Minutes: April 18th Meeting

Board Meeting Minutes April 18, 2018
Trinity United Church, Kitchener

Time:             6:40-9:50 PM
Meeting location:     Trinity on Church
Meeting Chair:       Katherine Bitzer
Recording Secretary:     Lynn Oliver 

Attendees: Board Chair, Katherine Bitzer, Rev. Bill Bruce, Ginger Comission, John Fraser, Lynne Greene, Jane Maass, Lynn Oliver, Peter Oliver; Mark Breathwaite   
Regrets Barbara Hill  
Guests (Trustees): Graham Brown, Chair of the Trustees


1)    Welcome and Opening Prayer – Peter Oliver

2)    MOTION to Approve Minutes of March 14, 2018
Moved By:       Peter
Seconded By:       Lynne
Motion Carried
3)    MOTION to Approve Agenda for April 18, 2018
Moved By:       Jane
Seconded By:       Ginger
Motion Carried

4)    Trustees Report                Graham Brown                (30 min)
a)  Update on physical assets and Legacy Funds proposal

Legacy 1

Graham reviewed the report on the legacy funds and the purposes and disbursements based on the pre-read.  The trustees are encouraging the board to be financially responsible.  We had a discussion around what will happen when/if we can’t live within the means.  There would need to be a congregational vote if that time ever arises.  Peter stated that there may be some concerns from the Ministry team and congregational members who remember being told that all of the money in Legacy Fund 1 (including the original contributed capital) could be spent.  We will need to pull the minutes from that meeting in order to be in the best position to speak to this issue.   It is really important that the congregation understands very clearly the intent of the funds.  The clarity of having the board, Presbytery, and the congregation all understanding will be vital to our success. 

It was advised to get further consultation on what was approved at a prior congregational meeting.  Graham will join Peter at the next Ministry team meeting.  Peter will bring this back to the next Board meeting in May.

Legacy 2

Mark raised a question around what would happen if we had to use both Legacy 1 and 2 funds to move forward as per the intent of Legacy funds.  Ginger asked about the 2020 year – when we vote in March each year we have spent ¼ of the budget without congregational approval.  Katherine – can we write something in that would give us approval to re-visit  in 2019 if something comes up.  Graham noted that changes could be made with Congregational and Presbytery approval.    

Graham suggested that we do not vote on this until both are run by Ministry and Transition teams to gather their input.  Graham also volunteered to join the Transition team meeting on April 30 at 5:00 pm

From Laurie Gilmore:  the Waterloo Region Museum is interested in having the quilts donated (in their cases).  There would be a written contract where they own them and if need be would dispose of them if they had to (can’t replace or sell).  They would be willing to show them or lend them to us for a special event.  The second option for the quilts would be to remove them from the cases and place in cotton to protect them while in storage.  To store in their cases is a possibility but does it make sense?  Graham felt the board should weigh in on this.  A decision needs to be made soon – before May 15.  We could at any time make an appointment with the Museum for a private view in the future.

Jane moves that we donate the quilts to the Museum for them to take care of them.

MOTION to Approve
Moved By:       Jane
Seconded By:       Lynne
Motion Carried
Graham will connect with Laurie to relay our decision

Jane reported on the auction – Timewell were really amazed at the interest of the auction.  It more than surpassed their anticipation.  We are a little afraid of the activity this coming weekend for the removal of all the sold items. 10-3 Friday and 10-1 Saturday
Trinity animators will be present to help maintain a positive atmosphere and to collect stories

5)    Governance                Katherine Bitzer                (30 min)    

a)  Discussion of proposed models and next steps

Bill has had discussions with Transition and Ministry team about the drafted models.  Katherine highlighted the differences between the two models.  Lynne shared views from transition team – conventional model aligned with what we have done and was one small step forward.  The team was most comfortable with that.  There is a simplicity to the model and it is straight forward.  The Ministry team also liked the conventional model but suggest using some of the words in the Circle model.  The feeling was TUC might be more efficient with this model.  We need a person from each group to brain storm to continue this vision.  There were concerns raised about the time commitment if the committee heads had to be the chair of respective groups.  They could just be a representative/ coordinator not necessarily the chair.  There is an opportunity to follow people’s passions around their time spent.  The issues for the Trustees is the investment committee and who they report into – it is a committee of Trustees.  Bill hopes is that by June 10 we could have a draft ready to present to the congregation.

Next steps – have representative from each group – Trustee, Transition, Ministry, Board on a review team to bring back a revised version to the May Board meeting.  A minimum of two and maximum of four were suggested

Transition – Lynne
Board – Barb H
Ministry – Barbara B
Trustee – Ron Baer

6)    Treasurer's Report    John Fraser        (20 min)


I.    Bank balances and Legacy Funds at March 31, 2018
    Chequing account – approximately $78,000
    Legacy Fund 1 – $2,260,000 (down 2.5 % this year)
    Legacy Fund 2 - $3,260,000 (up 1 % since Feb 1)
    Total Legacy funds $5,520,000

II.    Auction
a) clearly a big success – don’t know how much we will net from the experience but it will be a significant amount. Our budget did not include any number for the proceeds so this is all gravy and will help to reduce our projected deficit. 

III.    Our Place – needs their $5,000 back so I will issue them a cheque

IV.    Robert Ross – he will be on STD until at least May 31 – he has a review scheduled in late May. 
    I don’t recall the specific provisions of the UCC plan but STD typically runs for six months and then it is on to LTD
    Payments to reimburse us for his salary to April 1 have been received

V.    Waterloo Presbytery Extension Council
    Dave Rutherford and I attended the annual meeting last year
    We are scheduled to attend again this year on May 1
    The mandate of this group is being revised with the help of Gowlings – they have over $2 million available to invest in projects but are constrained by a constitution that requires money to be spent on the development of new Churches

VI.    Cost recovery for the TUCC bus trip
    Cost of the bus $1,187
    Contributions $1,015
    Net cost $172 – recovery of about 85 % 

VII.    Offerings
    No changes to PAR this month

7)    Transition Team Update            Lynne Green                    (10 min)

Highlights – last meeting March 26 and met with legacy on April 9 to discuss funds.  Talked about survey data that had just been collected.  There were some concerns that some of the negative talk didn’t make its way to the survey and the team is trying to keep in mind that not all thoughts were shared.  How do we allow people to productively vent without sabotage?  This is a work in progress.

Talked about value of asset mapping of people in the congregation.  Park Minster hired a social worker student to do the mapping.  Need to understand skills and talents in the congregation.

Transition team wants to set goals for this year; need to start thinking about where we go next and what are the ministerial needs?  Bill feels we can do a “JNAC like” document in 2 meetings.  The board agreed that the Transition team can transform into a new “JNAC like” team that will focus on getting us ready for the new minister – focus on direction versus destination.  Direction will get us to destination.    Transition Team will focus on best staffing models.

8)    Minister's Report                Bill Bruce                    (5 min)

Bill had previously distributed and no further discussion.  What are we doing about the TUCC discussion?  April 29 was agreed to.  We will ask for lunch volunteers.  
9)    Staffing    
Nothing to discuss                                        (10 min)

10)    Communications                Lynn Oliver                    (15 min)

a)    Congregational Meetings, Correspondence
AGM Debrief
i)    Flow of food did not go very well; positive problem that there were lots of people; 
ii)    Flow of meeting from service to meeting went really well
iii)    Possible fall meeting with round tables that invites participation and courageous conversations about the way forward.
b)    Keys, Board Bits
Deferred to the next meeting

Sunday April 29 - 11am, TUCC Debrief and meeting possibly with City Planners (Bill to confirm)    
    May 1 7:30 pm Conrad Grebel in the Great Hall Rev Dr Naim Ateek
    Wednesday May 16 - 6:30pm, Board Meeting
    Sunday June 10 - 11am, Congregational Meeting

Meeting adjourned 9:51 pm