Minutes: March 14th Meeting

Board Meeting MINUTES March 14, 2018
Trinity United Church, Kitchener

Time:             6:30-9:00 PM        Meeting location:     Trinity on Church
Meeting Chair:       Katherine Bitzer        Recording Secretary:     Barb Hill

Board Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Commission, John Fraser, Lynne Greene, Barbara Hill,  Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver;     
Guests (Trustees): Graham Brown, Ken Summer
Opening Prayer was offered by Chair Katherine.

MOTION to Approve Minutes of February 21, 2018
Moved By:       Ginger
Seconded By:       Lynn O
Motion Carried    

MOTION to Approve Agenda for March 14, 2018
Moved By:       Peter
Seconded By:       Lynne G
Motion Carried

Trustees Report  Jane Maass    was joined by Trustee Graham Brown and Ken Summers.

Organ now sold for $10K and de-installed by Doddington’s by end of May. A $3k deposit has been received.

Stained glass windows – 34 Sanctuary windows will be de- installed and crated by Sunrise Stained Glass (London-based company) as per their quotation.   Board agreed with Trustees' recommendation to store for one year.   
ACTION:  Ken Summers will organize the de-install and storage; est. $20k to remove; moving and storage estimated at $5k/yr.

Gord has asked that the chapel piano and electronic keyboard be moved from at 74 Frederick St to this location (St. Matthews); the piano will replace the St. Matthews piano currently in room 102 (used for choir practice).  The electric keyboard will be stored at St. Matthews
Gord has taken responsibility for the moving of these two items.
The chapel cross (formerly from Highland Rd.) will also be stored at St. Matthews.
Auction – Timewell is in the middle of the inventory process
All auction items will be on line by end of next week;  Auction week is Apr 10.
Consensus that the quilts will be removed from their cases and stored at St. Matthews for now.
All items posted For Sale (auction) must be de-installed in advance; highest bidder is responsible for pickup / removal from site.
The stove hood is not a consideration; agreement that it is not functional.
Assistance is required to de-install specific items incl. dishwasher hood, sanctuary TV screens, etc. 

ACTION: Graham and Peter will meet on Monday re: the TV de-installations
ACTION: Jane will connect with electricians (Jim Ashworth) concerning the dishwasher hood.
ACTION: Katherine is meeting with St Matthews and will confirm the extra piano going into Rm. 102; this requires St. Matthews Board approval. 

MOTION to Authorize expense up to a total amount of $1000 to hire trades necessary complete the  de-install of remaining auction items as identified.
Moved By:       Ginger
Seconded By:     Peter
Motion Carried

Minister's Report  Bill Bruce     
Drafts documents were distributed for Legacy Funds and Governance Structure for our consideration. 
We need to determine when and how to ‘punt’ the governance work  forward to resolution.
Board was encouraged to  start a process; could this process be launched at the congregational meeting? The ‘right fit’ is  3-4  lenses, to deal with governance and accountability.
Trustees and Finance are defined roles; the challenges with other governance functioning are lines of authority, decision making, etc.
Policy for Legacy 1 & 2 funds part of the process; Bill advocated for a legal opinion but we decided to defer this idea and clarify the current terms with which we hold money.  Indigenous issues, (land rights), the closing of Presbyteries, etc.  introduce new perspective.

Suggested these are two streams of work: governance and legacy policy.

ACTION: The Board directs the Trustees to engage a small group, inclusive of non-trustees, to review and recommend go-forward policies and authorities  for the Legacy funds. 
This process may include Legal opinion. The Board has requested an interim report for the April 18th Board meeting. 

ACTION:  Governance – the board needs to determine a process and delegate some authority to do the leg work on this task.

Treasurer's Report  John Fraser; 
Cash & Legacy Funds   
Last month, the Board provided authorization to the treasurer to close bank accounts and small investment accounts and to  move the money to the chequing account. That work has gone well and I’ve now closed five accounts. 
Net effect is to move about $36,000 to the chequing account.
 Accounts closed include the benevolent fund ($1,326).
Balance in the chequing account today is approximately $84,000
Legacy fund 1 - $2,333,000
Legacy Fund 2 - $3,277,000;  Endowments total  $5,610,000 Cdn.
Legacy Fund 1 is recovering from the decline earlier this year and benefiting from a falling Cdn $
TUC Deficit to noon today (money in compared to money out) = $50,000 (close to $25,000 shortfall per month. This is similar to 2017.

2018 Budget
Forecasting $160k in offerings, $180 total receipts with a deficit of 235K.

Music is just over $15K  
Staffing costs are high ($218K)...over half the budget   
Consensus that we are not selling a product.  We need to understand the value of the experience to members.
We were reminded of the stats Bill provided and that we pay attention to the middle 2, 3, 4, quintiles where there may be opportunity to increase givings.
Messages for the congregational meeting:
•    We escaped the looming threats of massive capital repairs and upgrades we deferred (for years) at 74 Frederick;  
•    Revenue increases are absolutely critical.
•    Do a contextual presentation on where the receipts come from.
•    Need to meet face to face with a conversation about value to the individual.
Other Matters
Robert Ross scheduled RTW (return to work) to begin April 8; Final pay and paperwork for his termination to be determined after we understand his gradual RTW program  (how many weeks). 
Robert could do light part time work on site at 74 Frederick  to oversee the de-install activities of stain glass, organ, etc.
The dumpster has been filled by the Oh Family in the corner property (perhaps they have moved out now); agreement that it should be kept locked. 
TUCC presentation on Mar 4th was great.
Prepared food was purchased for $389. The free will offering was less than 1/3 of the cost. Do we need to encourage better response? or incur the cost for these lunches and focus on the larger question of givings?

Annual General Meeting - March 25   Draft Agenda
Nominations lean; one new Trustee.  One request for a board member at large still being considered
The agenda was reviewed and Bill will start with appreciation and memorials during the service. 
Logistics were discussed; we will host makes refreshments available outside the chapel doors rather than Rm 102.
Another congregational meeting will be announced for June 10th.

Communications   Lynn Oliver reported that nothing is pressing.
Board Bits – Pete will ask Ministry team to participate in Board Bits as well. 

The meeting adjourned at 10 PM.

Palm Sunday,  March 25 - 11am, 2018 AGM following service
    Wednesday April 18 - 6:30pm, Board Meeting  (Recording Secretary required that nite).