Minutes: January 19th Meeting

Board Meeting     6:30-9:00 PM
Meeting Chair:       Katherine Bitzer
Recording Secretary:     Barbara Hill         

Attendees: Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Commission, John Fraser, Lynne Greene, Barbara Hill, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver; Lynne Green excused herself at 7:45pm  
Meeting called to order at 6:30; Opening with a sparkling toast to the closing of the sale of 74 Frederick.  
MOTION to Approve Minutes of December 21, 2017

Moved By:  Peter O
Seconded By: Jane M
Motion Carried  

MOTION to Approve Agenda for January 17, 2017

Moved By:  Lynne G
Seconded By:  Lynn O
Motion Carried

Transition Lynne Green; Report & Recommendations

  • T. Team met Mon Jan 14 
  • Importance of congregational communication 
  • Opportunities to experiment when things are new; play with ideas but need process to collect feedback 
  • Priority is the need to define purpose and direction; shaping our ministry is a priority 
  • TT will check in with Betty and ‘learnings’ from exit interview 
  • Further recommendation from Bill Bruce that TUC request legal opinion from Gowlings on matter of Presbytery policy for authority and accountability for proceeds of sale 
  • Space struggles; balance between comfortable in the space and feeling space is insufficient. 

Lynne Green’s notes filed 

ACTION:  The TT to bring recommendations to the February Board meeting on 1) staffing and 2) strategic thinking
ACTION: Transition Team process for soliciting feedback; but role is really about putting forth recommendations
ACTION: The Trustees meet on Jan 25; the request to Gowlings for legal opinion should come from Trustees.  The disbursement policy requires clarification and guidelines. 
ACTION: Do a Sunday Board Bit reminding the congregation that a Transition Team is walking with Bill. To be assigned. 

Treasurer's Report   John Fraser Finances, Sale, 2018 Budget Process

  • Cash on hand: $ 20k in chequing account
  • Year-End Deficit will likely be close to $300,000
  • Withdrew $28k from Legacy to cover the January bills
  • Legacy at $2,377k. The $250k withdrawn in 2018 was replaced by earnings and great returns on investments.   
  • Contracts have been renewed for Keith and Katherine   
  • 2018 pay changes have been implemented for staff
  • 85% of Robert’s salary continuance will be recovered through insurance
  • Costs to relocate was $40k
  • Cost to keep 74 Fred open is thousands per month (insurance, heat, snow removal, security); no one contracted for property maintenance. Barber-Collins is conducting a weekly walkabout to ensure we stay onside with insurance requirements. We need to ensure that Wasteco is still emptying the large green bin in the parking lot on a regular basis. 
  • Budget process; need to be more agile and efficient than previous years process
  • John will prepare the budget numbers for recurring operational costs. This will allow the Ministry Team and its committees (SAT, Music Ministry, etc) to focus on budget for their programs. 
  • Contingency funds will be required for our unknown future plans
  • Gord has out of pocket expenses; he requires guidelines and a process to submit expenses. 
  • PAR has continued to fall. Par dropped from $10k to $9100 in December and another decline in January of $200/ month. 

Ginger updated the Board on Sunday morning’s security incident; police were called when an intruder was found in the Sunday school area. He was known to Police and was taken into custody.  St. Matthews building monitors were organized and managed the situation, but it raised questions for Trinity about safety / security. 

What is the issue or parking problem we’re trying to address?  Jim Wilgar identified 10 spaces are available for $1600/yr at the medical Centre across the street. What if a congregant wants reserved parking? Could they pay? (no action). 
Exterior keys are limited. There is consensus that the remaining two (approved) building keys will go to Katherine as Board Chair and John as Treasurer. 
ACTION: John will ask Dorothy to call WasteCo. 
ACTION: John will follow-up with Gord on out of pocket expenses for tuning and supplies
ACTION: Katherine will follow-up with St. Mathews on protocols for Sunday morning security and work with others to determine how Trinity can tie into St. Matthew's security protocols   
ACTION: Katherine will request the two exterior keys from St. Matthews office.  

Trustee's Report Jane Maass     

  • On Line auction being planned for early April after Easter. 
  • Auction contactor will likely be selected by end of January. 
  • Inventory List can be shared with TUC congregants first but everyone will wait until the auction opens to bid and purchase.  

Minister's Updates    Bill Bruce; Staff Accountability Report previously distributed. 

  • Toronto United Church Council (TUCC) consulting firm involved in redevelopment projects. 
  • They provide full day workshop, the art of the possible, churches in the city in the 21st Century. 
  • Proposed date   Mar 4 on site at Trinity on Church 
  • Proposing a tour of Toronto and Bramalea projects, and along waterfront.  
  • Proposed Date is Sunday Mar 18. 
  • $3500 for workshop prep and 2 days for 2 people.  

MOTION to retain TUCC to provide two day long educational events, one at TUC on Church and one touring sites in Toronto are, for a fee of $3500 plus program supplies, travel expenses, babysitting and lunches. 

Moved By:  Jane M  
Seconded By: Ginger C
Motion Carried

  • Bill will follow-up with Toronto United Church Council (TUCC) to confirm interest and approval to proceed. 
  • Dorothy will be asked to collect fees. 
  • Ginger will follow child care (determine needs and who) 
  • Barb will support Bill email communications on this project. 

Staffing Updates

Robert has just been home a few days, presumably on the mend. 
ACTION:  Pete will send a note and Ginger will arrange a gift. 

Communications Lynn Oliver  

Congregational feedback to worship and seating; 
ACTION: Bill, Barbara Bitzer and Lynn O will meet with the choir. 


  • 2018 AGM - Sunday March 25 in the chapel. 
  • Annual Reports to be submitted to Dorothy by February 9, 2018. 
  • Finished consolidated report available for pickup Sunday March 11, 2018


ACTION: Barb will submit a general call to go out in the e-blast and bulletin. 
Confirm Trustee vacancies with Jane. 
Meeting Adjourned at 9:05 PM


Board Bits: 
January 21    TUCC    Lynn O
January 28    Transition Team Lynne Green
Wed Feb 21        Joint Leadership 6pm; 7pm Board Meeting
TUCC Service & Workshop at Trinity United on Church, Sun March 4
TUCC Project, bus tour, Sun March 18