Minutes: April 18th Meeting

Following a short break after the meeting with consultant Betty Pries, the Board reconvened at 9:15 for a brief meeting.

Present Ministry Team: Gord Allgeier, Barbara Bitzer, Rev. Tiina Côté, Tina Coutts, Pat Tummon, Pauline Underwood, Dennis Watson, 

Present Board:  Ginger Comission, Graham Brown, Lynne Green, Barbara Hill-Rutherford, Jane Maass,  Lynn Oliver,  Peter Oliver,  David Rutherford, Steering Committee Chair:  Graham Brown 

Regrets:   John Fraser

Motion to approve Minutes of Board meeting held March 21, 2017;
Moved By: Ginger Comission    
Seconded : Jane Maass
Motion Carried

Motion to approve the Ministry Team members for 2017
Barbara Bitzer; Marg Collard; Tina Coutts; Pat Tummon; Pauline Underwood; Dennis Watson 

Moved By:    Lynne Green
Seconded:    Lynn Oliver
Motion Carried

Follow up to the earlier presentation by the Steering Committee Chair to Joint Leadership (at 6:30 PM) a motion is required enabling them to proceed as follows:

That the Board authorizes the Steering Committee, and such consultants and advisors as the Committee deems necessary, to identify the developer best suited to support the Congregation’s development goals as presented in the Committee’s Report to the Board this evening, and to negotiate specific terms of sale with a view to achieving those goals with manageable risk.

Moved By:    Peter Oliver
Seconded:    Jane Maass
Motion Carried

There was some discussion on potential timing of ‘a deal’. This is unknown as some work is required on the part of the developers regarding site plans and concept drawings, etc. Both developers have expressed interest in acquiring the corner property.

It was stated and is understood that a negotiated deal, when achieved, will need approval from Board, Presbytery and the Congregation.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30