Minutes: July 12 Meeting

Time: 6:30PM - 8:30PM

Meeting Chair: Katherine Bitzer
Recording Secretary: Barb Hill 

Attendees: Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Ginger Comission, John Fraser, Lynne Green, Barbara Hill, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver, Rev. Katharine Edmonstone

Regrets/ Absences: Jane Maass

Opening Prayer and call to order:  Katharine Edmonstone provided an opening prayer; the meeting convened at 6:40pm.

MOTION to Approve Minutes of June 20, 2017; 

Moved by: Peter O
Seconded By: Lynn O

Brief discussion on sensitivity of real estate offer (as per legal counsel) and these discussions were considered In Camera on both June 20th and 25th.

Motion Carried: to approve minutes as amended concerning In Camera dialogue and corrections (typos)

MOTION to Approve Minutes of June 25, 2017

Moved by: Lynne G
Seconded By: Ginger C
Motion Carried: as amended

ACTION: Office will be asked to setup an In Camera Meeting file.

Business forward from the minutes; John reported that the purchaser of 74 Frederick will address the matter of the roof with the City of Kitchener.

MOTION to Approve the Agenda for July 12, 2017;

Moved by: Lynn O
Seconded By: Peter O
Motion Carried:


Intentional Interim Ministry and Transition Team Committee
A briefing paper was provided with proposed team members for consideration.

MOTION to approve the Intentional Interim Ministry process and proposed Transition Team Members as suggested with Board permission to complete the team selection and board liaison based on time and availability

Moved by:    Barb H
Seconded By:     Lynn O
Motion Carried:    

There was brief discussion on initial goals for the Intentional Interim Ministry process that the board will put forward for consideration when the transition process is underway with Presbytery.

ACTION: Katherine will bring forward goal setting to the next Board Meeting on August 1.
ACTION: Contact proposed Transition Team members, Barb H & Lynne G will share this task.

Trinity Membership List requires two additions to the roll due to our admin oversights and one former clergy that has chosen membership between Presbytery and a congregation;

1. MOTION to add Gord Heard and Marjorie McKinnon to the membership roll of Trinity United Church to correct an administrative oversight;

Moved by: Lynne
Seconded By: Ginger
Motion Carried:

2. MOTION to approve Margaret Collard’s request to be added membership to the roll of Trinity United Church assuming that she can retain her membership in Waterloo Presbytery;

Moved by: Barb H
Seconded By: Peter O
Motion Carried:

Steering Committee Update     John Fraser

John stepped us through the Board Resolution and the Offer to Purchase. We had received previous draft so the focus was on minor changes, the period of due diligence and closing dates.

MOTION to accept the Resolution of the Board of Trinity United Church as attached;

Moved by: John F
Seconded By: Peter O
Motion Carried:    

ACTION: John to speak to Gowlings concerning the 8th Board signature (in absentia, Jane Maass)
ACTION: Barb/ John to confirm that Graham is guiding the process with Trustees and Presbytery; does the Board need to do anything to support this process.
ACTION: Katherine will ensure Paul Miller is invited (expected) to attend Sunday’s Congregational Meeting. 
ACTION: Board to list key milestone dates and next steps in due diligence and fixtures to be removed; to be done asap

Congregational Meeting
The DRAFT Agenda, agenda flow and assignments were discussed extensively, inclusive of how to manage Q&A to ensure all voices are heard.

Briefing paper was pre distributed on Implications of the Vote; YAY or NAY Vote need to be clear for the members if you vote YES this is what it means; if you vote NO, it means something quite different.

Brief review of logistics including room set-up, Ballots already printed, Scrutineers identified, refreshments assigned. Adherents will sign in on separate list and not receive a ballot.

Discussion on AGENDA flow and presentations on Sunday:

  1. Report of the Redevelopment Steering Committee (RSC); Graham
  2. Report of the Board; Katherine
  3. The Offer to Purchase, key elements; John
  4. Q&A Congregation Comments; Graham, Chair will facilitate

An Invitation was extended, for those that cannot attend, to submit comments in advance.  Any and all letters received will be consolidated and summarized.  Letters brought to the meeting will not be read.

Lynne Oliver will present the summary of comments.

Guidelines for respectful and equitable dialogue:

  • A Copy of UCC Holy Manners is on each table.
  • Everyone will have an opportunity to speak
  • To ensure everyone is heard your comments must be no more than 2 minutes; 
  • To speak a second time,  everyone has had a chance to speak a first time.
  • The Secretary will cue you when you reach your 2 minutes.

ACTION: Dorothy to print Holy Manners for each of the table (Lynn)
ACTION: Consolidate comments, (Lynn O & Barb)

Graham will present the outcome of the vote.

Next Steps    Katherine will very briefly inform members of current work in progress:

  • MOU with St. Matthews in progress;
  • Intentional Interim Ministry process approved by the Board;
  • Trustees are assigned the task of inventorying fixed assets and process to determine what goes with us.


ACTION: Press Release Monday with YAY Vote; Barb to ask Keith to assist with draft a Press Release;
ACTION: Do we need to communicate with IN8? John to follow up

Survey Results Way Forward      Deferred

Adjourned at 9:45 PM


Sunday July 16        3:30pm - Congregational Meeting

Tuesday August 1        6pm - Joint Leadership
7pm - Regular Board Meeting