Minutes: December 21st Meeting

Time:             7:00-10:00 PM
Meeting Chair:    Katherine Bitzer
Recording Secretary:     Barbara Hill
Attendees: Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Commission, John Fraser, Lynne Greene, Barbara Hill,  Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver    

5:30 - 6:00pm Gathering and Bill's "Party Games", followed by a special Christmas meal prepared by Jane. We debriefed our spiritual profile following dinner.

7:45 pm Trinity NFP Corporation   AGM was chaired by John Fraser. (Minutes distributed to the Board)

An Opening Prayer was offered by Bill

MOTION to Approve Minutes of November 21, 2017

Moved By:        Peter Oliver
Seconded By:    Lynne Green
Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve Agenda for December 21, 2017

Moved By:        Peter Oliver
Seconded By:    Lynn Oliver
Motion Carried

Trinity on Church – Updates    Katherine

Discussion:  Draft Lease Agreement was provided in advance and Katherine stepped through a number of sections and reflected on extensive work defining the agents, terms and resolution of conflicts. The Agreement is retroactive to December 1, 2017.

MOTION to approve annual rent of $37,890 inclusive of cleaning services for space as outlined in the Lease Agreement. 

Moved By:        Katherine Bitzer
Seconded By:    Lynn Oliver
Motion Carried

ACTION: Katherine will continue to work towards a finalized Lease Agreement on behalf of the Board, with the support of Jim Wilgar and Bill Bruce

Lynn O reported that only 3 of 30 keys to 74 Frederick have been returned. However, the building may be rekeyed for security reasons once the building is emptied.

ACTION Lynn O will follow up with Dorothy in January about returned keys and who is requesting Benton Street keys.  Currently St. Matthews has approved 5 external keys; three have been assigned to staff. 

Treasurer's Report  John provided an update on Finances, Legacy, Sale, Investment, 2018 Budget Process:

$65,000 in bank as at today
Legacy Fund is at $2Mil 397k with a 50:50 Cdn- US balance
The fund is up 12% year to date.
Legacy 2 Investment Policy (for proceeds of property sale due January 2018) is under review    

Bill has engaged a variety of stakeholders in the governance and use of the Legacy Fund 2 monies to ensure everyone understands expectations and accountabilities as the United Church updates its organization structure.

ACTION:  When the sale closes it is suggested Trustees request a legal opinion from Gowlings on the terms of trust set by UCC opinion.

  • Current Deficit at $250k, 50k less than forecasted at the AGM.
  • January 19th is property closing date when cheque will be received.
  • Estimated moving expenses as of today are $28k without IT/network expense and the sanctuary Cross installation (estimate an additional $10k)
  • Purchasers parking lot soil testing identified contamination so they will be taking steps to deal with this problem.

Cheque for SDC (Social Development Centre) relocation, which is the balance of OOTC account, will be delivered to them before year end; Peter agreed to deliver the cheque.

St. Matthews billed us $500 to repair the elevator; (on moving day a specific button was accidently pressed which set off the alarm which jammed the system). We agreed this will be paid (asap).

SAT (Social Action Team), received a request through Dennis from KWMC (Multicultural Centre) to help provide temporary/emergency shelter for a victim of human trafficking. There were questions for SAT about due diligence on the request, what emergency services and women’s shelters had already been considered.  There was no board approval at this time.

Lynn applied for the Manulife Helping Hands Program as a volunteer that gives more than 20 hr/yr to an organization and has earned $500 for Trinity!!! (Thank you, Lynn.)

BUDGET process – Ministry Team typically drafts their operational budget and this requires time for creative thinking…perhaps Five Marks in the Church is an interesting exercise.

The 10 Sundays Bill is not at church can be used for more than simple pulpit supply. We could use these Sundays for experimenting in worship styles or special presentations (inspired visions) on community matters such as harm reduction or urban redevelopment. We should use these Sundays to explore specific and strategic topics that might help shape our purpose and vision. (The dialogue on January 10th may help inform and inspire what we do with these Sundays.)

Trustee's Report  from Jane Maass

  • Re: disposal of chattels.  Jane met with an on-line auctioneer on Dec 12 who assessed chattels for auction. This requires a thorough up-front inventory (FULL inventory of all remaining content) and estimated cost was close to $15k.  Jane was directed to ask for an alternative quote on premier items only. The auctioneer has good references however Jane is exploring an alternative service for comparison. Gerber Auctions was approached; they’re known for farm and estate auction.  
  • Lawyers required more signatures to prepare for the transfer of property as the church was still registered as being owned by the Trustees of the Berlin Conference of the Methodist congregation.
  • There have been a few questions about how to handle requests from congregants for specific items (contents) left in the church at 74 Frederick; do they have first right of refusal to purchase? Trustees will provide a recommended process.
  • A London company has been identified to de-install and store stained glass windows; (apparently two windows have some Tiffany glass in them and should be appraised).  Jane will ask Ken Summers if he will submit an antique inquiry to John Sewell (The Record) to appraise the specific windows.
  • There is a church in Guelph Interested in the pipe organ in its entirety; this is under review.
  • Still some work to do to confirm what gets stored, dumped, sold… what has local history and archival value should be discussed with the Waterloo Region Museum (e.g. the two framed quilts).

ACTION:  Katherine will connect her contact in Regional archives to Jane.

The Trustees are considering hiring a property management company for 74 Frederick in order to meet insurance requirements.

MOTION to approve Trustees recommendation that we spend up to $5000 to have partial inventory professionally built for auction and to negotiate commission.

Moved By:    Jane M
Seconded By:    Lynn O
Motion Carried

Minister's Report  Bill Bruce pre-distributed his Staff Accountability Report

There was discussion on rearranging furniture in the sanctuary as an exercise to test configurations; there was support and consensus to test the setup and not assume the original configuration in the chapel is the best.
Discussion focused on managing the frequency of change; timing was considered, and Epiphany Sunday feels like an ideal starting point.


Barb and John are following up on annual contract renewals and salary adjustments.
There was a question about fees or stipends for guest speakers.

ACTION: Lynne Green and Barb will suggest an honorarium plan for guest preachers with consideration of retired clergy, congregants, guest speakers.
ACTION: Ginger will take care of get well gestures for staff (Dorothy & Robert).


  • Congregational, Artbook project was brought forward by Lynn Oliver. Urban Sketchers were at TUC last week; many of their drawings were posted and lots of interest, and would we print a book? Print note cards? What about web based rather than print? Web-based gallery on the Trinity site.
  • This project requires a passionate individual (a ‘driver’) to pick-up the project if they see it as a priority; it is not a board driven project.
  • TUC News – closing date Dec 22    - looking for content asap, it’s scheduled to be released Jan 2 pending resources to publish and mail.

Dec 24-25 no board bits required.


Nominating Committee - deferred

2018 AGM – March 25, space to confirmed by St. Matthew’s – Fellowship Hall not available till after their coffee hour; we could also consider doing ours in the chapel.


January 10: Min. Team Vision Discussion; the focus is to renew or reimagine our purpose in the city core. The invitation is open; a meal will be served.    
January 16: The schedule of Joint Leadership meeting and meals will be reviewed; our current date and time of TUC Board meetings conflicts with St. Matthews.
ACTION: Katherine and Barb will generate a doodle poll to identify the 2018 board meeting schedule.
The meeting adjourned at 10:20 PM