOTION to Approve budget as amended to take forward to the congregational meeting for approval on March 26th, 2017
Moved by:         Lynn O
Seconded by:        Ginger C
Motion Carried 

Minister’s Update     Rev. Tiina    

Ministry Team Annual Plan                 Presented at JOINT mtg. 
     Staff / Volunteer Capacity (brief discussion)         Deferred
The Trinity list of members to be removed from the official church roll was a lengthy exercise to ensure all proposed removals are thoughtful and appropriate. 

MOTION: In accordance with Section B. 3.6.2 of the 2016 Manual of The United Church of Canada, we will proceed to remove 82 members from the role as identified   and confirmed to be no longer engaged with Trinity.

Moved by:        Lynn O
Seconded by:        Donna-Jean H
Motion Carried 

ACTION:    The Church Office (Dorothy) will proceed to send letters to the 82 members about the removal process. 

Rev. Tiina reported that Waterloo Presbytery Chair suggested a board motion would be appropriate to reflect agreement by Trinity to work with Presbytery Pastoral Relations Committee for M&P support.

MOTION:  To accept the support of  Pastoral Relations Committee of Waterloo Presbytery for  M&P assistance at  Trinity United Church, Kitchener and terms of reference and timelines to be mutually defined.

Moved by:        Peter O
Second:        Lynne G
Motion Carried 

New Agenda Item:  Staff Performance Appraisal process… It has been two years since any appraisals were done as we deferred due to anticipated disruption of relocation. There was discussion about employer obligation to ensure appraisals are done to support staff development and agreement that we initiate the process while we work towards support from Waterloo Presbytery.

ACTION:  Tiina will report back to Waterloo Presbytery. Board Secretary will review the process outlined by previous committee and refresh the appraisal templates.

Rev Tiina provided a quick update on the REMITS review, education and approval process.  Jane Maass, Marg Collard, Katharine Edmonstone and John Lochead will develop a process to educate the congregation. They are targeting June 4th for a congregational meeting to complete the necessary votes.

REMINDERS: Need to reassign leads for space design at St. Matthews.  
As D-J leaves the board we also need to reassign a lead for packing to move and a Communication Liaison.
Rev. Tiina will send the Halo report electronically to the BOARD. (Received 3/22/17)

Governance -  Katherine Bitzer spoke to her interest, commitment and past experience that she believes has prepared her to assume the role of Board Chair during this interesting time in the life of Trinity.

AGM Agenda – Draft 2 of the agenda was distributed which included proposed role assignments and the Slate of Nominees for election to the Church Board and Board of Trustees.   

Stewardship   (placeholder)    

Communication:  Board Bits schedule was circulated for signup.

Adjournment called at 9:20PM; Rev. Tiina provided a Closing Prayer. 

In Camera    deferred

Sun March 26        Annual Congregational Meeting             

Mon Apr 3    (Extra Meeting) Betty Pries  with Joint Leadership. Meet at 6:30, Betty at 7PM  

Tues April 18          Betty Pries  with Joint Leadership. Meet at 6:30, Betty at 7PM