Minutes: August 1 Meeting

JOINT Meeting: 6:00-6:55 PM
Board Meeting: 7:00-9:00 PM
Meeting Chair: Katherine Bitzer
Recording Secretary: Barb Hill 

Attendees - Ministry Team:  Rev Tiina, Barbara Bitzer, Marg Collard, Tiina Coutts, Peter Oliver,
Pat Tummon, Pauline Underwood.
Regrets: Dennis Watson
Attendees – Board:  Katherine Bitzer, Ginger Comission, Rev Tiina, John Fraser, Lynne Green,
Barb Hill, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver. 
Regrets - none


Joint Leadership Meeting commenced at 6:00 with a meal provided by the MTeam.  Katherine facilitated the dialogue from 6:20.  Pauline Underwood took notes.  Katherine did a check-in on response to the July 16th meeting.

Jane provided an update on the Trustees meeting to list the fixtures as per the Purchase Agreement.

Fixtures List will be sent to the Board.  We won’t remove specific fixtures such as built in cabinets, lights, boiler and elevator.

ACTION: Courageous Conversations workshop;  Barb will generate a Doodle Poll to secure the date for the workshop with Betty Pries; this will be opened to the congregation.

Katherine requested permission to extend the Joint meeting until 7:20pm; it adjourned at 7:45.

Relationship Based Approach RBA to discerning the way forward

Katherine stepped through Tasks Worksheet; how to assign ownership to primary projects.

We need focus and funnel negotiations so many individuals aren’t having separate conversations and getting different information and answers.

There was lengthy discussion on Letters received concerned with the decision to move to St. Matthews.

We need to explain HOW the decision was made to move to St. Matthews versus other locations.

  • How did we arrive at this decision?  
  • Are there fundamental issues with going to ST. Matthews (are we hearing concerns and push back from that side about ecumenical differences, choir storage and choir practice space? 
  • Does St. Matthews congregational time as well to accept and embrace?  
  • Concerns expressed about how to plan ministry (worship) in this uncertainty about location)

The Time Line for moving might be completely dictated by contractor selection and availability process; they would like to collaborate on infrastructure upgrades.


Opening Prayer provided by Rev. Tiina

MOTION to Approve Minutes of July 12, 2017
Moved By: Ginger C
Seconded By: Lynn O
Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve Agenda for August 1, 2017
Moved By: Lynne G
Seconded By: Jane M
Motion Carried

Trustee's Report    

Jane Maass had updated Joint Leadership on Trustees process for Church Assets and List of Fixtures/Chattels and memorial gifts.

Key Questions:

  • What we take (where do we store?)
  • Memorial gifts - Notify families / disperse memorial gifts
  • What and how to distribute everything else that’s left over…. Garage sale? or auction?

ACTION: Rev. Tiina will forward the list to the board (Jane has done this 8-2-17)

MOTION to authorize Board of Trustees to establish the process and oversee the distribution of the physical assets including all memorials of Trinity United Church, Kitchener;  

Moved By: Jane M
Seconded By: Peter O
Motion Carried

ACTION: Jane will engage Trustees as necessary to execute this project.
Treasurer's Report     John Fraser

  • Cash in the bank today $94k; $75k transferred from Legacy in July (8%)
  • Colliers is holding the $100k deposit for the sale of the building
  • Discussion has begun with ST. Matthews on lease; very reasonable
  • Boiler inspection is due; expect a min. $1000 this fall; we can defer
  • Richardson’s Fire Inspection due; expect $500. Can we defer short term? Not as critical now that the gas stove is decommissioned.

ACTION: Ginger will inform Robert that Jane will start making requests of him to assist with moving/ consolidating ‘stuff’ that needs to be moved (miscellaneous furniture)

Post Congregational Meeting; next steps

Katherine shared a spreadsheet with DRAFT Action Plan of immediate considerations such as St. Matthews, Insurance, Communications, etc. 

  • Question about INSURANCE; Trinity Insurance Policy renewal is December 2017.  When we vacate they will credit any excess premiums once contents are removed?
  • What about tenants? If we move out then the burden of miscellaneous maintenance costs is with them?


Trinity News target date is end of August.

  • Key messages are required to address two concerns ‘timing for a move’ and ‘why St. Matthews’ 
  • Timing concerns…
  • Some feel we need to move ASAP; others want to delay until after Christmas.
  • Dates are helpful and significant in bringing people along. 
  • Contractor engagement and project dates is important. 

ACTION: Framework of a plan need to also be published.

Current Work In Progress includes:

  • Trustees working on a plan for fixed assets and memorial gifts;
  • RFP is in progress for infrastructure (IT & electrical) upgrades to facilitate selecting contractors;
  • Integrity of our building at 74 Frederick St – boiler, plumbing, leaking roof;
  • Vacation schedules are a huge impact; more volunteers required.

ACTION: Lynn O will draft a response to congregant concerns about timing (use in best way; eblast, newsletter)

Why was St. Matthews selected? Barb reviewed the events and Board process in 2015-2016 and how we built our relationship with St. Matthews.

PROS of St. Matthews as a site:

  • In the core; equal distance from King St. ;
  • We have our own space;
  • Free parking on Sundays;
  • Renovations are relatively minor;
  • Kitchen space is adequate with 2 stoves; right now we have no stove. They have the same dishwasher

ACTION: Lynne Green offered to draft a piece for Trinity News on how this decision was made 

Minister's Report    Rev. Tiina Côté

As her final message to the Board Rev. Tiina used an analogy with the story of Moses and Joshua; Tiina was our Moses and Katherine is our Joshua.

Way Forward        
We reviewed the goals we had identified for Intentional Interim Ministry (that the Board would propose to the TT) were: 

MOTION to approve goals for Intentional Interim Ministry process:

  • Implement Recommendations of L3 Report;
  • Support Pastoral Transition to and Interim Site;
  • Congregational Renewal with focus on purpose and identity

Moved By: Peter
Seconded By: Ginger
Motion Carried

Barb and Lynne are still trying to complete the transition team membership; it has been a struggle with TIME being the biggest barrier to participation.

ACTION: facilitate a first meeting

Family Ministry    

It was reported that there was extensive discussion about this with the Min. Team.

There is an urgent and immediate requirement for Sunday School and Messy Church
Ideal scenario: F/T family ministry positions.

The Treasurer indicated that the funds are identified to cover church school/ Messy Church role; this is core to our ministry.

One question being considered is ‘we move our Sunday School kids to St. Matthews in September? and ‘escort’ back to Trinity?’

Fulltime family ministry position is required; it is very difficult to build a ministry in 4-6 months contracts; This needs to be Full Time positions shared by more than one congregation.

A job description for family ministry needs to be co-developed with St. Mathews; a shared family ministry with St. Matthews is a long ways out as they need to settle in with their new Minister this fall.


    August 29, 2017 @ 6:30pm at Trinity - Board Update Meeting.
Reminder that Sept 10 is de-covenanting Service for Rev. Tiina