Minutes: November 21

Meeting Chair: Katherine Bitzer Recording Secretary: Barbara Hill

Attendees: Board Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Barbara Bitzer, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Comission, John Fraser, Barbara Hill, Lori-Ann Livingston-Breathwaite, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver, Vi Peters, Pauline Underwood;

Corresponding Member: Lynne Green, Transition Chair; Graham Brown, Trustees Chair;

Guests/Observers: Eleanor Brent;

Katherine opened the meeting by welcoming a full board, corresponding members and one guest. An opening prayer was offered by Pauline Underwood.

MOTION to Approve Minutes of October 17, 2018

Moved By: Peter

Seconded By: Jane

Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve Agenda for November 21, 2018

Moved By: Peter

Seconded By: Lori-Ann

Motion Carried

Transition Team Discussion; Lynne Green

TT - update via Board Bits given Nov 11, 2018 by Mark Breathwaite.

Next Transition Team (TT) meeting is Nov 28th, all are welcome.

All data gathered is being analysed and the TT will start to craft a plan, a time table and anticipate a 3 year plan inclusive of location, staffing, purpose, activities and work.

Lynne answered questions related to the weighting of feedback (e.g. status quo, stay together vs amalgamate) and what options were taken off the table simply because they represented a very minor perspective.

A qualitative feasibility assessment of staying together is still work to be done (i.e. can we afford to stay together simply for the sake of staying together). At this time dissolution is not an option the TT has considered. Currently there is little expressed support or interest in the idea of disbanding (or buying real estate). Graham commented: eliminating these options by default generates a recommendation for staying together, however, the justification of staying together is not clear. The TT analysis is still a work in progress.

Trustees Report Graham Brown; comments from the Trustees

Trustees are drafting a new investment policy (revising 2014 policy) for the Legacy 1 Fund to reflect changes since then in the use of the Fund, changes in the markets, changes in the congregation’s time horizon for decisions about the future, and the fact that the Investment Committee’s current investment approach is not consistent with the 2014 policy. The Investment Committee is assisting in the effort to revise the Legacy 1 Fund investment policy. A key purpose of Legacy 1 is income for the use in the operation of the congregation, i.e., to support the operating budget. The investment policy revision will continue to reflect this purpose.

The committee also has determined that Legacy 2 Fund requires a different and separate investment policy due to the fact that the Presbytery (now Region) has some degree of oversight on the Fund, and, more importantly, that the original asset value should be protected and be fairly liquid since the congregation may wish to expense a large amount of it in the near future (2 – 3 years) on its mission.

An element missing from the 2014 Investment Policy for Legacy 1 is socially responsible investment goals (SIGs), including social impact investing. The United Church’s own corporate investment policy includes SIGs and the Trustees are exploring the possibility of doing the same. It is proposed that the Board and congregation be provided with a good deal of background about SIGs so that they can make an informed decision at some future point about whether or not to include SIGs in the congregation’s investment policies.

Finally, the Trustees are seeking direction on what the Board intends by “living within our means” particularly with respect to the practice of drawing on the income in the Legacy 1 Fund to support operations. The current available surplus income in Legacy 1 is about $300K. At the Board’s recent rate of demand on the Fund, this amount would be run down in 3 or 4 years. Of course, it is likely that investment yield will add to that surplus income figure, but there is no guarantee of that. The Trustees are concerned that the recent historical draw amounts will continue, and we are concerned about the stewardship implications of this.

After discussion, it was acknowledged without a motion, as follows:

• There is support for revising the investment policy for Legacy 1

• There is agreement that Legacy 2 Fund should be invested with reasonable short-term liquidity and protection of capital in mind

• That Brown and Fraser will prepare a backgrounder to assist the Board to decide on who best to define the laudable concept of “living within our means”.

Treasurer's Report John Fraser (Distributed with Agenda)

Are salary increases expected?

Some unspent communications budget for social media; Ginger is actually the Coordinator for communications. Question about whether to invest in a social media marketing strategy to extend invitations for Christmas services.

ACTION: Compensation recommendations for 2019 required for approval at December Board Meeting.

ACTION: Ginger to connect with Lori-Ann and Keith and manage social media for Christmas services.

ACTION: John to include revenue numbers in his next report.

SMLC Lease Renewal Peter Oliver

There has been good in-depth conversations with St. Matthews and Katherine completed a thorough analysis of Trinity’s space utilization in the past year. We use very little of the space we negotiated and paid for in 2018. Any miscellaneous room rentals will now be expensed outside of the lease.

Peter is negotiating on the installation of a hot water in Rm. 102 and potentially a dishwasher to help mitigate risks associated with carrying large trays up and down stairs to the main kitchen.

2019 lease costs $35,290 annualized; $2,940.83/month with cleaning and two parking spots included.

MOTION to accept the lease agreement as presented at a fee of $2,940.83 per month;

Moved By: Peter

Seconded By: Lynn

Motion Carried

ACTION: Coordinators are requested to submit a budget number by December 19th.

Coordinator Reports

The consolidated coordinator report was distributed with agenda; consensus that receiving reports in advance was helpful.

Vi added that a Wednesday morning prayer group has been started by Pauline Underwood and Mary Edith Tondreau and prayers may be placed in the prayer box.

Messy Church is on hold for now, currently it has no leadership.

SMLC has invited Trinity and St. Stephens for a shared reading of LUKE in Advent on Wed Dec 5 at 1pm.

ACTION: Budget numbers to Peter by Dec 19; key consideration is program costs as opposed to staffing numbers.

ACTION: Barb will provide 2019 COL salary increases (cost of living increase) under the United Church

Minister's Report (Distributed with Agenda) No questions!

Region 8 Update (formerly Presbytery) - (Update distributed with Agenda)

Last Presbytery meeting is next Tuesday (Nov 27th).

There is no process yet to determine representatives to attend Region 8 meetings and expect current reps will continue until the spring.

Communications Lynn Oliver

Any “need to know” congregational correspondence/ communication?

• Shirley Diefenbacher thank you for flowers

• Note from Pastor Sebastien, in their prayers as our building is demolished and grateful for their relationship with us.

• Letter from UCC Archives acknowledging full receipt and cataloguing our records submitted last spring.

• Phone call from a member thanking Joan Gugelar for prayers also sought clarity on a comment that “Gord may come back”; Gord has offered to come back to play during the Christmas week.

• IN8 confirmed that as the buyer of 74 Frederick they will honour their commitment to agreed upon affordable housing units in the complex.

ACTION: Jane will inquire at Presbytery on Paul Miller’s role and how his duties will be reassigned?

Specifically support of TUC employment issues (NO M&P) and the transition team.

Board Bits

Roster circulated for board sign up for Board Bit messaging on Sunday mornings.

Other (Additions to the agenda)

Timelines for AGM prep; submissions for Annual Report to Dorothy by January 6, 2019

Discussion on WHO writes reports in retrospect of the past year; Coordinators will need to talk to predecessors and to each other.

ACTION: Coordinators are expected to bring an outline of their annual report to the December 19 meeting and social.

ACTION: Barb / Dorothy send note to Fellowship Club, Investment Committee, Communications Consultant and the Choir for a year end report.

Lori-Ann, Mark, Lynn and Katherine attended David Wells lecture at St Jerome’s in October, “Where are all the young people” when church doesn’t connect with identity and gender issue as social justice. Refer to Lori-Ann’s article for Trinity News Nov 2018; stats were interesting on when youth disconnect. Smaller but highly dedicated churches predicted for the future.

NOTICE: Annual meeting for the Not For Profit Corporation will be held December 19th.

Consensus that we would pay the $20 to renew the corporation for another year as our future is not yet defined.

Eleanor asked for more information on purpose, what we’re supposed to be doing and for whom? More concrete information on purpose would be helpful.


Joint Advent Lessons & Carols Dec 2, 2018 (7PM)

Annual Congregational Meeting Feb 10, 2019

Congregational Mtg. June 2, 2019

ACTION: Coordinator Reports due Dec 12/13 and Board Package should be distributed Dec 14.

Board Meetings 3rd Wednesdays at 6:30 PM

Nov 21; Dec 19 (with supper); Jan 16; Feb 20; Mar 20 (March break, tbd);

Apr 17; May 15; Jun 19.

NOTE: December 19th is at 93 John Street W., Waterloo, 5pm gathering & 6pm dinner

The TT is scheduling a Planning Day, Sat Jan 12 or Sun Jan 13. 

Board BITS


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Appendix A – Coordinators Monthly Update Report November - 2018 pg 151 – 156

Appendix B – Region 8’s First Gathering Report October- 2018 pg 157

Appendix C – Report: social justice – 2018 pg 159

Appendix D – TM Staff Accountability – Minister – 2018 pg 161 – 162

Appendix E – Transition Report – 2018 pg 163 – 165

Appendix F – Lease Agreement – 2018 pg 166 – 172

Appendix G – Treasurer’s Report for October – 2018 pg 173