Minutes: December 19

Meeting Chair: Katherine Bitzer

Recording Secretary: Barbara Hill

Seasonal Dinner preceded the business meeting. Social time commenced at 5:00 PM; dinner at 6:00 PM.

Attendees: Board Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Barbara Bitzer, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Comission, John Fraser, Barbara Hill, Lori-Ann Livingston, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver, Vi Peters, Pauline Underwood;

Corresponding Member: Lynne Green, Transition Chair;

Regrets: Graham Brown, Trustees Chair;

Guests/Observers: none

Trinity Not For Profit AGM chaired by John Fraser.

Refer to separate minutes of December 19, 2018

Katherine opened the meeting with a welcome and an opening prayer.


MOTION to Approve Minutes of November 21, 2018

Moved By: Jane Maass

Seconded By: Vi Peters

Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve Agenda for December 19, 2018

Moved By: Peter O

Seconded By: Lynn O

Motion Carried

Transition Team Update - Report distributed; discussion led by Lynne Green

Half day planning meeting will be held Jan 12, 2019.

Discussion encouraged coordinators to reflect on the What If stories that represent some fresh and courageous ideas for how Trinity might worship as well as leave a legacy.

Reg 8 has assigned a representative to support Trinity JNAC requirements.

Credence Consulting Staffing Recommendations report was received and will guide staffing plans for June 2019.


  • Trustees - refer to report distributed – John recapped that governance work was underway and new Investment Policy statements for Legacy 1 and 2 are in progress.

  • Treasurer's - refer to handout. John stepped us through the highlights noting that ‘the market’ results have influenced the downward trend in our legacy accounts.

    • Discussion on discontinued PAR donations and whether there should be protocols and practice to follow-up with these members.

ACTION: John will send names of cancelled PAR’s to Ginger for consideration and follow-up.

ACTION: Ginger will ask staff to inform her of any requests to transfer membership, for follow-up and to bring to the Board

Coordinators Reports Attached

Social Action – Lori-Ann noted all blankets purchased with remaining 2018 SAT (Social Action Team) dollars were delivered earlier that week. Meg Leslie gave gifts in recognition of her relationship with Trinity which included a small clay ‘relief’ of Trinity’s 74 Frederick façade and a drawing that will be framed for our current chapel space.

Worship – Barbara B reported on the search for a pianist/ music director. With Jen Spaulding’s help two choral scholars are excited to fill the vacancy until June 30th.

MOTION that Hayden Kelly be hired as Trinity's choral director from Jan 1- April 30, and that Chris Clark be hired as Trinity's pianist from Jan 1-June 30. Accountable to Barbara as Worship & Music Coordinator, they will share the role, responsibilities, and compensation of the posted Music Director position.

Moved By: Barbara B

Seconded By:

Motion Carried

Fellowship & Caring - Ginger noted that contract renewal letters were in progress for Katharine Edmonstone and Keith Summers for the following six months to June 30th. The staffing model provided through the work of the transition team will determine future agreements.

Motion: to renew Katharine Edmonstone as Pastoral Care Minister as per UCC grid;

Moved By: Ginger

Seconded By:

Motion Carried

Motion: to renew Keith Summers as Communications Consultant with current terms.

Moved By: Ginger

Seconded By:

Motion Carried

Facilities & Finance – Peter is in process of receiving budget numbers from coordinator; these will be used by John in drafting the 2019 operational budget. It is recognized that a revised staffing model will likely influence the budget from July to December 2019.

Peter is negotiating with St. Matthews (SMLC) for a hot water heater in Rm 102. Safety concerns have been raised about carrying the trays of mugs up and down stairs to use the SMLC dishwasher.

Minister's Staffing Report - no questions raised

Presbytery M&P - Katherine provided an update on the letter from Paul Miller, reiterating the importance of how we respond to congregant concerns. Paul Miller spoke to the Trinity members who contacted him with concerns; no further action is deemed necessary. However, Katherine and/or Lynn will provide a brief follow-up with the congregation via a Board Bit in January and stress the importance of an M&P committee.

Presbytery / Region 8 – Jane reported that Gary Clark has been assigned to the Trinity JNAC, Cathie Savage may also be assigned to this process

The M&P support previously provided by Paul Miller will end as of December 31, 2018.

2019 Operational Budget - Peter

Coordinators budget homework, submit numbers only. Discussion will follow in January.

Communications - Lynn Oliver

Trinity’s new governance structure has now been approved by Presbytery and will be filed with the minutes.

Lynne shared a couple of good news letters from congregants.

ACTION: Leadership wall – Pauline will connect with Dorothy to complete this task

ADJOURNMENT – followed by Discussion/ Planning Items

Board members to coordinate / discuss their respective annual reports drafts with each other


Jan 20 – will be a JOINT service with St. Matthews at 9:30 AM

Jan 18 - deadline for News Letter

Jan 6 - Annual Reports due in Trinity office


Transition Team Planning Day Sat Jan 12 (1/2 day)

Annual Congregational Meeting Feb 10, 2019

Congregational Mtg. June 2, 2019

Board Meetings

3rd Wednesdays at 6:30 PM

Jan 16; Feb 20; Mar 20 (March break, tbd); Apr 17; May 15; Jun 19.

Minutes: November 21

Meeting Chair: Katherine Bitzer Recording Secretary: Barbara Hill

Attendees: Board Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Barbara Bitzer, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Comission, John Fraser, Barbara Hill, Lori-Ann Livingston-Breathwaite, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver, Vi Peters, Pauline Underwood;

Corresponding Member: Lynne Green, Transition Chair; Graham Brown, Trustees Chair;

Guests/Observers: Eleanor Brent;

Katherine opened the meeting by welcoming a full board, corresponding members and one guest. An opening prayer was offered by Pauline Underwood.

MOTION to Approve Minutes of October 17, 2018

Moved By: Peter

Seconded By: Jane

Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve Agenda for November 21, 2018

Moved By: Peter

Seconded By: Lori-Ann

Motion Carried

Transition Team Discussion; Lynne Green

TT - update via Board Bits given Nov 11, 2018 by Mark Breathwaite.

Next Transition Team (TT) meeting is Nov 28th, all are welcome.

All data gathered is being analysed and the TT will start to craft a plan, a time table and anticipate a 3 year plan inclusive of location, staffing, purpose, activities and work.

Lynne answered questions related to the weighting of feedback (e.g. status quo, stay together vs amalgamate) and what options were taken off the table simply because they represented a very minor perspective.

A qualitative feasibility assessment of staying together is still work to be done (i.e. can we afford to stay together simply for the sake of staying together). At this time dissolution is not an option the TT has considered. Currently there is little expressed support or interest in the idea of disbanding (or buying real estate). Graham commented: eliminating these options by default generates a recommendation for staying together, however, the justification of staying together is not clear. The TT analysis is still a work in progress.

Trustees Report Graham Brown; comments from the Trustees

Trustees are drafting a new investment policy (revising 2014 policy) for the Legacy 1 Fund to reflect changes since then in the use of the Fund, changes in the markets, changes in the congregation’s time horizon for decisions about the future, and the fact that the Investment Committee’s current investment approach is not consistent with the 2014 policy. The Investment Committee is assisting in the effort to revise the Legacy 1 Fund investment policy. A key purpose of Legacy 1 is income for the use in the operation of the congregation, i.e., to support the operating budget. The investment policy revision will continue to reflect this purpose.

The committee also has determined that Legacy 2 Fund requires a different and separate investment policy due to the fact that the Presbytery (now Region) has some degree of oversight on the Fund, and, more importantly, that the original asset value should be protected and be fairly liquid since the congregation may wish to expense a large amount of it in the near future (2 – 3 years) on its mission.

An element missing from the 2014 Investment Policy for Legacy 1 is socially responsible investment goals (SIGs), including social impact investing. The United Church’s own corporate investment policy includes SIGs and the Trustees are exploring the possibility of doing the same. It is proposed that the Board and congregation be provided with a good deal of background about SIGs so that they can make an informed decision at some future point about whether or not to include SIGs in the congregation’s investment policies.

Finally, the Trustees are seeking direction on what the Board intends by “living within our means” particularly with respect to the practice of drawing on the income in the Legacy 1 Fund to support operations. The current available surplus income in Legacy 1 is about $300K. At the Board’s recent rate of demand on the Fund, this amount would be run down in 3 or 4 years. Of course, it is likely that investment yield will add to that surplus income figure, but there is no guarantee of that. The Trustees are concerned that the recent historical draw amounts will continue, and we are concerned about the stewardship implications of this.

After discussion, it was acknowledged without a motion, as follows:

• There is support for revising the investment policy for Legacy 1

• There is agreement that Legacy 2 Fund should be invested with reasonable short-term liquidity and protection of capital in mind

• That Brown and Fraser will prepare a backgrounder to assist the Board to decide on who best to define the laudable concept of “living within our means”.

Treasurer's Report John Fraser (Distributed with Agenda)

Are salary increases expected?

Some unspent communications budget for social media; Ginger is actually the Coordinator for communications. Question about whether to invest in a social media marketing strategy to extend invitations for Christmas services.

ACTION: Compensation recommendations for 2019 required for approval at December Board Meeting.

ACTION: Ginger to connect with Lori-Ann and Keith and manage social media for Christmas services.

ACTION: John to include revenue numbers in his next report.

SMLC Lease Renewal Peter Oliver

There has been good in-depth conversations with St. Matthews and Katherine completed a thorough analysis of Trinity’s space utilization in the past year. We use very little of the space we negotiated and paid for in 2018. Any miscellaneous room rentals will now be expensed outside of the lease.

Peter is negotiating on the installation of a hot water in Rm. 102 and potentially a dishwasher to help mitigate risks associated with carrying large trays up and down stairs to the main kitchen.

2019 lease costs $35,290 annualized; $2,940.83/month with cleaning and two parking spots included.

MOTION to accept the lease agreement as presented at a fee of $2,940.83 per month;

Moved By: Peter

Seconded By: Lynn

Motion Carried

ACTION: Coordinators are requested to submit a budget number by December 19th.

Coordinator Reports

The consolidated coordinator report was distributed with agenda; consensus that receiving reports in advance was helpful.

Vi added that a Wednesday morning prayer group has been started by Pauline Underwood and Mary Edith Tondreau and prayers may be placed in the prayer box.

Messy Church is on hold for now, currently it has no leadership.

SMLC has invited Trinity and St. Stephens for a shared reading of LUKE in Advent on Wed Dec 5 at 1pm.

ACTION: Budget numbers to Peter by Dec 19; key consideration is program costs as opposed to staffing numbers.

ACTION: Barb will provide 2019 COL salary increases (cost of living increase) under the United Church

Minister's Report (Distributed with Agenda) No questions!

Region 8 Update (formerly Presbytery) - (Update distributed with Agenda)

Last Presbytery meeting is next Tuesday (Nov 27th).

There is no process yet to determine representatives to attend Region 8 meetings and expect current reps will continue until the spring.

Communications Lynn Oliver

Any “need to know” congregational correspondence/ communication?

• Shirley Diefenbacher thank you for flowers

• Note from Pastor Sebastien, in their prayers as our building is demolished and grateful for their relationship with us.

• Letter from UCC Archives acknowledging full receipt and cataloguing our records submitted last spring.

• Phone call from a member thanking Joan Gugelar for prayers also sought clarity on a comment that “Gord may come back”; Gord has offered to come back to play during the Christmas week.

• IN8 confirmed that as the buyer of 74 Frederick they will honour their commitment to agreed upon affordable housing units in the complex.

ACTION: Jane will inquire at Presbytery on Paul Miller’s role and how his duties will be reassigned?

Specifically support of TUC employment issues (NO M&P) and the transition team.

Board Bits

Roster circulated for board sign up for Board Bit messaging on Sunday mornings.

Other (Additions to the agenda)

Timelines for AGM prep; submissions for Annual Report to Dorothy by January 6, 2019

Discussion on WHO writes reports in retrospect of the past year; Coordinators will need to talk to predecessors and to each other.

ACTION: Coordinators are expected to bring an outline of their annual report to the December 19 meeting and social.

ACTION: Barb / Dorothy send note to Fellowship Club, Investment Committee, Communications Consultant and the Choir for a year end report.

Lori-Ann, Mark, Lynn and Katherine attended David Wells lecture at St Jerome’s in October, “Where are all the young people” when church doesn’t connect with identity and gender issue as social justice. Refer to Lori-Ann’s article for Trinity News Nov 2018; stats were interesting on when youth disconnect. Smaller but highly dedicated churches predicted for the future.

NOTICE: Annual meeting for the Not For Profit Corporation will be held December 19th.

Consensus that we would pay the $20 to renew the corporation for another year as our future is not yet defined.

Eleanor asked for more information on purpose, what we’re supposed to be doing and for whom? More concrete information on purpose would be helpful.


Joint Advent Lessons & Carols Dec 2, 2018 (7PM)

Annual Congregational Meeting Feb 10, 2019

Congregational Mtg. June 2, 2019

ACTION: Coordinator Reports due Dec 12/13 and Board Package should be distributed Dec 14.

Board Meetings 3rd Wednesdays at 6:30 PM

Nov 21; Dec 19 (with supper); Jan 16; Feb 20; Mar 20 (March break, tbd);

Apr 17; May 15; Jun 19.

NOTE: December 19th is at 93 John Street W., Waterloo, 5pm gathering & 6pm dinner

The TT is scheduling a Planning Day, Sat Jan 12 or Sun Jan 13. 

Board BITS


Nov 25 Peter O Lease Renewal

Dec 2 Lori-Ann Social Justice Update

Dec 9 Jane Maass Presbytery Update

Dec 16 Transition Team

Dec 23 Ginger C Nursery

Dec 30

Jan 6 2019 Graham Brown Investment Policy; affordable units at 74 Frederick

Jan 13

Jan 20

Jan 27

Feb 3

Feb 10

Feb 17

Feb 24

Appendix A – Coordinators Monthly Update Report November - 2018 pg 151 – 156

Appendix B – Region 8’s First Gathering Report October- 2018 pg 157

Appendix C – Report: social justice – 2018 pg 159

Appendix D – TM Staff Accountability – Minister – 2018 pg 161 – 162

Appendix E – Transition Report – 2018 pg 163 – 165

Appendix F – Lease Agreement – 2018 pg 166 – 172

Appendix G – Treasurer’s Report for October – 2018 pg 173

Minutes: October 17

CHURCH BOARD MINUTES Trinity United Church, Kitchener
October 17, 2018 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Meeting Location: Chapel

Meeting Chair: Katherine Bitzer Recording Secretary: Barb Hill

Attendees: Board Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Barbara Bitzer, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Comission, John Fraser, Lynne Green, Barbara Hill, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver, Vi Peters.

Regrets: Lori-Ann Livingston-Breathwaite, Pauline Underwood

Guests/Observers: Eleanor Brent, John Lochead

Katherine welcomed the new coordinators and opened the meeting with prayer.

MOTION to Approve Minutes of Sept 19, 2018

Moved By: Peter
Seconded By: Ginger

Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve Agenda for October 17, 2018 as amended with additions under OTHER

Moved By: Lynn O
Seconded By: Jane

Motion Carried

New Governance Model Katherine

Expectations of all board members were reviewed with emphasis on pursuing the Vision of the congregation and coordinating the mission activities to inform the Vision.

Managing the operations to meet the budget, receive reports and recommendations from members and making decisions in response. Duties and responsibilities as set out by the UCC Manual also apply.

Coordinator model (as discussed 10-14-18) requires a monthly summary report submitted to the secretary a week prior to the Board mtg for compilation and distribution with the Agenda.

Katherine emphasized a key message from Paul Miller that good governance is taking care of the whole, communication is paramount to bring the whole along.

Keith has requested a brief profile from each Board member for the Trinity News and pictures will be included.


•Dorothy will be asked to coordinate; we will confirm that she has all ‘head shots’ from the last Directory. These will be posted in church space for visual recognition (simply with a name)
•Update the listing on the last page of the Sunday bulletin with emails.
•A mail slot or desktop file sorter for hard copy resources or correspondence for each specific coordinator.

Priorities - Katherine opened the discussion on priorities and how each coordinator will engage others to accomplish.

Reinforce the message and communicate broadly…what we’re each doing e.g. Transition team, coordinators, board… Bring clarity on direction, where are we going.

United Church of Canada update on new governance model and current presbytery rep is looking to understand ‘what’s next’ for Region 8.

Each coordinator trying to understand a pathway forward; uncertainty on what the Transition Team is working through and how to support/respond

Some frustration expressed with the focus on governance and administrivia and not on partnerships and vision. We need to keep momentum going, clarify a vision while mindful of the budget.

Staffing for the future needs to be in place by June.

Work of the transition team is paramount as well as living within our means.

How to conserve the ministries of Trinity (e.g. faith formation) and get direction (work of the transition team).

Communication of what is being done is paramount; work that has been done is not necessarily visible

(Poses the question of what the congregants expectation for ‘work’ actually is.)

Transition Team debrief provided by Lynne Green, she expressed appreciation for other board members that have been attending TT meetings (Bill, John Fraser).

Discussion on music ministry; no applications received in response to the current posting. Jen S will draft a music plan through Christmas with Choral scholars etc. The vacancy will be reposted in the new year. Lynne trying to consolidate and analyze the data collected on Sunday (Oct 14) and the additional feedback gathered.

The process/ goal will address two key questions: WHO are we….and what’s important to us? Lots of thinking and discussion is required and has been done.

The process is evolving and once the data is analyzed it will be brought forward and informed by the What If stories. Bill expressed confidence with the process.

The TT needs to also identify the tasks to build the plan, and the Staffing model is a priority concern.

The TT is looking for a 3rd party resource to assess current staffing level and define requirements going forward.

Lynne’s concern is succession and a 3-5 year plan…WHO is going to carry the plan forward.

Bill confirmed TT is in relationship with the congregation and not the board.

The coordinators will budget for 2019 informed by the 2019 plan. Next month’s coordinators reports on what IS (as of now) and what is possible ahead. What is the gap?

There was agreement that we need to grasp the future (2019 plan) in order to budget for the next year.

Negative chatter from the congregation should be redirected to a person, either a related coordinator or Lynn Oliver who retains the member communication role.

ACTION: The board needs to help champion the work of the TT and communicate broadly. (When and how to be defined, but never miss an opportunity in casual conversations.

Treasurer's Report John Fraser

1) Cash in bank and legacy funds

Bank balance as of noon today approximately $52,000. I don’t expect to need another cash infusion from Legacy Fund 1 until the new year.

Legacy Fund 1 – market value at end of September $2,326,000 – up 2.6 % this year

Legacy Fund 2 – market value at end of September $3,324,000 – up 3.0 % this year.

It’s been a wild ride in the stock markets over the past ten days. Volatility is now the norm and we should take some comfort with our long term investing horizon for LF1. However, it is gut wrenching to see paper losses of tens of thousands of $ like we experienced last week.

Balance at end of day Monday $5,444,000, down $106,000 since 30Sep. End of day Tuesday $5,501,987 up $57,000 since Monday.

LF2 – CRA frowns on charities that hoard their money – they require charities to disburse 3.5 % of the value of the fund each year. This could be problematic for us with LF2 since we don’t know how we will use the proceeds from the sale of the building.

We can ask CRA for a waiver on that requirement – Bill has reached into his Rolodex and I have the name of a lawyer in Toronto who does a lot of work with charities. We’re hoping that he will write a letter on our behalf and explain the situation so we can hang onto our money until the 2020 budget year.

2) Deficit for the month of September $13,700 and year to date is $119,000.

3) Congregational meeting on Sunday – we received $83.25 from the free will offering. One person put $20 in the basket (and didn’t make change) so everyone else contributed approximately $1 each. Good news is that was all profit because the food was donated.

4) Refugee support – you might remember that Parkminster approached Treasurer John in the spring to provide administrative support for one of their refugee initiatives. That agreement should be in place by month end (Oct 31),

Parkminster also has another refugee opportunity that they would like us to consider and the time commitment is minimal. The first refugee may never get to Canada but if they do, it won’t be for a year or more as the application moves through UCC to the federal government, etc.

The Treasurer suggested we sign an agreement with the sponsoring group that we accept a deposit, invest it in a GIC and eventually pay out the money based on authorized requests. The money is stated on our balance sheet as an asset and a liability.

Motion that “Trinity enter into a second refugee sponsorship agreement to provide back end administrative support for a refugee from Turkey that Parkminster Church has vetted but cannot take on because of limited resources.”

Motion that “Trinity United Church, Kitchener, enter into a second refugee sponsorship agreement to provide back end administrative support for a refugee from Turkey that Parkminster Church has vetted but cannot currently accept due to limited resources.”

Moved by: John F
Seconded by: Lynn O

Motion Carried

John Lochead reported that our refugee family will attend coffee after service on Nov 18th, an example of another family still being supported.

The Treasurer asked if any guidelines been received from UCC or St. Matthews concerning the legalization of marijuana.

Staffing Barbara’s update on hiring Director of Music noted above; Jennifer is defining a plan for November & December when the job will be reposted.

Barbara confirmed that the posted compensation of up to $400/wk can be used in the interim for supply resources.

Presbytery Update Bill attended the last meeting; General Council was good, well attended by youth and now three courts reduced from four. Next meeting is Oct 20 when implementation should be clarified.

Ministers Report distributed by Bill Bruce

Communications Lynn Oliver

Lynn’s received a couple of congregants feedback: “church is like a funeral”, “need to change the Moving Sign at 74 Frederick”; “is the board coming back to congregation with every decision?”; “it’s hard to be optimistic”; “we’re losing out on start-up church movement; need mission, need vision”;

ACTION: we are all reminded to redirect negative talk to Lynn

ACTION: TUC News- reminder to direct any stories and updates to Keith

ACTION: Board Bits - to be assigned for next two months; Katherine and Barb can prepare a roster of topics

Oct 21 Bd Bit – TT to report back on last Sunday’s activity


Planning for Oct 28th. Katherine will confer with Jennifer Spaulding on ‘gift and cake’ for Oct 28th and a budget was identified.

An exit interview should be done with Gord and the TT staffing consultant will be asked to do this.

Jane asked if Dorothy or a volunteer can collect newspaper articles for Trinity?

Outstanding: Who can be assigned to the ARCHIVES role?

Worship Planning – The worship Coordinator and choir will work in seasons and gowns will be worn in alternating seasons. (Gowns will be worn throughout Advent.)

Reception House is speaking on Sunday Nov 18 followed by luncheon and workshop

Joint Advent Lessons & Carols with St. Matthews is on December 2. An ad hoc work group is being formed for Advent planning.

Catering versus volunteer lunches; Jane commented on lunches and the ‘old days’ when a broad roster of congregants took turns making sandwiches and were engaged through this process. Ginger, as the new Fellowship Coordinator can think about ways to leverage this past practice. The board should not own the practice of providing lunches. Some What If stories tells us that some people want to be involved in food.

ACTION: Ginger to put together a plan for phone callers / coordinator for future lunches.

Date/time for future board meeting was confirmed and will remain the third Wednesday, 6:30 pm.

Dates for congregational meetings have been identified.

Sundays: Feb 3, 10, 17, 24 AGM Feb 10, 2019

June: 2, 9, 16, 23 Congregational Mtg June 2

Board Meetings

Nov 21

Dec 19

Sat Jan 12 or Sun Jan 13 TT Plan - tbd

Jan 16

Feb 20

Mar 20 (March break)

Apr 17

May 15

Jun 19


None other noted

Katherine adjourned the meeting at 9:00pm

Moved by Peter
Seconded by Vi

Motion carried

Meeting Chair – Katherine Bitzer Board Secretary – Barb Hill

Minutes: August 22 Meeting

Meeting Chair:  Katherine Bitzer Recording Secretary:  Barb Hill

Attendees: Board Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Mark Breathwaite, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Comission, John Fraser, Barbara Hill, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver;

Regrets: Lynne Green,

Guests/Observers: Barbara Bitzer, Eleanor Brent, Graham Brown, John Lochead

Katherine welcomed us back; an Opening Prayer was provided by Peter.

MOTION to Approve Minutes of June 20, 2018 as amended.

Moved By: Peter O

Seconded By: Jane M

Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve Agenda for August 22, 2018

Moved By: Ginger

Seconded By: Peter

Motion Carried

John asked about Presbytery update on new church model; this will begin in January with a transition year. Further UCC update will be included on the October Board agenda.

New Governance Model Katherine Bitzer briefly reviewed the lead-up to the revised leadership (governance) model and the process for acceptance by the congregation in June. Bill then provided a draft document describing duties of the Coordinator roles.

The following leadership intentions were affirmed:

  • Chair - Katherine Bitzer

  • Treasurer - John Fraser

  • Secretary - Barbara Hill

  • Minister - Bill Bruce

  • Lay Presbytery Rep - Jane Maass

Coordinator leadership roles:

  • Faith Formation Coordinator VACANT

  • Finance & Facilities* VACANT

  • Fellowship & Caring Coordinator - Ginger Comission

  • Worship & Music Coordinator - Barbara Bitzer

  • Social Justice – Lori-Ann Livingston

Vice Chair VACANT


*Key contact and priority for finance in the upcoming year is income (stewardship), spending (advocacy & approvals), facility & lease relationships. The income required to support a plan needs to drive fund raising and define the fund-raising goal for 2019.

The Transition Team members include: Jen Spaulding, Ian Rutherford, Lynne Green, Barbara Bitzer and (new) Mark Braithwaite; (Janet Howitt retired Aug 2018). Priority of the TT is to present a staffing model and budget by January that makes sense for the June 2019 PLAN moving forwards.

ACTION: Complete a document review (governance documents) as circulated and identify priority tasks for 2019. Any comments/feedback from the board are to be submitted to the Secretary (Barb) by Wed. Aug 29, she will meet with BBitzer and LGreen.

ACTION: Recruitment conversations to fill vacancies will be led by Katherine B and Mark B.

Treasurer's Report John Fraser

  1. Cash in bank and legacy funds

Bank balance as of noon today approximately $69,000. We transferred $50,000 into the chequing account from LF1 near the end of July.

Legacy Fund 1 – market value at end of July $2,363,000 – up 4.2 % this year

Legacy Fund 2 – market value at end of May $3,346,000 – up 3.7 % this year. The Investment Committee remains cautious in their outlook.  For sure we have resisted the temptation to boost returns higher, so to speak, and avoided any investment in cannabis related stocks.

All of the bills related to 74 Frederick have been paid.

  1. R.Ross - Short term benefits (STD) expired in early July. Great West Life inquired about opportunities for his return to work (fewer hours per week or less onerous work) but those disappeared with his new diagnosis.  Robert is now on LTD (long term disability) and paid by Great West Life. He remains on the payroll but Trinity is not supporting him financially. Vacation credits were earned while on STD but no vacation credits are earned while on LTD.

  2. PAR - no cancellations in the past month.  John and Roberta Wrigglesworth have left Trinity and they were regular contributors through envelopes.

  3. Laurie Gilmore asked me about financial contributions for about a dozen people who have not been to church for several years. Apparently, if you haven’t contributed money to the church, that puts you on a list that Laurie reviews before making recommendations to the Board to be removed from the roll.

  4. Parkminster and refugee support - Wheels are grinding slowly on this work but there is a meeting tomorrow to sign some paperwork and move the application for support of a refugee forward. (Trinity is assisting with the fund allocation process.)


Gord's Resignation was discussed; since his initial resignation letter the worship committee has discussed alternatives and Gord has communicated flexibility for an LOA option (Leave of Absence).  Gord has confirmed the services he can do in September.

ACTION: Katherine will take the lead on an initial call to Gord and work with Ginger and Lynn on exploring options with the utmost of compassion for his situation.

ACTION: Katherine will follow up with Jen Spaulding on Transition team concerning interim music leadership.

Staffing Model will be developed by the Transition Team inclusive of a Music Director role appropriate to the 2019 Plan.

Minister's Report - Bill Bruce circulated monthly report in advance.

Bill has advocated for sizing staff to meet needs.  By January we need a staff model and to be ready to start searching for a minister to support our plan for a modest group of 50 members. The proposed 2019 Plan must include the plan for how our (little) congregation will pay for it.

What If Stories... We need to continue to encourage more What If stories to expand the dialogue and fuel transition team visioning and planning.

Discussion about specific expectations of the Transition Team, to develop the 2019 Plan and staffing model, must be communicated (again) to enhance understanding of current process.



Congregational Survey of engagement opportunities will be done after the congregational meeting in October.  It was suggested we call it a Congregational Harvest of activities.

ACTION: Barb can build it through Survey Monkey once the questions are formulated.

Jane received a call from St. Mark’s Lutheran concerning contents and windows although uncertain about the future of the building.  St. Mark’s Lutheran is also in the process of dealing with assets and property and preparing to move in to St. John’s Lutheran, with Redeemer Lutheran.  Graham Brown, as chair of Trustees will assist Jane with conversations as required.

TUC News should also include the invitation to submit a What If.  Other stories are required.

ACTION: include an invitation to submit a What If and how these will be used to support transition planning

Board Bits:  

August 26 What If stories

Coordinator roles and vacancies

Sept 9 Resignation received from Director of Music

Sept 16 Transition Team update for Board Bits

Logistics Planning 'Team' for Sept 23 & 30:  Ginger and Pete

Oct 14:


Saturday Sept 15 Doors Open 10:00am - 4:00pm (in partnership with St. Matthews).

Contact Lori-Ann Livingston if you can help

Sunday Sept 16 St. Matthews BBQ after services (Invitation to all + Volunteers requested) Contact Mark Breathwaite if you’d like to help.

Wed Sept 19? 6:30pm, Board Meeting

Sunday Sept 23 11:00am, "Fresh Start" Governance training for the congregation (Paul Miller)

Sunday Sept 30 11:00am, Discussion on Urban Election Issues

(led by Social Dev’t. Resource Ctr.)

All Candidates Meeting to follow

(12:00 to 2:00PM in Fellowship Hall)

(Candidates include Regional Chair, Regional Councillors, Mayor & Councillors)

Sunday Oct 14 11:00am, "Visioning" Congregational Meeting.

What did What if stories tell us

Minutes: June 20 Meeting


Trinity United Church, Kitchener

June 20, 2018 6:30 – 9:00 pm

Meeting Location: Chapel – Trinity on Church

Meeting Chair: Katherine Bitzer Recording Secretary: Barb Hill


Attendees: Board Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Mark Breathwaite, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Comission, John Fraser, Lynne Greene, Barbara Hill, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver;




Katherine opened the meeting at 6:30. Anticipating changes this fall with staffing a new board model, Katherine stated appreciation to the current board for the cohesive and functional working group we’ve become and expressed further thanks for the hard work of the board over the past year.

Bill provided an opening prayer.

MOTION to Approve Minutes of May 16, 2018 as amended and with Board Minutes of Sept 17, 2013 attached.

Moved By: Ginger

Seconded By: Lynn O

Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve Agenda for June 20, 2018 as corrected and with addition noted;

Moved By: Jane

Seconded By: Lynne

Motion Carried

Governance Katherine invited a debrief of the congregational meeting on June 10th, specifically response to the governance model draft.

There was discussion about an ongoing cohort of negative perspective on Trinity leadership, a huddle or two of covert negative discourse. Perhaps there are specific, concrete questions that can be asked as we consider more opportunities and spaces for people to air / share any concerns.

The new governance model is similar to a previous model with the Coordinating Committee.

It was noted that Paul Miller was enthusiastic about our revised model.


The June 10th Congregational Meeting Minutes, the PowerPoint presentation and the governance Diagram will go out in the e-Blast on Friday June 29th

Nominations for (new) Coordinators positions;

No names came forward on June 10th, so a process is required for nominating a new slate of leadership.

Check in with all current leadership volunteers on their intentions for the next year and staff the slate with existing volunteers first. These positions were confirmed:

  • Chair, Katherine Bitzer

  • Treasurer, John Fraser

  • Secretary, Barbara Hill

  • Lay Presbytery Rep, Jane Maass

  • (Vice Chair VACANT)

  • (Member-at-large TO BE ASSIGNED)

The current board members-at-large have specific roles that will be realigned under the new model:

  • Staffing Matters (Ginger Comission)

  • Congregational Communication (Lynn Oliver)

  • Transition Team Liaison (Lynne Green)

We will remind the congregation to bring forward their personal interest(s) in one of the new coordinator roles, corresponding member roles, or simply where they see themselves contributing to the life of Trinity.


  • Faith Formation Coordinator

  • Fellowship & Caring Coordinator

  • Finance and Facilities Coordinator

  • Social Justice Coordination

  • Worship & Music Coordinator

Corresponding members:

  • Ministry & Personnel

  • Investments & Legacy Committee

More definition on roles of the coordinators is required however there was agreement that the (new) Coordinators should help define the roles.

Supervision of staff is part of the Coordinator role. For example; Dorothy will report to Finance and Facilities Coordinator; Gord (Music Minister) will report to Worship & Music Coordinator. The Media & Communication Contractor (Keith) and Pastoral Care Minister may (likely) report to the Fellowship & Caring Coordinator. The current Contract renewal letters should include a note about the new reporting structure

Concerning nominations process for Coordinating and Corresponding roles, it was suggested that one on one ‘key conversations’ take place (quickly) with those currently doing specific jobs. The conversation is not to coerce the person into the Coordinator role on behalf of Trinity but rather to ask who THEY suggest would do a good job in a specific Coordinator role. Who would they like to work with in that role? For example, Laurie Gilmore is very involved in fellowship (coffee hour, lunches etc.) as well as worship planning, greets, ushers). Is Laurie still intending to do those jobs that she has loved to do? Who would she trust, or like to work with as the coordinator(s)?


John will include a statement on ‘reporting structure’ in current renewal letters to contractors.

eBlast June 29 update on Nominations for the Board slate (‘no names received; some positions are now staffed by incumbents and there is a process to staff others’.)

Q. Who is having the ‘key conversations’ for nominations?

Noted that the covering message is critical.

It is important not to ask someone if they are interested in a position if we’re not prepared to use them in a timely way (people are tired of expressing their interest and then there is no follow up).

Congregational Survey of Engagement Opportunities in the fall (September) to encourage all members to find a place to use their skills and passions.

(Q. WHO will draft questions?)

Barb will electronic build the survey based on input (questions provided).

Treasurer's Report John Fraser

  • Cash in bank and legacy funds

  • Bank balance as of noon today approximately $60,000

  • Legacy Fund 1 – market value at end of May $2,296,000 – down 2.2 % this year

  • Legacy Fund 2 – market value at end of May $3,276,000 – up 1.4 % this year. The Investment Committee is being cautious with their purchase of securities. Over $2 million is invested in super-safe vehicles paying very little interest.

  • We expected to be almost fully invested by now but world events suggest that we be wary.

  • We are running a large deficit. Our deposits are greater than our disbursements by about $35,000 year to date however, the deposits include several one-time items including transfers from Legacy Fund 1, Timewell Auctions, Dodingtons re: the organ, bank accounts that we’ve closed, etc.

  • After accounting for all the one-time items, our deficit to date is $130,000 or about $25,000 per month. Similar to 2017.

  • We sold $100,000 of the investments in LF1 earlier this month to ensure we have the money we need to pay our bills well into the fall, if not to year end.

  • 74 Frederick St. expenses

  • We’ve cancelled all the services associated with 74 Fred and have just a few bills left to pay. The cost of maintaining the building to the end of May will be approximately $23,000.

  • Our experience over the next few months will give us a good sense for the costs of running our operation on a monthly basis and help with the 2019 budget process.

  • Stained glass windows

  • PAR – two cancellations in the past month. Effect this year is $750 and the annual impact is $1,200. Our PAR deposit for June is $8,860 or just about the amount of one biweekly payroll.

  • Our monthly contributions from PAR are down about $1,000 in the past year.

  • Stained glass windows

  • Were successfully transported to Public Storage on Weber Street near Union a couple of weeks ago. Cost is $260 per month and we can cancel at any time.

  • Sunrise Stained Glass in London were the right organization for us to use – they were very professional throughout. Storage locker is ample.

  • There was brief discussion about St. Mark’s Lutheran having sold their King Street property to a developer and could they use some of our storage locker for their windows? What is their intention.


Barb will talk to Graham B about speaking with St. Marks re: windows.

Bill will speak to Calvary at Presbytery about the St. Marks partnership on parish nursing.

More conversations required.

Parkminster United and refugee support

Jim Welch from Parkminster reached out to Ron Gadbois on behalf of Parkminster’s Treasurer, Jack Reynolds. Parkminster are big in refugee support – they have two families that receive support similar to our support of the Hejjo family and they also provide “back office” support for two other families. Back office or administrative support implies they accept cheques for deposit, issue tax receipts and prepare cheques based on authorized requests – very similar to what Ken Summers and I did for the Refugee fund here.

Jack is 76 and doesn’t know how long he will be Treasurer but he is looking for another Church to take on the back-office support role for another refugee opportunity.

John met with Jack last week, reviewed the formal documentation they have used in the past. It was prepared by a lawyer in their congregation.

The impact on us would be minimal. In this particular situation, the refugee is a carpenter and has a job waiting from him when he arrives. Parkminster has a robust support program in place.

There would be no requirement that we provide support similar to the Hejjo family.

John committed to getting back to Parkminster – the refugee queue and support from UCC is first in, first served so there is some urgency.

Motion “Trinity United Church provide administrative support for a refugee family referred to us by Parkminster United Church”

Moved By: John

Seconded By: Pete

Motion Carried

Staffing Ginger Comission

Reviews & Contracts

  • Gord’s review/PA (performance appraisal) will be completed Sunday with assistance from Lynn O

  • Dorothy’s review to be scheduled

Under new governance model the supervision roles are clarified

Summer Schedule:

Gord plans to be here for the summer long weekends; he has his music supply schedule in place.

Dorothy is planning a fall vacation (October?)

Bill will be here Sundays and in Southampton on Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Minister's Report Bill Bruce

  • Agenda Item: a Pastoral Care update was requested

  • Appreciation was noted for Bill’s candor and assessment of the past year.

  • A question was raised about the discussions on ‘denominational linkages’ that includes Presbytery representatives (three).

ACTION: For complete transparency we will release Bill’s status report through the e-blast and make it available on Sundays.

Transition Team Update Lynne Green

  • Lynne reported on the May 29th meeting and planning a meeting next week

  • They have identified questions and areas for consideration in identifying opportunities

  • The `What If`` stories (discerning direction) will help with emerging plans for Year 2

  • Summer communication to the congregation includes the Stories about, ‘What If…?’

  • The fall will include supporting implementation of new governance, clarity of language

  • The Transition teams key focus is defining a road map for the next 18 months and discerning staffing to support the model.

  • They hope to report back to the board by calendar year end.

ACTION: Board members to really encourage folks to write their 200 word ‘What if…?” story

Communications Lynn and Katherine

Keith's Report highlights web traffic volume and the growth in ‘hits’. There is lots of learning on ‘narrow casting’ with purchased google ads to target and drive an increase in engagement with Trinity and response to our content.

ACTION: Leveraging social media is a larger, very focused conversation requiring dedicated meeting time.

Correspondence: Lynn O followed up with a Trinity member on a previous communication issue and a concern that was raised about the future of Trinity. Lynn shared the full extent of her investigation and confirmed that misinformation had generated unfortunate concerns. We must continually remind ourselves and each other to come forward with fears and concerns and not leave them in huddles and parking lot conversations.

Presbytery report Jane had circulated the Hamilton Conference Annual Meeting report (see attached). Jane noted a more peaceful tone at the last meeting as decisions are now made and implementation of the remits is barely underway.

  • Keys for 74 Frederick were all returned and delivered to IN8, the new owner on June 12th.

  • Keys for St. Matthews is still a consideration for some Trinity members with routine commitments in the building after hours (e.g. choir). Staff keys are not to be lent to others and all staff signed an agreement that they will not lend their keys. The question is ‘do we request another exterior key for a specific volunteer’? More discussion and consideration is required.

  • Bill shared the risk for a key holder in the building alone, and specifically the vulnerability of a lone male when there is/are female(s) in the building. As part of our duty of care do we require policy about being in the building alone?


Ginger will remind staff about the policy that their key is not to be lent.

More discussion and consideration is required before requesting & issuing another exterior key. (by whom? and when?)

Trinity News timeline: All content to be submitted by June 30 with one week to compile it. Dorothy does her magic formatting the newsletter in the second week of July.

Content for TUC News & Board Bits for June 24 & July 1

Jane will send Keith the Hamilton Conference Report for the Trinity News

Advertise Doors Open (Saturday Sept 15) in Trinity News and solicit a volunteer to organize the other volunteers required for Doors Open

Include Bills year end report

Invitation to consider a Coordinators role;


Wednesday August 22 - 6:30pm, Board Meeting (current Board).

Saturday Sept 15 - Doors Open (in partnership with St. Matthews)

Sunday Sept 30 - Governance Training with Paul Miller

Sunday Oct 14? - "Visioning" Congregational Meeting

Meeting Chair – Katherine Bitzer

Board Secretary – Barb Hill

Electronically copied from Gmail – referenced in minutes page 124

Hamilton Conference

Jane Maass

Wed, Jun 20, 2018 at 11:30 AM

To: office@trinityunitedkw.ca

Hamilton Conference Annual Meeting May 25, 2018 –May 27, 2018

The annual gathering of this year’s conference again took place at the UNIFOR Centre in Port Elgin. We were there from 9 am Fri morning until after supper Sun evening. This is expected to be our final meeting of conference as the church expects in response to remits that conferences and presbyteries shall be blended to form new regional areas which will do the work that these two bodies previously handled. Therefore there was a certain amount of melancholy throughout the three days but also a feeling of hope as we move forward.

Work at conference is done at table groups of 10 people. Each day we had a time for worship, a time for Theological reflection and time for discussion. The music provided was upbeat and delivered by a 3 piece band and a music leader. There were enticing book reviews from The Book Room.

The moderator “Jordan Cantwell” addressed us each day telling about some of her experiences over the last 3 years and over the 3 days the various committees of Conference presented their reports.

Retirees and Jubilands were presented and honored and we celebrated the ordination of New Ministers (only 2 this year) and a minister transferring from South Africa

Even though our days were 12 hours long the meals were great and we did have a bit of free time to enjoy our surroundings.

Jane Maass

Minutes: May 16th Meeting

Trinity United Church, Kitchener
May 16, 2018 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Meeting Location:  Room 102 – Trinity on Church

Meeting Chair:    Katherine Bitzer        Recording Secretary:     Barb Hill

Attendees: Board Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Comission, John Fraser, Lynne Greene, Barbara Hill, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver;
Ministry Team: Barbara Bitzer, Peter Oliver;
Regrets: Mark Breathwaite, Tina Coutts, Marg Collard, Pat Tummon, Dennis Watson
Eleanor Brent, Vi Peters
*note: Joint Leadership Session began at 6pm with a buffet meal we enjoyed in the courtyard.

Jane provided a brief update on the final clearing of 74 Frederick St. A final moving truck is scheduled for May 23rd and final revenue from auction as $41,652. A large batch of hymn books went to a church in Fort Erie for $200. The stained-glass windows go to a local storage locker on Weber Street next week and there is space to store any other items that have not been dealt with.

Chair Katherine welcomed Eleanor Brent and Vi Peters as observers to learn more about how the meetings were conducted and the nature of the discussions.
An opening prayer was provided by Ginger.

MOTION to Approve Minutes of April 18, 2018
Moved By: Peter
Seconded By: Jane
Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve Agenda for May 16, 2018
Moved By: Ginger
Seconded By: Lynn O
Motion Carried


  • Barb introduced the process and proposed model for revised leadership model with the goal to define a more efficient structure, more reflective of our current size. The Diagram with notes was distributed; there was brief discussion on introducing new names for Finance & Facilities; Fellowship & Caring; Faith Formation and Social Justice. There is a strong perspective from the Worship Committee on separating WORSHIP from Christian Education.
  • Bill reflected on the importance of leadership recruitment versus the task of the Coordinators recruiting for their specific groups and tasks.
  • Implementation of the model is more important than reams of documentation on decision making, authority, accountability, who has made what decision and on what basis. There was brief discussion on voting versus consensus versus acclamation. Some discussion may still be required but it is clearly understood that consensus may not yield best results depending on the specific decision required. 
  • Consensus is a complex system with different methods. (Refer to Presbytery notes of May 2018).  It potentially gives everyone at the table veto power. If we go with consensus decision making then training would be necessary and thoughtful implementation is paramount. 
  • The implementation implies Ministry Team is dissolved; questions how we fill the coordinator roles is important.
  • Further discussion required on how to fill coordinator roles, to honour current Ministry Team members and open up opportunities for congregants to ‘find themselves in the diagram’ and volunteer.
  • The pastoral year ends at June 30th, it is a logical time to introduce this shift in governance from a duo model (Board & Ministry Team) to a mono leadership model (modified Board) 
  • The word ‘communication` (with voice, vote, veto) requires further discussion, where it fits as a function, not representing group-interest.
  • Further discussion on committees required
  • UCC Manual specifies that M&P representative(s) and Trustees are elected by the congregation. 
  • It was agreed a Nominating/ recruiting body should be named despite the inability to form a nominating committee (due to too few people).

Barbara B., Barb H and Lynne G will take next attempt at finishing a DRAFT document to circulate to the Board early next week, to be distributed to the congregation in e-blast on Friday.

Trustees Report    John Fraser

John briefed us on the Legacy Fund 1 and Legacy Fund 2 Recommendations document that was previously distributed.
John provided clarification on the purpose of the legacy 1 Fund as per Board minutes of Sept 2013, see attached.

Motion to approve the recommendations of the Trustees subject to congregational approval on the Legacy 1 statement of purpose and disbursement and Legacy 2 freezing of funds through 2020.
Moved By: Lynn O
Seconded By: Ginger C
Motion Carried

ACTION: Trustees recommendations with Motion to be distributed to the congregation on May 27.

Treasurer's Report    John Fraser

  1. Cash in bank at end of April was approximately $60,000 – no immediate need to withdraw money from LF1
    1. Dodingtons - paid the remaining $7,000 for the organ
    2. Timewell - proceeds from the auction are $41,652. 
    3. Gross proceeds were almost $60,000; 25 % was Timewell’s cut with 135 hours of their time.
    4. The Treasurer and the Trustees Chair agreed to deposit this in the chequing account to pay our bills. We also received $1,000 from Mr. Gibbings re: some artifacts. We are ‘cash flush’ for now and don’t expect to transfer cash from LF1 (Legacy Fund 1) for several months.
  2. Legacy Funds
    1. Legacy Fund 1 at end of April - $2,266,122, down 2 % YTD
    2. Legacy Fund 2 at end of April - $3,273,584 – up 1.4 % YTD (24 % invested in risk based securities)
    3. Total Legacy Fund monies $5,539,706
    4. Toronto Stock Market up in May so LF1 should show better performance unless there’s a collapse
  3. Waterloo Presbytery Extension Council
    1. Dave Rutherford and John Fraser represented TUC at the Annual meeting held at Wesley United in Cambridge. The Treasurer reported poor representation from the 40 Churches eligible to send reps as no more than 40 people attended the annual meeting. 
    2. With the re-org of the United Church in progress there is much uncertainty about the extension councils.   John Fraser was elected to the Board of Directors; it is prudent to have someone working at the Board level with that organization.  Thank you, John.
    3. There is lots of work to do with WPEC including the defining processes to allocate money, an investment policy, bylaws, changes to letters patent and an awkward business model where the Council rebates interest paid by a congregation after the loan is fully paid. 
    4. With the new Regional organization, Toronto Churches and churches in our area will be in the same region. There was some frustration at the annual meeting over the slow pace of change. 
  4. Emmanuel Emerging
    1. Emmanuel United Church invited TUCC (Toronto United Church Council) and TUC to attend a meeting on Monday (May 7) to discuss their dire financial situation, the most pressing issue is the roof that requires $100,000 this year. Their capital projects are estimated at $600,000. 
    2. Their Legacy Fund is $75,000 and they’ve launched a three-pronged stewardship campaign.  It will be very challenging to come up with the funds required to cover necessary repairs. Ron Ewart from TUCC was in attendance and their short term need for roofing funds will likely be met by TUCC. 

      NOTE: Trinity will not be lending money directly to any congregation.
  5. Other matters
    1. Cost to remove the three (3) corner stones was $1,300
    2. No changes to PAR in the past month. 
    3. R. Ross has an evaluation in the next couple of weeks; the STD benefits will conclude in early July.

Lease with St. Matthews now signed and delivered. 
Bill for TUCC consulting and our Toronto bus tour came in at $5500.
Contracts for Keith Summers and Katharine Edmontone due for renewal by June 30
Letters will be drafted (for all staff) re: upcoming review of Trinity’s staffing needs

Minister's Report    Bill Bruce- pre-distributed. No questions asked.

Other Updates

Communications – Lynn O. reported on a congregant that spoke to her last Saturday about lack of communication, feeling unaware of the future etc., not being heard. It was learned that three congregants had been approached about an opportunity to consider an alternative pastoral leader. Lynn consulted on the situation and it was resolved from a process perspective.

In a happy story, a community colleague was really interested in the stories on how the church has moved on, where chattels have ended up, and a great story appeared in the Kitchener Citizen. 

Lynn posted a final video of Gord playing the organ after the pews had been removed; former congregant Connie Carpenter found it on FaceBook and responded with a nice letter.

Staffing, Ginger will develop the staff vacation schedule and will publish.

  • Gord’s annual review is in process of being scheduled.
  • This summer we are not joining the other churches for joint services; Bill is committed to the perception that ‘we are open’ and not exploring closure.
  • Not doing joint summer services with others creates both new challenges and opportunities. The choir has the summer off however the worship team has flexibility to engage others and may even consider student musicians. 

Congregational Meeting
Planning for Board Bits on May 27 and a luncheon meeting June 10.    

  • Tues May 29 – Transition Team Meeting
  • Sun June 3 – Moderator speaking at First United, Waterloo
  • Sun June 10 - 11:00am, Congregational Meeting
  • Presbytery meets June 13; what needs to go forward to them?  Legacy Decisions & Governance model
  • Wed June 20 - 6:30pm, Board Meeting

May 27th Board Bit will focus on the handouts
Trustee recommendations Legacy funds and
Proposed modification of our governance model.
Ginger will deliver Board Bits.

Thoughts for June 10th.
We moved! and we’re still alive.
Preamble, where we came from, where we’re headed.
We think we have consensus on not spending money till 2020; Legacy 1 & 2 recommendations from trustees.
Brief table discussion.
We think we have consensus on moving to a single model Board rather than a dual model of Board and Ministry team
Brief table discussion.
Transition team…..What will Trinity’s story be in 2020? 
Nurture generative discussion on the next chapter but without a destination.  … directional not destinational.

NOTE:    Time Capsules
Suggested we open time capsules of 1948; 1963 and take the 2005 steel box forward to the next place we pitch a tent.

Meeting Chair – Katherine Bitzer

Board Secretary – Barb Hill

Minutes: April 18th Meeting

Board Meeting Minutes April 18, 2018
Trinity United Church, Kitchener

Time:             6:40-9:50 PM
Meeting location:     Trinity on Church
Meeting Chair:       Katherine Bitzer
Recording Secretary:     Lynn Oliver 

Attendees: Board Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Comission, John Fraser, Lynne Greene, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver; Mark Breathwaite   
Regrets Barbara Hill  
Guests (Trustees): Graham Brown, Chair of the Trustees


1)    Welcome and Opening Prayer – Peter Oliver

2)    MOTION to Approve Minutes of March 14, 2018
Moved By:       Peter
Seconded By:       Lynne
Motion Carried
3)    MOTION to Approve Agenda for April 18, 2018
Moved By:       Jane
Seconded By:       Ginger
Motion Carried

4)    Trustees Report                Graham Brown                (30 min)
a)  Update on physical assets and Legacy Funds proposal

Legacy 1

Graham reviewed the report on the legacy funds and the purposes and disbursements based on the pre-read.  The trustees are encouraging the board to be financially responsible.  We had a discussion around what will happen when/if we can’t live within the means.  There would need to be a congregational vote if that time ever arises.  Peter stated that there may be some concerns from the Ministry team and congregational members who remember being told that all of the money in Legacy Fund 1 (including the original contributed capital) could be spent.  We will need to pull the minutes from that meeting in order to be in the best position to speak to this issue.   It is really important that the congregation understands very clearly the intent of the funds.  The clarity of having the board, Presbytery, and the congregation all understanding will be vital to our success. 

It was advised to get further consultation on what was approved at a prior congregational meeting.  Graham will join Peter at the next Ministry team meeting.  Peter will bring this back to the next Board meeting in May.

Legacy 2

Mark raised a question around what would happen if we had to use both Legacy 1 and 2 funds to move forward as per the intent of Legacy funds.  Ginger asked about the 2020 year – when we vote in March each year we have spent ¼ of the budget without congregational approval.  Katherine – can we write something in that would give us approval to re-visit  in 2019 if something comes up.  Graham noted that changes could be made with Congregational and Presbytery approval.    

Graham suggested that we do not vote on this until both are run by Ministry and Transition teams to gather their input.  Graham also volunteered to join the Transition team meeting on April 30 at 5:00 pm

From Laurie Gilmore:  the Waterloo Region Museum is interested in having the quilts donated (in their cases).  There would be a written contract where they own them and if need be would dispose of them if they had to (can’t replace or sell).  They would be willing to show them or lend them to us for a special event.  The second option for the quilts would be to remove them from the cases and place in cotton to protect them while in storage.  To store in their cases is a possibility but does it make sense?  Graham felt the board should weigh in on this.  A decision needs to be made soon – before May 15.  We could at any time make an appointment with the Museum for a private view in the future.

Jane moves that we donate the quilts to the Museum for them to take care of them.

MOTION to Approve
Moved By:       Jane
Seconded By:       Lynne
Motion Carried
Graham will connect with Laurie to relay our decision

Jane reported on the auction – Timewell were really amazed at the interest of the auction.  It more than surpassed their anticipation.  We are a little afraid of the activity this coming weekend for the removal of all the sold items. 10-3 Friday and 10-1 Saturday
Trinity animators will be present to help maintain a positive atmosphere and to collect stories

5)    Governance                Katherine Bitzer                (30 min)    

a)  Discussion of proposed models and next steps

Bill has had discussions with Transition and Ministry team about the drafted models.  Katherine highlighted the differences between the two models.  Lynne shared views from transition team – conventional model aligned with what we have done and was one small step forward.  The team was most comfortable with that.  There is a simplicity to the model and it is straight forward.  The Ministry team also liked the conventional model but suggest using some of the words in the Circle model.  The feeling was TUC might be more efficient with this model.  We need a person from each group to brain storm to continue this vision.  There were concerns raised about the time commitment if the committee heads had to be the chair of respective groups.  They could just be a representative/ coordinator not necessarily the chair.  There is an opportunity to follow people’s passions around their time spent.  The issues for the Trustees is the investment committee and who they report into – it is a committee of Trustees.  Bill hopes is that by June 10 we could have a draft ready to present to the congregation.

Next steps – have representative from each group – Trustee, Transition, Ministry, Board on a review team to bring back a revised version to the May Board meeting.  A minimum of two and maximum of four were suggested

Transition – Lynne
Board – Barb H
Ministry – Barbara B
Trustee – Ron Baer

6)    Treasurer's Report    John Fraser        (20 min)


I.    Bank balances and Legacy Funds at March 31, 2018
    Chequing account – approximately $78,000
    Legacy Fund 1 – $2,260,000 (down 2.5 % this year)
    Legacy Fund 2 - $3,260,000 (up 1 % since Feb 1)
    Total Legacy funds $5,520,000

II.    Auction
a) clearly a big success – don’t know how much we will net from the experience but it will be a significant amount. Our budget did not include any number for the proceeds so this is all gravy and will help to reduce our projected deficit. 

III.    Our Place – needs their $5,000 back so I will issue them a cheque

IV.    Robert Ross – he will be on STD until at least May 31 – he has a review scheduled in late May. 
    I don’t recall the specific provisions of the UCC plan but STD typically runs for six months and then it is on to LTD
    Payments to reimburse us for his salary to April 1 have been received

V.    Waterloo Presbytery Extension Council
    Dave Rutherford and I attended the annual meeting last year
    We are scheduled to attend again this year on May 1
    The mandate of this group is being revised with the help of Gowlings – they have over $2 million available to invest in projects but are constrained by a constitution that requires money to be spent on the development of new Churches

VI.    Cost recovery for the TUCC bus trip
    Cost of the bus $1,187
    Contributions $1,015
    Net cost $172 – recovery of about 85 % 

VII.    Offerings
    No changes to PAR this month

7)    Transition Team Update            Lynne Green                    (10 min)

Highlights – last meeting March 26 and met with legacy on April 9 to discuss funds.  Talked about survey data that had just been collected.  There were some concerns that some of the negative talk didn’t make its way to the survey and the team is trying to keep in mind that not all thoughts were shared.  How do we allow people to productively vent without sabotage?  This is a work in progress.

Talked about value of asset mapping of people in the congregation.  Park Minster hired a social worker student to do the mapping.  Need to understand skills and talents in the congregation.

Transition team wants to set goals for this year; need to start thinking about where we go next and what are the ministerial needs?  Bill feels we can do a “JNAC like” document in 2 meetings.  The board agreed that the Transition team can transform into a new “JNAC like” team that will focus on getting us ready for the new minister – focus on direction versus destination.  Direction will get us to destination.    Transition Team will focus on best staffing models.

8)    Minister's Report                Bill Bruce                    (5 min)

Bill had previously distributed and no further discussion.  What are we doing about the TUCC discussion?  April 29 was agreed to.  We will ask for lunch volunteers.  
9)    Staffing    
Nothing to discuss                                        (10 min)

10)    Communications                Lynn Oliver                    (15 min)

a)    Congregational Meetings, Correspondence
AGM Debrief
i)    Flow of food did not go very well; positive problem that there were lots of people; 
ii)    Flow of meeting from service to meeting went really well
iii)    Possible fall meeting with round tables that invites participation and courageous conversations about the way forward.
b)    Keys, Board Bits
Deferred to the next meeting

Sunday April 29 - 11am, TUCC Debrief and meeting possibly with City Planners (Bill to confirm)    
    May 1 7:30 pm Conrad Grebel in the Great Hall Rev Dr Naim Ateek
    Wednesday May 16 - 6:30pm, Board Meeting
    Sunday June 10 - 11am, Congregational Meeting

Meeting adjourned 9:51 pm


Minutes: March 14th Meeting

Board Meeting MINUTES March 14, 2018
Trinity United Church, Kitchener

Time:             6:30-9:00 PM        Meeting location:     Trinity on Church
Meeting Chair:       Katherine Bitzer        Recording Secretary:     Barb Hill

Board Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Commission, John Fraser, Lynne Greene, Barbara Hill,  Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver;     
Guests (Trustees): Graham Brown, Ken Summer
Opening Prayer was offered by Chair Katherine.

MOTION to Approve Minutes of February 21, 2018
Moved By:       Ginger
Seconded By:       Lynn O
Motion Carried    

MOTION to Approve Agenda for March 14, 2018
Moved By:       Peter
Seconded By:       Lynne G
Motion Carried

Trustees Report  Jane Maass    was joined by Trustee Graham Brown and Ken Summers.

Organ now sold for $10K and de-installed by Doddington’s by end of May. A $3k deposit has been received.

Stained glass windows – 34 Sanctuary windows will be de- installed and crated by Sunrise Stained Glass (London-based company) as per their quotation.   Board agreed with Trustees' recommendation to store for one year.   
ACTION:  Ken Summers will organize the de-install and storage; est. $20k to remove; moving and storage estimated at $5k/yr.

Gord has asked that the chapel piano and electronic keyboard be moved from at 74 Frederick St to this location (St. Matthews); the piano will replace the St. Matthews piano currently in room 102 (used for choir practice).  The electric keyboard will be stored at St. Matthews
Gord has taken responsibility for the moving of these two items.
The chapel cross (formerly from Highland Rd.) will also be stored at St. Matthews.
Auction – Timewell is in the middle of the inventory process
All auction items will be on line by end of next week;  Auction week is Apr 10.
Consensus that the quilts will be removed from their cases and stored at St. Matthews for now.
All items posted For Sale (auction) must be de-installed in advance; highest bidder is responsible for pickup / removal from site.
The stove hood is not a consideration; agreement that it is not functional.
Assistance is required to de-install specific items incl. dishwasher hood, sanctuary TV screens, etc. 

ACTION: Graham and Peter will meet on Monday re: the TV de-installations
ACTION: Jane will connect with electricians (Jim Ashworth) concerning the dishwasher hood.
ACTION: Katherine is meeting with St Matthews and will confirm the extra piano going into Rm. 102; this requires St. Matthews Board approval. 

MOTION to Authorize expense up to a total amount of $1000 to hire trades necessary complete the  de-install of remaining auction items as identified.
Moved By:       Ginger
Seconded By:     Peter
Motion Carried

Minister's Report  Bill Bruce     
Drafts documents were distributed for Legacy Funds and Governance Structure for our consideration. 
We need to determine when and how to ‘punt’ the governance work  forward to resolution.
Board was encouraged to  start a process; could this process be launched at the congregational meeting? The ‘right fit’ is  3-4  lenses, to deal with governance and accountability.
Trustees and Finance are defined roles; the challenges with other governance functioning are lines of authority, decision making, etc.
Policy for Legacy 1 & 2 funds part of the process; Bill advocated for a legal opinion but we decided to defer this idea and clarify the current terms with which we hold money.  Indigenous issues, (land rights), the closing of Presbyteries, etc.  introduce new perspective.

Suggested these are two streams of work: governance and legacy policy.

ACTION: The Board directs the Trustees to engage a small group, inclusive of non-trustees, to review and recommend go-forward policies and authorities  for the Legacy funds. 
This process may include Legal opinion. The Board has requested an interim report for the April 18th Board meeting. 

ACTION:  Governance – the board needs to determine a process and delegate some authority to do the leg work on this task.

Treasurer's Report  John Fraser; 
Cash & Legacy Funds   
Last month, the Board provided authorization to the treasurer to close bank accounts and small investment accounts and to  move the money to the chequing account. That work has gone well and I’ve now closed five accounts. 
Net effect is to move about $36,000 to the chequing account.
 Accounts closed include the benevolent fund ($1,326).
Balance in the chequing account today is approximately $84,000
Legacy fund 1 - $2,333,000
Legacy Fund 2 - $3,277,000;  Endowments total  $5,610,000 Cdn.
Legacy Fund 1 is recovering from the decline earlier this year and benefiting from a falling Cdn $
TUC Deficit to noon today (money in compared to money out) = $50,000 (close to $25,000 shortfall per month. This is similar to 2017.

2018 Budget
Forecasting $160k in offerings, $180 total receipts with a deficit of 235K.

Music is just over $15K  
Staffing costs are high ($218K)...over half the budget   
Consensus that we are not selling a product.  We need to understand the value of the experience to members.
We were reminded of the stats Bill provided and that we pay attention to the middle 2, 3, 4, quintiles where there may be opportunity to increase givings.
Messages for the congregational meeting:
•    We escaped the looming threats of massive capital repairs and upgrades we deferred (for years) at 74 Frederick;  
•    Revenue increases are absolutely critical.
•    Do a contextual presentation on where the receipts come from.
•    Need to meet face to face with a conversation about value to the individual.
Other Matters
Robert Ross scheduled RTW (return to work) to begin April 8; Final pay and paperwork for his termination to be determined after we understand his gradual RTW program  (how many weeks). 
Robert could do light part time work on site at 74 Frederick  to oversee the de-install activities of stain glass, organ, etc.
The dumpster has been filled by the Oh Family in the corner property (perhaps they have moved out now); agreement that it should be kept locked. 
TUCC presentation on Mar 4th was great.
Prepared food was purchased for $389. The free will offering was less than 1/3 of the cost. Do we need to encourage better response? or incur the cost for these lunches and focus on the larger question of givings?

Annual General Meeting - March 25   Draft Agenda
Nominations lean; one new Trustee.  One request for a board member at large still being considered
The agenda was reviewed and Bill will start with appreciation and memorials during the service. 
Logistics were discussed; we will host makes refreshments available outside the chapel doors rather than Rm 102.
Another congregational meeting will be announced for June 10th.

Communications   Lynn Oliver reported that nothing is pressing.
Board Bits – Pete will ask Ministry team to participate in Board Bits as well. 

The meeting adjourned at 10 PM.

Palm Sunday,  March 25 - 11am, 2018 AGM following service
    Wednesday April 18 - 6:30pm, Board Meeting  (Recording Secretary required that nite).


Minutes: January 19th Meeting

Board Meeting     6:30-9:00 PM
Meeting Chair:       Katherine Bitzer
Recording Secretary:     Barbara Hill         

Attendees: Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Commission, John Fraser, Lynne Greene, Barbara Hill, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver; Lynne Green excused herself at 7:45pm  
Meeting called to order at 6:30; Opening with a sparkling toast to the closing of the sale of 74 Frederick.  
MOTION to Approve Minutes of December 21, 2017

Moved By:  Peter O
Seconded By: Jane M
Motion Carried  

MOTION to Approve Agenda for January 17, 2017

Moved By:  Lynne G
Seconded By:  Lynn O
Motion Carried

Transition Lynne Green; Report & Recommendations

  • T. Team met Mon Jan 14 
  • Importance of congregational communication 
  • Opportunities to experiment when things are new; play with ideas but need process to collect feedback 
  • Priority is the need to define purpose and direction; shaping our ministry is a priority 
  • TT will check in with Betty and ‘learnings’ from exit interview 
  • Further recommendation from Bill Bruce that TUC request legal opinion from Gowlings on matter of Presbytery policy for authority and accountability for proceeds of sale 
  • Space struggles; balance between comfortable in the space and feeling space is insufficient. 

Lynne Green’s notes filed 

ACTION:  The TT to bring recommendations to the February Board meeting on 1) staffing and 2) strategic thinking
ACTION: Transition Team process for soliciting feedback; but role is really about putting forth recommendations
ACTION: The Trustees meet on Jan 25; the request to Gowlings for legal opinion should come from Trustees.  The disbursement policy requires clarification and guidelines. 
ACTION: Do a Sunday Board Bit reminding the congregation that a Transition Team is walking with Bill. To be assigned. 

Treasurer's Report   John Fraser Finances, Sale, 2018 Budget Process

  • Cash on hand: $ 20k in chequing account
  • Year-End Deficit will likely be close to $300,000
  • Withdrew $28k from Legacy to cover the January bills
  • Legacy at $2,377k. The $250k withdrawn in 2018 was replaced by earnings and great returns on investments.   
  • Contracts have been renewed for Keith and Katherine   
  • 2018 pay changes have been implemented for staff
  • 85% of Robert’s salary continuance will be recovered through insurance
  • Costs to relocate was $40k
  • Cost to keep 74 Fred open is thousands per month (insurance, heat, snow removal, security); no one contracted for property maintenance. Barber-Collins is conducting a weekly walkabout to ensure we stay onside with insurance requirements. We need to ensure that Wasteco is still emptying the large green bin in the parking lot on a regular basis. 
  • Budget process; need to be more agile and efficient than previous years process
  • John will prepare the budget numbers for recurring operational costs. This will allow the Ministry Team and its committees (SAT, Music Ministry, etc) to focus on budget for their programs. 
  • Contingency funds will be required for our unknown future plans
  • Gord has out of pocket expenses; he requires guidelines and a process to submit expenses. 
  • PAR has continued to fall. Par dropped from $10k to $9100 in December and another decline in January of $200/ month. 

Ginger updated the Board on Sunday morning’s security incident; police were called when an intruder was found in the Sunday school area. He was known to Police and was taken into custody.  St. Matthews building monitors were organized and managed the situation, but it raised questions for Trinity about safety / security. 

What is the issue or parking problem we’re trying to address?  Jim Wilgar identified 10 spaces are available for $1600/yr at the medical Centre across the street. What if a congregant wants reserved parking? Could they pay? (no action). 
Exterior keys are limited. There is consensus that the remaining two (approved) building keys will go to Katherine as Board Chair and John as Treasurer. 
ACTION: John will ask Dorothy to call WasteCo. 
ACTION: John will follow-up with Gord on out of pocket expenses for tuning and supplies
ACTION: Katherine will follow-up with St. Mathews on protocols for Sunday morning security and work with others to determine how Trinity can tie into St. Matthew's security protocols   
ACTION: Katherine will request the two exterior keys from St. Matthews office.  

Trustee's Report Jane Maass     

  • On Line auction being planned for early April after Easter. 
  • Auction contactor will likely be selected by end of January. 
  • Inventory List can be shared with TUC congregants first but everyone will wait until the auction opens to bid and purchase.  

Minister's Updates    Bill Bruce; Staff Accountability Report previously distributed. 

  • Toronto United Church Council (TUCC) consulting firm involved in redevelopment projects. 
  • They provide full day workshop, the art of the possible, churches in the city in the 21st Century. 
  • Proposed date   Mar 4 on site at Trinity on Church 
  • Proposing a tour of Toronto and Bramalea projects, and along waterfront.  
  • Proposed Date is Sunday Mar 18. 
  • $3500 for workshop prep and 2 days for 2 people.  

MOTION to retain TUCC to provide two day long educational events, one at TUC on Church and one touring sites in Toronto are, for a fee of $3500 plus program supplies, travel expenses, babysitting and lunches. 

Moved By:  Jane M  
Seconded By: Ginger C
Motion Carried

  • Bill will follow-up with Toronto United Church Council (TUCC) to confirm interest and approval to proceed. 
  • Dorothy will be asked to collect fees. 
  • Ginger will follow child care (determine needs and who) 
  • Barb will support Bill email communications on this project. 

Staffing Updates

Robert has just been home a few days, presumably on the mend. 
ACTION:  Pete will send a note and Ginger will arrange a gift. 

Communications Lynn Oliver  

Congregational feedback to worship and seating; 
ACTION: Bill, Barbara Bitzer and Lynn O will meet with the choir. 


  • 2018 AGM - Sunday March 25 in the chapel. 
  • Annual Reports to be submitted to Dorothy by February 9, 2018. 
  • Finished consolidated report available for pickup Sunday March 11, 2018


ACTION: Barb will submit a general call to go out in the e-blast and bulletin. 
Confirm Trustee vacancies with Jane. 
Meeting Adjourned at 9:05 PM


Board Bits: 
January 21    TUCC    Lynn O
January 28    Transition Team Lynne Green
Wed Feb 21        Joint Leadership 6pm; 7pm Board Meeting
TUCC Service & Workshop at Trinity United on Church, Sun March 4
TUCC Project, bus tour, Sun March 18

Minutes: February 21, 2018 Meeting

Trinity United Church, Kitchener
February 21, 2018 at 7:00 – 9:30 pm
Meeting Location:  Room 102 – Trinity on Church

Meeting Chair:    Katherine Bitzer        Recording Secretary:     Barbara Hill 

Board: Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Commission, John Fraser, Lynne Greene, Barbara Hill, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver;
Ministry Team: Barbara Bitzer, Marg Collard, Tina Coutts, Peter Oliver, Pauline Underwood, Dennis Watson
Regrets: Ginger C., Jane Maass, Pat Tummon

NOTE:  Joint Leadership Meeting was held 6:00-7:15pm; Bill and MTeam provided a lovely caribbean buffet supper. See Joint Leadership Meeting Notes. The Ministry Team was excused at 7:15 pm.

An opening Prayer was offered by Katherine.

MOTION to Approve Minutes of January 17, 2018 as amended

Barb noted one housekeeping change to the document; Lynne Greens Transition notes have been submitted as an attachment to the minutes. 
Moved By:  Lynn Oliver
Seconded By:  Bill Bruce
Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve Agenda for February 21, 2018

Moved By:  Peter
Seconded By:  Lynne
Motion Carried


Remit #6 One Order of Ministry – A backgrounder document was pre-distributed and Chair, Katherine led the discussion and two ‘opinions’ from ministry personnel, Joan Gugeler and Katharine Edmonstone, were provided. Marg Collard was present to comment on the remit to ensure our full understanding of the implications of this change to ordained ministers, diaconal ministers and designated lay leaders. We appreciated the input from Marg and no questions were raised. (Bill noted that the majority of Presbytery voted ‘no’).

MOTION to Approve Remit #6 and agree that there should be one new order of ministry encompassing the present categories of recognized designated lay ministers, diaconal ministers, and ordained ministers, with ordination to the ministry of word, sacrament, education, service and pastoral care as the single rite of entry, and with provision for the continued identity of the diakonia within the ordained ministry;

Moved By:  Peter Oliver
Seconded By:  Lynn Oliver
Motion Carried

ACTION:  Barb to follow up with Dorothy and Bill for completing the UCC form to be completed and submitted. 

Minister's Report, pre-distributed by Bill Bruce

Good news, Bill is willing to continue with us, with ‘skin in the game’.
Under MyProcess (pg. 3),  #3, Discerning Responsibility, Bill comments on leveraging lay leadership for local economic development and municipal relationships so there be relationships that extend beyond his time at Trinity. Secretary Barb asked that there be further opportunity, in the near future, to discuss specific conversations that Bill sees need to happen.

From Joint Task #3: Managing Shifts in Leadership
The ACM Mar 25 should be a 2017 retrospectus and provide an optimistic high-level plan for 2018, that things are stable, realistic and we are not planning on spending the proceeds, or giving them to Presbytery. We are taking time to breath and consider the future.  Further, Bill proposes a subsequent congregational meeting in early June to address proposed governance and investment agreements.

Transition Team Report & Recommendations

Lynne Green spoke to the three recommendations from the Transition Team; 

  • That we renew Bill to continue in his role as transition/interim minister for another year
  • That we renew Betty Pries to continue her work with the congregation
  • That we budget $5000 to be used to support other Transition Team initiatives that may include hiring Betty 

to accept the recommendation of the Transition Team to renew Bill Bruce’s contract from June 2018 to June 2019 with compensation, hours and transition goals to be negotiated by an implementation team to include Treasurer John Fraser and Lynne Green of the Transition Team.

Moved By:  Pete O
Seconded By:  Lynn O
Motion Carried

ACTION: Lynne and John will define terms for the renewal with Bill

The Transition Team recommends that we engage consultant Betty Pries to continue working with TUC congregation for the purpose of redefining a new story, understanding the diversity of our spirituality to support healing relationships. Board discussion also considered that the Transition Team had the latitude to consider alternative consulting services and we should not tie the motion to a specific consulting solution.

MOTION to Approve Transition Team recommendation for a budget of up to $5000 for Transition Team initiatives which may include contracted consulting, such as an agreement with Betty Pries;

Moved By:  Lynn Oliver
Seconded By:  John Fraser
Motion Carried

ACTION: Lynne Green will take this approval back to the Transition Team.

Trustee Report & Recommendations Jane Maass, as per Feb 9, 2018 correspondence

  • Jane was not present, but the Board acknowledged receipt of the Trustees recommendations and the plan is to acknowledge an action plan for these at the ACM on Mar 25. (This might include a MOTION that capital funds be frozen for the next twelve months to settle and calm any concerns or expectations of quick disbursements or investments.)
  • Bill highlighted that Board and congregation lawfully instructs the Legacy Fund Committee and purpose is clear; but maintaining benchmarks for ‘base capital’ versus what’s available can certainly be clarified. 
  • Did the settler(s) or the trustees set the rules for defining ‘the base’ capital investments
  • There was consensus that this requires careful and clear conversation, that the Investment Committee needs to be engaged in the process and the June timeframe is a more realistic target date.  There is lots of skills on the Legacy Committee to support response to the Trustee recommendations.

ACTION: Barb will share minutes with Chair Jane, to share with Trustees.

ACTION: As follow up to the Trustees recommendations Katherine requested a draft of a new investment policy and a proposed governance structure; this was assigned to Bill based on his previous experience.  

ACTION: Barb will request the following updates from the Trustees:
The contracted Auctioneer and inventory process; Bill reported this process will launch after Easter.

  • The plan for removal of stained glass windows (Ken Summers)
  • The sale and de-install of the organ (Carl Weldon)
  • Specific updates on these assets will be provided at the ACM Mar 25.

We noted any remaining (historical/ architectural) icons or signage from inside 74 Frederick, to be removed and stored for the future needs to happen soon. (This is not a personal pillaging but a last chance to retrieve small items for storage.)  

Treasurer's Report  

John stepped us through the 2017 Financial Statements and presented two motions.

MOTION to give permission to the Treasurer to work with Royal Bank and RBCDS to close bank and investment accounts that are no longer required, specifically Benevolent account, T-Bill, Housing and Memorial Funds;

Moved by  John
Seconded by  Lynne G
Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve 2017 Financial Statements as presented;

Moved by  John
Seconded by  Peter
Motion Carried

The $5000 Our Place deposit (2016) for potential partnership is still sitting in a designated fund.

ACTION: Barb will follow-up with Our Place and close the loop with ED Dorothy Snyder, that we have a purpose with our children and youth and ensure they are OK with that direction.

Update on Cash and Draft 2018 Budget John stepped us through the draft.

Cash in the bank and Legacy Funds:
We continue to incur expenses far greater than our offerings. The monthly PAR deposit covers one biweekly payroll and the Sunday offerings are usually $500 - $600.
Bill’s “step it up” campaign to encourage increased giving’s is a work in progress. Bill increased his PAR by 50 % beginning yesterday and there has been one other PAR increase for a nominal amount.
Acknowledged we need to educate members and ASK; let’s make PAR sign-up and change forms more accessible.
Bill suggested a monthly envelope be included with weekly envelopes; good payback for those that miss a few weeks.

Additional Notes submitted by the Treasurer.
Legacy Funds: Total value of the Legacy Funds at close of business Feb 20th was $5,564,000 Cdn.
Legacy Fund 1 is fully invested in the equity markets, so it took a hit with the recent market correction. Value of Legacy Fund 1 at the end of January was $2,366, 600 – virtually the same as the end of December.
Legacy Fund 2 is up and running. After paying fees to Gowlings and Colliers, Trinity issued a cheque for $3,226,700 to RBC Dominion Securities. The objective is to invest approximately $500,000 per month until the money is fully invested. The Investment Committee seized the opportunity to buy some stocks at a bargain price during the correction. Money that isn’t invested in stocks is placed in corporate or provincial securities earning a wee bit of interest.

Annual General Meeting - March 25  

Nominations are everyone’s task. We have one candidate for Trustees and another request for consideration.
Bill suggests the ACM begins in worship service with memorials, singing and celebration of the past year
There was consensus to move the next Board meeting forward 1 week to March 14 to facilitate planning.

ACTION: Barb will prepare AGENDA template, Power Pt template, draft MOTIONS and work with Dorothy on any handouts.
Board will support sweet breads, muffins, cheese and fruit. 


Business coming forward from joint leadership, who best represents Trinity at a meeting with St. Matthews (e.g. staff, transition team, investment committee, board member) to respect and honour their invitation to consider a development partnership on property across Benton Street.  

MOTION:  to authorize the Chair to identify a minimum of three individuals to meet with St. Matthews leaders in response to their invitation to partner on their development project, to explore potential without a mandate to commit Trinity United Church to any further dialogue or action;

Moved by  Lynn
Seconded by  Lynne G
Motion Carried  
Lynn Oliver noted 3 Internal Key requests. Need to consider building access as part of the consideration.

Meeting adjourned at 10:00 pm

Board Bits (Katherine Bitzer)
    Sun. Feb 25 - Report on TUCC (Katherine B)
    Sun. Mar 4
    Sun. Mar 11
    Sun. Mar 18
    Sun. Mar 25

    Sunday March 4        All day, TUCC on site at Trinity on Church
    Sunday March 18        TUCC Toronto Tour    
    Wednesday March 14        Board Meeting; 6:30pm
    Sunday March 25        2018 ACM; immediately following worship

Meeting Chair – Katherine Bitzer

Board Secretary – Barb Hill

Minutes: December 21st Meeting

Time:             7:00-10:00 PM
Meeting Chair:    Katherine Bitzer
Recording Secretary:     Barbara Hill
Attendees: Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Commission, John Fraser, Lynne Greene, Barbara Hill,  Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver    

5:30 - 6:00pm Gathering and Bill's "Party Games", followed by a special Christmas meal prepared by Jane. We debriefed our spiritual profile following dinner.

7:45 pm Trinity NFP Corporation   AGM was chaired by John Fraser. (Minutes distributed to the Board)

An Opening Prayer was offered by Bill

MOTION to Approve Minutes of November 21, 2017

Moved By:        Peter Oliver
Seconded By:    Lynne Green
Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve Agenda for December 21, 2017

Moved By:        Peter Oliver
Seconded By:    Lynn Oliver
Motion Carried

Trinity on Church – Updates    Katherine

Discussion:  Draft Lease Agreement was provided in advance and Katherine stepped through a number of sections and reflected on extensive work defining the agents, terms and resolution of conflicts. The Agreement is retroactive to December 1, 2017.

MOTION to approve annual rent of $37,890 inclusive of cleaning services for space as outlined in the Lease Agreement. 

Moved By:        Katherine Bitzer
Seconded By:    Lynn Oliver
Motion Carried

ACTION: Katherine will continue to work towards a finalized Lease Agreement on behalf of the Board, with the support of Jim Wilgar and Bill Bruce

Lynn O reported that only 3 of 30 keys to 74 Frederick have been returned. However, the building may be rekeyed for security reasons once the building is emptied.

ACTION Lynn O will follow up with Dorothy in January about returned keys and who is requesting Benton Street keys.  Currently St. Matthews has approved 5 external keys; three have been assigned to staff. 

Treasurer's Report  John provided an update on Finances, Legacy, Sale, Investment, 2018 Budget Process:

$65,000 in bank as at today
Legacy Fund is at $2Mil 397k with a 50:50 Cdn- US balance
The fund is up 12% year to date.
Legacy 2 Investment Policy (for proceeds of property sale due January 2018) is under review    

Bill has engaged a variety of stakeholders in the governance and use of the Legacy Fund 2 monies to ensure everyone understands expectations and accountabilities as the United Church updates its organization structure.

ACTION:  When the sale closes it is suggested Trustees request a legal opinion from Gowlings on the terms of trust set by UCC opinion.

  • Current Deficit at $250k, 50k less than forecasted at the AGM.
  • January 19th is property closing date when cheque will be received.
  • Estimated moving expenses as of today are $28k without IT/network expense and the sanctuary Cross installation (estimate an additional $10k)
  • Purchasers parking lot soil testing identified contamination so they will be taking steps to deal with this problem.

Cheque for SDC (Social Development Centre) relocation, which is the balance of OOTC account, will be delivered to them before year end; Peter agreed to deliver the cheque.

St. Matthews billed us $500 to repair the elevator; (on moving day a specific button was accidently pressed which set off the alarm which jammed the system). We agreed this will be paid (asap).

SAT (Social Action Team), received a request through Dennis from KWMC (Multicultural Centre) to help provide temporary/emergency shelter for a victim of human trafficking. There were questions for SAT about due diligence on the request, what emergency services and women’s shelters had already been considered.  There was no board approval at this time.

Lynn applied for the Manulife Helping Hands Program as a volunteer that gives more than 20 hr/yr to an organization and has earned $500 for Trinity!!! (Thank you, Lynn.)

BUDGET process – Ministry Team typically drafts their operational budget and this requires time for creative thinking…perhaps Five Marks in the Church is an interesting exercise.

The 10 Sundays Bill is not at church can be used for more than simple pulpit supply. We could use these Sundays for experimenting in worship styles or special presentations (inspired visions) on community matters such as harm reduction or urban redevelopment. We should use these Sundays to explore specific and strategic topics that might help shape our purpose and vision. (The dialogue on January 10th may help inform and inspire what we do with these Sundays.)

Trustee's Report  from Jane Maass

  • Re: disposal of chattels.  Jane met with an on-line auctioneer on Dec 12 who assessed chattels for auction. This requires a thorough up-front inventory (FULL inventory of all remaining content) and estimated cost was close to $15k.  Jane was directed to ask for an alternative quote on premier items only. The auctioneer has good references however Jane is exploring an alternative service for comparison. Gerber Auctions was approached; they’re known for farm and estate auction.  
  • Lawyers required more signatures to prepare for the transfer of property as the church was still registered as being owned by the Trustees of the Berlin Conference of the Methodist congregation.
  • There have been a few questions about how to handle requests from congregants for specific items (contents) left in the church at 74 Frederick; do they have first right of refusal to purchase? Trustees will provide a recommended process.
  • A London company has been identified to de-install and store stained glass windows; (apparently two windows have some Tiffany glass in them and should be appraised).  Jane will ask Ken Summers if he will submit an antique inquiry to John Sewell (The Record) to appraise the specific windows.
  • There is a church in Guelph Interested in the pipe organ in its entirety; this is under review.
  • Still some work to do to confirm what gets stored, dumped, sold… what has local history and archival value should be discussed with the Waterloo Region Museum (e.g. the two framed quilts).

ACTION:  Katherine will connect her contact in Regional archives to Jane.

The Trustees are considering hiring a property management company for 74 Frederick in order to meet insurance requirements.

MOTION to approve Trustees recommendation that we spend up to $5000 to have partial inventory professionally built for auction and to negotiate commission.

Moved By:    Jane M
Seconded By:    Lynn O
Motion Carried

Minister's Report  Bill Bruce pre-distributed his Staff Accountability Report

There was discussion on rearranging furniture in the sanctuary as an exercise to test configurations; there was support and consensus to test the setup and not assume the original configuration in the chapel is the best.
Discussion focused on managing the frequency of change; timing was considered, and Epiphany Sunday feels like an ideal starting point.


Barb and John are following up on annual contract renewals and salary adjustments.
There was a question about fees or stipends for guest speakers.

ACTION: Lynne Green and Barb will suggest an honorarium plan for guest preachers with consideration of retired clergy, congregants, guest speakers.
ACTION: Ginger will take care of get well gestures for staff (Dorothy & Robert).


  • Congregational, Artbook project was brought forward by Lynn Oliver. Urban Sketchers were at TUC last week; many of their drawings were posted and lots of interest, and would we print a book? Print note cards? What about web based rather than print? Web-based gallery on the Trinity site.
  • This project requires a passionate individual (a ‘driver’) to pick-up the project if they see it as a priority; it is not a board driven project.
  • TUC News – closing date Dec 22    - looking for content asap, it’s scheduled to be released Jan 2 pending resources to publish and mail.

Dec 24-25 no board bits required.


Nominating Committee - deferred

2018 AGM – March 25, space to confirmed by St. Matthew’s – Fellowship Hall not available till after their coffee hour; we could also consider doing ours in the chapel.


January 10: Min. Team Vision Discussion; the focus is to renew or reimagine our purpose in the city core. The invitation is open; a meal will be served.    
January 16: The schedule of Joint Leadership meeting and meals will be reviewed; our current date and time of TUC Board meetings conflicts with St. Matthews.
ACTION: Katherine and Barb will generate a doodle poll to identify the 2018 board meeting schedule.
The meeting adjourned at 10:20 PM